Caravan of love

Caravan of love

“God I need a cigarette!” I gasped as I collapsed, exhausted, at the top of the small mountain my team had just hiked up in the Lake District.

“You’re supposed to be setting us a good example.” Khalid laughed as he flopped down next to me quickly followed by his two schoolmates.

“Fu…To Hell with that!” I laughed, “I deserve one after a walk like that.”

Still laughing at me puffing and panting the boys whispered something, then Khalid turned to me and asked nervously; “Do you really want a smoke?”

“I was supposed to have given up…but…yes… at this minute I would absolutely love one.” I replied.

“Jonny,” he turned to his friend, “give her one.”

“I’d love to; but will a fag do?” The good looking teenager giggled.

When the penny dropped that Khalid had made an innuendo the laughter got even louder.

“You boys will get me the sack!” I chided them as I took the cigarette from the packet. Jonny knelt beside me as he lit it in his best James Bond manner.

“You’re leaving anyway,” the other boy, Fletcher, corrected me.

He was correct; this was my last day as a teacher in the UK and I was only doing this course as a favour to the Headmaster.

I’m Nina and I’m a 25yr old supply teacher in the North of England. Because I was sick of not knowing which school I’d be at from one week to the next I was catching a train home to Bishop Stortford the next afternoon after I’d safely put my three teenage charges on the coach home to Newcastle. I’d been at this school 7 times in the last three years and had developed a good reputation among the pupils and staff, but knew that there was no chance that I’d ever get a full-time job.

Every year twelve schools from the Newcastle area take part in an outward bound competition in the Lake District spread over four days. The Headmaster at Ponteland Comprehensive, where I’d been teaching since January, was desperate for his school to do well for once; but Mr. Winnet who was meant to be in charge of a team of four had hurt his back so I was corralled into spending four days climbing hills, canoeing, orienteering and walking through rivers with three hormonally challenged 15 year olds while getting paid for it!

I already knew the three boys in the team from my time as their stand-in Maths teacher and hadn’t had any real problems with them; even though they were all from the notorious Darras Hall Estate. These three were regarded as ‘saveable’ by the Headmaster and the course was their reward for 100% attendance and working hard.

I’m a naturally sporty type of girl; so with my help and leadership we had been ‘neck and neck’ with Scotswood Grammar School and climbing this hill in the fastest time meant that we were the Champions!

“You’d better finish that quick, miss!” Jonny shouted, “Walker Academy is nearly here.”
Khalid and I took a last puff from our cigarettes and made a drama out of stubbing them out and wafting away the tell-tale smell of smoke, although there was a gale nearly blowing us away.

I grinned and shook my head when I read the sticker on the boys’ caravan door – ‘If the caravan’s a-rockin; don’t come a’knockin!’ Hardly appropriate for a group of schoolboys; I thought.

“What’s going on here?” I asked as I suspiciously sniffed the air in their caravan when I went to collect them to go to the evening meal and presentation.

“Nothing, Miss.” They all chimed in unison.

“If that’s what I think it is, you really will get me sacked.” I tried not to grin as I definitely smelt dope in the air.

The boys didn’t admit to anything and we made our way across the muddy field to the main building. It was quite a distance as we had been allocated two caravans at the far end of a large field; the other schools had large tents closer to the main building and toilet block.

“You look nice miss.” Khalid told me as we walked past the other schools’ tents.

“Thank you,” I smiled in appreciation, “a girl never knows what her luck will be like in a place like this.”

I did actually; even though I was wearing a nice short denim skirt and a fitted zip-up hooded top there was absolutely no way I was going to pull on my last night as an English school teacher. The best looking guy was obviously gay and the other teachers and the instructors all looked down their noses at my team as they were from a rough council estate that didn’t fit into their ‘elite club’.

After dinner and the short ceremony we tried to mingle with some of the other teams but when I had to stop Jonny from hitting a taller boy from Scotswood I thought that a tactical retreat was called for.

“Have you got any of that stuff left that I didn’t smell earlier?” I asked Khalid as I pinned Jonny to the wall as a teacher from Jesmond led a whimpering boy away claiming that Jonny was ‘going to kill him’.

He nervously looked at Jonny who was their natural leader; then nodded nervously, “Why Miss?”

“I think that this young man needs to relax and, if memory serves me right, that should do the trick!”

“You’re cool, Miss,” Fletcher told me, with a lop-sided grin, “for a teacher!”

I asked what he meant by that and the boys all told me why they liked me above all of the other teachers as we wandered back to their caravan.

The boys were being trusted not to wreck the van as they should have been chaperoned by Mr Winnet but he had got the train home earlier in the day.

As Khalid unlocked the door he turned and grinned, “We’ve got some booze too!”

“Why am I not surprised?” I chuckled as I took a seat in the middle of the bay window.

Khalid brought his large rucksack in from the bedroom as Jonny produced a tin with 5 spliffs in it from his.

I shook my head in mild disbelief as they poured large measures of vodka into tumblers and topped it up with coke from the ceremony.

“Where did this come from?” I asked as I put the glass to my lips, “I know you didn’t bring it with you; we checked your bags.”

“This morning; when you were putting Winnet on the train,” he grinned mischievously, “I robbed two bottles and some cider out of the shop over the road.”

The boys let out a cheer as I shook my head in mock disbelief.

Jonny opened his tin and offered me one of the spliffs.

“I’d rather have a ciggie if someone has one.” I shrugged my shoulders, “I’ll have one of those later!”

As we sipped the vodka and coke the boys bombarded me with questions: ‘Did I have a boyfriend?’ ‘Why was I leaving?’ ‘What was my home town like? ’‘What was university like?’ ‘Had I ever taken drugs?’ ‘Did I have any tattoos or piercings?’

It was fun talking to them and I tried to be as honest as possible as they genuinely wanted to know what life was like away from their town. I admitted to smoking dope and occasionally dropping a couple of E’s and I had three tattoos; showing them the Angel on my shoulder and the Celtic design on my lower back but letting them guess where the other one was.

When I’d finished my large glass of vodka and coke we all lit up the spliffs…WOW…I’d forgotten how good that stuff could be and how powerful.

My head was spinning when Fletcher handed me a second large glass of vodka.

My legs were now curled underneath and I began asking about their lives. It wasn’t long before they started talking about girls.

As the drink and dope began to take effect we were all in a giggly mood and the boys became braver as they talked about the girls and other female teachers in very personal terms.

I began by admitting to being quite wild at University but not actually telling them exactly what I’d done – just letting them guess; which was fun.

The boys quickly became excited when I didn’t blush or rein them in so their questions soon became very sexy and personal.
‘Did I play with myself?’ ‘Did I use sex toys?’ ‘Had I ever been with another girl?’ ‘Had I ever seen a porn film?’ ‘Do you suck cock, Miss?’

Without hesitating I replied, “Yes or of course,” to just about everything.

The boys were all grinning and had twinkles in their eyes as they continued asking me about my sex life and confessed to all sorts of things that they’d been getting up to with the girls at school who I’d previously thought relatively innocent! How wrong I was!

Jonny told me that Nadia gave the best blow-jobs because her tongue was pierced but Carly would let them cum on her face.
Apparently at least five girls in 5c, including both Thompson twins, had shaved their pubes off! I couldn’t remember if I even had pubes at that age!

Their dirty language and descriptions were now making me very, very horny and I was beginning to think I should leave them as I really needed to frig myself.

“What do girls think about when they play with themselves?” Fletcher asked.

“All sorts, I guess.” I answered then took a draw on the last spliff that Khalid had passed to me.
“Like fantasies?” he continued.

“Yes,” I raised my eyebrows in mock amazement, “girls have sexy fantasies just like guys.”

All three looked genuinely amazed and it was only then that I remembered how young and immature they really were.

“So what are your fantasies Miss?” Jonny asked me.

“Ooh, I couldn’t possibly say.” I said as coyly as possible.

I nearly gave the game away when Khalid immediately started talking about him and his elder brother roasting a girl as her 15th birthday present.

By this time I was permanently squirming in my seat and I was sure that Jonny and Khalid were looking up my skirt and could see my red panties. They certainly made no attempt to hide their bulges that where poking through their jogging pants as they moved into the corner of the sofa for a clearer look.

“I’m going to have to go for a wank now!” Jonny snorted as he thrust his hands inside his pants and finally adjusted his hard dick. I uncurled my legs to make myself more comfortable; making sure that they got an unobstructed flash of my soaking knickers and hopefully some of my gash as I knew my pussy would be sucking the gusset in.

“Would you like me to do that for you?” I smiled.

The poor kid didn’t know what to do or say.

“I’m serious,” I beamed, as I took another slurp of vodka, “do you want me to wank you off?”

The boys nervously looked at each other, unable to comprehend what I’d just said.

I manoeuvred until I was kneeling on the sofa and facing the 15 year old schoolboys.

“Oh come on guys,” I pleaded as I slowly unzipped my top, “you’ve got to know how horny you’ve made me.”

The boys were still silent but now grinning madly.

“I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.” I giggled as I took my top off then seductively cupped and stroked my tits through my pale blue lacy Wonderbra.
I’ve always had nice tits…no that’s not quite right…I have fucking lovely tits…everyone says so! They are medium sized (32, firm and pliable clay and my nipples poke up to the sky. They have passed ‘the pencil test’ several times!

Jonny shrugged his shoulders and pulled the waistband of his pants down with one hand and waved his prick at me with the other.

“Mmmm, that looks nice.” I purred as I unhooked my bra and let it fall to the caravan floor. “Do you like my tits?”

The boys nervously nodded. Jonny and Khalid were still in front of me but Fletcher was sitting slightly behind getting a good view of my arse as well as a side view of my tits.

“Get your cocks out and I’ll show you my tattoo!” I teased as I unbuttoned the side of my skirt.

Khalid quickly whipped his out closely followed by Fletcher. Their cocks looked gorgeous; Khalids’ was about 6 inches long and quite thick and a lot darker than his olive skin – I couldn’t wait to suck it! Jonny’s was about the same length but not as fat and Fletchers was short and fat – just like him.

I could feel the sweat running down my back as I stood up and let my skirt fall to the floor. The boys couldn’t take their eyes off me as I slowly pulled the front of my knickers down so that they could see my hairy pie and my little red devil tattoo but not quite everything.

I dropped my chin onto my chest, fluttered my eyelashes as innocently as possible and told them, “Well, I’ve seen yours…would you like to see mine?”

“Fuck yes!” Fletcher gasped as he stroked his cock. Actually they were all slowly masturbating in a well practiced manner. That’s another thing about me…I love watching guys play with themselves…as long as there is some left for me.

It took a tug to prize my knickers out of my sticky pussy but Khalid’s jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw the long string of juice that was stuck to the gusset!

I slowly looked around the caravan at my three students. They were like putty in my hands as they devoured my naked body with their eyes – they were going to be my sexual play-things for the rest of the night.

“Do you still want me to …wank you off?” I suggestively licked my lips and met Jonny’s gaze, “or would you like me suck it?”

“Ooh, Miss…suck me off…PLEASE MISS!” Jonny pleaded.

I rested my knee on the seat and leant forward, jiggling my tits for him when I gently wrapped my fingers around his hot pink shaft. Perhaps it was stage-fright but it wasn’t as hard now as when he had first flashed it at me; but I would soon put that right.
“Does that feel good?” I asked. The boy grinned and nodded. “Let’s see if the Teacher’s better at sucking cocks than her pupils?”

“Ahughaghaghooohhh.” He groaned when I covered his swollen plum and kept on pushing until his squishy cock filled my mouth and my chin touched his hairy bollocks.

God his young cock tasted lovely…all hot and sweaty just how I like them. Years of practice came in useful as I began fucking his cock with my mouth as I breathed through my nose. Just as I hoped it instantly began to stiffen and filled my mouth so I had to eventually let most of it glide out so I could suck him comfortably and stroke his shaft and balls.

My head was spinning as I put on a show for his friends; slurping and sucking his dick like a porn actress.

“Squeeze my tits!” I whispered in between slurps.

Jonny slid his hand around my neck and began caressing my breast; making me gasp when he touched the nipple.
“Squeeze them harder!” I pleaded, “Dig your fingers into my tits!”

“Oh fuck!” he gasped but obeyed, digging his nails into my flesh and shaking my puppies like a kitten with a ball of wool.

When I felt his balls tighten and his breathing became shallower I tightly gripped the base of his shaft and making sure my breath engulfed his knob I looked up into his glazed eyes.
“Miss! I’m cumming!” He warned me, “MISS! My balls are aching…I’m cumming!”

“Do you want to cum on the Teachers’ face?” I teased “You’d like that wouldn’t you? Spunking all over her face!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” He winced and manically nodded his head as I flicked my tongue across his japs-eye.

“Go on then,” I whispered as I furiously rubbed his shaft and aimed his piss-hole at my face.

I too was now squealing with delight as he tried to pull my nipple out of its roots when the first jet of hot teenage spunk splashed across my face, then another and the third landed in my eye.

“Oh God! Oh fucking God…Miss!” He gasped as I sucked the last dregs of salty spunk out of his cock.

Delirious with desire I raised myself up onto my feet. As his spunk dripped down my face I asked, “Who wants to be next?”

“Me Miss! Me Miss!” Fletcher shouted as he raised his arm in the air for attention, forgetting that he wasn’t in class.

I picked my knickers off the floor and wiped the excess cum off my face then lay down next to him with my face in his lap.

His short stubby cock looked lovely as I licked some bitter pre-cum out of his tip.

As I stroked his cock I turned to the other two, “I need one of you to lick my cunt.”

They both looked shocked that I’d used the C word. It hadn’t dawned on me that the boys and I had probably used every other word in the dictionary during our sexy chat but at this moment in time it wasn’t a vagina or a pussy between my legs it was a CUNT a hot and horny CUNT that needed a good tonguing.

Jonny instantly knelt on the floor and pulled my legs apart; staring at my hot pink gash.

“I’ve never done this before, Miss. What do I do?” He looked at me excitedly.

“Just lick it like it’s an ice cream then,” I told him as I pulled the sticky flaps apart to expose my clitoris which was sticking out like a third nipple, “then flick your tongue like crazy over that.”

“I’ll try my best miss.” He said in a soft voice. Even the boys calling me ‘Miss’ was becoming such a fucking turn-on!

“Oooooohhhhh yeesssss!” I moaned when he made his tongue glide up my groove.

He was a fucking natural; his untrained tongue lapped up my love juices and he sucked on my labia as his fingers stroked and caressed the inside of my thighs and the crack of my arse.

After a minute or so I bent over to greedily eat Fletchers fat prick. We moaned and groaned in unison as his cock fit perfectly into my mouth and Jonny’s tongue fit perfectly into my sopping cunt.

“Yeh….yeh…yeh…yeh!” Fletcher kept gasping as he twirled my around his fingers as my mouth created a vacuum around his dick.

Without using words I made him spread his legs so I could get a tight grip on his hairless sack while I bobbed my head and swirled my tongue around the purple knob.

“Oohya!” I yelped when Jonny’s tongue suddenly touched my clit making me jump and I let the cock slip out of my mouth.

“YES….YES…YES!” I cried out, “Finger me! Finger me!”

Jonny dutifully poked my twat with a long middle finger giving me a little bit of relief as I returned to my oral administrations on his fat friend.

Fletcher grabbed two handfuls of hair and began bouncing in his seat as he fucked my mouth. I met each thrust with a bob of my head as Jonny did wonderful things to my cunt and clit with his fingers and tongue.

My whole body seemed to convulse as I gave and received oral at both ends.
“Aaaaaggghhh!” Fletcher gasped as he neared orgasm.

“More fingers!” I shouted to Jonny as my own fingers furiously wanked the fat cock until it showered my face with thick lumpy spunk.

He inserted a second then a third finger and viciously licked my throbbing clit until I panted for air then WOW!!!! A mind blowing orgasm flooded my body. I didn’t scream or cry out like I usually do…I just grinned myself silly as the sweetest feeling in the world engulfed my whole being as Fletcher covered my lips with solid globules of sticky cum.

My orgasm left me shattered so I flopped back against the cushions and gently stroked my tingling cunt for their amusement.

Khalid was now standing naked in the middle of the floor stroking a stiffy that looked like it was going to burst.

“Come here baby,” I whispered and patted the cushion nearest my head, “and Teacher will take care of that ache for you!”

He didn’t need telling twice and was soon waving his dark uncut cock in front of my face. I couldn’t wait either and immediately filled my mouth with my third rock hard teenage cock.

“My tits…my tits!” I moaned, “Do what Jonny did and squeeze Teachers’ titties for her…nice and hard…hurt me!”

His hairy olive fingers were soon mauling my mounds as I sucked his dark pipe for him.

“Oh yes…that’s good!” I grunted with a mouth full of cock as he stretched my pink rosebud nipples as far as they would go, making me suck the life out of his young dong.

As the third boy to get his cock sucked I knew that he wouldn’t last as long as the others and I was right. Khalid soon grabbed my head and forced his long thin dick past my tonsils and came straight into the back of my throat and down my neck.

I was now insatiable and judging by the three hard cocks that were in front of me so were they!

“Now… fuck me!” I called to Jonny as I lay flat on my back and spread my legs for my young lover, curling one ankle over the back cushion so that my hairy cunt was on show to the whole world.

With a huge grin on his face he knelt between my splayed legs and eagerly guided his six inches of throbbing cock into my willing hole.

“Ooohhh yes baby!” I panted as his cock filled me up, “does that feel good fucking your teacher?”

“Yes Miss it does,” he chuckled as he began thrusting his hips and forcing his cock into my belly, “It’s fucking…fucking amazing!”

My head was shaking from side to side and I was playing with my over sensitive tits as Jonny proved to me that he hadn’t been lying about fucking lots of girls at his tender age…he was quite a swordsman.

“Fuck her mouth,” Jonny told the others, “one of you fuck her mouth…let’s roast her!”

The smile on my face would have lit up London when Khalid suddenly appeared next to my face and forced his cock past my lips for a second time.

I was in raptures as Jonny forced my legs back until my knees touched my tits making his long thick cock tickle the inside of my belly and the darker boy grasped two large handfuls of my mousey brown hair as he wildly fucked my mouth and throat. All I had to do was lie back and enjoy it as they now treat me as their sexual plaything for nearly fifteen minutes.

Jonny hadn’t cum and sweat was pouring from his face when Fletcher begged him ‘for a go’!

“Okay,” he panted, “but I’m not finished with her.” He had hardly pulled his cock out when Fletcher lunged forward.

“Wait!” I gasped as I pushed Khalid away from my face, “let me get on top…I want to cum again.”

I positioned Fletcher so he was sitting on the sofa and I straddled him. His thick cock felt wonderful as it stretched my aching cunt. I quickly accustomed myself to his girth and rocked backwards and forward rubbing my clit against his pubic bone as I squashed my tits against his face.

The other two wandered off and opened the bottle of cider as I fucked their fat friend within an inch of his life!
No matter what I did to him; I couldn’t cum. I bounced on his cock, I ground down hard, I twisted and rotated, I fucked him fast and I fucked him slow – nothing! I kept getting close but nothing.

I was becoming desperate when I spotted Jonny and Khalid whispering conspiratorially; then giggling like the teenagers that they were.

Jonny stood on the sofa and edged towards me waving his flaccid cock in front of my face. I didn’t need asking twice and hungrily gobbled his young meat as I bounced on the fat cock in my cunt.

I’d been with two guys at University once and had dreamt of doing it again; never dreaming that it would be with school kids; but tonight it seemed so much sexier and dirtier than in my fantasies; especially because they called it ‘spit-roasting’.
If fucking and sucking two cocks was exciting Khalid soon moved the action up a gear!
As I ground my pussy down onto Fletchers cock Khalid began shaking my tits with one hand and stroking and nipping my arse with his other.

“Go on.” Jonny urged him as he held my head while I sucked and licked his rock hard shaft.

Khalid nervously ran a finger between my arse cheeks and hovered a finger tip over my anus as he rolled my nipple between his fingers then tugged on it just the way I liked.

“Go on!” Jonny was becoming agitated, “She’s not stopping you, is she?”

Without any warning he jabbed a bony finger past my sphincter and about in inch or more slid inside my arse making me gasp…with pleasure!

“Ugh…ugh…good.” I gurgled.

“I fucking told you she would like it!” Jonny admonished his young friend. Khalid soon realised that I was enjoying having his finger up my arse while the other two ‘roasted me’ he soon began twisting my nipples and finger fucking my arse with two fingers.

Fletcher broke off from suckling my tit to ask; “have you ever been water-tight Miss?”

“What?” I asked as Jonny sat on the top of the cushion watching the action.

“Airtight you dozy cunt!” The good looking boy laughed, “Airtight!”

I shook my head and raised my eyebrows to let him know I still didn’t know what he meant.

There was a look of surprise then delight on his face as he told me; “you take three cocks at once…one in each hole.”

I’d never heard of such a thing but the crazy grin on my face must have told him that I wanted to try it…NOW!

“Right…get up bollocks face,” Jonny said as he slapped Fletcher on the shoulder, “let’s change places.”

We took a moment or two to decide who was going where and which would be the most comfortable way to perform this lewd sexual act.
As I gulped down a belly full of cool cider, we agreed that I would fuck Jonny, suck Fletcher and because he had the thinnest cock; Khalid would be the first to fuck my arse!

I was shaking with excitement as I fed Jonny’s 6 inches into my well fucked cunt. When I was comfortable Khalid lined the tip of his dick against my puckered anus and spit a gobful of saliva between my cheeks as lubrication. I clung onto Jonny as Khalid slowly worked his cock into my virgin arse-hole.

“Agh…ugh…ooh!” I grunted through gritted teeth as my arse felt as if it was being torn in two.

“Oh shit!” The boys gasped in unison.

“I can feel your fucking dick touching mine!” Jonny giggled as only a thin membrane separated to hard cocks inside my body.

After making sure that the boys wouldn’t budge I slowly rotated my hips and gently moved my arse so that their cocks moved a little bit as I became acclimatised to the feeling of being full beyond belief.

“Okay,” I nervously told them, “but be gentle with me.”
Thankfully Jonny’s position meant that he couldn’t be as forceful as he would have liked to be and my arsehole was too tight for Khalid to fuck too fast so I was soon nearly hallucinating with sexual elation.

After a couple of minutes I began to relax and the three of us began moving with a bit more freedom making me groan and moan and gasp and giggle with gratification.

“Now…now!” I gasped and nodded to Fletcher, “I’m ready…make me airtight!”

Fletcher shuffled along the sofa and placed his purple knob on my bottom lip. I nodded my head and his fat cock stretched my mouth and jaw.

I snorted and gagged but I wasn’t going to stop now! I could feel my poop-chute stretch and loosen up with every thrust from Khalid and the more relaxed I became the harder Jonny banged his cock into my cunt from down below.

Fireworks were soon going off in my head and clitoris as I began spontaneously orgasming. Little ones, big ones, short ones long ones…one after another until I was just hanging on to the boys…like a limp rag.

“Yes…yes…YES!” Khalid wheezed as he rammed his dick into my arse like a fucking piston then suddenly stopped as he filled my shit-hole with his cream. His cock came out of my arse a lot easier than it went in!

“Get off me!” Jonny demanded as soon as the other boy stepped away. “I want to fuck
your arse.”

He virtually pushed me away in his haste to bugger me. As soon as he was standing behind me he forced me back onto my knees and spread my cheeks to view his friends’ handiwork.

“Oh man,” he exhaled noisily, “that looks so fucking sweet…look… your spunk’s still coming out!”

I was now trembling with anticipation as Jonny tentatively nudged his fat cockhead against my tingling anus. Khalid had stretched my poop-chute but Jonny’s cock was definitely fatter and it still wasn’t that easy for him to get his knob past my sphincter.
“Aaaaahhhgggggg!” I howled as he finally plunged his dick into my arse. As soon as the knob entered the rest just slid in like greased lightening. “AaaaaaAAAGGGGHHHHHH you bastard!” I screamed again when he began fucking my arse as hard as he had my cunt, but it didn’t stop him.

I was biting my lip and had my face buried into a cushion to stifle the pain as he pummelled my arse with his thick six inches. The pain was becoming unbearable and electrifying so I didn’t want him to stop.

“Oh Jonny, Jonny, Jonny!” I cried with tears of joy running down my face, “Harder baby…harder…fuck my arse…fuck the teachers’ arse!”

The teenager was now grunting like a wild animal as he revelled in the discomfort he was causing me.

“That’s it…yes…yes…yes!” he groaned as he speeded up just before he too filled my anal cavity with lovely teenage spunk.

When he withdrew his cock I could feel my hole gaping open and the overflowing spunk running down my thighs.

“It’s your turn now.” Jonny wheezed and pushed Fletcher with the extra wide cock forward.

My arse was already stinging from the two buggerings I’d just had but when Fletch pushed his fat mushroom in I gasped and felt like I’d died and gone to Heaven. This boy was in no hurry and fucked my arse very slowly – each stroke nearly turning it inside out.

“Oh baby, baby,” I whined, “that feels so fucking good. You’re making Teachers’ arse very, very sore and I fucking love it!”

As the other two boys sat in front of me taking it in turns to feed their cocks into my mouth I panted, “That’s it…faster…faster…fill my arse with your hot spunk…go on do it!”
Hearing my husky voice sent him over the top and I felt my arse get warmer as he filled it with hot spunk.

Over the next hour or so the boys fucked me in every combination imaginable.
When I eventually collapsed, exhausted on the floor, my arse had been fucked ragged and my cunt was nearly worn out and my jaw was aching so much I could hardly speak; but I didn’t care…this was the fucking of a fucking lifetime.

I’d heard about the staying power of young boys but…shit… these boys were out of this fucking world.

I could hardly move the next morning when I woke up in a sleeping bag next to Jonny. I pulled on my top and skirt and hobbled to the shower block like John Wayne after a 200 mile horse ride.

I stood shivering with aches and pains under the hot shower; hardly able to wash myself as I relived the previous evenings’ events over and over and over again in my head. Pangs of guilt struck me as I got dressed in my tiny caravan but I reminded myself that the boys had promised to keep what we did a secret (hardly likely – I know) and after all in five days I would be on the other side of the world starting a new life in New Zealand.

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In The Wake of a Nymphomaniac Part 3 By John Morrison “Welcome to Sonic, can I take your order?” I asked into the microphone. The speaker crackled a little bit. “Yeah, I want a milkshake,” a quiet famine voice said. “What size?” I asked. “Large,” she replied. “Is that it?” I asked. “Yeah,” She said. Two minutes later I walked outside with her milkshake. “Two thirty-eight,” I said. I looked at the girl now. She looked like she might have just graduated. She had straight brown hair with blonde highlights. She handed me a five dollar bill. “Keep the change,” She...


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My friend Jackie

Hey, is your mom home today? asked my girlfriend, via text message No, she's working until 7, I replied. Okay, I'm coming over, and I'm bringing Jasmine. I want you to teach her how to fuck before she goes off to college. And at the moment those words crossed my eyes, I was shocked. While I have deep affection for my girlfriend, Jasmine has always been in the corner of my eye and at the in the back of my mind. To find out that she was a virgin was a surprise in itself, but that my girlfriend wanted me to...


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The Elixir of Life

Author's Note:[/b] The Elixir of Life appeared on xnxx last year. I have received many emails requesting it be re-posted ** Being a genetic scientist wasn’t without its perks. Four full-time assistants, plush offices and let’s not forget the new Lexus drop-top. They had head-hunted him from the Brewer Pharmaceutical Corporation the previous Fall, with the lure of new state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and the type of bottomless funding, only Government Agencies seem to have access to. “Dr James Wilson – Senior Geneticist” proclaimed the somewhat ostentatious plaque residing at eye level on the door to his office. Using his swipe...


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The Washing Machine

“Why don’t you try it?” Laura’s big brown eyes widened as a naughty thrill went through her body making her shudder a little at the thought of it. “Be serious” Laura said with a shy smile to her best friend Tally. Laura and Tally were sat in a coffee shop as they normally did on their dinner break chatting. Tally had been Laura best friend since they were at school; here they were still best friends at the age of 33, even working in the same office building. What they were chatting about was a present that Laura had been given...


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Coming of Age Years Later

Coming of age Years Later My sister and her 2 kids were on vacation in July, when the row home fire tore through their house and 3 others on their block. I received a call from the fire department as I was the emergency contact and had no way of reaching her. I immediately called her cell but got no answer. I left a message. I called my niece and left a message also. About an hour later I got a call from my niece. I told her I needed to speak with her mom and she got on the phone...


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Halloween hi-jinx

Halloween Hijinx Charles, or as everyone called him, Charlie was watching the clock on his desk. Just ten more minutes and counting before he could leave a really crappy work week behind him and head out for a fun Halloween party with his very sexy wife. He had been looking forward to this since he and Margaret got the invitations two weeks ago. Charlie couldn’t remember the last Halloween party he’d been to and just the thought of it was bringing out the kid in him again. Margaret picked out the costumes and drove over to get them at a professional...


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Mom's Special Christmas Present

Mom’s Special Christmas Present by rmdexter The following story is a complete work of fiction and fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Note that as opposed to most of my posted works, this is a stand-alone story, offered as a holiday thanks to all my loyal readers. Keep that in mind when reading—I hope you enjoy it. And please take the time to vote or leave a comment, the authors do appreciate it. “Jake, I can’t believe you went to all this trouble!” Tanya Nolan said as her son took his hands from her eyes. The...


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Seed of Horror: Chapter 9

Chapter Nine “So how did your parents take it?” Christi asked, speaking to Jason through their cell phones. He was sitting in a snowy parking lot in Portland, having just filled out his fifth job application. In front of him now was a McDonalds application. Damn, his parents had always told him to study hard and get into a good college so that he would never have to flip burgers. Thanks a lot, Black Stigmata. “I can’t really say, I went to bed as soon as I got home and left before anyone else got up. Actually, I just hid in...


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