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Family Reunion for Mom's Birthday

Last year we, Gary, Tony, and I all went home to mom and dads place for moms 50th birthday. With dads retirement money they lived in a large tri-level house. The house has a three car garage and an enclosed court yard with a detached guest house. Really the guest house is private and more like a motel room with a kitchenette. I was first to arrive so I got to stay in the guest house, moms rule is first to arrive gets the prime choice. It was a long drive out so I decided to take a long hot relaxing...


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Heaven & Hell

Chapter 1: Heaven It has long since been known that angels and demons despise each other.. But for these two lovers, neither can agree that that is entirely true. It started out easily enough with her taking watch at the Purgatory gate and graciously welcoming the new incoming souls. And then he showed up, taking watch over his own gate. She found it strange though that when he would snap at her for taking his damn souls or would growl in annoyance and flash the whites of his teeth that rather than feeling frightened, she was....intrigued, to say the least. Maybe...


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When I get to Brianna’s, she is all kisses as soon as the door is open, and wow is it great. The best part? She is there for ME, not because she struck a deal with twisted-Bitch Veronica “Bae”, she says, “I think I have a deal in place to get you away from psycho.” “How? I mean, she’s got me by the short hairs because of mom’s bus-“ “well that’s just it, she really DOESN’T have the business…only PART of it. The hospital owns the majority, and I, along with some other business people, have convinced them to buy that...


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Player's Trick Book_(7)

Jeremy's story continues on... read chapter 1 Jeremy strolled in to his office building, casually greeting his staff one by one. His appearance more or less a formality as this company was his solely. He was the creator and founder of Playa Industries. His start as a womanizer led him to incorporate his flair for writing in with his keen sense of business. He started writing self-help books for guys looking to get the girl. His play boy life style often flaunted in the pages making those who read even more of believers in the Playa's handbook. He brought others in...


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The Kissing Cousins

I had not seen my cousin, Fran, in some time so I was eagerly looking forward to visiting her in Ottawa on my vacation. We were born three months apart and were closer than a lot of brothers and sisters I knew. We could tell each other anything without fear of judgment. Even though she was really a second cousin once removed, or something like that, I felt a bit uncomfortable when I realized how physically attracted I was to her. Fran developed a gorgeous figure as a sixteen-year-old. As little kids, our mothers used to bathe us together; as a...


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Snow Storm_(0)

This affair started a few years ago. But as a prelude, there were troubling things happening inside me. I was 35. When we first met and in the early years of our marriage, my husband and I were like rabbits. Every opportunity, every place, every part of our bodies that could be used for pleasure. Yes, even there. He's a wonderful man and wonderful in bed, too. But lately, I'd found myself losing interest in sex, even avoiding it by finding other things to do, going to bed after him, and so on. I felt awful about this. I tried to...


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4 (Hey everyone! I thought I’d try a short series in which each entry is from the perspective of the two people involved. This one is from her perspective,(note it’s not the same encounter…that’s too easy!) my first attempt at writing such. Enjoy!) Layton’s Perspective: Well it was obvious that I had, despite a past history of making really bad decisions, to make a good one. The sex was really incredible, and the best part was that my “Daddy” (I was still loathing to call him that at this point) seemed genuinely concerned with me as a person. I had been...


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Lives Matter

The Senator stood in the front office listening to the chants outside his office. He was tall, lean and muscular, a rare college athlete who hadn’t gone to seed in his 40s. He had rich blue eyes and a shaved head. “Black Lives Matter!” “Black Lives Matter!” “Black Lives Matter!” He looked over to his chief of staff. She looked nervous. “You called the capitol police?” She nodded, “They are all throwing down at the whip’s office.” “Not love for a junior senator eh?” The Senator looked over at his chief. She had been highly recommended. She was a local, a...


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When Saturday arrived, I put on my skimpiest bathing suit, which barely covered my nipples and pussy lips. Then I threw on some summer shorts, pulled a loose tank top over my boobs, and grabbed a beach bag as I headed out the door. I arrived at the marina at the time we agreed, and saw Warren standing in the cockpit of his yacht. He was wearing a pair of swim trunks, and nothing else, and I noticed two things right off….he was in very good shape, and his bathing suit couldn’t hide the sizeable dick tucked inside….I could actually see...


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Calving Signs - part 1

Terri watched the cows. During her final descent the black and brown specks of distant cows grew into gross mooing things. Terri watched the big, dumb animals amble around, chewing on grass. She thudded her head against the plastic windowpane. There were no bovines back at College. It was dead center in urban blight. She had picked it partly for that reason. And now she was going back… to cows. * * * Her Mom didn’t meet her at the gate. Terri collected three heavy bags and walked out of the terminal. At the taxi stand she picked a large yellow...


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