The Janitors Toy

The Janitors Toy

Lexi was a high schooler on the school’s volleyball team. She had shown up to school in her uniform, despite what her mother said. Her phat white ass stretched the volleyball shorts and could barely stay in them, while her breasts were outlined by the shirt and everyone could see them. Lexi was a thick, white girl with an attitude.

She had just made it to the school when a teacher told her that she couldn't be out in her uniform unless she was practicing and she was late for volleyball practice. Just as she started to walk away, she heard the black janitors talk about her. She pretended not to hear them until the older janitor Phil said to the more athletic janitor Andrew

“Damn … it’s a sad day when I white girl needs to have a fake phat ass to compete with black girls”

Lexi turned around and said

"Excuse me, but who the hell are you to say that?"

Phil looked at Andrew and they both smiled and walked over to her. Phil got in her face and said

Phil looked at Andrew and they both smiled and walked over to her. Phil got in her face and said

"You know it’s true, there’s no way a little white girl like yourself can have a natural phat ass without it being fake”

He then reached down and grabbed her ass, causing her to gasp and he continued to talk

"But it does feel real. What do you think Andrew?"

Andrew stepped forward and reached out to grab her ass as well, causing her to moan

"Yup feels real to me."

They both looked at her and knew they had their next bitch

“so how about you come down to our office and show us how REAL that ass is then Lexi. Or are you afraid we’ll know the truth about it?”

Lexi was furious. These two old black men were touching her and insulting her ass. But she wasn’t about to let them get away with that.

She turned around and said

"Oh my God, are you fucking serious? Do you know who you are talking to?"

She then felt Andrew grab her by the arm and said

"I'm sure we're not. And quite frankly, I don't care.

They knew who she was. She was the daughter of a known racist politician in the city, but they didn't give a damn about it.

"We are the only ones that know the truth about your ass. And now that we know, we need you to come down to the basement with us to show us exactly how it is"

"Fine, take me down there."

Phil laughed

"Oh, it's not that easy. We can't just take you anywhere. You need to show us you're willing to show us."

"What do you mean? What the hell do I have to do?"

Phil leaned down and whispered in her ear

"Show us your pussy."

Lexi froze. They wanted her to show her pussy to them?


Phil laughed again

"We said show us your pussy. We want to see it, and if you want to go down to our office, you need to prove you're willing to do whatever it takes. Show us your pussy."

Lexi didn't want to. She didn't want to show her pussy to these black men. She had never shown anyone her pussy before, and she wasn't about to start with them.

Andrew started to get aggressive as he put his hand on the back of Lexi’s neck he dragged her to the office and threw her onto the ground. Andrew and Phil then enter, closing and locking the door behind them as they tower over Lexi. Andrew then grabs Lexi and throws her onto the ground with force as Andrew stands over her. Phil then grabs her legs and spreads them wide as Andrew pulls down his pants, letting his massive black cock out.

Andrew looks at Lexi and asks

"So...are you ready to show us that pussy or are we going to have to force you?"

Lexi, shocked by the size of his cock, starts to say

"You can't make me!"

That’s what they wanted to hear her say as Phil rips off her volleyball shorts and Andrew rubs his massive black cock on her phat ass and holds her legs open. Phil then moves on over to her face and holds her arms in place, with his massive cocks bulge rubbing against her tiny mouth. Andrew then thrusts his cock into her pussy, making her gasp out and try to struggle, but with no luck as Phil unzips his pants, letting his 10-inch cock out, he shoves his cock into her mouth and forces her to gag and deepthroat him.

Lexi just watches in horror as the two older black men rape her in their office. She cries and screams but they are muffled by Phil’s cock being down her throat. Her mind goes blank as she continues to be raped by the two men. They keep raping her, using her, and fucking her for hours. After what seems like forever, Andrew says

"Fuck this pussy is amazing! I can’t believe she a virgin! Or was a virgin!” He laughs as Phil is holding a phone and recording everything.

They kept going at it, fucking her for hours, not caring if she enjoyed it or not. After a few more hours, they finally stopped, pulling out of her and looking down at her. Lexi's facial expression was that of pure lust. She loved every second of it as her innocent mind was broken by them. She lay there in a puddle mixture of her drool, her cum, and their pre cum. Phil then pulled her head up to him and forced his cock back down her throat.

"You fucking liked that didn't you little white slut?"

Andrew and Phil laughed as they continued to rape and fuck her, and she continued to love every minute of it. They lifted her into the air as they fucked her, pulling and pushing her down their cocks. They used her and treated her like a whore and she loved it.

After hours of use and abuse, they finally came inside of her. Andrew and Phil fill Lexi's pussy and mouth with their cum. They left her on the ground, leaking cum from both holes as they lit a cigarette each and smoked.

Lexi was now broken and would become their fuck toy whenever they wanted. She would become addicted to black cock and crave their cum. She would beg for them to fuck her and would do anything they said. She would become a full-blown submissive slut for them and they knew it. She would become addicted to their cocks and crave their cum.

She would do whatever it took to make them happy. They would fuck her whenever and wherever they wanted, and she would love every second of it.

She would be their bitch. And she loved it.

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