Night Shift_(0)

Night Shift_(0)

This started one night when I was working the night shift . It was late around 2 in the morning,
all was quiet on our floor. It was me and two other nurses working , one other female and a male nurse , I will call him Mike.

Mike and I have worked together several times and he is allways flirting with me . Untill tonight it had only been just in fun .

First let me tell you about myself, I am 38 yr old ,blond hair , green eyes , 5 fr 2 in tall , weight is about 115 lbs. My husban tells me I have the best ass in town. Also my husban and I were high school sweet hearts and were married right out of high school, he is the only man that I have ever been with. We have a active sex life but not very exciting.

Now for what happened , I went into the supply roon down the hall from the nurse statinon, I saw Mike come in behind me but at this time I thought he needed something from the room . I guess I was right , it was me . He came up behind me and put his arm around my waist and started kissing me on the neck. He was telling me how hot I was and how bad he wanted me.
This was getting to me as well , I could feel myself getting turned on !
I laugh and tell him to stop , but instead he turns me towards him and kisses me on the lips, I return the kiss. Why I am doing this and letting him do this to me I still don't know other than he was pushing all the right buttons.

The next thing I knew , Mike had me setting on an old hospital bed that was in the back of the supply room, he was standing right between my legs and still kisssing me and now was rubbing my brest thru my top . Before I knew what was happening he was pulling my pants down, I raised up to allow them to clear my hips, my panties came down with the pants.
Mike then backed up and unfasened his pants and let them drop to the floor and pushed his boxers down, this is when I saw how big he was, he was huge, a lot bigger than my husban,
he steped back up between my legs and started to rub the head of his dick up and down my slit, I was getting wetter and he could see that I was wanting him ,but then I was getting worried about my husban and the fact that we were at work. I pushed him back and started to get up. Mike wasn't having that , he pushed me back on the bed and grabed me by the legs and put the head of his dick inside me and before I knew what was happening he was inside me and he started fucking me slow at first but picking up speed with each stroke. I was excited and scared at the same time, here I was cheating on my husban , at work !

Before I knew it I was commmmming, HARD, and Mike knew it , he had me where he wanted me.
He was telling me how tight my cunt was and how he was going to fill me up with his come.
That is when I felt him push in all the way and started to come inside me , I started to commming again, I had never did this with my husban ! I was pushing myself up at him trying to get more of him inside me. He had to put his hand over my mouth to keep some one from hearing me , I had never been loud during sex. guess I hadn't had this much inside me and go in as deep as Mike was. We stoped ,sweating, and out of breath, Mike was still inside me . I could feel the come running out of me but didn't want him to pull out so I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him down to kiss me again.

Fiinally we got up and got our clothes back on and went back to work.
That morning when I walked out of the hospital Mike was waiting for me, He walked me to my car and got in . We talked about what happened and I had to amiite how I had enjoyed it ,but I loved my husban and didn''t want to endanger my marrage or my job, This can''t happen at work again. Mike said that he agreed and that we would just go to his appartment and make love and wouldn't have to worry about being cought ! That is just what we did right then ! I cranked up my car and drove to Mike's appartment and he turned me inside out. Mike has fucked me in the ass and has showed me how to suck him, which I have never did with my husban !

I still love my husban , I don't want to lose my marrage , but at the same time don' want to give up Mike's huge pole and how he makes me feel !

For now all is OK, My husban doesn't know any thing and I am getting fucked a couple times a week by Mike and then couple times a week by my husban. The more I get the more I want, I have never wanted sex as much as I do now. My husban just thinks my new sexaul appitite is great, little does he know just how big the appitite is !!!!!!!!!!!

I just wonder how long it can go on ? My pussy hopes for a long time !

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