My soul mate never thought to be part 2

My soul mate never thought to be part 2

6 months later.... 

I wake up to my cell phone ringing at 3am i look at my caller ID it's Julie

"Hello Jim hello hello" 
"hello Julie what's wrong"
"can I come over"
"sure what's wrong" 
"I I I can't tell you"
"baby I love you I'm getting dressed right now I'll be there in a couple of minutes please tell me what's wrong" 
"I'll tell you when we get back to your house ok"

At this Time I noticeably hear her softly crying and sobbing her voice is wobbly and scared

"Julie I'm getting in my car I'll be there in 2 minutes ok" 
"Jim please don't hang up"(full out crying)
"Julie calm down I'm not going to hang up ok baby I love you"

By this time I'm getting upset I can't stand to hear her crying it makes me feel like I got punched in the stomach i hop in my 93 v8 5.0 fox body ford mustang that my parents bought for me for a birthday present I start it and tear out of my drive way she lives a mile and a half away I sped all the way there I turn right onto her street almost hitting a light post I screech to a halt in front of her house she's sitting in her drive way her head between her knees crying against the garage door i jump out of my car and run to her I pick up from there

"Julie baby I'm here" 
"Jim"(in-between sobs)

without hesitation I pick her up and place her in my passenger seat and roar into the night and take her into my house I carried her down the hall while she's sobbing into my shoulder and her arms are around my neck I get into my room and place her on the bed gently I let her lay there for about an hour all the lights off and me sitting in my computer chair tears rolling down my face cause of how sad she is and how bad I feel because she's crying I feel helpless I don't know what's wrong finally she calls my name 

"yeah Julie" 
"can you turn the light on"
"yes baby"(I turn the light on)

What I see next enrages me her right cheek bone area is red swollen and brused I walk up to her

"what the hell happened Julie"
"please don't be mad"
"my dad hit me"
"I'll kill that basterd"(grabbing my keys)
"no baby no I told him I'm not ever going back to that house again I wanna live with you and your family can I"

"I don't know but I'm not loseing you if they say no we will get our own place but my parents and siblings love you so I don't think they'll say no" 

"Jim I love you not just love but am in love with you it's a feeling deep within me it makes me feel complete noone has ever made or will make me feel like this except for you"(tears rolling down her face in pain but also in pure love)

"Julie iv seen you since 6th grade and have been going out with you for 6 months my 8th and 9th grade years you've brought me more happyness these months then in my whole life your what I live for who I live for the essence of my life in one word is you you helped me when I had a broken ankle through my physical therapy my ankle is stronger I enjoyed the whole summer not bits and pieces your the most beautiful girl in the world and i love you as much as the earth loves the sun "

We lay there quietly until she falls asleep looking into my eyes I soon get up cover her up and walk into the bathroom and take a nice hot shower then head into the kitchen. I start making coffee and breakfast for my mom and dad so I can talk to them about Julie. mom and dad walk into the dining room ready for work
"mom dad" 
"julies over she's in my room her dad hit her and I went and got her early this morning "

"WHAT is she ok "

"yea a bit shaken up but I got her to calm down she's sleeping I got a real serious question I have to ask both of you" 

"what is it Jim""go ahead son"

"can she live here with me I mean us"(a second long pause)

"it's ok with me "" of course she can I want her living here then with an abusive father"
"thanks mom dad I love you guys so much this means so much to me and her " 
"love you to Jim" "love ya son can you cut the grass today" 
"sure dad mom I'm letting you know were not going to school for a couple of days ok"

Right then my brother kc and sister zoey walk into the room he's 10 she's 7 

"hey guys I wanna let you know Julie will be living with us from now on ok" 
"it's a long story I might be able tell it to you if it's ok with her but not right now get to school (wispering into their ears that I'll pick them up early to get burgers an ice cream" 

I'm not an average teen I love my brother and sister alot they don't annoy me and I like treating them to nice things when I can I keep my room for the most part clean and wash my dog porkchop everyday and keep myself trimmed up and sharp looking.

A couple hours later I'm watching overhauling and I hear foot steps and my name being called 

"yeah Julie "

"did you talk to your parents and can you get me an ice pack baby"  (while sitting on the couch and changed into one of my big shirts)

"yes I did and sure" (handing her an ice pack and towel)
"and what did they say" 
"they said absolutely they had no problem with it"
"thank you baby this means so much"
"don't thank me thank them"
"I will"
" hey I told k and zoey that your living with us now they asked why I told them it has to be ok with you for me to tell them"
"it's ok with me I wanna teach them correct way to hande things" 
"ok I told them I'd pick them up early from school today"

I lifted the ice pack off of her face to check the point of impact
 it was a bit swollen but she had a little bruising just a little noticeable skin discoloration but all in all 
ok I removed the ice pack and planted a soft kiss as soon as I did this she turned and faced me a twinkle in her eyes and I leaned in and kissed her on the lips she kissed back
We sat there for 25/30 minutes just kissing and wiggling our hands all over each others bodies 
my hand works up under her shirt I cup her b cup tits and rub and pinch her nipples she's moaning with extacy
 I tweak each nipple and she shutters through multiple mini orgasms
 then I take one had and move her thong to her mid thigh and place my hand over her slit not touching her but I can feel the radiating heat from her short neatly trimmed pussy 

that makes me get a horrible case of blue balls and my dick hurts but I'm saving every last drop of my seamen to enter my goddess my one my whole part of living Julie

 I place a finger in my mouth and moisten it up and slide it slowly and sensually into her warm wet love hole I find her g spot I just graze it she moans from deep in her throat while shuttering

 then without notice I full on rub her g spot and clit at the same time she let's out a loud moan of lust while bucking her hips
 I remove my finger and lick her love hole long and deep while rubbing her clit
 I speed up the pace in minutes I have her moaning beyond belief a loud but deep at the same time she's bucking her hips
She let's out a scream of pure pleasure 
as she has a hard orgasm she wraps her legs around my head and leans foreword encasing my whole head with her body spasiming as one beautiful function of pure pleasure this lasts 5 long beautiful miniutes while I'm sucking all of her juices in she starts to come down from her high 
she lays back on the couch catching her breath while still twitching from her orgasm 
After a few moments she said
"oh my god Jim that's the hardest iv ever cum I'm still twitching and I barely can feel my legs"
"good I like to know I did a good job I also think you needed that to ease your mind " 

"it's eased alright oh lookey here you havnt even undid your pants yet" (grabbing my 7 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch cock sending electricity straight through me )

" i couldn't muster any words out her speed of undoing my pants was un matched even by my self soon enough my cock rocketed into view springing back n forth a couple of times before standing at attention she places her finger on the top of the helmet and said
"your an eager soljer arnt you"

I'm laying there desperate for relief then to my relief a wet warm mouths surrounded my cock I almost bust my nuts right there but I control 
I get the best blow job of my life it lasts a horrifyingly long 15 minutes quicker slower deep throat just the helmet with hands 
finally I tell her to stop not wanting to but having to so I can fulfill my lusts my desires 
"get on your back"(she listens) 
"Jim shove that solid peice of man meat into my pussy "(all I need to hear)
With one slow continuous action I bury my cock into her tight pussy she milks me I wanna cum so bad she's up and moaning like a banshee again I focus
I pull out and then slam right back in within 2 minutesshe came 3 times and I'm dying for realease but wanna cum with Julie  
I only have to wait for her 5th orgasm for 20 seconds before feelng the muscles in her love hole start to contract she screams in pure extacy hugs me tight and in the sexyest voice I ever herd 
"cum with me baby put your baby milk in me" that sent me past the point of no return I jolted once spewing so hard I went numb in all my extremities except the one I was using and passed out 
 I awoke 10 minutes later with a clearly over satisfied  girlfriend looking at me lovingly I kissed her and said
 "that's never happened to me before" she said
"it's nice to know I did a good job"
"did you ever"
We laughed together 
"well I got to go get kc and zoey you wanna come"
We went and picked them up and ate she told the story to them and told them to never let our parents hit us unless it's spanking has to be a good reason and never to hit their child unless it's spanking
 while she was telling them this I was looking at her she was glowing her blue eyes sparkled her blond hair fluttered in the cool sea breeze air on this warm florida day
 she was so damn beautiful how did this beautiful creature find her way to me
 why was I lucky to find the most beautiful intelligent sociable girl and she was all mine my best friend my girl friend and my middle school sweet heart 
I'll probably never kno why nor do I care to find out all I know is I love her with all of my soul 

Part 3 is coming soon

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