My friend Jackie

My friend Jackie

"Hey, is your mom home today?" asked my girlfriend, via text message

"No, she's working until 7," I replied.

"Okay, I'm coming over, and I'm bringing Jasmine. I want you to teach her how to fuck before she goes off to college."

And at the moment those words crossed my eyes, I was shocked. While I have deep affection for my girlfriend, Jasmine has always been in the corner of my eye and at the in the back of my mind. To find out that she was a virgin was a surprise in itself, but that my girlfriend wanted me to fuck her was truly a shock.

When they got to my house, Krista, my girlfriend, wore a short skirt with a low-cut top that exposed her large C-cup breasts. It was a widely accepted truth that Krista had one of the best pairs of titties in our class, as her knockers complimented her pretty face and voluminous hair.

Jasmine, on the other hand, had a different body type: she's a smaller girl than Krista, but she puts much more work into her body. As a figure skater, she trains diligently to improve her physique, and boy did it pay off. Despite not having the largest breasts, Jasmine's tits have a great shape to them. Her ass, on the other hand, is one of a kind – seeing her booty jiggle as she walked in my room gave me an instant erection.

"So, are you ready, Ryan," asked Krista.

"Yes," I said, as I made friendly with Jasmine's body via an intimate hug and ass-grabbing. I then moved my hands to the front of her short-shorts, which were filled with her massive booty. Mind you, this is a skinny girl with a major donk. At this point, my cock was throbbing. So I pulled down her pants and moved her onto the bed, where I could eat her sweet pussy while Krista began to take off my pants.

"Oh, Ryan," said Jasmine, "I've never been eaten out so well before. You're so lucky, Krista."

"Jasmine, you don't even know the half of it. Look at this."

Krista yanked my boxers off, exposing my nine-inch penis.

"Holy fucking shit!" said Jasmine. "That is the biggest cock I've ever seen!"

Still at work on Jasmine's tight pussy, I noticed Krista was really into my cock. As always, she tried to take it all in her mouth, and she almost did. After about 10 minutes of being eaten out while she watched Krista suck on my dick, Jasmine exclaimed, "I need to suck that cock."

So, Jasmine and Krista switched positions, as I began feasting on Krista's pussy, as Jasmine gazed at my nine-inch nightmare.

"It's fucking huge, Ryan, not only in length but also I can barely fit my hand around it."

She began stroking my cock, and it grew harder and harder. While getting her pussy eaten out, Krista challenged Jasmine, "I bet you can't take all that cock in your mouth, either."

Accepting this challenge, Jasmine familiarized her mouth with my throbbing penis. About five minutes in, Jasmine started to try and deep throat my dick. It astonished me that Jasmine managed to fit my cock in her mouth past where Krista usually can take it, and then some more. Soon thereafter, all of my schlong was in Jasmine's mouth, as she licked all over it with her tongue. With her mouth full, all she gave was 2 thumbs up to Krista, and then me, as I removed my face from Krista's vagina to witness this spectacle.

I stood up then, and Jasmine remained on her knees, as her mouth pressed upon the base of my penis. I grabbed her head and began fucking her in the face. She had no trouble taking this cock in her mouth, and Krista gazed in amazement.

After five minutes of face-fucking, I removed my cock from Jasmine's mouth and said, "it's time to fuck." I began with fucking Krista in the cowgirl position, and told Jasmine to watch how Krista positions herself while taking my dick.

I took my hands and grabbed on to Krista's fat ass and shoved my cock into her pussy. My cock was familiar with Krista's vagina, and we gained our harmony quickly. I slapped her big ass many times, as it came down and made a clapping noise on my thighs.

I then instructed Jasmine to come over and sit her pussy down on my face, and I continued to fuck Krista while giving Jasmine oral sex.

Just as Krista was getting worn out from riding my nine-inch cock, as she usually does, Jasmine jumped on me and took me for a ride. If I hadn't been told otherwise, I would think that Jasmine has been fucked many times in her life. But I was proven wrong, as she bled while I fucked her. Thankfully, I had laid down towels beforehand to prevent the blood from hitting my mattress.

Jasmine loved taking my dick. I began to move my hands down her back onto her ass. Her ass, so bootylicious, was bouncing on my body as we accustomed to a rhythm. Krista was watching the grace Jasmine showed off as her vagina swallowed my dick, something Krista could never fully do.

I felt a need to change positions, into something more kinky. I grabbed Jasmine's ass, and with one palm on each ass cheek (mind you that I have very large hands) and lifted her into the air.

"Krista, it's doggy-time," I said.

She eagerly readied herself for doggy-style sex, our favorite position, as Jasmine watched every second. As the base of my cock would hit Krista's ass cheeks, a clapping sound would be produced. As the sex became more kinky, I leaned over slightly and grabbed Krista's large breasts, still fucking her like an animal.

Jasmine grew very horny and in need of my wood. I finished Krista off with a few deep thrusts, and she retired under the covers, satisfied with her experience. Jasmine's smile glistened as she realized that she had me to herself. She got on all fours, ready to take my dick from behind.

"I want you to stuff all of that fat cock into my pussy," exclaimed Jasmine.

I proceeded to pull on her hair while her vagina began taking my penis. I could count as every inch became engulfed... four, five, six, seven, eight, and then all nine inches, as her ass and my hips collided. We moved in synchronization, and the thrusts grew harder as time elapsed.

"Ryan," said Jasmine. "I want you to fuck me in the ass."

Under normal circumstances I would never fuck a girl in the ass, but I could tell that Jasmine really wanted it. I removed my Excalibur from Guineverre, as she let out a deep breath.

"Please, stuff it in my booty."

Before I could do that, I reached for some oil I had set aside under my bed, and oiled her ass cheeks and my dick, to ease the potential pain of her first ass-fuck. It was also the first time I had ever had anal sex. I slided it in slowly, assuming I'd only be able to fit about half of my cock inside her ass. To my surprise, she screamed, "give me all of your cock. If I wanted only five inches I wouldn't have come for your schlong."

So I began pounding away at her ass as she moaned heavily. Almost all nine inches were stuffed in fat ass. I started thrusting quicker and quicker, as I felt that I soon would have to cum.

"I'm going to cum. Where do you want it baby?"

"Give it to me on my face," she said.

I pulled out my cock, took off the condom, and moved the cock to her face. She then took control, stroking it passionately. At one instance, she grabbed my cock and compared it to her arm. As her eyes lit up, I measured lightly longer than the distance from her elbow to her wrist, and slightly less wide.

"This is one huge fucking dick."

She continued stroking my cock, we both peeked to see if Krista was watching. Turns out, she had fallen asleep, totally worn out.

Jasmine whispered, "Can we fuck tomorrow, without Krista."

"Yes, Jasmine, of course we can. It'll be our secret." I said.

I then felt the cum starting to pump through my balls, travel through my shaft, and explode onto Jasmine's face. I had not had sex or masturbated in over two weeks, so the load of cum emptied onto her face was considerable, as she was pale white, with my jizz dripping from her face. She began licking and eating whatever she could slurp up, as she clearly wanted my cum inside her mouth. She found a way to get all the cum into her mouth, gargled it as I watched, and took it down in one big swallow.

We retired to a nap, in the same bed that we fucked on and Krista was sleeping in, and woke up just before my mom arrived home.

The two girls tidied up in the restroom and then took off. Surely they would talk about me in the car ride.

One thing I am certain they did not talk about is the massive fucking that Jasmine will get tomorrow. Not only will I have been her first time, but her second time.

Writing this story one month after it happened, I can say that Jasmine and I stayed fuck buddies until we left for college. While Krista will have my heart, Jasmine has my cock.

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