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Finally a Friend

Please bear with me, I’m new to this, but I've read a lot of these, and loved so many of them. I decided it was my time to take a shot. My grammar and spelling are not fantastic, and if anyone wants to give suggestions for directions of this story or others, they would be more than welcome to do so. :) BTW Sorry I know there is NO sex in this one, but if people like it, It is just a set up for a whole story that could happen I couldn’t believe it, I was already at my new...


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School Affair 2.0

As I sat there in the classroom all by myself. Tired and exhausted from tapping my smoking hot computer-science teacher I was waiting for her to return from the bathroom. She and I were supposed to go to her apartment as soon as she returned, so we can continue our little ‘’affair’’ there. I knew that she was married and had a child that’s only a couple years younger than me, but I was hoping they wouldn’t be at home tonight otherwise I didn’t know what to expect once we got to her place. My teacher was only gone for a...


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Susie and the Boys, Part 3

It was about a month after the cabin adventure. We still watched the videos I made and the sex as still hot afterwards, but I was still eager to find some more boys for my wife to fuck, and I know she was. Then an opportunity presented itself. Even though it was mid summer and past the prime graduation party season, we got invited to the High School graduation party for my boss’s oldest son, Eric. We both thought this would be a good chance for her to scope out some local boys, although we agreed that she should try to...


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Change of Desire Ch. 1_(1)

I wiped at my mouth with the back of my hand, cleaning up any of the cum that had dribbled out. I sat up up on my knees, looking my latest escapade in the eyes. Well, at his eyelids since his eyes were still shut from the orgasm I had just sucked out of him. Did it feel good? I asked, although I knew the answer. I just reveled in hearing that I was indeed, skilled. He opened his eyes and looked down at me. Hell yeah, you give great head. I rolled my eyes. I preferred to hear more, but...


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The Ballad of Cornelius Erectus de Roma (part 1)

Let me tell you a story of the very promiscuous young man, of eighteen, whose promiscuity led to a whole region’s disaster. I am one of his many former lovers, I am a woman. Cornelius Erectus is one of the most heterosexual males I’ve ever met, but he’s been hiding many dark secrets. I evolved to become his good friend, to whom he tells all such secrets. Let me tell you something about Cornelius, he is eighteen and has an eleven and a half inch penis when erect. He has a medium sized build, only lean muscles on his body. He...


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Holiday takes an unexpected turn

For several years I had been fascinated by cock. Even just thinking about them was exhilarating to the extreme. I would get breathless looking at thick and throbbing cocks on the Internet, the way cum oozed up the shaft and out of the tip and how balls would then tighten and outline the testicles. Despite this I managed to convince myself I wasn't gay, partly because I was young and the idea scared me and partly because nothing else about men excited me. I never looked at boy's bodies or faces like I did with girl's. Until recently that was still...


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Punished by Employees

I bent down the sidewalk and picked up the coin I found. Lucky day, I thought. It’s not everyday you find a coin in the sidewalk. Money isn’t easy to get, I chastised myself. Being an owner of a small café is no easy task. I’ve been alone almost my entire life. My parents were divorced and none of them either cared for me anyways. To them, I was just a boy to feed, keep a roof over my head, and a heavy burden. Luckily, I’ve moved past all of those negativity that held me down. I continued my walk and...


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The Academy Chpt. 4

All six of us woke up around the same time, only because one of us tried to get up and tried to not wake up the rest of us with failed miserably. We dressed cooked breakfast and geared up for the tournament. *Knock, Knock, Knock* I went to the door to answer it. Mr. Owens: Ah, good you’re all ready, well then let’s go shall we? Kyle: Yea, let’s win this thing guys! The six of us got up and out the door but Mr. Owens stopped us. Mr. Owens: Sorry you four today’s matches are only for teams of two...


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Great Vexations

When the Cullens brought him into their home, eight-year-old Jasper thought it too big. He was so terrified of the high ceilings and echoing spaces in their elegant foyer, so bright and sterile. He thought to himself, There are so many things to break. Vases and little figurines littered shelves and tabletops, and Jasper was well aware that he'd never been very graceful. So he pressed his arms flat to his sides and watched the toes of his old sneakers as they led him through the house, up to his new bedroom. He threw himself into it with much relief. His...


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Hitting The Showers Part 2

“What the fuck is going on here!?!?” said Tim, the senior captain. “We can explain-” I began. “-Alex!? Are you two naked!?” said Tim. He reached forward and knocked our clothes out of our hands, revealing our dangling junk. “Holy shit!” Tim reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, he flipped it up and steadied it infront of us. His phone made a 'Click' noise and he flipped it back down and put it in his pocket. “You two are meeting me here after the next match for a little chat, or that picture goes up everywhere. Understand?” We...


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