Susie and the Boys, Part 3

Susie and the Boys, Part 3

It was about a month after the cabin adventure. We still watched the videos I made and the sex as still hot afterwards, but I was still eager to find some more boys for my wife to fuck, and I know she was. Then an opportunity presented itself.

Even though it was mid summer and past the prime graduation party season, we got invited to the High School graduation party for my boss’s oldest son, Eric. We both thought this would be a good chance for her to scope out some local boys, although we agreed that she should try to steer clear of Eric as I wanted to avoid any complications there.

The party was scheduled for a Saturday afternoon, so we started getting ready late that morning. Since they had a big pool (naturally), swimming attire was encouraged. I wore some shorts that could double as swim trunks and a tank top. Susie wore her “hot momma” bikini with a wrap-around sundress over it. That way she could show a little or a lot of skin, depending on things worked out.

Most of my co-workers had never met my wife, and neither had any of my boss’s family. But right when we arrived, and before I had the chance to introduce her to anyone, I was pressed into bartender duty since I was the only one my boss knew of that made his favorite drink just the way he liked it. He also trusted me to keep the underage kids from getting any alcohol. So Susie was left to her own devices.

I should explain something about my wife: she is a bit shy around other adults that she doesn’t know, and isn’t good about walking up to them and introducing herself. But she is very comfortable around teens and is still a bit of a kid at heart herself. So I wasn’t surprised to see from my perch behind the bar that she was tending to hang around much more with the younger people. In fact, a couple of the young men seemed particularly interested in her, to the point that they were flirting with her – in that teenage boy kind of way.

When one of them came over to get a coke, I found out his name was Kurt. I asked him if he was having a good time and he gave me a bit of an evasive answer, so I decided to see if I could push things a bit.

“So, do you think she’s hot?” I asked as I nodded in Susie’s direction.

“Um, well, it’s not -” He started, but I cut him off.

“Come on. I saw you and your friend flirting with her.” I said, pretending I didn’t know who she was. “Hell, I’d take a run at her if I had the chance.”

He smiled at me as he sipped his coke. “So do you think she’s here with anyone?” He asked.

“I saw her arrive by herself and I haven’t seen anybody that looks like a husband or boyfriend.” I lied.

“Yeah, me neither.” He replied.

“Say, she seems to be getting along with you two guys well, so I have an idea.” I said. “I’ll mix her drinks stronger and stronger so that she doesn’t notice. That should give you a better chance with her.”

“Really?” He said, surprised at my proposal.

“Yes, but on one condition.” I answered.

“Name it.” He said.

“If you get a crack at her, I want you two to convince her to include me. I haven’t had any hot pussy for a while.” I said.

“It’s a deal, man.” He said, grinning. “Thanks.”

I watched him return to his friend and whisper something to him as he sat down. He friend glanced over my way and gave me a discrete thumbs up gesture. I just nodded slightly. They continued their flirting with my wife, and after a bit she got up and came over to the bar.

“So what did you and Kurt talk about?” She asked as I made her another Long Island Iced Tea.

“We both agreed that you are hot.” I said.

“Uh huh. And what else?” She inquired.

“I also offered to help them nail you.” I said cheerfully.

“Oh really? And how did you propose to do that?” She asked.

“I told them I’d make your drinks stronger as the day went on, to make you more pliable.” I answered. “Of course, I’m not really going to do that because I know you want to be in control and remember what happens.”

“If – if anything happens.” She replied. “So, the old ‘get her drunk and take advantage of her’ routine, eh? Well, I suppose I had better start acting like I’m getting drunk then.”

“If you want more teenage cock, yes, that would be your best bet.” I said grinning.

From this point on, Susie began to noticeably flirt back with Kurt and his friend (who I later learned was Travis). I wasn’t too worried about it though, since only my boss and a couple of coworkers knew who she was, and my boss was too busy to notice while all my coworkers had already left by then, having made their obligatory appearances. Mostly now (late afternoon) it was just Eric’s friends left, which seemed to be almost all girls – the lucky bastard. And of course, being teenage girls, they had no reservations about running around in just their skimpy bikinis. I sure didn’t mind.

The next time my wife came to the bar to get a new drink, she noticed me looking at a couple of girls splashing in the pool. I thought she would be mad, but she was surprisingly good about it. In retrospect I suppose she couldn’t be too critical of my wandering eye considering that she was trying to seduce two high school boys.

“They are trying to convince me to take the sundress off.” She confided.

“You should go along.” I said.

“I will. But I wanted to get just a little ‘drunker’ first.” She replied.

And about 20 minutes later, there she was peeling off her sundress. Even though this was her most revealing bikini, it was sill more conservative than the teen girls, so she didn’t really stand out. I was fine with this as she was already getting all the attention she wanted from Kurt and Travis. And were they ever eyeing her now that most of her flesh was on display.

As the afternoon turned into evening, Susie appeared to get drunker and drunker, until around sunset she was slurring her words and stumbling slightly. She was also acting silly and very flirty, which is normal for my wife when she drinks, but she was exaggerating that too. This was the optimal time for the boys to make a move on her, but they seemed unsure exactly how to do that. So the next time she staggered up to the bar to freshen her drink, I suggested a course of action based on some information I had gleaned from Eric earlier.

“I wish they had a hot tub here.” She announced to her two admirers. “After spending a day in the sun a soak would be great.”

“Hey! Travis has a hot tub at his place, and it’s just over there.” Kurt said, pointing to a house just behind the yard they were in.

“Really?” She asked. “Would it be OK?”

“Sure, no problem!” Travis exclaimed, suddenly catching on to what his friend had in mind.

“Well then let’s go.” She replied as she got to her feet somewhat unsteadily.

As she started walking away with them, Susie suddenly stopped. “Say, do either of you know how to make Sex on the Beach?”

“What?” The yelped in unison.

“It’s a drink, silly boys.” She laughed.

“No, we don’t.” They both responded.

“Oh, they are the best when you are soaking in the hot tub.” She said and headed for the bar.

“Hey you!” She said to me. “Do you know how to make Sex on the Beach?”

“In fact I do.” I proclaimed happily.

“Then you are coming with us.” She said as she grabbed my arm and began pulling me out from behind the small bar.

“Where are we going exactly?” I feigned ignorance.

“To find a hot tub, of course.” She slurred and giggled.

On the walk over she babbled about needing to soak in the bubbly water, etc. I also learned that Kurt was 17 and Travis 16. They were only at the party because they were neighbors and had known Eric for years, and of course went to the same High School.

When we finally got to Travis’ house he quickly uncovered the hot tub and started up the jets. “Are you sure this will be OK with your parents?” I asked.

“No problem. They are away for the weekend, but they allow us to use the hot tub as long as we don’t throw any wild parties.” He answered.

“We’ll just have to keep this little shindig on the DL then.” I answered.

At that point Susie climbed into the tub along with Kurt while Travis led me inside so he could show me where the bar was. That’s when we ran into Donnie, his younger brother. Oh shit. I wasn’t expecting this.

“What are you doing Travis? You know mom and dad said no parties while they are gone.” He said.

“It’s not a party!” He growled back. “Kurt and I convinced this hot chick to come over and use the hot tub, so don’t blow it for us.”

“You two dorks got a girl to party with you? I don’t believe it.” He said.

“Check it out for yourself.” Travis replied.

The younger brother stepped out onto the deck and peeked around the corner. Then he came back inside. “Holy shit, you hooked a woman. And a looker too.”

“Yeah, so don’t screw this up for us.” Travis said.

“OK, so who’s this?” Donnie asked, pointing to me.

“He’s the bartender. He helped us get her here, so we had to invite him too. It’s kind of a package deal.” He answered. “So what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to call mom and dad – unless you let me join your little party.” Was his answer.

“OK, you are in." I said.

They both nodded. I started making a pitcher of Sex on the Beach while they went back outside. I intentionally made the mix weak because I didn’t want anybody drunk, just loosened up a bit, and I didn’t know if the boys had much experience with alcohol. When I returned to the deck with the pitcher and glasses, they were all in the hot tub. Travis and Donnie were sitting on either side of my wife, leaving Kurt sitting on the opposite side. It already looked pretty packed in there, so after I handed out the drinks I just sat on the wide rim around the tub.

“Wow, this is really good for hot tubbing.” Kurt said after tasting his drink.

There was a bit of a silence as everybody drank and tried to decide what to do next. I think the boys were clueless, so finally Susie got the ball rolling by pulling off her top and throwing it onto the deck behind her. That was quickly followed by her bottoms.

“Ah, that feels better.” She said.

Even though the churning water hid her body, I could see the boys excitement level had just gone up to 10. They were probably thinking that she didn’t know the jets were on a timer, and that they would go off soon. They started to gulp their drinks as the minutes went by and the tension rose.

Finally the timer expired and the jets stopped. The water settled quickly and you could clearly see my wife’s tits just below the surface. Her cunt was still a bit obscured, but it was easy to tell that she didn’t have a big bush. In fact, her pussy was completely bald, something they would all find out soon enough.

“Oh my.” She exclaimed, faking surprise. “What happened to the water? Did the tub break?”

“No, it’s on a timer.” Travis explained.

“A timer? Can you turn it back on?” She asked.

“No.” Kurt interjected before Travis could respond. “It has to cool down for a bit. It’s a safety feature.”

A lie, but a clever one.

“Oh, OK.” Susie said. “I guess if it’s for safety, we will have to wait. But then I should put my suit back on.”

The boys looked crestfallen. I knew she was just teasing them, so I chimed in. “What’s the point? We’ve all seen everything you have.”

“Hmm, I suppose that’s true. But it doesn’t seem fair that I’m the only one naked.” She replied.

“OK, I’m game.” I said and pulled off my shorts.

I sat back down on the tub rim between her and Travis, my rock hard cock sticking straight up. She looked over her shoulder at my cock which was almost level with her face.

“Nice.” She said as she gave it a quick stroke.

Within seconds three wet shorts hit the deck. It looked like Kurt’s dick was a little on the small side, but Travis had a thick six incher (or so). This is where Donnie’s age was more apparent. His dick was a little shorter than his older brother’s, but it was quite a bit thinner. His pubic hair was also kind of sparse, so I was guessing he started puberty a little later than most boys his age.

Susie looked at all the hard cocks and said, “Oh my. Did I do that?”

The boys then covered up in embarrassment.

“No don’t do that.” She admonished them. “It’s a real compliment to and old lady like me to still be able to get that reaction from young studs like you.”

“You aren’t an old lady.” Kurt said. “You are a hot sexy lady.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you to say.” She cooed. “Why don’t you come over here and I’ll give you a reward for being so considerate.”

Kurt stood up, and shuffled forward between her legs. Then my horny wife grabbed his hard teen cock and pulled it towards her face. As she engulfed it with her warm mouth, he moaned loudly. Travis and Donnie looked on wide-eyed, probably not quite believing what they were seeing. As Susie bobbed up and down on Kurt’s cock, she moved her hands under the water and grabbed the other two.

In less than a minute Kurt was grunting and shooting his cum into my slutty wife’s mouth. She gently milked his cock as he recovered from his orgasm. Then his legs seemed to give out on him as he staggered backwards and fell back into the water.

“OK, who’s next?” Susie purred.

Both Travis and Donnie stood up. She took Travis’ cock into her mouth first. He held off a little bit longer than Kurt, but still succumbed to my wife’s talented mouth far sooner than I’m sure he would’ve liked.

She barely got Donnie’s prick between her lips before he popped off, shaking and moaning “fuck, fuck, fuck”.

“That was fun, wasn’t it.” She said and stood up. “But now I think it’s my turn.”

Then, with my help, she climbed out of the tub and laid down on one of the loungers they had on the deck, legs wide open. As she rubbed her pussy, she pointed to me. “I bet you have some experience at eating pussy. Why don’t you show these young bucks how it’s done?”

I dropped between her legs as they gathered round. I spread her cunt lips and let them all get a good look before I made a couple of long swipes up and down her slit with my tongue.

“Oh, you bastard, don’t tease me.” She growled.

I flicked her clit a couple of times.

“Fuck yes!” She moaned.

I looked up and could see she was tweaking and pulling on her nipples. I stopped licking for a moment and said, “Looks like she could use some help with those tits, guys.”

Kurt and Travis moved to either side of the lounge and replaced Susie’s hands with their own. They were pretty gentle at first, just caressing and squeezing them lightly. Then she told them to pinch and pull on her nipples, letting them know when they got too rough. I was going slow on her cunt, trying to show Donnie what I was doing. He was captivated.

“OK, Donnie, it’s your turn now. Let’s see if you learned anything.” Susie said.

I got up and moved out of the way. The teen took my place, kneeling between her creamy thighs. He just looked at her open wet pussy for a few seconds. It was probably the closest he had ever been to a real one. He lightly stroked her labia and explored the slick folds with his fingers.

“Fuck, stop teasing me.” She ordered and pulled his head down into her snatch.

I couldn’t see what he was doing, but she seemed to like it. Then she pulled the heads of the other two boys down to her tits and they started sucking and tonguing them. I decided this would be a good time to retreat and let her enjoy these three boys without them potentially being intimidated by me. So I crept back into the house. From the outside I had noticed a second story window that should have a good view of the deck. It turned out to be a home office/study. At the window I looked down and found I could see everything quite clearly. Cracking the window open an inch or two allowed me to even hear some of the action, although I did miss some of the quieter talk.

Once in a while Susie would pull up one of the boys suckling on her tits so that she could kiss him. I couldn’t always tell exactly what she was saying, but it was clear she was giving Donnie instructions on how to properly eat pussy. This went on for a few minutes, and then she had Donnie and Kurt swap places. Just like she did with Donnie, I could hear her telling Kurt the proper way to munch cunt. Eventually she had Kurt and Travis switch places. She seemed intent on giving them all a chance to learn how to pleasure a woman orally.

Travis seemed to be a natural, or maybe he was just better at following directions, but within a minute my naughty wife was cumming on his tongue. When it was over, she had to push his head away. Susie has always been very sensitive for a few minutes after she cums.

“All right. Now that the foreplay is over, it’s time to get serious.” I clearly heard her say. “Donnie, you are first, followed by Kurt, and last but not least, Travis.”

“Uh, what are we lining up for?” Donnie asked.

“To fuck me, silly boy.” She said. “Unless you don’t want to.”

“No, I mean fuck yes!” Donnie replied.

“OK then champ. Let’s get started.” She said and spread her legs wide.

He scrambled up onto the lounger between her legs and positioned himself on top of her. He fumbled for a few seconds trying to get his boy cock into her, but then he must have found the mark because he started pounding into her in a frenzy. She reached down with both hands and grabbed his ass to slow him down. This helped, but he was still pumping pretty fast.

It wasn’t long before I saw the signs that she was nearing another climax. This surprised me because usually after cumming it takes her a while to have another orgasm. Apparently this boy, or maybe the entire situation, had her extremely turned on. Sure enough, about 20 seconds later she came hard, shuddering and bucking and almost throwing poor Donnie right off. But he held on and just kept fucking her.

Then his strokes became erratic and I figured he was shooting his load into my wife. Sure enough, he stopped and just laid on top of her, still except for some tender kissing.

“Hey, don’t bogart the pussy!” Kurt demanded. “It’s my turn.”

Donnie climbed off Susie and Kurt eagerly replaced him. He just started hammering away as fast as he could go. It looked like she was trying to get him to slow down, but she was unsuccessful. After less than a minute he yelled, “Fuck!” and then rammed into her cunt one last time and held it there as he too dropped his load inside her cunt. He didn’t wait around long afterwards though, and jumped off saying “Next!”

Travis looked to be more considerate of what Susie wanted. He started off slow and I heard him ask several times “Is this good?” She would answer him, but I couldn’t make out what she said. This went on for several minutes and then she suddenly came again without the usual early signs. Just bang and she was squealing and thrashing underneath the 16 year old without warning. He had enough sense to stop fucking her and just ride it out.

I’d never seen her cum like that before. As far as I knew, her record for the number of orgasms in one session was 4 and she was already at number 3. Would she exceed that tonight? It almost made me cum just thinking about it.

“Are you OK?” He asked her.

She just pulled his face down to hers and kissed him madly. He started slowly stroking in and out of her again as they continued to kiss. They were totally into each other and oblivious to everything else. It was very erotic. This went on for a few minutes and then his pace suddenly quickened.

“Cum in me baby.” I heard her tell him.

He hammered her fast for a few seconds, then stopped, burying his head in her shoulder and holding her close as he reached his peak and added his load to the previous two. When Travis finally got off her, Susie could see that Donnie was hard again, so she turned over and got onto all fours. I think she invited him over, because he got up behind her and pushed his little cock into her.

They fucked like that for quite a while, with Donnie keeping up a pretty good pace. Then she started shaking and moaning loudly. I watched my wife reach back with one hand and even though I couldn’t see, I knew she was rubbing her clit. In less than a minute she was cumming again very vocally.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god.” She moaned loudly enough to make be a bit concerned the neighbors might hear. “Fuck me Donnie! Fuck me hard. Faster, faster!”

I wasn’t sure if that was one long orgasm, or two shorter ones, so I decided to count it as one. She had now matched her record and I didn’t think she was done for the night yet!

Donnie had paused while she was cumming, but now he started fucking her again with youthful enthusiasm. She was groaning and muttering something that I couldn’t hear clearly, but it was obvious to me that my wife was thoroughly enjoying this boy’s cock. Then his pace started to increase and I got the sense he was approaching that point of no return. When he came, I actually heard his grunt as he pressed his cock into her cunt as deeply as he could. But the really surprising part is that Susie came along with him. I had never seen her cum so many times in such a short period of time. She was sure hot for teenage cock!

Then she collapsed onto her stomach and Donnie got off the lounger and sat down on the deck. When Susie saw that the other two were hard and ready to go again, she held up her hand and said, “Give me a minute to rest boys.”

She got up off the lounger and on unsteady legs moved over to a padded deck chair and sat down.

“Could somebody get me some water?” She asked.

Travis went into the house and returned with a bottle of cold water for her. She took a big swig of the water and and motioned to Kurt. He stepped up in front of my wife and she took his cock into her mouth. Since this was his third erection, he had a lot more staying power. It took so long that she had to take a couple of water breaks. When he did finally shoot his load, she took it in her mouth, but the volume was probably pretty low at that point.

After that Susie walked over to where Travis was sitting, slowly stroking his hard cock. She sat down on his lap, cow girl style, inserting his prick into her well lubricated fuck hole. From my vantage point it looked more like they were making love than rutting like before. He alternated between licking and sucking her tits, and kissing her deeply.

While they were doing this, Kurt suddenly jumped up and cried “Oh shit. I didn’t realize how late it was getting. I’m way late. My parents are gonna kill me. We’re going to my Aunt’s tomorrow morning and leaving early so they didn’t want me out too late. Gotta go!”

He quickly pulled his trunks on and sprinted away. Meanwhile Susie and Travis just ignored him and continued their lovemaking. This went on for a long time, with my wife creaming on his teenage cock 2 more times before he shot his last load up into her. That made it 7 times in one night. Hell, for the entire day. A new personal record for Susie, not that I was keeping count or anything.

I decided this would be a good time to go down and see if she had anything left for me. I walked out onto the deck just in time to hear Travis and Donnie ask her if she could stay the night, explaining that their parents wouldn’t be home until late afternoon the next day! My wife looked at me as if to ask my permission. Unless I was reading her all wrong, she wanted to do this. Since it was already getting late for the sitter (for our children), I would not be able to stay much longer, but there was no reason she couldn’t, so I winked at her in response.

“Sure. I probably shouldn’t be driving anyway.” She said.

They cheered her decision, of course. They were hoping to fuck her a lot more, I was sure.

“I have to work tonight, so I have to go.” I announced. “You owe me a fuck.”

“You got it stud.” She answered.

I left, my imagination going wild imagining what those boys had planned for my hot wife. But it turns out my imagination was no match for reality. In the next chapter, Susie will recount the events of the next day.

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