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Bethany – Chapter One: Meet Cute? Meet Duke.

She was as basic as a white girl in fall could be. She had the soft ankle boots, the sweater, the scarf. Her hair was freshly streaked with caramel and brown highlights, and she held a spiced concoction in one hand. Bethany sipped her cooling beverage as she wandered around the park, pretending to be taking in the fall scenery, but really scoping out the cute guy she had seen the last few days. He had been tall, fair, a little on the brooding side, and had been avoiding making eye contact every time she had said hi. His dog, a...


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The Parking Lot Lady

The Parking Lot Lady I had just finished putting my few groceries in the car, few because there’s just me that sets at my table. I lost my wife to cancer a year ago and am very much alone. I’m mid 50’s but haven’t been able to convince myself that it’s time to get on with life. As I closed my trunk a lady came by pushing a big cart full of stuff and stopped at the car next to mine. Just as she started to put stuff in her car a box of peaches fell off and spilled, rolling peaches...


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The Denny And Devon Plan

Odd how you never really know what’s expecting you at night. I do the same thing every weekend, Dennis and I spend the night out every weekend, usually hit the same club, Level Down. Dennis would go hit on some bartenders, sometimes I’d join him, we’d take them out, bang them, never see them again. That’s the plan, the Denny and Devon Plan. We went out as usual to Level Down, wearing our matching black leather jackets, bed hair, and our usual punk rock swagger. We went into Level Down, Denny takes his usual seat by the bar, I sit by...


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School Affair 2.0

As I sat there in the classroom all by myself. Tired and exhausted from tapping my smoking hot computer-science teacher I was waiting for her to return from the bathroom. She and I were supposed to go to her apartment as soon as she returned, so we can continue our little ‘’affair’’ there. I knew that she was married and had a child that’s only a couple years younger than me, but I was hoping they wouldn’t be at home tonight otherwise I didn’t know what to expect once we got to her place. My teacher was only gone for a...


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Susie and the Boys, Part 3

It was about a month after the cabin adventure. We still watched the videos I made and the sex as still hot afterwards, but I was still eager to find some more boys for my wife to fuck, and I know she was. Then an opportunity presented itself. Even though it was mid summer and past the prime graduation party season, we got invited to the High School graduation party for my boss’s oldest son, Eric. We both thought this would be a good chance for her to scope out some local boys, although we agreed that she should try to...


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Titcage (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7 THE PHOTO Claire blushed for almost an hour. She had masturbated with Kitten's knowledge. She had been told to do it by Kitten. Kitten had smelt the wetness of her cunt. But Kitten made her feel all right about it. It was something that up to now Claire would have considered disgusting, but Kitten made Claire feel like it was normal - intimate, but normal. And in any case Kitten was mostly naked and in no position to judge. They talked about music and films and TV. Kitten looked at photos from Claire’s trip to Tokyo last year and...


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The Janitors Toy

Lexi was a high schooler on the school’s volleyball team. She had shown up to school in her uniform, despite what her mother said. Her phat white ass stretched the volleyball shorts and could barely stay in them, while her breasts were outlined by the shirt and everyone could see them. Lexi was a thick, white girl with an attitude. She had just made it to the school when a teacher told her that she couldn't be out in her uniform unless she was practicing and she was late for volleyball practice. Just as she started to walk away, she heard...


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Grad Trip

It was the summer of 2016 I had just graduated from high school and was currently sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Hawaii. Our graduating class had organized a trip to an all inclusive resort just West of Honolulu. I was elated to hear our flight get called Oceanic flight 815 bound for Honolulu, Hawaii. we are beginning boarding at this time please form a line in a calm orderly fashion. My friends and I waited for the line to die down before we went to line up I'm trying to stay drunk the entire time were there...


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Family Reunion for Mom's Birthday

Last year we, Gary, Tony, and I all went home to mom and dads place for moms 50th birthday. With dads retirement money they lived in a large tri-level house. The house has a three car garage and an enclosed court yard with a detached guest house. Really the guest house is private and more like a motel room with a kitchenette. I was first to arrive so I got to stay in the guest house, moms rule is first to arrive gets the prime choice. It was a long drive out so I decided to take a long hot relaxing...


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Night Shift_(0)

This started one night when I was working the night shift . It was late around 2 in the morning, all was quiet on our floor. It was me and two other nurses working , one other female and a male nurse , I will call him Mike. Mike and I have worked together several times and he is allways flirting with me . Untill tonight it had only been just in fun . First let me tell you about myself, I am 38 yr old ,blond hair , green eyes , 5 fr 2 in tall , weight is about...


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