Bethany – Chapter One: Meet Cute? Meet Duke.

Bethany – Chapter One: Meet Cute? Meet Duke.

She was as basic as a white girl in fall could be. She had the soft ankle boots, the sweater, the scarf. Her hair was freshly streaked with caramel and brown highlights, and she held a spiced concoction in one hand. Bethany sipped her cooling beverage as she wandered around the park, pretending to be taking in the fall scenery, but really scoping out the cute guy she had seen the last few days. He had been tall, fair, a little on the brooding side, and had been avoiding making eye contact every time she had said hi. His dog, a large bull mastiff, on the other hand, had been more than a little affectionate. Every time he saw Bethany, he would jump up at her, trying to lick her face, more than happy to get lots of attention from her. She would lavish the dog with attention, figuring if she showed his owner that she was good with dogs, maybe they could exchange numbers.

About a week into deliberately running into them at the park, he finally made the step to introduce himself.

“I’m Michael,” he stammered, “this is Duke.” He made eye contact fleetingly, his blue eyes flicking to her brown ones.

“Bethany,” she laughed, as the over exuberant dog bounced up at her, “I absolutely love your dog!” Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Michael smile.

“Well, he’s sort of the opposite of me,” his voice trailed off. Bethany stood and smiled up at him, seeing this as her opportunity.

“That’s okay,” she said, “I bet a lot of people go for your dog and leave you to just observe. It seems to work for you.” Michael nodded and held a handout towards the path.

“Would you like to join us?”

Bethany was thrilled, she had been single for so long, with very few men meeting her standards, this was definitely a step in the right direction. They walked around the park, chatting about their jobs, Duke, the weather, and nature in general. As they finished the loop, ending up at the parking lot, Michael came over all shy and peeked over at Bethany.

“I enjoyed today,” he’s voice faltered slightly, “would you like to have dinner sometime?” Somewhere inside Bethany’s mind, she did a little happy dance. He was successful, judging by the car he was loading Duke into, probably well off, and more than a little on the attractive side. She nodded, making a point to say an extended goodbye to Duke.

“Of course!” She was hard pressed not to let her excitement show in her voice, “I’m free Friday, if that works for you?” She asked, standing back up from petting the large dog. Michael smiled.

“Friday is fine,” Michael said, giving her his number and address, “would you be okay with dinner at my place? I do not like leaving Duke alone. And I would hate for you to miss out on the chance to see him.” Bethany just grinned.

“That’s totally fine with me,” she all but purred, “I’ll see you Friday.”

Bethany took Friday off from work and scheduled to not be back until Wednesday. She cited some much needed down time with her boss, Mr. O’Toole. She shuddered every time she had to deal with him, lecherous old man that he was. He had made a couple of crude jokes and passes at her when she had first started working for him but had stopped when Bethany complained to HR about him. She booked a day at the spa, was plucked, scrubbed, and pampered for what she was hoping would be a night of fun and perhaps a weekend alone with Michael. As she drove out to the address Michael had given her, she realized how rural it was, the scenery was beyond stunning, the gate at the entrance to his property was state of the art, and top of the line. He had more money that she had realized. A giddy thrill went through her. Screw it if people called her a gold digger, Michael would certainly be the catch of the century. Provided she played her cards right.

Driving up to the house, she parked next to the sleek, black sports car she had seen the other day, one of several cars parked along the driveway. If she did not know better, she would think he was having a party. As she adjusted the tight black pencil skirt she had opted to wear, the light jacket she wore did little to hold back the chill autumn breeze. Beauty demanded sacrifice, she was willing to put up with a little cold between the car and the house. The house itself was massive, more a manor than a home, Bethany suspected he had full time staff in residence. Why he left the property to walk his dog at a park almost an hour away was beyond her. As she knocked, she heard Duke start barking. Michael opened the door, and an unleashed Duke practically bowled her over as he greeted her. Both adults started laughing, and Bethany was pleased to see that Michael was much more relaxed and comfortable than when they had talked at the park.

“Come in,” he said, holding out his hands to take her jacket. Bethany watched him carefully for his reaction as she revealed the red backless tank top underneath the thin layer. A stab of disappointment went through her when he did not even blink, but she shrugged it off and focused back on Duke. Normally, the excited dog would nose her like all other dogs, trying to smell her all over, but he kept trying to get his massive head in her skirt. Twisting away from him every so often, she would use the excuse of petting him to push his head away.

“Can I offer you a drink?” Michael asked, walking through the main foyer, towards what she suspected was the dining room. Following, Bethany saw a lavish dinner already on the table, Michael reaching for a bottle of wine and pouring a deep red liquid into a glass for her. Smiling, she took the crystal in hand and raised it in thanks. She took a few sips, humming in pleasure as she felt the full-bodied flavour hit her tongue. Michael was already pulling a chair out for her as she sat down and looked at the covered serving dishes in front of her. Curious as to what she was going to have for dinner, she slipped as she went to put her glass down, knocking the glass over onto the white tablecloth. A deep red bloom spread under the dishes as the world started to spin. Looking up, she saw Michael smile, watching as she struggled to speak. The garbled words slipped from her lips as the spinning got worse. Then everything went black.

Bethany awoke with a pounding behind her eyes. Her tongue felt swollen and dry, but as she tried to move it and swallow, she found that her jaw was stuck open. As she attempted to blink, she saw that she was in a dimly lit lounge, with several plush couches and chairs. Bethany tried to move, but found that she was restrained, her arms pulled down in front of her, the now warm metal of a pair of handcuffs between her hands and a bar beneath her. She could feel a solid, cushioned form beneath her. Moving her head, she looked down to see that it was a matching ottoman to the couches in the room, yet had a slender rod affixed to it. Apparently for a purpose other than resting feet upon.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” Michael walked into the room and stood before her, “I wasn’t expecting you to pass out that quickly, you did miss a rather remarkable dinner.” The shy, stuttering façade was gone. He sat down on the nearest couch and crossed one ankle over his knee. Bethany tried to speak, but only incoherent sounds came out. Michael merely laughed.

“Don’t strain yourself! The gag will come off once I know you’re not going to bite,” he smiled and folded his hands over his legs, “You see, I was not fully honest with you when I told you I worked in corporate acquisitions when we spoke the other day,” he grinned wolfishly, “I work for wealthy people who want to acquire, for lack of better words, more obedient relationships, with their employees.” He stopped talking and just stared expectantly at Bethany. It took her several minutes to register that. Mr. O’Toole? Her sleazy, nasty boss had hired him? She began to struggle, trying to get up, but her legs were lashed to the footstool even more firmly that her hands were. Her hands, she could move slightly, but her legs would not budge. She was bent over the ottoman on all fours, her knees starting to protest despite the soft carpet beneath her.

“Ah, that took you longer than most,” Michael uncrossed his legs and leaned forward, “We didn’t meet by accident, I went looking for you. Duke, of course, is always the best at luring people into my little snare. Though you were certainly the easiest by far.” He sneered at her, moving from the couch to grab her hair and pull her face up to look at him, “You are just as shallow as O’Toole expected.” He let go of her head, allowing it to drop, and stood. Bethany just hung there, all her little aspirations of finding a wealthy boyfriend, gone. A rustle of clothes caused her to look up. Michael was moving towards her, a pair of safety scissors in hand.

“I suppose you wore this little outfit in hopes of enticing me,” he mused, snipping up the back of her skirt “which means I should be thanking you, it’s less material to cut away.” As the skirt fell open, it revealed a black lace garter holding up her stockings, and a tiny little thong barely covering her bare lips. Snip. Michael left the garter and stockings, but removed the shredded remains of the skirt, halter, and the poor excuse for underwear. Tossing those aside, he ran his hands over Bethany’s ass and back, feeling her body as if inspecting it.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “you and I have a few days together before you go back to work. Though I suspect your role around the office will change.” He laughed cruelly as he moved to stand in front of her, “But we have to make you slightly more… compliant. Can’t have you biting or being wild.” He sat back down on the couch, admiring the exposed woman in front of him. “And besides, I need to reward Duke for being such a good accomplice.” He smiled again and hollered for his dog. Bethany could feel as well as hear the hundred- and thirty-pound dog come bounding into the room. This time, Duke ran straight for Bethany sniffing her all over. As he sniffed around her crotch, he zeroed in on the warm lips Michael had exposed. Bethany began to struggle, wriggling and squirming to get away from the overly attentive dog. This only proceeded to excite Duke further and he continued to sniff around, his tongue darting out to lick the cunt lips in front of him. Bethany began to shriek hysterically as Duke found he enjoyed the flavour and began to lick enthusiastically at her tight little snatch.

“Shhh…. We can’t have you upsetting Duke now, can we?” Michael said, leaving he perch on the couch and kneeling in front of Bethany, “why don’t we quiet you down while he enjoys his well-earned treat?” As he spoke, his hands worked at the front of his pants, his cock hanging loose and limp before Bethany’s face. Her eyes grew wide when she realized that the seven inches in front of her was still soft. She prayed he was more of a shower than a grower as he gripped her hair again and pulled her head up to look at him.

“The gag stays in until I am certain you won’t bite me,” and with that, placed his semi-flaccid cock in her mouth. At least he was clean as she began to taste the heady flavour of his cock. This was not how she wanted to be intimate with him, with a dog licking her pussy and him forcing himself in her mouth with a ring gang on. “Lick!” Michael command her, slapping her face with a little more force than she expected, the sting of his hand enough to reconfirm how helpless she truly was. She began to move her tongue around the slowly hardening member in her mouth. Taking deep breaths through her nose, she tried to focus on the man in front of her, rather than what the dog was doing behind her.

Duke had very thoroughly taken to licking her pussy and asshole, often trying to shove his whole nose up her cunt. Every time he tried, Bethany would start to squeal. This resulted in Michael pushing his hips forward and pinching her nose for a few seconds until she quieted down. Michael had grown substantially in her mouth, making the motion of his hips moving forward to cause her to gag and the pinching of her nose to cause her to stop breathing. This had the dual purpose of causing her to lose focus and be aware of what was happening behind her. And Duke was getting increasingly excited by the scent and flavours coming out of Bethany’s now dripping pussy.

“Oh, Duke is very happy with his treat,” Michael said with a slight growl, thrusting into Bethany’s face a few more times, “I haven’t seen him this pleased with his reward in a while. I may have to negotiate with your boss to borrow you for Duke.” Removing himself from her mouth, Michael stood to remove the rest of his clothes. Pumping his cock a few times, he smirked down at Bethany. “The night is still young and we’re just getting started.” He sat down on the couch, legs spread, cock and attention, and turned his gaze to his dog.

Duke was more than a little agitated at this point, his long, tapered cock had broken from its sheath and was glistening with fluid. He had covered Bethany’s ass and pussy with so much slobber, it was hard to tell what was slobber and what was the juice leaking from her pussy. Bethany couldn’t control what her body was doing, the dog’s attention to her clit and cunt had been just enough to keep her on the edge of an orgasm the whole time, just riding the fine line between complete denial and release. Glaring up at Michael, she tried screaming at him, but it was all an incoherent mess. And then Duke gave her something to really scream about.

She felt both of his massive front paws land on either side of her rib cage, nails scratching along her bare sides, his hips thrusting forward to find one of the holes he had been slobbering over for the last ten minutes. Bethany’s enraged shrieking turned to terror. Duke was trying to breed her. She began thrashing even more violently as she fell the long cock slapping across her stomach. She did not hear or see Michael move until her head was yanked up and she was looking into his eyes again. He did not speak, just looked at her. After several long moments, she stopped resisting, letting her head hang when it fell from his hand. With her not longer flailing under him, Duke found the correct angle. Bethany let out another shriek, this one of pain, as Duke buried himself in one stroke, bottoming out on her cervix. It barely registered that Michael was laughing as Duke began to thrust violently against her cunt. She could feel his cock growing and throbbing, almost glad that he had been so thorough in his tasting of her pussy. Her screams continued long and loud, drowning out the panting of the dog on top of her and the laughter of the man in front of her.

Bethany began to feel something large banging against her clit before Duke managed to shove his knot past her swollen lips and into her cunt. At that moment, the mix of pain and pleasure pushed her over the edge and her pained screams turned into the screams of a violent and intense orgasm. Seconds later she felt stream after stream of hot cum filling her up. The world spun while she came, Duke having stopped thrusting as the engorged base of his penis locked him in with the bitch beneath him. The pulsing and tightening of her own cunt meant Bethany was tied to the dog until he was done. Her orgasm was long over and the pain of being raped by the dog had returned, his knot still tight inside her. She looked up to see Michael was still hard and still laughing.

“Yes, I am definitely going to renegotiate the terms of the contract,” he stood and sauntered over to pet Duke, “such a good boy. Did you enjoy your little bitch? Are you okay to share?” He cooed at the dog, kneeling back in front of the restrained woman. Using both hands, he maneuvered his own massive cock into Bethany’s mouth and began to fuck her face with hard, unforgiven thrusts. She gagged and flailed under the onslaught, her hands straining against the cuffs. The world was going dark again when Michael pulled out of her mouth and groaned, spraying his load all over Bethany’s face, causing her to blink painfully as his cum connected with her eye. Michael just laughed.

“We’ll have to clean you up, I’m sure O’Toole doesn’t want his new toy covered in spunk,” he glanced at his watch, “but since you don’t have to be at work until Wednesday, we have a few days to train you up. Who knows,” he tilted his head at her, a sense of dread filling her exhausted body as he quoted words, she herself had told a co-worker, “This may be more than just a fling. A week’s vacation may be in order.”

Bethany was released from her restraints, but her hands still cuffed, and the gag left in. Michael shoved her into tiled room with a drain in the floor, but rather than allowing her to clean herself, he picked up a hose and began spraying her down. She would try to twist away from the colds spray, but that only resulting in him walking up to her and shoving the nozzle into her abused cunt and rinsing the last of Duke’s cum out of her. When she finally stopped struggling, it was over in only a matter of minutes. Finally, Michael pointed at a toilet, the only fixture besides the hose.

“You’re a cheap little bitch, all dogs piss and shit in front of their owners,” he laughed as she struggled to follow orders. She thought about fighting, but every time she even looked at him defiantly, she was hauled to her hands and knees, and he kneeled on her back, making each breath a struggle. Michael lifted the pressure only when she went limp, the fight draining out of her.

“You know,” he said, once she had towel dried her hair as best as possible, “I had thought about locking you in the house, but I want a good night’s sleep. So, I think I’ll put you in the kennel with the other dogs.” This time when Bethany fought, he just laughed, and dragged her along. The night air was cold as he walked her out the back door. The tiny rocks on the gravel path bit into her feet as he led her short ways into a barn. She stopped fighting when she looked around to see kennel after kennel filled with dogs, all barking excitedly. A couple of young men and an older man stood there, filling dog bowls with kibble.

“Gentlemen,” Michael said, “we have a last-minute addition for the weekend.” He shoved Bethany to the ground, “Have fun with her, I’ll be back in the morning.” He waved casually over his shoulder as rough hands picked Bethany up off the ground.

“Well, girlie,” the older gentleman groped her tits, “seems like Master Michael is training a new one. Here’s hoping your more compliant than the last girl,” he chuckled, “half the dogs in the kennel fucked her raw before she was tame enough to even take the gag off.” Bethany looked at him, wild eyed for a moment, the reality sinking in that these men had done this before. And it was looking like there was no way out.

To Be Continued

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