If you win? - part 2

If you win? - part 2

I sat on the edge of a sagging mattress, in a dingy motel room, and let my gaze play over the enticing cocks of the four naked high school seniors standing in front of me. Brandon was the only one yet to turn eighteen, but with his birthday coming next month he was close enough that I didn’t give his age any thought.

Each of the boys was sporting a potent hard-on, despite all having just jacked off into my hand only minutes before. With the ice broken, they were no longer taking furtive peeks at my middle-aged, but respectably trim, body, and were instead openly gawking at my mature form, which was barely clothed in little more than a skin tight t-shirt and even tighter shorts. I let my legs drift apart just enough for them to see the growing wet spot there if they were so inclined to look.

“Well?” I said, drawing their attention away from the points of my nipples pushing up from beneath my shirt. “Shall we play another game, or would you fellas rather get some rest?”

“I’m up for it,” Cory spoke up first. “Right guys? Evan? We good?” I could see why he was a team captain. Initiative and leadership.

All eyes went to my son. He and I had been conspiring together for weeks on this nasty plan, but his teammates had no idea that their good friend Evan had been fucking his horny, ol’ mom for the past year. Under the expectant glare of his buddies, Evan feigned conflicted discomfort. What a ham.

“Alright, guys, one more game,” Evan conceded. “But that’s it, okay?”

“Aren’t you boys happy I taught my baby boy to share?” I teased.

“What’s the game, Mrs. Chase?” Michael asked eagerly.

“How about another jerk off competition?” I suggested.

“I’m not eating any more spunk tonight,” Brandon declared with a sour look on his face.

“No problem, Brandon,” I favored him with a wink, “you can save that for another night.”

His friends found that hysterical, and I felt bad for giving him such a hard time.

“So gay,” he mumbled at no one in particular.

“How about instead of punishing the last one to cum, there can be a prize for the first one to get off this time?”

“Sounds good,” Cory said. “What’s the prize?”

“Hmm…let’s see…” I noticed Michael’s attention was fixed on my chest once again. “Michael, what are you looking at?”

“Oh, um, sorry,” he fumbled. “I was, you know…aw, hell, I’m just going to say it. You’ve got a great rack, Mrs. Chase.”

The others shouted him down for being rude.

“Now, now,” I intervened. “At my age, I’ll take that compliment any day of the week. Thank you, Michael.” I looked down and considered my chest. “How about we make my rack the prize?”

“Like how?” Michael wondered. “I mean, like…”

“You’ll just have to win the contest and find out.” I couldn’t resist giving my boobs a little squeeze to accentuate my point. “Evan, you came awfully fast last game. I think I should give you a handicap this round. You’ll have to use your left hand.”

He nodded and gripped his cock with his left hand, the others were all righties and took a hold of themselves accordingly. They were so damned cute all standing there with their pricks in their fists.

“Should we just jizz on the carpet?” Brandon asked.

“It’s either there or in your mouth,” Cory zinged back.

“Good point, Brandon, we don’t want to leave a sticky mess for the maid to clean up.” I kicked off my rubber flip-flops. “The first one to cum on my feet wins first prize.”

I don’t know what possessed me to say that, but as they all knelt at my feet, cocks at the ready, I felt like a decadent Roman empress with four naked centurions at my command.

“Ready,” I said slowly. “On your marks…get set…GO!”

The four boys began masturbating themselves like crazy. I pressed my feet together, pointing my pedicured toes out so they had a nice target to shoot for. I felt warm and flush all over. This was about the most indecent thing I’d done since my college days.

“Let’s go, gentlemen,” I prodded. “Jerk those big cocks. Who can cum first?”

They were all breathing heavy and working their stiff tools with single-minded intensity. Each of them was concentrating on my feet, but then I noticed Michael glancing up at my chest. He was using his head. To reward his strategy, I ran my hand over my breast and pinched my nipple through my t-shirt. His eyes flicked up to my face, and I gave my lips a seductive lick. His expression became slack and his eyes lost focus.

With a suppressed grunt, Michael gave one last pull and spewed his jizz all over my bare feet.

“We have a wiener!” I called out. The other boys groaned and stopped stroking. “But who’s going to come in second?”

They all lit up with renewed hope and resumed jacking off for me.

Michael rested on his haunches and watched the contest. I was getting even more turned on watching him looking at his friends masturbating. He noticed my attention was on him and blushed. I got the sense that he was as intrigued by their cockplay as I was.

“What’s the matter, Evan,” I cajoled my son, “can’t get it off with your left hand?” I lifted my foot up and jiggled his balls, leaving behind a smear of Michael’s cum.

“I got it,” Brandon suddenly announced. “I got it, here I go, here I go…” He was beating his cock so hard I thought for a second he might yank it clean off. Instead he pushed his hips forward and blew his load on my feet, adding to the gooey mess already there.

“Brandon takes second!” I announced. “Who’s getting third?”

Evan and Cory leaned in, vying for the bronze. Evan’s strokes were awkward lefty, and Cory was pounding himself steadily toward completion. Evan could see he was about to be beaten.

“Someone’s at the door!” Evan shouted. Everyone stopped dead and looked toward the door in terror. Everyone except Evan, who kept jacking fiercely. It only took Cory a few seconds to realize he’d been tricked, but it was enough to give Evan the advantage.

Cory started jerking himself again as the other two boys laughed at him. It was only a matter of seconds before my son was spilling his seed all over my wiggling toes. Mmm, so warm and wet.

“Let’s go Cory,” I said. “You have to cross the finish line to get fourth prize.”

Cory resolutely continued working his rod as he stared down at my sperm-covered feet. It took almost another minute, but he deposited another nice big wad of cock cream up high on one of my ankles.

I felt like I was buzzed as I looked down at the mess they’d made on me. It was so utterly nasty I could barely believe I was actually doing this. And I certainly couldn’t believe what I was about to do next.

“Okay, fourth prize. Cory was last, but definitely not least, so for his prize he gets to see my tits.” I took the bottom edge of my shirt and began to lift it.

“Whoa, hey, Mom…” Evan protested.

“What?” I asked innocently. “Is something wrong, honey?”

“I don’t want to see my own mom’s boobs,” he fibbed.

“Oh, don’t be such a party pooper. Remember? Road trip? No rules?”

“It’s just weird, don’t you think, guys?”

“If my mom wanted to show me her tits, I’d take a look,” Cory confessed.

“Yeah, Ev,” Michael chimed in, “a boob’s a boob.”

“Don’t be a pussy, dude. Man up and look at your mom’s tits,” Brandon added.

Evan sighed and gave a shrug. “Okay, whatever.”

I smiled and teased my shirt up slowly, revealing the undersides of my attractively above-average sized breasts. All eyes were on me, and Michael was playing with himself a little. I lifted a bit more, exposing the dark, lower arcs of my areolas. Then, with a quick yank, I whipped my top up the rest of the way and my bare tits bounced free.

As soon as the girls were on full display there was a satisfying chorus of sighs, gasps and moans from my appreciative audience.

“Awesome, Mrs. Chase,” Cory said reverently.

I let them have a nice long look. “Evan won third prize, but since he’s being a baby, how about I double your allowance for next week as your prize?”

“Fine,” Evan agreed, and his friends shook their heads, disappoint with him.

“That brings us to Brandon and second prize.” I gave him a sultry look and he perked up. “Second prize is licking my feet clean.”

Everyone got a good laugh out of that, except Brandon, of course.

“Fuck you guys!” He pushed Cory, and punched Evan in the arm. “No, really, Mrs. Chase, that’s not the prize, is it?”

“I’m just teasing, Brandon, settle down.” What was it about this kid that made me want to torment him? “Second prize is that you can touch my tits, if you want.”

“Oh, I want!” he confirmed immediately. “Sorry, Evan, but no way I’m not feeling up your mom’s boobs.”

He stepped up and I thrust my chest out toward him. Brandon rubbed his hands together, as if warming them up. “Both of them?”

“If you think you can handle it, big boy.”

With a gleam in his eye, he lowered his hands onto my tits. He gave them a soft, almost timid, squeeze. “Guys, this is freakin’ amazing.”

“Brandon’s never touched a girl’s boob before,” Evan clued me in.

“Have so,” Brandon shot back.

“Oh, right, he did feel up Resusci-Annie in health class while giving her CPR.”

Brandon didn’t waste any effort arguing, and instead remained intent on massaging my breasts. His hands were warm and damp on my flesh. He wasn’t handling me in a way that was very arousing, but the fact that I was getting felt up in front of everyone more than made up for it.

“Time’s up, Brandon.” I patted him on the thigh and he got in one last squeeze. “Okay, now for first prize.”

Michael stepped forward and I couldn’t resist tweaking my nipples as I looked his naked body up and down.

“Michael, darling, how would you like to suck on my titties for your prize?”

“Hell, yeah!”

He practically lunged for my chest. Michael first took a moment to give them each a feel, then he wrapped his lips around my left nipple and began sucking. It didn’t seem to matter to him that his friend had just had his sweaty palms all over them. Michael pulled his mouth away with a loud sucking noise, and went at the other. He licked and sucked at my right breast, as his hand fondled my left.

“Go for it, tiger,” I giggled. “It’s good to be the winner, isn’t it?”

Between Michael’s enthusiastic molesting and the sensation of all that cum drying on my feet, I was about ready to have a hands-free orgasm. I let him have his way with my chest a little longer, then reluctantly pulled his face away.

“Whew, that was fun,” I told them honestly. I slipped my sticky feet back into my flip-flops and stood up from the bed. I didn’t bother pulling my shirt back into place just yet. “I’m pretty sure I can trust you boys, but I want to be sure that what happened tonight never leaves this room. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, can know about this.”

They all nodded adamantly in agreement.

“Pinky swear.” I held out my pinky finger. “This is our little secret, forever.”

They all readily stepped up and hooked their pinkies with mine, binding us in the most sacred of oaths.

“Evan?” I stepped nearer to him. “Everything okay with us?”

“Yeah, I guess it’s not so weird if I don’t think about it.” His hand darted out and he gave one of my exposed nipples a quick pinch. I gave him a playful smack on the arm right back.

“All right, men, everyone into bed. Lights out.” I ordered. They whined and moaned like a bunch of spoiled kids. Michael reached for his boxers. “Oh no, I want you all to sleep naked tonight.”

“Seriously?” Michael asked.

“That’s right.” I gave my tits a rub and a squeeze. “And after I go, I want you all to jack off on more time while you think of these. Got it?”

“Sure thing, Mrs. Chase,” Brandon spoke up for the group. “Any chance you can stop by again tomorrow night?”

“Hmmm.” I pretended I was thinking it over. “I’ll make a deal with you. If you win your game tomorrow, I’ll come by and we can find some new games to play. I’ll try to think up some new prizes.” As I said this I let my hand brush across the front of my shorts suggestively. “But if you lose tomorrow’s game, you’ll be back to your all-boy circle jerk.”

“We’ll win,” Cory insisted. “You can count on it, Mrs. C.”

I tucked each of them into bed with a motherly peck on the cheek, and left them to perform their assignment. I hurried back to my room and had my hand down my shorts the second the door was closed behind me.

My pussy was absolutely drenched, and I got myself off in a matter of seconds standing just inside the door. As soon as the waves of my orgasm subsided, I stripped off my clothes, lay on the bed and fingered myself to another mind-blowing cum as I thought about the four of them over there right now masturbating those hot cocks and thinking about my tits. My third orgasm was the even more intense as I used my left hand to work my cunt, while I licked at the dried remnants of semen off my right hand and arm. The whole time I was doing that, I was rubbing my now sticky feet together.

God, I hoped they managed to win tomorrow.

* * * * *

I slept naked and awoke to the sweet, ripe smell of dried boy cum. What a great way to start the day.

After a shower, and dressing in my conservative ‘soccer-mom’ clothes, I went to make sure the boys were up and getting ready. No one said anything about our dirty games the previous night, but they all gave me leering smiles any time they caught my eye. It was so exciting to have this secret between us all, with no one any the wiser.

The team went for breakfast, and I sat with the other team mothers. They complained about the lumpy beds, and the cramped bathrooms. I didn’t have any complaints about my stay so far. My filthy mind wandered and I couldn’t help wondering what they would do if I invited them to my room for an all-girl orgy. A couple of them looked like they hadn’t had an orgasm in years.

The bus took us to the fields, where the boys warmed up and practiced. I kept myself from getting bored by picturing my guys running around out there naked, their cocks flopping freely in the breeze.

During a break, Evan came over to talk to me.

“Hey, Mom, are we having fun yet?”

“The fun is just getting started.” I winked. “Did you guys jerk off one more time after I left?”

“More like two or three! Everybody was comparing notes and talking about how hot you are.” He checked to make sure no one had come close enough to overhear us. “Brandon was beating off again this morning when we all woke up.”

“You have no idea how wet that’s making me right now,” I growled.

“I think I have a pretty good idea.” He took a swig of his water. “It was unbelievable how you were able to restrain yourself. I mean four guys jerking off right in front of you and you just watched us cum on the chip. That’s not like you, Mom.”

“There’s something to be said for taking things slow. Delaying gratification increases the ultimate pleasure. This is like a fine meal that I want to savor, not gobble up in a few greedy bites. If I’ve taught you anything, it’s that it can be much more satisfying to take your time, young man.”

“Yeah, I guess I’m a little distracted, that’s all. I’m just worried that the guys might have a different attitude about all this when we’re all back home and not ‘on the road’ where the rules don’t apply. If this gets out, I’ll never be able to show my face in public.”

“Oh, stop being such a loopy loo loo.” I hated when he got like this. “If we over think what we’re doing here, and worry too much about the ‘real world,’ it’s only going to spoil the fun. This is all about everyone just relaxing and having a good time, without analyzing and fretting over every silly little detail. Just pretend like we’re living out a wild fantasy, as if we’re characters in a raunchy story who don’t need to get all worked up over the consequences of what we’re doing.”

The coach blew the whistle and the players jogged toward the center of the field.

“Don’t think too much, relax, and live the dream.”

“Now you’re making sense, sweetheart.”

He turned and headed off to join the team. His ass looked so cute in those shorts.

* * * * *

After the game, and a chaotic visit to McDonalds, we were all finally back at the motel. I had a quick shower and put on a fresh pair of shorts and a loose-fitting polo, then headed out to help the other mothers manage the mayhem at the swimming pool.

When I left my room I got a dreadful shock. The coach had my four boys pulled aside near the vending machines and was talking to them. It looked serious. Had someone said something? Did word get out about what we were doing last night? My stomach twisted into a tight knot and I headed over to see if I could overhear what was being said.

I tried to appear casual as I approached.

“I can’t believe what you guys did,” Coach McGowan said. “I’ve never seen you play that hard all season.” The knot melted away. “I want to see some more of that kind of teamwork out there tomorrow, got it? Whatever it is that put the fire in your bellies, don’t lose it. Now go have some fun.”

The boys, all smiles and high-fives, ran off to the pool.

“Oh, hey there, Mrs. Chase,” the coach said when he noticed me. “They giving you a hard time at all?”

“You know boys, they’re always hard to handle. But I think I’ve got them well in hand.”

“Good, good.” Despite his best efforts, the coach couldn’t help attempting to sneak a few quick peeks at my chest as we talked. “Well, whatever you’re doing keep it up.”

“Sure thing, coach.”

I made my way to the pool breathing a big sigh of relief.

* * * * *

It wasn’t until after midnight that the motel had quieted down enough for me to slip into the boys’ room unnoticed. As soon as I walked I their faces lit up like it was Christmas morning.

“Looks like you fellas earned yourselves some playtime with that big win today.”

“We fucking owned that field today, Mrs. C,” Cory bragged. The rest of the boys hooted, and pumped their fists in the air.

“Let the games begin!” I announced, feeling their enthusiasm. “First things first, how about you boys start by getting naked.”

They quickly shucked out of their shorts and t-shirts. Brandon must have gotten hard the minute I stepped through the door. The others were sporting respectable chubbies.

“Now let’s see what we can do about getting those cocks good and hard.”

I pulled my shirt off, unveiling my bare breasts. I gave them a squeeze and a jiggle.

“Ah, that feels better.” I was flattered by how quickly their pricks all stood at full attention once my nipples made their first appearance.

“I’ve been thinking about this all day, Mrs. Chase,” Brandon blurted out, his hand already gripping his erection. “You frickin’ rule!”

“Thanks, Brandon, but watch where you point that thing—if it goes off, you’re liable to put your eye out.”

“So what game are we gonna play?” Michael asked without bothering to look up from my tits.

“Well, while I was lying in bed last night touching myself,” I patted my hand nonchalantly over the front of my shorts, “and I had an idea.” I strolled over to Cory and ran my fingers through that luxurious chest hair of his. “How about a contest to see who can produce the biggest load of cum.” As I spoke I stepped behind Brandon, and grabbed a handful of one of his muscular buns. “Sound like fun?”

They all instantly agreed, and I could almost hear their heart rates kicking up a gear.

“But how are you going to measure it?” Evan asked helpfully. I moved in front of Michael and rubbed my hand on his belly. He sucked in his gut, but there was still a little pudge of tanned baby fat that I couldn’t help but pinch.

“Good point. We don’t have any scales,” I mused as I went to stand in front of my son. I reached down and let my fingertip trace the curve of his upturned erection. “How can I measure which one of you boys is able to squeeze the most cum out of his big, hard cock?”

“Maybe if we jizz into a cup or something…” Brandon offered.

“How about we jizz in your mouth, dipshit,” Cory taunted and got a round of laughs from the other boys.

“I think you might be on to something with that idea, Cory,” I interrupted. Brandon looked stricken, but I took his hand and led him to the center of the room. “You first, big boy. Let’s see how much cum you’ve got left in those balls after beating off all night. Start jerking.”

He swallowed hard and started stroking himself. The other boys waited and watched, not sure what I was up to.

“That’s it, Brandon, masturbate that big cock for me,” I said in a sultry whisper. I slowly circled around behind him, leaned forward and touched my nipples to his back. “Can you do that for me, Brandon? Make your cock cum?”

“Y…yes, Mrs. Chase,” he breathed.

I came around in front of him and knelt down, his thrashing cock was only inches from my face. “Tell me when you’re ready to shoot your load, baby.”

He looked down and saw me pinching and pulling at my nipples and that sent him over the edge.

“I’m ready! I’m going to cum!”

“Cum right in here,” I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out. He didn’t have time to react other than pointing his cock just as the first spurt shot out. It landed on my tongue, quickly followed by another. He gripped his shaft hard and milked a few more drops into my mouth.

“Holy shit,” he cursed under his breath. “Un-fucking-real.”

I closed my mouth and sat back on my heels. I shut my eyes and swished Brandon’s load of cum around in my mouth. I acted like I was evaluating its volume, but I was simply savoring the sharp flavor of his young seed. I swallowed it with an exaggerated motion.”

“Ahhh! Mmm, thank you, Brandon. I honestly don’t know why you made such a fuss over eating that chip last night. Michael, you’re next.”

Brandon just shook his head in amazement and stepped back with a goofy expression of contentment plastered on his face. Michael was fast to take his place.

“I think Brandon’s tanks were running pretty low, you should be able to do better than that. You think you can fill my mouth up with a nice big load of cum, Michael?”

Michael nodded, unable to speak, and began jacking himself.

“That’s good, stroke your stiff rod nice and fast.” I stood and unsnapped the button of my shorts. I very slowly pulled the zipper down. I held them up for a moment, then let my shorts drop to my ankles, revealing my fire-engine red satin thong. I turned around and gave them a good look at my ass as I bent down to pick up my shorts.

“I love you, Mrs. Chase,” Michael declared. “That is the nicest ass I’ve ever seen.”

I was expecting one of the boys to fire at him with a one-liner, like ‘it’s the only ass you’ve ever seen,’ but they were all silent as they stared at my nearly naked body.

“Oh, Michael, stop that. You’re going to make me blush,” I giggled. “Now how about giving me some of that hot cum of yours.”

I drew my fingernails down the fronts of his thighs. There was a light sheen of sweat building on his skin, and I could smell the heavy scent of chlorine clinging to him from the pool. I can’t explain why, but that got me even more turned on for some reason.

“Here it is,” he cried and I opened my mouth beneath the bouncing head of his cock. “I’m going to cum right in your mouth, oh God!” Michael blasted several jets deep into my mouth and it was all I could do to keep it from going straight down my throat. He kept jerking wildly, and some spattered on my nose and chin.

“You might lose a few points for poor aim, silly boy.” I gathered up as much as I could from my face and added it to the wad already in my mouth. I went through my routine, swirling and evaluating, but the only thing on my mind was that faint hint of sweetness beneath the salty notes of his fresh sperm.

I was so fucking horny. I didn’t know if I would be able to control myself much longer. This experience was exceeding my most vivid fantasy. I could feel my wetness soaking through the thin material of my thong, and wondered if the boys could smell the hormone-laden tang of my heated pussy yet.

“That was a good effort, now let’s see if Cory can do any better.” Based on what I’d seen last night, Cory would easily win this contest. And, I have to admit, that was exactly what I wanted.

“No lie, Mrs. C,” Cory said as he set himself in front of me, “I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life.”

“Shut up and start jacking, you nasty boy,” I commanded in my best dominatrix tone. He just smiled and started working his cock. I once again admired his full-fist with a twist stroking style. I also noticed how he wasn’t whacking away like a sex-crazed little bunny. He knew this contest wasn’t about speed, and so he was going take his time and enjoy every second of it. God, did that ever make me hot.

I watched Cory massage his shaft, taking special pleasure in the sight of the droplets of pre-cum gathering at the slit of his cock. There was a magnetic draw that seemed to be pulling my mouth toward the fat head of that thick penis of his. I rose up on my knees to keep myself from succumbing to the temptation.

This put my tits at about the same level as his cock. I took a hold of my boobs, lifting them and squeezing them. My nipples were thrust out, seemingly reaching toward him. I inched one slowly forward until it just brushed the tip of his cock before pulling it away. There was a sharp intake of breath, and his hand began to move faster. One point for me. I repeated this seductive torture with my other nipple, and was rewarded with Cory taking it up another notch.

“Work that hard cock, baby,” I encouraged him. “I want your cum on my tongue.” I reached up from below and lightly tickled his hairy scrotum. “Empty these big fat balls into my mouth, Cory. Let me taste you.”

“Open up, Mrs. C,” he groaned, “I’m going to give it to you.”

I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue, and got up as close as I could to the end of his cock without actually taking it between my lips. I was momentarily startled when his hand slid around the back of my neck, but he simply held me with a gentle firmness. This boy was only eighteen and he already knew exactly how to take possession of a woman. I began to wonder who he’d had for a teacher, but was soon too distracted to care.

Cory didn’t spurt like the other guys. He gripped himself tight and slowed his motions as he approached orgasm. A moan escaped through gritted teeth, and his thick goo began oozing from his hole. He continued steadily pumping his shaft, and the stuff continued to flow. Gob after gob of slimy fluid fell onto my tongue and seeped into my mouth.

There was no contest. Cory filled my mouth with easily twice as much cum as the first two boys combined. I let it play around over my tongue and teeth. It coated the insides of my cheeks and the roof of my mouth. It tasted the strongest so far, and it gave me a strange tingly sensation—like I could almost feel those millions of little sperms wiggling around in there. It was divine.

I had to actually take two swallows to get it all down, but I didn’t let a drop go to waste.

“Ho boy,” I finally managed in a hoarse voice, “that’s going to be hard to beat.”

Cory looked down at me, and for a second I thought he was about to kiss me. But, instead, he just smiled and backed away, making room for my son Evan.

“I don’t know if I can do this, Mom,” he improvised.

“All the other boys did it, sweetie, it’s okay,” I assured him.

“It’s all good, Evan,” Cory added. “Just do it.”

“Yeah,” Brandon piped up, “we won’t call you a freak for jacking off in your mom’s mouth or nothing.” Somehow that didn’t seem to help the situation.

“Let’s compromise,” I offered. “How about you just cum in my hand like last night?”

Evan feigned as if he was thinking it over. “Yeah, I guess that’s fine.”

He began pumping his hard-on. He bent his knees slightly and let his loose balls dangle freely. They made a satisfying slapping noise against his fist with each stroke. It was a familiar sight for me to see my boy jerking off like this, but the swirl of excitement that came with doing it in front of an audience made it more erotic than I could have imagined.

“There’s a good boy, masturbate your penis for me. Get all that nasty cum out.”

I leaned back and slipped a hand down into the front of my thong. An electric thrill shot through me when my finger grazed the stiff nub of my straining clit. I was on the verge of that point of no return. If I started seriously fingering myself, I wouldn’t be able to stop. I noticed Brandon had given up all restraint and was beating off again as he watched my hand moving beneath the soaked fabric of my underwear.

I forced myself to pull my hand out from between my legs and cupped it instead beneath the head of Evan’s cock.

“Are you ready to cum in my hand, baby?”

“Yes, almost there.”

I leaned forward and looked over at the other boys. I gave them a devilish smile and a wink.

“Here, let me help you, sweetheart.”

With that I pounced on Evan’s cock with my mouth. I grabbed his hips and drove my head forward, forcing his cock deep into my throat. The guys hollered and cheered as I held tight and began sucking my son off. Evan acted like he was trying to resist, but it was all for show. He finally relaxed and let me have my way with him as his friends looked on. I could just imagine how much he was getting off on this.

I sucked him hard and fast, moaning and drooling the whole time. I put on my best porn star act, and really went for it. I heard Brandon grunt in the background as he beat out his second orgasm of the evening, this time onto the carpet.

“Suck it!” Evan yelled. “Suck it, Mom! Suck my cock!”

He blew his load and it went straight down my throat. He had a few more spasms, and a little more jizz dribbled out onto my tongue, but the better part of his contest entry was already in my tummy.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth with a slow, sucking draw, then pretended I was measuring his wad. I fake-swallowed then patted him on the leg.

“That was good, honey, but I’m sorry to tell you that you came in fourth place.” He actually was more like second place, but what’s the point of being a judge unless you can rig the results to get what you want.

“What’s the prize, Mrs. Chase?” Michael asked, barely able to contain himself.

“I did have something special in mind,” I said with a hedging tone and let my hand drift back down to the small patch of silky fabric concealing my crotch. “But I’m a little concerned that I’ve let things go too far already.”

“No, Mrs. C, we’re totally cool with whatever you want to do,” Cory insisted. “Whatever happens, none of us will ever tell anyone. Ever.” Michael and Brandon nodded in wholehearted agreement.

“I was thinking that tonight’s prize would be my pussy, but you young boys might not be so interested in a middle-aged lady’s coochie.”

“I’m interested,” Brandon chirped up. “Please, Mrs. Chase.”

“It would be a dream come true,” Michael said.

“You know we all want this more than anything, Mrs. C.” The way Cory was looking at me I could tell he was on to me.

“Does that include you, Evan?” I turned to my son and slipped my fingers along my wet thong.

“I know how fucked up it is,” he gave his teammates a sheepish look, “but even though you’re my mother, I wouldn’t mind seeing…everything.”

“So it’s really okay with you if I take this thong off and let everyone see my pussy?”

“We’ve come this far, why stop now?”

The boys all looked at me with breathless anticipation. I stood up and hooked my thumbs under the strings at my hips and pretended I was having second thoughts. Then, with a big grin, I slid my thong down to my feet, stepped out of it and tossed it aside.

“Woo!” I squealed with genuine elation. “I can’t believe I’m totally naked with you boys! This is so wrong!” I danced a little turn, giving them a look at me from all sides. I went and sat at the foot of one of the beds with my legs primly pressed together.

“Here you go, Evan, fourth prize.” I put my hands on my knees and slowly eased them apart. My legs opened and the boys gathered in a tight bunch directly in front of me to get the best view.

I had shaved only a few hours earlier, so my outer lips were bare and perfectly smooth. I had trimmed the area above into a neat landing strip that was wider at the top and narrowed as it approached my slit. I was so excited that my pussy was already swollen and glistening with sex juices.

“Come over and get a good look, baby.”

Evan knelt between my feet and I spread my pussy lips open for him. The other boys tried to see around their friend, but they would just have to wait their turn.

“It’s beautiful,” my son whispered, and even though he’d see it a hundred times before, I knew he was sincere. “Thanks, Mom. For everything.”

“Brandon, you get third. Step on up.”

Evan and Brandon swapped places. He gaped at my shameless display.

“Have you ever smelled a woman’s pussy before, Brandon?”

He just shook his head.

“Alright then, here’s your chance, darlin’.”

Bandon leaned forward a bit, closed his eyes, and inhaled deeply about six inches away from my sex. A serene smile came to his lips.

“Come on, Brandon,” I purred, “get right in there and take a good whiff.”

He inched forward, stopping only finger’s breadth away from the source of my intoxicating musk. He breathed me in as the other boys looked on with fascinated arousal.

I moved my hips forward a tiny bit, letting the edge of my engorged inner lips caress the tip of his nose.

“Do you like the way my pussy smells?” I asked. “Nod your head if you do.”

Brandon nodded, causing his nose to rub up and down along my pink lips.

“Have you ever smelled anything better than my dripping wet vagina?”

He shook his head no, letting his nose brush back and forth against the protruding extents of my increasingly stimulated pussy.

I patted him on the head and he backed away with a hint of a pout. I didn’t want him to go away sad, so I ran a finger around my opening, then touched that finger to Brandon’s upper lip, smearing a generous daub of my juices there for him to enjoy later. He rejoined his pals with a big grin.

“Michael, have you ever touched a girl’s pussy?”

“No, never.”

“Would you like to touch mine?”

“Yes, Mrs. Chase, very much.”

Michael settled down between my legs and looked me over. He seemed unsure of where to start. My instinct was to give him some friendly instruction, but I decided to stay quiet and see what he came up with on his own.

As I guessed, he went straight for my hole. He slipped his index finger inside me and slowly pushed it as far as it would go. Again, not quite the most pleasurable sensation overall, but it was nonetheless incredibly erotic to be sitting naked with my legs spread wide as this inexperienced young man fingered me with his three buddies looking on.

Michael’s finger glided in and out of my sopping wet vagina, and it started feeling good. Really good. I began to turn my hips slightly to match his movements and increase the goodness.

“Am I doing this okay?”

“You’re doing it very okay, Michael. Are you having fun finger fucking my pussy?”

“Yes,” he gulped. “It feels real nice, Mrs. Chase.”

“I bet it would feel better if you put two fingers inside me.”

Michael took my suggestion and added another finger. A lovely shiver ran through me. I released my pussy lips and brought my hands up to my chest where I began fondling my tits. I tweaked and twisted my nipples as his strong fingers explored within me. I could easily see myself getting off on this, but I wanted to hold off a little longer. I clenched my inner muscles around his fingers and felt that insistent ache in my clit begging for attention. Just a few more seconds, then I’ll have him stop.

He was moving his fingers in and out a little faster now. With two fingers in he was hitting my sweet spot more often. God I wanted to cum, just a few more seconds. I heard a soft moan escape my throat and realized I had started to hump Michael’s fingers with purpose. I had to stop now or I would lose control.

“Okay, big boy,” I panted. “That’s enough for now.”

Michael slowly pulled his fingers out of my pussy.

“Thanks, Mrs. Chase, that was awesome.”

“And for first prize, Cory,” I could barely form the words I was so excited, “I was thinking I might let you give it a lick.”

He stepped forward and looked down at me hungrily. “You want me to lick your pussy, Mrs. Chase?”

“If you want to.” I opened my legs wider.

“I do.” He knelt and placed his hands lightly on the insides of my thighs. “But do you want me to?”

He was playing with me. Cory could see how turned on I was and how close I was to cumming myself. He was able to see through my act that I was doing this for them.

“Yes,” I breathed, unable to maintain any kind of cool façade. “I want you to suck my pussy, Cory. Please.”

With a triumphant smile he lowered his face to my crotch and went to it.

He lapped his tongue up along one side of my outer lips, then down the other. Next, my clit received several teasing flicks. Small snaps of electric pleasure were firing off all over my body as I writhed in anticipation of what it was going to feel like to have Cory’s mouth fully at work on my swollen puss.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, he opened his mouth wide, covering as much of my vulva as he could, and began sucking me. Oh God, it was glorious. The pulsing suction drew the sensitive flesh of my pussy in and out of his mouth. It was almost too much to fully take in—the sensations were nearly overwhelming. Then, with one big sucking pull, he release his oral grip on me and went to it with just his tongue.

Cory worked his deft tongue along the depths of my intimate folds and creases, leaving no hidden recess unexplored. Upon reaching my eager clit, he gave it a few suckling kisses, but didn’t linger there. It was maddeningly provocative.

“That’s it, suck my pussy,” I heard myself saying. I was losing it in front of my audience, but I was too far gone to care. “Suck me, you horny fucker.”

His tongue swabbed over my hole, causing it to convulse with the desire to be filled.

“Fuck me with your tongue. Yeah, just like that…stick it in my hole.”

As Cory jammed his stiffened tongue inside me, I looked to the other boys. They were all watching and playing with their hard cocks. I wanted them all.

“Michael, come over here and suck on my titty for me. You, too, Brandon.”

I slid back on the bed so I could lie flat. Cory’s mouth never left my pussy during this maneuver. Michael positioned himself on my right and began licking my nipple. Brandon settled in on my left and took control of my breast on that side. My mind reeled with the multiplicity of sensations now flooding it. I was drunk with ecstasy.

I reached to either side, searching between the two boys’ legs at the same time until I found what I wanted. I cradled Michael’s and Brandon’s balls in my fingers and lightly massaged them as they each sucked on my tits.

Cory was now using his tongue to take long, broad strokes along the entire length of my throbbing slit. His hands were pressed to the undersides of my thighs, holding my legs up in the air and keeping me spread wide.

“That’s right, boys, suck me all over,” I groaned. “Suck me while I play with your big, sweaty balls.”

I felt movement on the bed above my head. Evan gently pushed my head back, then mounted my face. He lowered his balls onto my lips, and I opened up, willingly taking them into my mouth. I was now officially in full sensory overload.

Cory, with perfect timing, locked his lips around my hard clit. He sucked and licked it in alternating turns. He wasn’t quite as good as my son, but he certainly knew what he was doing down there. I could feel my orgasm approaching fast.

Brandon held my breast in both hands, squeezing it and sucking hard at my nipple as I fondled his sack. Michael had one hand resting on my belly while he used the other to continue jacking himself. I tugged firmly on the loose skin of his scrotum, occasionally giving his nuts a vigorous jiggle. Meanwhile, my tongue bathed my son’s testicles as a steady stream of involuntary moans flowed from my throat.

I began fucking myself against Cory’s face. Within seconds, the initial waves of my orgasm tore through me like a tsunami. I had to quickly turn my head to the side to keep from biting down on Evan’s balls. I cried out as Cory maintained his relentless assault on my clit, detonating pulse after pulse of raw pleasure that blasted up through me with breathtaking rapidity.

That threshold where pleasure became pain suddenly came upon me and I had to squeeze my legs together and force Cory away from my burning clitty. Evan’s wet balls rested pleasantly on my cheek. I waited for the shudders of my orgasm to finally go quiet.

“Cum on me,” I whispered.

“Mrs. Chase?” Cory’s voice sounded so far away. “Did you say something?”

“I want you boys to cum on me,” I repeated with more conviction. “Masturbate your cocks for me. I want everyone to cum all over me.”

I took Evan’s balls back into my mouth and he immediately began jacking off. I felt the bed move as the others repositioned themselves. I ran my hands over my naked body, feeling my saliva-slicked breasts, and sweaty flesh. My fingers soon sought out my pussy, still trembling with the aftereffects of orgasm.

It started as a quick touch, then another, and without consciously intending to I began masturbating. And it fucking felt amazing. To be lying there, with my legs spread wide, completely exposed, fingering myself as four young men jacked off over me. A fantasy come true.

Evan shifted back, as if he could read my mind. I lifted my head and took in this magnificent sight. Brandon and Michael were kneeling at my sides, both whacking away. Cory was standing at the foot of the bed, jerking his fat cock as he watched me finger myself.

“Oh my God,” I gasped. “Your cocks are so big, and so hard. Make them cum on me! Shoot your hot cum all over me!”

My son was the first to release. He raised himself up and fired several thick spurts of semen onto my face from above.

“Shit, Evan,” Michael moaned, “you just jizzed all over your mom’s face.” He jerked himself faster. “That is totally fucking awesome.”

With a tight little grunt, Michael brought himself off. He squirted all over my tits. As each emission of warm sperm landed on my bare skin, it sent a delicious tingle crawling down my spine. When he had given up all he had to give, Michael leaned down and pressed the cummy head of his cock to my nipple. What a thrill that gave me. He was still rubbing his dick on my jizz-coated tit when Brandon climaxed.

“I’m going to cum, Mrs. Chase,” he announced. “I’m going to cum right on you!”

“Do it, Brandon,” I said as I continued pleasuring myself. “Give it to me!”

“Oh Jesus, yes!” he cried while he fisted himself to yet another orgasm. He swiveled his hips from side to side and drops of cum spattered my chest and tummy. At least one flew far enough to land on Michael’s arm.

“Mmm hmm,” Cory quietly intoned. I looked down and could tell he was about ready to cum as well. “Mmm hmm…”

“Cum on me, Cory.” I spread my pussy wide for him. “Cum right on my cunt for me. Cover me with your hot cum.”

With a loud yawp he did just that. Cory moved in close and let loose with a healthy stream of white goo that landed directly on my protruding clit. I immediately spread it around and used his load to further lubricate my already soaking wet cunt.

Things became somewhat jumbled for me then. Evan scooped the remnants of his sperm from my face and let me lick the delicious treat from his fingers. Brandon went back to sucking my breast, without being the least bit deterred by the fact that it had both his and Michael’s cum on it. Cory snuck a couple fingers into my vagina and fucked me in rhythm with my own quickening strokes.

It was an insane kaleidoscope of delights, any one of which would have been enough to satisfy me, but in combination had me on the verge of delirium.

My cum-soaked fingers strummed my clit with an increasingly vigorous motion. My orgasm welled up quickly and burst over me with a sudden force. It lifted my ass up off the bed and drove a shriek of animal passion from my lungs.

I’d often read about people passing out as the result of a particularly intense orgasm. I never believed it actually happened, but the way my head was spinning it seemed I had been at the near edge of doing just that.

I plopped my butt back down onto the bed and went still. The only sounds were that of us all breathing heavy, and Brandon sucking at my breast. He seemed to finally notice that the action had subsided, and released my nipple.

“Sorry,” he mumbled.

I wanted to tell him it was okay, but all I could manage was a reassuring pat on his thigh.

The tickly sensation of all that cum slowly dribbling along the curves of my naked flesh was exquisitely gratifying.

“I have to thank you boys,” I finally managed to say. “I haven’t cum that hard in ages. You were all perfectly wonderful.”

“We should be the ones thanking you,” Brandon insisted.

“This was beyond incredible,” Michael chimed in. “Thanks, Mrs. Chase.”

“And,” Cory eased his fingers out of my pussy, “also, thanks for trusting us. We know how messing around with us is risky enough, but for you to let Evan in on it, too, well…you know…” He looked across my naked body at my son as his words faltered. Cory was afraid to say too much more on this subject.

“I admit it was all very weird at first,” Evan said, “but this has been pretty great for me, too. I realize now just how lucky I am to have you for a mom.” With that he leaned down and gave me a nice, soft kiss on the lips.

“Okay,” I choked out, “let’s not get all mushy now.” I fought to keep my own emotions in check and not let it show how touched I really was. “It’s a road trip, remember, and this is nothing more than all of us having a bit of fun and getting our rocks off together. Got it?”

The boys all nodded and smiled in agreement, despite my not very convincing speech.

“Now somebody get a towel and clean all this nasty cum off of me!”

The boys happily wiped me down with warm washcloths, then patted my body dry with exacting thoroughness. I reluctantly dressed and tucked them in. This time, in addition to a peck on the cheek, I also gave them each a little smooch on the tip of their chubby peckers.

“Alright, fellas,” I said just before leaving. “I’ll make you the same deal as before. If you win the championship tomorrow, I’ll come by for one last game night with you boys before we head home.”

“What’s the prize going to be?” Brandon predictably asked.

“Let’s just say that if you win, Brandon, you won’t be going home a virgin.”

As his jaw dropped, I gave him a wink, flipped off the light, and slipped out the door without another word.

I almost felt sorry for the other team. They didn’t stand a chance tomorrow.

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