Rural Corsicana Texas Motel

Rural Corsicana Texas Motel

‘I feel it,’ she whispered, her voice rasping from the ache that was throbbing everywhere, but nowhere more than where his cock pressed through the layers between them. She kept her gaze on his mouth as arousal oozed through her.

Ellen reported her story from Corsicana then checked into the Best Western Executive Inn. Ellen unlocked the door to her room, opening the door, she is surprised seeing me waiting for her. Ellen sighed, set the suitcase down on the bed, I stood up from the chair, grabbing Ellen's hand in my grip. " Well, let's go into the other room. I want some."
" Oh, John," Ellen answered, trying to keep the tired whine out of her voice. " It's afternoon yet. I've just been up since 2am." " I have gone ten days not seeing you, Ellen. What did you expect I'd want when I got the chance to see you? Get in the bedroom now." I had my pants and briefs off before Ellen had gotten the buttons undone on her shirt dress, I hiked her dress up around her hips as I push her back onto the bed and slap her legs apart. Ellen sees that I'm more than ready and she isn't going to be given enough time. She is worried that I'd smell the other man on her.
Slowly I begin to stroke myself and move over on top of her. Again her beauty made my heart leap in my chest. Lowering myself on top of her I feel my cock brush against the silk and rough feeling of her panties until my balls are pressed against the fabric and the shaft of my cock rests on the smooth skin of her left hip. I plant my hands on either side of her breast and lower my lips closer to her. I drank in every line and curve of her face from her eyebrows to her full burgundy lips and elfin chin. Softly I kiss her tenderly on her lips and found my cock sliding down to rub against her pussy through her soaked panties.

She moaned, I kiss her again, nibbling her bottom lip, succulent pulling at it before lowering to kiss and tongue the contours of her chin. She breathed lightly, I kissed down her neck, feeling my heart pounding against my ribs. My forearms pressing the outer sides of her breast crushing them together into perfect hills as my lusty lips and tongue kiss lower with a husky moan. I lovingly lick up and down the deep cleavage of her breasts, until I can't wait anymore. I look up and smile. Her eyes begin to stir, and I knew the moment is right. Slowly with sucking kisses I slip my lips over the curve of her right breast and close over a single pert nipple. " John ... " she mouthed, then screamed. I clamp my lips over her tit and suck her nipple hard. Ellen groaned and thrashed beneath me,
" Oh! Please, OOOhhhh --- OOOhhh -- OH! OOOH-- OH! OH!" I suck her tit with wild abandonment lashing my tongue over the harden nipple like a slave-owners whip, then I'd circle around the tender patch of her areola causing her to moan again and shudder then I moved back to sucking again. She bucked under me, legs kicking, her writhing is turning me on. " I'm going to fuck you all night!" Her hands balled into fist as she hit my back, her head lashed from side to side as her back arched off the bed jutting her breast into my waiting mouth. I pushed one arm under her back while my other squeezed and kneaded her left breast. Faster and faster my cock is grinding against her pussy through the translucent fabric of her panties sloshing her hip and sheets with loads of pre-cum.

Lovingly I move to kiss and suck her other breast while my free hand gagged her mouth. " OH God ...John. " she screamed between my fingers. " I'm fucking you, Ellen. I--I can't stop myself. You're beautiful! I have not fucked you in two weeks!" I remove my hand from her mouth, pulled my other out from under her back and crushed her breast in my grip. I going insane with lust as I kiss, nip and suck one breast, and than the other. Ellen threw her head back and moaned again, arching her back fully into the air. I ripped myself away and begin to kiss down the firm muscles of her belly, slipping my tongue into her navel. She half shrieked and giggled, I knew she was ticklish there. My hands smoothed down her sides and slipped around the contours of her hips and squeezed her ass. " God you're perfect." I said, looking up and meeting her eyes. Her expression is a mixture adrenalin, and heady arousal. For a brief second she smiles, and I smile back. She is loving this as much as me. She is loving me raping her. I lovingly shower her panties with long soft kisses, dropping lower over her mound until I feel the heat and aroma of her moist pussy. I give long lashing licks over her lips through her panties causing her to moan and gasp with short hitching breaths. I lick again, and again, savoring each delicious taste while my cock rubs against the sheets and smashed its head into the underpart of her left knee.

Finally, I can't take it anymore. I hook my fingers under the waistband of her panties and wrenched them down. She screams. " Oh God! Please, I beg you!" I rip her panties completely off exposing neatly trimmed blonde hair above a clean shaven pussy. " OOOOOOHHHHH! YOU -- YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" she shouted between clinched teeth. A savage wail escaped her as she jerked and heaved against me. Her tits wiggle and bounce with each of her wild jerks. I gently kiss the smooth skin of her upper thighs and pried her knees wider apart. I spread them wide and gazed upon my prize. Swollen and flushed I see her juices dripping from her. I move my lips closer and hovered above her opening and gently blew. She whimpers as her breast heaved with anticipation. Then I licked her. A silent scream is frozen in her throat as I swallow a mouthful of her juices -- once again I almost came! I lick her again, slower this time, savoring every second of her velvety pussy lips, as her ass lifted off the bed. Another long lick is followed by another and another and once more my cock rubbing against the white cotton sheets of the bed. Cupping each of her butt cheeks I pull her into me and lick, this time inserting my tongue all the way into her wet vaginia and swirl. A sharp noted 'OH" escapes her and I can tell she loved and missed my actions.

I swirl again. " Oh!" and again. " OH!" Over and over, building her up again as my fingers squeeze her butt cheeks and play with her asshole. My cheeks and chin are drenched with her juices. Faster and faster I spin my tongue causing her to arch her entire body off the bed until I can tell she hit a plateau. I shift quickly, knowing I'm saving the best for last. I slide my tongue upwards and suck on her clit. Instantly she cries in pleasure while my hands work as one. The index finger of my right hand slams deep into her pussy while my left hand reaches up and grasps her right breast squeezing and flicking my thumb over her hard nipple. Her eyes went wide at this sudden change in tactics while I continue to build her without a pause. Her legs quivering uncontrollably, beating and slapping at my shoulders with her knees while I suck on her clit. " YES! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME YOU FUCKING BASTARD! ...." I'm moaning in rhythm to her, slamming my finger in deeper and deeper. She sucks in a breath, crushed me with her knees and screams her loudest cry of the night. " OH! OOHH! OOOOHH! ... THAT'S IT! ... THAT'S IT! ... THAAAAAAT'S ... " Her ass bashed into the bed as she came in multiple orgasms once again within the last ten minutes. I tease her with long licks of her clit causing her to jump and shudder in heart pounding gasps, until slowly she settles back into the support of the mattress. Her panting breaths filling the room.

" Now ... it's my turn," I announce with a cunning grin. She looks down at me and suddenly gasps as I stood and she sees my full nine inch cock. " Oh -- please!" she pleaded, " You're -- you're SOO BIG!" " I know," I growl back and climbed over on top of her, kissing her ribs and the sides of her breast until I found her nipple again. She wiggled under me. " OH! go slow!!! Please, John!" she implored. Her hazel eyes took my breath away. I smile and squeeze her breasts with both my hands as my lips nuzzle up her neck. " I told you I was going to fuck you all night, Ellen." I kiss her and she snapped her head away. I turn her face towards me with a single finger. " You really have no idea how fucking beautiful you are, do you?" Grasping her face I kiss her again and she screams again into my lips. I force my tongue deep into her mouth. One of my hands slipped to the back of her head holding her head in place so she can't turn away. My other hand crushed her around the small of her back. My ass raised high into the air." Mmmm," my kisses smothering her. " YOU- Mmmm ... FUCKING BASTARD! LET! ME -- Mmmmm!" I growl with a heady lust and slam my cock balls deep into her waiting pussy and this time it is me who cried. GOD she is so FUCKING tight!. Her head threw back in both pain and pleasure. I pull my cock out, kissed her lips, teased her with the my head cock then rammed back into her. " OH FUCK! Please!" she screams.

I laugh with pleasure and slam in again, and again, harder each time. She struggles against me, twisting her body one way and another, but with my arms locked around her there is no escape. We kiss deeper as my fucking went into a smoother rhythm, and I feel her building again, but this time as I near my climax. My lips slip from her mouth down to her quivering breast where I suck her nipples and fucked her bucking body. " I've caught you, Ellen. You're MINE!" I cried out. " MINE! I know you were fucked another man." " NO -- STOP!" I lashed my mouth onto the side of her neck and intensified my thrusts. Her body grew taut. My cock is swelling, growing thicker in her cunt. Hotter. " OH GOD!" she shouted. " Hold me! FUCK ME -- YES! -- YES! -- YESSSSSS!" We shouted as one as I came in a massive orgasm, exploding deep inside her until both of us feel it oozing out and onto my balls. Six times my body jerked with clutching spasms searing her with cum before I collapsed onto of her thoroughly exhausted. We kiss softly, whispering 'thank you' to each other over and over. She kissed my forehead as I settle to rest it on her breast. " Wait -- " she whispered. She looks at me lovingly. She cupped my face in her hands. " What took you so long," she asked with her mischievous smile. " I missed's been two weeks...I'm sorry about the other guy."

" You -- you knew I was going to do this again?" I asked. She kissed me softly. " From the moment I got the assignment. I've been dreaming of you fucking the hell out of me again. Laying back she pulled me closer and placed my head on her breast. We laid together and she wrapped my arm around her breast. " You will fuck me again in the morning." her ass wiggled into my still throbbing cock. " Deal," I whispered back, and settled in for a long night of sleep.

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