My Brother's Genie - Chapter 09

My Brother's Genie - Chapter 09

In a London pub, a girl sat down at one of the tables. With her she had her own, pink-coloured backpack, and the light-blue one of her friend, who had just gone to the bar. She looked around, taking in the full appearance of the place. People were stood around chatting and drinking, and some were watching a television programme where some men were running around kicking a ball at each-other.

“He asked me for ID!” Alexis said as she came back carrying two drinks. “I’m flattered he thinks I look under 18. I gave him another couple of inches as thanks. He’s got a surprise coming when he next gets hard.” Alexis handed Lumiosa her drink, and she began sipping it.
“What is this?” She asked.
“Vodka and Coke,” Alexis replied, before picking up the £10 note she’d gotten as change. “This money’s so weird. And everything’s so expensive nowadays. Back when I lived around here it was all shillings and farthings and things.”
“Many things about the modern world still confuse and amaze me, such as all those mobile communications devices humans carry with them.”
“Humans and me. Though I mostly use mine for Twitter. I’m @alexisofthelamp.”
“I do not know what that is.”
“It’s a thing that the humans use to insult each-other and stalk famous people.”
“That sounds incredibly strange.”
“Humans are strange. That’s one thing that never changes. Another thing that’s constant is the quality of pub food. Seriously, you have to try a burger in here.”

While the girls drank and chatted, two guys spotted them, and walked over to them.
“Hey there girls, you look lonely,” said one of the guys.
“Do we?” Asked Lumiosa, not quite getting what was going on.
“What my friend means is that of course you can sit with us,” Alexis said, and the boys sat down on either side of the girls, smiling.
“I’m Jake, and this is Ben,” said one of the boys.
“I’m Alexis, and this is my friend Lumiosa.”
“That’s a cool name, is it Italian or something?” Asked Ben.
“Not quite,” Lumiosa smiled.

“So are you two American then? Or Canadian?”
“We’ve lived in America long enough to pick up the accents,” Alexis said, not quite lying. “I used to live around here though, a long time ago. It’s all changed since I was here though.”
“Well then maybe Jake and I can show you lovely ladies around town? And then maybe get some dinner later?”
“Do you often offer to show tourists around the city?” Asked Alexis.
“Only the pretty ones,” Jake replied.
“Well we are definitely pretty, if I do say so myself,” said Lumiosa.

The boys took the two genie girls all around London, taking in all the famous sights. Lumiosa was very impressed by all of it, and Alexis did enjoy seeing all the things that hadn’t existed in the 19th century. In the evening the four of them returned to the pub where the boys were very impressed by Alexis’ appetite, the other 3 eating much more modest amounts. The boys also had to deal with raging boners in their pants, Alexis deciding it wouldn’t be appropriate for the boys to be soft in their presence. By the end of the night the boys were quite drunk, and Alexis was making out roughly with Jake, while Lumiosa reluctantly let Ben kiss her.

“I should not…Master Matt would not like me to…” she said.
“Wait, do you have a boyfriend!?” Ben shouted.
“No she doesn’t, it’s fine,” said Alexis. “Lumiosa, Matt and Sophie let us do whatever we want while they’re not around. Matt would want you to have fun.”
“Hang on, hang on, what are you two girls talking about?” asked Jake.
“Nothing, just forget all about it,” Alexis said. She snapped her fingers as she resumed making out with him. Lumiosa then began kissing Ben too.
“Mmmmm…our place or yours?” Jake asked.
“Our place would be a little bit cramped for you,” Alexis said, breaking the kiss. “Let’s go back to yours.”

The four of them went back to the boys’ flat, and Ben picked Lumiosa up to carry her to his bedroom. Alexis pulled Jake in that direction too, but he resisted.
“Woah there,” he said. “That’s Ben’s room. My room’s this way.”
“What? Aren’t we all gonna fuck each-other?” Asked Alexis.
“What? All four of us together?” Ben asked.
“It would be a lot of fun,” Lumiosa said.
“Just think, two gorgeous girls making love to you both,” Alexis said, rubbing Jake’s tummy. “You’d remember this night for the rest of your lives.” Ben and Jake looked at each-other, and then both nodded.
“Alright then,” Jake said.
“Yay!” Lumiosa cheered, kissing Ben. “Let’s go.”

The four of them walked into Ben’s bedroom, and the girls gently pushed the boys back onto the bed.
“Nervous guys?” Alexis asked, and they nodded.
“Don’t be, we promise to be gentle,” Lumiosa smiled. “Shall we, Alexis?”
“Certainly, Lumiosa.” The two girls stuck their hands out, and with a swift gesture, the boys’ clothes flew off their bodies.
“What the fuck!?” Ben shouted. “How the fuck did you do that!?”
“Do what?” Lumiosa asked innocently. The girls snapped their fingers, and they too were instantly naked.
“Oh my God,” Ben said.
“Not quite, but I’ve been called worse in my time,” Alexis said.
“They’re witches!” Jake shouted.
“Not quite,” Alexis smiled. The two girls floated into the air, and over towards the boys.
“Maybe they’re succubusses!” Ben shouted.
“Succubi,” Alexis corrected. “But we’re not those either.”

Floating above them, Alexis and Lumiosa kissed the boys lovingly.
“Please don’t hurt us,” Ben said. “You wouldn’t like our souls. Really.”
“Oh God, we’re begging you!” Jake said, practically in tears. “Please don’t take our souls. I don’t wanna die!”
“There’s an old married couple next door! Take their souls! They’ve lived long enough!”
“Humans are rather strange creatures, aren’t they, Alexis?” Lumiosa said, kissing Ben again.
“Very strange,” Alexis said. “Superstitious too. Relax boys, we’re not witches, and we’re not succubi either. We’re everything you’ve ever wanted.”

Alexis and Lumiosa floated over to one-another, and began scissoring each-other as they made out, their hands caressing every inch of their naked bodies. Several minutes passed, before they landed next to the boys, who tensed up slightly.
“What are you?” Jake asked.
“I’m Lumiosa, and this is Alexis,” said Lumiosa. “Are you scared?”
“Yes,” Jake said.
“Good,” smiled Alexis. “Humans are so cute when they’re scared.”
“What are you gonna do to us?” Ben asked, dreading the answer.
“Well we were thinking of having sex with you,” Lumiosa said. She waved her hands, and the lights were dimmed to a more romantic level.
“All night long,” Alexis said. She waved her hand, causing a wave of exquisite pleasure to rush through the boys’ bodies. “Of course, If you’d prefer, we could just go, and we’d never bother you again.” The boys just looked at each-other, and nodded.
“Alright, you can stay,” Ben said.
“Smart boys,” Alexis smiled. The two girls then began making out with the boys with an inhuman passion.
“Neither of you are virgins, are you?” Asked Lumiosa. The boys both shook their heads. “Well we promise you this will surpass anything any human has ever given you.”

The two genies grabbed hold of the boys’ dicks and began stroking them, while they simply looked them in the eyes.
“Oohhhhh…Oh God…” Jake moaned.
“You guys ever seen each-other naked before?” Alexis asked. They both shook their heads. “So then Jake, what do you think of Ben’s dick?” Jake looked over at his flatmate’s groin, and gazed at his dick, which was still being stroked by Lumiosa.
“It’s, um…it’s nice, I suppose…” Jake moaned. “It’s bigger than mine.”
“Well we can’t have that, now can we?” Jake groaned, and looked down at his dick. He watched as its girth doubled, and its length increased by several inches.
“Oh my God…” he said.

“Alexis, that’s hardly fair on poor Ben, now is it?” Said Alexis, Ben groaned, and his cock also grew until it was even bigger than Jake’s.
“Oh yeah?” Alexis said, making Jake’s cock continue to grow. The two girls fought over the size of their guys’ dicks until the boys were wielding weapons which would make even the most well-endowed of horses jealous. They were comically huge, sticking up high into the sky. Their balls were equally large, weighing them down heavily.
“Oh my God, what have you done to us!?” Ben exclaimed.
“We just gave you some “magical male enhancement”,” Alexis replied.
“Does this not please you? We do so like pleasing humans,” Lumiosa asked.
“They’re enormous!” Jake shouted. “How the fuck are we ever gonna use those!? They won’t even fit in our trousers!”
“And we’d rip you girls apart if we tried to fuck you with them! They’re as big as my arm!”
“They’d be great for you guys though! I mean, just check this out!”

Alexis snapped her fingers, and the boys cried out in pleasure as their cocks exploded. The boys were completely overwhelmed with sensation, barely able to comprehend the orgasmic intensity that such enormous penises could produce.
“OH GOD, IT’S TOO MUCH!” Jake screamed. “MAKE IT STOP!” Alexis snapped her fingers, and the boys stopped cumming, trying to catch their breath. “Are you trying to kill us!?”
“Nonsense, we just wish to serve humans and make them happy,” Lumiosa smiled. “Are your genitals too big?” She waved her hand, and the boys’ bits shrunk to a human, albeit large size.
“Humans do tend to enjoy sex, don’t they?” Alexis asked. She took some of the boys’ cum on her finger, and swallowed it. “Mmm, yummy. Makes me want some more.”

Alexis leant down, and took Jake’s cock in her mouth, sucking on it hungrily. Lumiosa did the same, although being somewhat more graceful in her ministrations. Despite having just blown the biggest loads of their entire lives, it still felt absolutely incredible for the boys. The genies’ millennia of experience was certainly paying off. The boys both spread their legs, and instinctively took each-other’s hands as the girls continued to pleasure their still-quite-large penises. Up and down their heads bobbed, while their tongues massaged every millimetre of their cocks. Had they been able to think clearly both boys would likely at that point have told you these were the greatest blowjobs they’d ever gotten.

The boys came in unison, blasting hot cum down the girls’ throats. When it was over, the girls began making out, swapping the boys’ cum between themselves, licking it up as they did. The boys’ cocks remained hard, although little about any of this surprised them anymore. The girls stopped kissing, and stared at the boys.
“Oh God, please, no more,” Ben begged. “We’re exhausted!” Alexis just snapped her fingers, and both boys were immediately fully recovered.
“Fuck time,” Lumiosa said. The girls crawled on top of the boys, and began making out with them, as they lowered their pussies onto their cocks. The genies bobbed their hips up and down on the helpless boys, who couldn’t decide whether or not this was the greatest or worst night of their lives.


Daniel slept deeply, having passed into an orgasm/chocolate-induced sleep. He was spooning Asrah, his soft cock and balls rubbing against the genie’s perfectly-formed bottom. Asrah was awake, content to listen to her Master’s peaceful breathing.
“Daniel, Asrah,” came a voice knocking at the door. Annoyed they were being disturbed, Asrah got up, making sure not to disturb Daniel, and went to open the door, where she saw Christophe stood in the doorway.
“It is the middle of the night and my Master is sleeping,” she said.
“I’m sorry, but Mistress Mary and Sir Adam have called a meeting of everyone in the house,” said Christophe.
“Now. All must attend in the main dining room.”
“What’s this about?”
“I’m not allowed to say, but it’s very important.”
“Very well, but my Master will not be pleased.”

Asrah shut the door, and went over to Daniel.
“Master…” she whispered, shaking him lightly. Daniel just grumbled slightly. “Master…you need to wake up…”
“Mmmmm…I’m sleeping…”
“I’m sorry Master, but we’ve been told to get up…” Daniel opened his eyes, and looked at her.
“What time is it?”
“4am, Master.”
“So 9am at home. Still too early.”
“Master, we have been told we must attend an urgent house meeting.”
“What about?”
“They would not say.”

Daniel sat up properly in bed.
“Fine, we’ll go.” Daniel stood up, and stretched, letting out a yawn. “I wish to be dressed.” Asrah snapped her fingers, and Daniel was fully dressed. The two of them made their way to the main dining room, which was rarely used as the entire house rarely ate dinner together. Inside was a physics-defying table, stretching far down the enormous room. Despite the enormous length of the room, wherever you sat you could see and hear the person speaking at the head of the table clearly. Around it were hundreds of chairs with hundreds of Masters sat on them, their genies stood obediently behind them. They were in various states of dress, some having opted to remain naked. Daniel saw Harry and Charlie, and sat down next to them.
“What’s this about?” Asked Daniel.
“No idea,” Charlie replied. “But it’s bloody annoying.”
“I’ll say, I was balls deep in Maisie Williams,” said Harry. “And when you’ve got a dick like mine, that’s pretty fucking deep.”

“Thank you everyone for coming,” Mary said, addressing the crowd. “I’m sorry to wake you all up but after explaining the situation to Adam, we decided it couldn’t wait.”
“It is with great sadness that we have to inform you all that Antonella has died,” said Adam. There were many gasps and whispers at this.
“Antonella has long kept the details of her origins and situation hidden, disclosing them only to us and our predecessors,” said Mary. “But she always told us that on her death we were to explain to you of her history.”

And so, Mary and Adam explained all about Antonella’s history to the house.
“And that is how Antonella died,” Mary explained. “Some rogue Masters wished her magic away, and in order to get a message to us she gave up her life to make a wish of a genie.”
“Are they the same people who’ve been killing us off?” Shouted someone from the crowd.
“Yes, and Antonella was able to inform us about their plans. We will be taking action against this. We will also bury Antonella’s remains in time. Thank you everyone, you may go.”

The crowd began to disperse, and Mary and Adam left. Daniel, Charlie and Harry followed after them.
“Hang on, is it really true?” Harry asked. “Is she really dead?”
“Yes, she is,” Mary replied.
“Well what are those people going to do?” Asked Charlie.
“It’s fine, we’re dealing with it,” said Adam.
“Please don’t talk down to us,” said Daniel.

“Fine. As far as we can tell, they intend to continue on with their current objective of killing all the Masters,” explained Adam. “After that, they appear to simply be content in allowing the world to continue without magic. But we doubt that. Certainly a word where only they have magic would not be a good one.”
“How could they even do that?” Asked Sarosa. “Masters are forbidden from preventing the work of the genies. I’d have thought locking up all the lamps in the world would fall under that.”
“We don’t know. But we know it’s not the first time it’s happened. One of the men Antonella saw was Alex Brookman.”
“Isn’t he that American businessman who disappeared last year?” Asked Charlie.
“Yes, and apparently he’s the reason the UN knows all about genies,” Adam said. “Something we learned a few decades ago was that the Brookman family runs a society that tried to gather up all the lamps in the world for their own ends.”

“My last Master…before Frank, I mean, met them,” said Asrah. “Master Grigori was murdered by Richard Brookman, I believe.”
“It’s because of this that we think they have more nefarious purposes.”
“What can we do!?” Asked Daniel.
“You three can go back to bed and enjoy your lives. Adam and I are dealing with this,” said Mary.
“Look, I know we’re not special or anything, but I owe my life to Antonella,” said Harry. “Those dicks killed her and nearly killed me. I want revenge.”
“Fine, you three can come too,” Adam said. “Antonella said Alex Brookman talked about two people who could help us. Two people called Matthew Evans and Sophie Swift. Apparently they can help us. If we can find them.”


“WHAT!?” Alex shouted.
“Explain yourself, Barakaat!” Frank shouted.
“Well, I…” Barakaat said. “I just couldn’t let her stay there. So I gave her that lamp so she could escape.” Barakaat’s voice was full of fear. The resolve he’d felt when helping Antonella was now replaced by his compulsion to feel sad for going against his Master’s wishes, and the fear he felt at the prospect of punishment.
“I told you not to let her go!”
“I didn’t let her go, I just gave her that other lamp,” said Barakaat, now very worried.
“You insolent genie!” Alex shouted, slapping Barakaat. “Punish him, Johnson. Show him what happens to those who refuse to obey.”
“Order him to torture himself. Make him scream him agony until he can’t take any more, then give him more.”
“Sir, I think that’s a tad harsh. All he did was give in to his conscious.”
“Johnson, these creatures deserve no mercy. You show one of them leniency, and suddenly they’re twisting all your wishes until you’re working for them. Now punish him.”
“Sir, I can’t.”

“You, genie,” Alex said, looking at Barakaat. “You care about your “siblings”, don’t you?”
“Y…yes sir…”
“In that case, Miguin, I wish for you to feel agony beyond human comprehension.” Miguin screamed out as he granted the wish, writhing on the floor in agony. “If your Master refuses to punish you, I will punish Miguin on your behalf. Every time you act up, I will punish Miguin further. Is that understood?”
“Yes sir.”
“Good. Now then, we’ve got work to do.”


In a bar, the humans Megan, Sally and Kelly were sat with some of their human friends, as well as their genies, Marcio, Iago and Barnabus. The unbonded humans knew nothing of the links their friends had to the beings they called their boyfriends. The 8 of them were drinking and chatting merrily, enjoying their time together.

Across the bar watching them were 4 men. These 4 were Barakaat, Miguin, Frank, and Alex, although Alex had altered his appearance to prevent rousing suspicion.
“Look at them,” said Alex. “You see those two genies over there? Those two used to belong to members of my society. And I strongly suspect the other one was taken from our repository. They’ve probably been using them to terrorise humanity ever since. And to think, I once had those girls in my grasp. I should have killed them when I had the chance.”
“It’s terrible, sir,” said Frank.

“Miguin, the unbonded girls, what magic do they have on them?” Alex asked.
“Very little, Master,” he replied. “There are traces of magic on them, possibly from a few physical changes and one-off mental changes, but for the most part they should be yours to control as you wish.”
“Then that makes this easier,” Alex said. “Miguin, probe their minds. Find me all the information they know about Matt and Sophie. I want to know about their powers.”

A few seconds later, Miguin was done.
“I’m sorry Master, but there’s little there,” he said, fearing punishment. “They are away travelling a lot, but aside from that they seem to think of them as a perfectly ordinary couple.”
“Damn. Well then, we need to find out some more information about them.”


In the morning, the boys were left all alone in bed, the girls having long since gotten up. Still asleep, the boys rolled over and snuggled up to each-other, thinking they were the girls. As they snuggled, Ben began to stir. As he opened his eyes, he humped Jake a little bit. This caused Jake to stir. As he realised it was Ben who was humping him, he jumped, and back off.
“What the fuck are you doing!?” He shouted.
“Sorry, I thought you were the girls!” Ben replied. “Where are they, anyway?”
“Probably went home. Or flew away on their broomsticks.”
“You think they were witches?”
“They had magic powers. They were something like that. Or demons.”
“Well if they took our souls they didn’t leave a mark. I feel fine.”
“Me too. God, it felt good, didn’t it?”
“Amazing. I thought I was going to die of pleasure.”
“I could almost hear my cock begging for mercy.”
“Yeah. Come on, let’s get up, I’m thirsty.”

The boys got out of bed, a little embarrassed to be naked in front of one-another. They slipped their boxers on, and walked through to the kitchen. Getting a glass of water each, they then noticed something strange on the table. Well, two strange things.
“Jake, what are those?” Ben asked.
“I don’t know…they look like oil lamps. Like the ones out of Aladdin.”
“Where’d they come from?”
“I don’t know…you think we should rub them?”

The boys jumped, and turned to find a naked Alexis stood behind them.
“What’cha doooin’?” She asked.
“Um…just about to have breakfast…” Ben replied. “Help yourself to something.”
“No thanks, I’m not hungry,” Alexis replied, sitting down at the table.
“Where’s Lumiosa?” Asked Jake.
“Oh, I think she wanted to nap in her own bed.”
“She should have woken us, I’d have driven her back to your hotel,” Jake said.
“Oh no, our places are well within walking distance.”

Alexis picked up one of the lamps, and started rubbing it.
“Lumiosa!” She shouted. “Time to get up!”
“What are you doing?” Jake asked.
“Trying to get Lumiosa out of bed,” she replied. “WAKE UP!” Finally the boys watched in shock and amazement as they saw clouds of pink smoke begin to pour out of the tip, and form on the floor into Lumiosa.

“Alexis, I was sleeping…” she said. She then looked over at the boys. “Oh…did you see that?”
“Oh my God,” Ben said.
“Surprise!” Alexis said. “We’re genies!”
“Genies?” Ben asked.
“We are genies, immortal beings who exist to serve humans,” Lumiosa explained.
“Does this mean we get three wishes?” Jake asked.
“No, we’ve already got Masters,” Alexis replied. “And looking at what you’re thinking, your wishes seem like they’d be remarkably similar to what we gave you last night.”
“What I’m thinking?” Jake asked. “You can read me mind?”
“Your minds are simple to read,” said Lumiosa, standing up. “Every cell of your bodies are as malleable to us as play-dough.”
“That doesn’t exactly make me feel better,” Jake said.
“Relax,” Alexis said, kissing both boys in quick succession. “If we were going to hurt you, we’d have done it long ago.”

Alexis snapped her fingers, and the boys’ boxers disappeared.
“Hey!” Ben exclaimed.
“Oh relax, being naked is fun,” said Alexis. “You seemed to like it last night.”
“Well that’s because we were getting laid,” Ben said. “We don’t normally walk around naked.”
“We do, we enjoy being naked,” Alexis smiled. “Maybe this will make you feel better.”

The girls got down on their knees in front of the boys. They were about to take their dicks in their mouths, before Alexis suddenly noticed something.
“My phone’s ringing!” She shouted. She turned back into a cloud of light-blue smoke, being sucked into her lamp. A few seconds later, she re-emerged.
“It’s Sophie’s mom…” she said, answering the phone. “Yo.” The 3 of them stood watching Alexis as she listened. “…I see. Right, we’ll come right away.” She hang up the phone. “Come on Lumiosa, we’re going home.”
“What has happened?” She asked.
“Apparently some people have turned up to see us. It’s about Alex Brookman.”


Author's message: I had some real problems with the plot of this chapter. I had to change some bits around which didn't work which is why this took so long. I did yesterday intend to write another "past" section to pad out this chapter as it's a tad short, but I realised I had no idea what I would write so I figured it would be a bad idea to delay this any further.

I'm thinking now that the story will last until Chapter 12, but I'm not sure. We'll have to see. You may also think you know how the plot is going to go, in a way I've been asked not to do. I promise you it isn't going that way.

I advise you by the way to check out a certain thing I mentioned earlier in this chapter. It may not be as fictional as I led on.

I've been playing more Dark Cloud recently, so I'll leave you with this:

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