When Saturday arrived, I put on my skimpiest bathing suit, which barely covered my nipples and pussy lips. Then I threw on some summer shorts, pulled a loose tank top over my boobs, and grabbed a beach bag as I headed out the door. I arrived at the marina at the time we agreed, and saw Warren standing in the cockpit of his yacht. He was wearing a pair of swim trunks, and nothing else, and I noticed two things right off….he was in very good shape, and his bathing suit couldn’t hide the sizeable dick tucked inside….I could actually see the outline of his shaft hanging down one leg of his shorts.

Warren waved when he saw me, and hollered for me to come aboard. As I stepped onto the deck of the yacht, he came down from the cockpit to greet me.

“Hi, Penny….you’re right on time. I like that. I’ll go ahead and stow the lines and we’ll get going,” he said, untying the ropes from the pier posts. “We have a perfect day….sunny, very little breeze….just perfect. Go ahead and put your stuff downstairs in the galley.”

As he stowed the lines, I took my bag down to the galley. When I got to the bottom step, I was a bit surprised to see a beautiful young woman already down there, wearing a bathing suit that was even skimpier than mine. She had a fantastic body, with boobs that were just a little smaller than mine.....maybe 34D’s…. and a narrow waist, with slim legs.

She saw the puzzled look on my face, reached out her hand to shake mine and said, “Hi. I’m Claire. I’m a long-time friend of Warren’s.”

I covered my surprise as best I could, shook her hand and said with a smile, “HI. I’m Penny….I guess I’m a new friend of Warren’s.”

We both laughed, and I suddenly realized where I’d seen her before. She was the woman Warren was talking to at the gala when he spotted me and came over to introduce himself. Once my surprise had passed, I accepted that our yacht ride was now a threesome, which I decided was OK with me…..I wasn’t dating Warren, nor did I have any claim on him. I was looking forward to a pleasant day on the water….sunning and chatting with Warren and Claire.

In 5 minutes, we were gliding through the calm waters of the bay, heading out toward the open waters offshore. As I felt the yacht get underway, Claire and I began chatting while I removed my shorts and tank top, and stowed them in my beach bag. I found that I liked her very much. She was warm, friendly, clever and funny. She seemed to take a liking to me, as well…..looking me over appreciatively, complimenting me on my “almost non-existent” bikini, and the big tits I had poured into it. She said, “You know, Penny, these bathing suits aren’t going to stay on for long, once we hit the sunning deck upstairs.” We laughed together, then headed up the steps to the deck where we could lay out and get some sun.

As we made our way to the sunning deck – a large area at the front of the yacht, with soft flat cushions covering the whole bow – Warren saw us and called out, “Oh, good, Jenny – I see you’ve met Claire.”

I called out, “Yes, we’ve met. We’re headed to the deck up front to lay out for a while.”

He said, “Sounds good. I’ll join you both in a bit.”

It was an absolutely gorgeous day…..sunny, warm, and very little breeze. Claire and I wasted no time setting out our blankets, and pulling out the oil. Claire immediately pulled off her skimpy bikini top and bottom, allowing her breasts to bounce free, as she reached for the baby oil and began applying it all over her body. When she finished the front, she asked me to help with oiling her back, which I was happy to do. When I was done oiling Claire’s back, I shrugged, and slipped off my own bikini top and bottom. Before I could begin oiling myself, Claire took the bottle and offered to apply the oil to my body. I said, “Sure,” and laid down on my stomach so she could start.

Claire said, “Go ahead and flip over, and I’ll start on your front.”

I raised my eyebrows at her, and she nodded her encouragement, so I thought ‘what the heck’, and I turned over and lay on my back, with my boobs hanging slightly off to my sides……totally exposed to the sun and Claire’s oily intentions. She rubbed oil all over me, starting with my arms and shoulders, then moving on to my breasts and stomach. She added more oil and spent a lot of time massaging and squeezing my boobs, and gently pinching my nipples until they were fully erect. She continued adding oil, and moved down to my legs, working her way up towards my naked vagina, where she – again – added extra oil, and spent a lot of time rubbing and massaging around my bald pussy. Her left hand was now between my legs – massaging my labia, slipping two fingers inside my pussy, and tweaking my clit with her thumb and forefinger. Her right hand continued to rub and squeeze my big, oily tits, occasionally pulling on one nipple, then the other.

I was moaning softly and rocking my hips slightly in time with her fingers gliding in and out of my pussy, and in no time I felt an orgasm rock my entire body. I grabbed her hand and held her fingers inside my cunt as I ground my clit against her palm, enjoying the intense, electric sensations that ripped through me from nipple to clit.

After I had caught my breath, Claire giggled and suggested I roll over on my stomach so she could work on my back. Still a bit dreamy from my ebbing climax, I turned over and she began rubbing oil on my back. She again started with my arms and shoulders, but quickly moved to my legs, working her way upwards until she reached my ass cheeks. She spent a lot of time massaging my ass cheeks, then added more oil, and gradually slipped one of her hands in between my legs and began running her fingers up and down the crack of my vagina again. I was still reveling in the aftermath of my amazing orgasm, and her fingers rubbing in and around my pussy lips felt great. I unconsciously spread my legs a bit, which allowed her better access, and she again slipped two fingers between my labia and into my pussy. I was transfixed, as she kept adding oil to her fingers plowing my vagina, causing me to writhe and moan in response. She surprised me a bit when she added extra oil to my anus and slipped her thumb into my asshole. It felt much better than I would have thought, and I continued rocking my hips in rhythm with her fingers and thumb as they slid in and out of my dripping wet cunt and oily asshole.

I had been oblivious to everything around me as Claire had been oiling me up and stroking me to orgasm, but my mind registered Warren’s voice behind me when he said, “That is one beautiful ass, Penny.” Still lying on my stomach, I raised my head and looked back to see Warren standing by the edge of the sunning deck. He had removed his swim trunks, and was standing there stroking his beautiful cock. It was not quite fully erect, but it stood out from his body impressively, with a little downward bend, and it was growing as I watched him jerk it.

Without saying anything, Claire took the oil, slobbered it onto her hand and Warren’s cock, then grabbed his shaft and started stroking it until he had reached his full 10”, and was completely lubed. As I continued to watch, Warren pushed my legs further apart, then stepped between them and pulled my hips up so that I was on all fours. Claire continued to pump Warren’s prick as she positioned its tip at the opening to my asshole. I had never had anal sex before, so was about to say something when Warren pushed his hips forward, shoving his dick into my anus. I let out a yelp, expecting it to be quite painful. But between Claire’s oily massage, my earlier orgasms, and all the lube she’d slathered on Warren’s prick, he actually slid in quite easily. He got about a third of his shaft inside my ass to start with, then gently moved back and forth, pressing his cock deeper and deeper with each stroke. Finally, to my surprise, his entire dick was inside my ass, and he was starting to pick up the pace – plowing his stiff rod in and out of me, as he fucked my ass from behind.

I had my eyes closed when he first entered my ass, and when I opened them, I noticed that Claire had moved around in front of me, and was laying with her legs spread…..her drenched pussy staring me in the face. She gently put her hand on the back of my head, and I allowed her to pull my face down to her vagina. I had experimented a little in college with girl-on-girl sex, so I pretty much knew what to do, and I began licking her pussy, sticking my tongue into her cunt, and nibbling on her clitoris.

Warren – still pounding my ass from behind – had reached around to grab my bouncing tits as they swung beneath me, squeezing and slapping my boobs and pinching my erect nipples. He suddenly released my breasts, and grabbed my hips, as he grunted and slammed his cock as far into my ass as it could go, releasing a huge load of cum deep inside me. He moaned and grunted as he kept sliding his dick in and out of me, emptying his nut sack in my anus. At about this same time, Claire let out a groan, pulled on the back of my head, and rocked her clit against my mouth, as she erupted into an orgasm that had her legs trembling on either side of my head. She held my head in place as she continued grinding her pussy against my tongue, letting the warmth of her climax wash over her.

With my face covered in Claire’s pussy juices, and Warren still sliding his big cock in and out of my ass, I suddenly had another earth shattering orgasm, causing me to gasp and moan into Claire’s dripping wet pussy, as this new climax racked my entire body.

We all lay there catching our breath for several minutes, then decided it was time for lunch. We all gathered the food and drink from the galley, brought it up to the main deck, and enjoyed Warren’s food and wine, as Claire and I took turns fondling and stroking his flaccid cock as we ate.

After we ate, Claire and I sunned for a few hours, then it was time to head back into shore. Warren stood at the helm, steering the craft, with his long dick and ball sack hanging loosely between his legs. It was quite a sight. While we were still a couple of miles out, Claire got up, and – with her beautiful, big tits wobbling in front of her – walked over to where Warren stood at the yacht’s steering wheel. She leaned her naked boobs against his back and reached around him and started jerking his cock from behind. Warren got hard pretty quickly, and he called over to me and asked if I wanted to steer the ship as we headed into port. That would be yet another new experience for me, so I said ‘Sure.” Still completely naked, with my huge boobs swinging and bouncing as I made my way to the helm, I walked over to where Claire was still pumping Warren’s cock with her fist.

Warren positioned me in front of him, with my hands on the wheel, and showed me how everything worked. Claire was now sitting on the co-pilot’s chair, sucking on Warren’s prick, while she continued stroking it with her hand. After a few minutes, Warren pulled his dick out of Claire’s mouth, kicked my legs apart, and lined up the head of his shaft with my gaping pussy. I was still totally wet from all the oil and orgasms we’d enjoyed during the boat ride, so when he grabbed my hips and shoved his cock into me, it slipped in easily. He rammed his stiff pole into and out of my cunt from behind in earnest, causing me to grunt and groan, and even bouncing me a bit from the force of his thrusts. Suddenly he pulled his dick out of me, swung his hips to the right, and shoved it into Claire’s waiting mouth. She sucked on his thick staff for a minute or two, then he pulled it out of her mouth and swung his hips to the left, ramming his prick back into my pussy, and pounding away as I steered us toward shore.

With Warren hammering my cunt, and reaching around me to fondle and massage my tits, I launched into another amazing orgasm, holding onto the yacht’s steering wheel to keep from losing my balance as the tingly warmth of my climax washed through my entire body. After several more strokes, Warren slammed his dick deep into my pussy and erupted, splashing a stream of cum inside my cunt. He pumped himself into me a few more times, then pulled his cock out of my pussy, swung his hips again to the right, and shot the rest of his cum all over Claire’s face and tits. When he was finally done, Claire sucked the head of his shaft into her mouth and cleaned it off with her mouth and tongue.

While Claire went downstairs to clean up, Warren stayed behind me and continued playing with my tits as they swayed with the motion of the vessel cutting through the water. His cum was leaking out of my pussy between my legs, and dripping onto the deck underneath the helm. He continued to stand behind me – fondling my breasts, with the shaft of his spent dick dangling between his legs and occasionally banging against my hips and ass – until we were about a half mile out. Then he took over the wheel, while I went downstairs to get cleaned up and dressed.

When we got back to the marina, we all agreed it had been a wonderful day on the yacht. As we said our goodbyes, Warren said I was always welcome to come out on the yacht with him anytime. The three of us exchanged numbers, and over the next few years, I spent many sunny afternoons in open waters on Warren’s yacht…..sometimes with Claire, and sometimes without. Every trip was amazing…..we always spent the entire time in open waters completely naked, and none of us ever failed to have multiple orgasms every time out.

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