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Private Nympho

Harper stood on his balcony, the light scent of rain in the air. The house that we shared with was in the forest, along the city limits. The balcony over looked a steep cliff that allowed you to look down over the city. A long grvel drive way was a quarter of a mile untill it met with the main road. He heard the sound of gravel, knowing it could only be Tessa. He smiled a little, going to the kitchen. He had food cooking, serving its all up just as she walked in. Hey Tess Harper smilled at her sweetly...


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Caravan of love

“God I need a cigarette!” I gasped as I collapsed, exhausted, at the top of the small mountain my team had just hiked up in the Lake District. “You’re supposed to be setting us a good example.” Khalid laughed as he flopped down next to me quickly followed by his two schoolmates. “Fu…To Hell with that!” I laughed, “I deserve one after a walk like that.” Still laughing at me puffing and panting the boys whispered something, then Khalid turned to me and asked nervously; “Do you really want a smoke?” “I was supposed to have given up…but…yes… at this minute...


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The Parking Lot Lady

The Parking Lot Lady I had just finished putting my few groceries in the car, few because there’s just me that sets at my table. I lost my wife to cancer a year ago and am very much alone. I’m mid 50’s but haven’t been able to convince myself that it’s time to get on with life. As I closed my trunk a lady came by pushing a big cart full of stuff and stopped at the car next to mine. Just as she started to put stuff in her car a box of peaches fell off and spilled, rolling peaches...


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School Affair 2.0

As I sat there in the classroom all by myself. Tired and exhausted from tapping my smoking hot computer-science teacher I was waiting for her to return from the bathroom. She and I were supposed to go to her apartment as soon as she returned, so we can continue our little ‘’affair’’ there. I knew that she was married and had a child that’s only a couple years younger than me, but I was hoping they wouldn’t be at home tonight otherwise I didn’t know what to expect once we got to her place. My teacher was only gone for a...


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Susie and the Boys, Part 3

It was about a month after the cabin adventure. We still watched the videos I made and the sex as still hot afterwards, but I was still eager to find some more boys for my wife to fuck, and I know she was. Then an opportunity presented itself. Even though it was mid summer and past the prime graduation party season, we got invited to the High School graduation party for my boss’s oldest son, Eric. We both thought this would be a good chance for her to scope out some local boys, although we agreed that she should try to...


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Truck Ride Part Two

As master pulled out of the truck stop, he spotted a young woman of perhaps twenty-five standing at the side of the ramp, thumb out to try to get a ride. She was about my height and build, curvy in all the right places, with beautiful breasts that strained the fabric of her blouse, an ass that filled out her tight jeans perfectly, long blonde hair, and incredibly blue eyes. He stopped the truck and as she opened the door and climbed in, he asked her in his hardest voice what she would do for a ride. She froze and stared...


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When I get to Brianna’s, she is all kisses as soon as the door is open, and wow is it great. The best part? She is there for ME, not because she struck a deal with twisted-Bitch Veronica “Bae”, she says, “I think I have a deal in place to get you away from psycho.” “How? I mean, she’s got me by the short hairs because of mom’s bus-“ “well that’s just it, she really DOESN’T have the business…only PART of it. The hospital owns the majority, and I, along with some other business people, have convinced them to buy that...


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The Ballad of Cornelius Erectus de Roma (part 1)

Let me tell you a story of the very promiscuous young man, of eighteen, whose promiscuity led to a whole region’s disaster. I am one of his many former lovers, I am a woman. Cornelius Erectus is one of the most heterosexual males I’ve ever met, but he’s been hiding many dark secrets. I evolved to become his good friend, to whom he tells all such secrets. Let me tell you something about Cornelius, he is eighteen and has an eleven and a half inch penis when erect. He has a medium sized build, only lean muscles on his body. He...


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Room Service Ch. 1

Chapter 1 I sat at home enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty house. My wife and daughter had just left to meet her sister and children for a girls weekend at the beach. I had looked forward to this weekend for a while making sure I left this weekend open for doing something I enjoy but don’t get to do enough of. Over the past couple years I have found myself enjoying the company of men just as much as I do women but my busy life only allows me play with my new found partners when I can...


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The Ladder

Fbailey story number 187 The Ladder When mom called us into the house I knew that I was in trouble. After all my parents thought that trouble was my middle name. I sure had been in enough of it lately too. Mostly it was centered around my little sister. Mom said, “Randi what were you doing up that ladder?” Randi said, “I had to get my paper airplane out of the tree.” Mom said, “And you let your brother hold the ladder for you? I told you a million times that he only wants to look up your skirt to see...


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