Family Reunion for Mom's Birthday

Family Reunion for Mom's Birthday

Last year we, Gary, Tony, and I all went home to mom and dads place for moms 50th birthday. With dads retirement money they lived in a large tri-level house. The house has a three car garage and an enclosed court yard with a detached guest house. Really the guest house is private and more like a motel room with a kitchenette.

I was first to arrive so I got to stay in the guest house, moms rule is first to arrive gets the prime choice. It was a long drive out so I decided to take a long hot relaxing shower before the boys arrived. I got the key from mom strolled down to the guest house. As if I had never been there I took in the amenities laid out around the room. There was wet bar with a mini refrigerator stocked with snacks and drinks, a flat panel 65” TV mounted to the wall, a desk and table with a variety of chairs and then there was the queen size bed. I was like a kid in a candy shop. I set my bag in one of the chairs and cracked the shades and window then leaned back on the bed for a moment to take in the fresh clean air sneaking in through the open window.

The best part of the room is of course the bed, as I mentioned it was queen size. The head and foot boards were made of slats similar to that you would see in a western movie but copper in tone. Then there was the canopy, it was sheer and a beige with a pink print starting from the middle of the bed and draping over the four corners. The ends of the canopy were tied with a decorative rope mimicking a lasso. Mom had this strange appeal to western and goddess decor and often mixed the ensemble. Surprisingly, as strange as it sounds, the two clashing together actually works quite well in an appealing erotic way.

Without thinking my hand pushed my shirt up just under my breasts and began lightly stroking my belly. It was great to take a moment and not have a worry on my mind. Just about then I heard Gary’s bike coming up the road so I got up and began my before shower ritual. Got a change of clothes out of my bag and laid them neatly over the back of the chair at the desk and locked the door for privacy. Took the extra large towel out of the closet and placed it on the counter next to the sink in the bathroom. I saw a glance of myself in the mirror, something I hadn’t done lately, and stopped to examine the image of my body.

I noticed that I am as petite as ever. My hair was pulled back and I took off the claw to let my silky brown hair fall onto and below my shoulders. The snug black trimmed white corset top with black laces laced up the front hugged my full B cup breasts pushing them together giving off a stronger cleavage. I love corset tops and have a variety as I do not need to mess with a bra and they hug my curves perfectly. My black mid-thigh skirt flowed freely in the breeze almost high enough to display my half bare snatch. The sight of my own body standing there looking like a horny school girl in the mirror turned me on and I was getting hornier by the minute.

Finally, I turned on the water to a semi hot temperature to let the steam build as I took my clothes off. First the skirt pulled the zipper down on the side and let it drop to the floor. Next I pulled down my sheer white thong. Then I reached up lifting my hair high above my head and letting if fall back onto my shoulders then reached between my breasts and began to unlace my top. I slid my fingers in between the corset and the soft skin of my breasts teasing my nipples. Finally the corset is open barely displaying my belly and chest. I shrugged my shoulders and let the corset fall to the floor. It had been some time since I’ve taken in the sight of my body and remembered how much of a hot box I was. Quarter sized pale pink attentive nipples, an hour glass shape proportioned perfectly, nice round hips and long legs.

I climbed into the shower closed the clear door and slowly ran my hands up my body. There were soft sounds coming through the window. I heard what sounded like a door close but reminded myself that the door was locked and didn’t bother to check it out. Quickly my shower was no longer a shower but a place of escape and my soapy fingers squeezed, pulled and rubbed my nipples. They grew under the pressure so I rinsed the soap off and lifted them one at a time to my mouth and sucked pulling the hardness out of each one. The wetness between my lips flowed quickly. My hands instinctually parted my lips ran my fingers across my clit with a quick dip into my cunt. I moved my slick fingers back to my clit rubbing along both sides pressing firmly into my pelvic. OK enough I thought and took the head of the shower massager placed it on the strongest pulse that my body could handle then pointed it directly to the most sensitive spot on my clit while holding my lips apart. Quickly my body began to shake and I was off squirting back at the massager.

Once my body’s shaking calmed down, I turned the water off. Got out of the shower still enjoying the sounds coming from outside. Brushed and dried my hair off. Dried off my body and wrapped the towel around my body, carefully tucking the end into the top so it would not fall off. A quick nap was sounding good at this point. To lay down with nothing on and a soft breeze sneaking in through the window sounded scrumptious.

I opened the door the rest of the way to find Gary lying on the bed. So I walked over to the bed with a quick check of the towel to ensure its security against my body. I sat on the bed next to him with one leg hanging off the bed and the other with my knee pointing towards him. It was easy to see that he had the beginnings of a hard on through his jeans. We said our hellos and gave our ritualistic sibling hugs. He said that the door was locked but he let himself with the key he had from his last visit and hoped that I didn’t mind. In my relaxed state, I leaned over Gary to turn on the radio and my towel fell exposing one of my breasts and I felt his cock press against my side. I quickly tugged the towel back into its secured location against my breast. We chuckled and began to reminisce about the past.

We were close and always talked about everything including our sexual experiences. Today the topic was his recent divorce and how he missed having a woman’s body against his and how I had buried myself in my work. There was an agreement that we were both lonely and longed for affection. He asked me if I remember how we use to kiss as kids and I told him yes. Our kissing was young and innocent but arousing nonetheless. It did not reach into our teen years but did escalate to something more. He asked me if I remember us masturbating together and I told him yes. Sometimes when we were alone we even showered together but our rule was that we only touch ourselves. The masturbation only lasted during our young teen years and quickly ended when we started dating. This was a long time ago but it is very memorable and we never talked about out encounters with each other after it stopped until this moment. I could see that his hard on was still growing inside those jeans.

He told me that he had a secret to tell me. We were very close and I was curious what the secret could be. Inquisitive, I smiled and told him to let me in on the secret. He blushed a bit, looked away for a moment then turned to me and smiled. “I watched you before you got in the shower. I watched you get in the shower. I even watched you love yourself.” Embarrassed, I blushed and looked away with a grin. He took my chin and turned my head to face him and he told me that he loved every minute of it and not to be embarrassed; even said that I was more beautiful now as an adult than I was as a clumsy teen. He enjoyed how my body was accepting of the intense pressure of a massage against my clit.

We both sat in silence looking into each others eyes not sure what the next step should be. Fifteen years ago there was no question our clothes would have already been stripped off but today was different. Get angry, not an option we were to close for that. Take our relationship to the next level, couldn’t do that after all we are brother and sister. Go to the bar in hopes of a quick lay, no that’s too risky. There was always an unspoken attraction between us that we both felt and today was no different. Finally something; slowly we both moved in closer to each other in silence with tension building in both our bodies. Our lips brushed against each others and we softly looked into each others eyes.

Silence, peace and lust filled the room. Gary got up closed the window and blinds for privacy. I watched him move across the room as he went to lock the door. He returned to the bed, sat next to me and it was clear that there was no going back now. We acted as if we were virgins, our first time the first time ever. He was slow in his advances and I was timid in accepting them.

We kissed an innocent kiss then looked at each other and smiled. He took his shirt off exposing his hard chest and six pack abs. His body was kissed by the sun and sweetly tanned. Gary is a rugged guy living in the fast lane and free as a bird. I placed my hand on his chest and fell in love with his body for the first time. It was no longer that boyish look but a man’s full hard body.

I moved closer to him placing my leg over his and my towel slightly opened barely exposing my pussy to him. We leaned in simultaneously without a word and we hugged a long lingered hug that expelled sex in every way. My covered breasts pressed firmly into his bare chest. His hands gently explored my exposed skin on my back. My hands ran through his thick dark hair. Our heads lifted off of each others shoulders without breaking the hug and faced each other. Our mouths met and tongues penetrated. This was not our familiar funny ha ha childish kisses that we use to share as kids but instead is was a deep long lusted after kiss that we both felt and displayed in our whole body. Our hold got tighter; it would have taken a crow bar to pry us apart we were so molded together at this moment.

Our hold broke and we looked at each other and more silence filled the room. He stood up; I reached for his pants and released the pressure that was restricting his hard on from living freely. He was standing there in front of me with all his pride and glory in my face, he goes commando. I pushed his jeans down to the floor and he stepped out of them. He grinned and stood me up. His hand pushed aside the hair on my neck and he kissed it while un-tucking my towel from its place dropping the towel to the floor. Our bodies were bare and fully touching for the first time. We both took care and maintained a closely trimmed bush. The room was spinning with excitement as I felt his body against mine.

He picked me up to carry me back to the bed but instead his hard cock and my slickness made an easy entrance as he picked me up. Next thing I knew my back was against the cold wall and his body consumed mine. His tongue took over which was deep inside my mouth sucking every breath out of me. His thick hard cock was ramming quick and deep into my pussy. He grew even harder inside of me with each thrust. I began moaning as my body became his putty molding it to fit his. He took a firm hold of me securing my body against his as not to pull out but to keep the mood as he carried me to the bed.

Gary laid me down. I turned long-ways on the bed and Gary moved with me. Our breathing was deep and hard. He took my hands placing them on separate slats and told me not to let go. I followed his commands accepting this for what it was and careful to remember that he is my brother. He looked lovingly at me and he grinned saying that he played this out in his fantasies many times; I was pleased to hear this. My body was ready and screaming for him to reenter my body. My hips were grinding against his. He lifted my knees placing them on his shoulders opening my pussy to his cock. He entered easily and began rocking back and forth. The pressure was deep, arousing, pleasurable and somewhat painful. In an attempt to meet his movements my hips continued to move with him. His mouth reached down to my tits and he nibbled on my nipples making them harder than they had ever been before.

My body began to rumble under his body. I pulled hard on the bed slats. He moaned as he felt the pressure build in my pussy wrapped around is stiff cock and began to push more forcefully with each thrust. Slowly backing out and quickly deeply inserting his long thick cock into my slick opening. I pulled harder as my body shook harder under his pressure. He leaned in to kiss me. We moaned in each others mouth as we both were closer to crossing the bridge to ecstasies torture. His movements slowed with each shot deep inside me as he came. My body met his demands tightening around his cock inside of me.

Just about then we heard Tony’s truck pull in; can’t miss him coming in. He drives a diesel powered pick up with an engine that roars. He drove past the guest house and on up to the main house.

Gary and I both collapsed as our bodies fall from the heights we had just reached. He released my legs and I relaxed my arms. We laid on the bed in silence with a million things running through our heads. After we both caught our breaths we turned to each other and softly kissed. His hand softly ran along the length of my neck and my hand snuggly ran along his jaw line. Our smiles met revealing acceptance of our encounter.

I broke the silence by mentioning that we should get dressed and on up to the house. We stood, kissed and hugged our bare body’s one last full feel in its all natural essence before facing the family. As we freshened up we agreed that this was a fulfilling long awaiting experience that was well worth the wait.

He started the bike and I climbed on behind Gary straddling the bike prssing my breasts against his back and placing my hands on his cock. We rode to the house where everyone was waiting. Dad took us to town for dinner and all I could think about was Gary and how wonderful our encounter was in the guest house earlier that day.

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