The Denny And Devon Plan

The Denny And Devon Plan

Odd how you never really know what’s expecting you at night. I do the same thing every weekend, Dennis and I spend the night out every weekend, usually hit the same club, Level Down. Dennis would go hit on some bartenders, sometimes I’d join him, we’d take them out, bang them, never see them again. That’s the plan, the Denny and Devon Plan.
We went out as usual to Level Down, wearing our matching black leather jackets, bed hair, and our usual punk rock swagger. We went into Level Down, Denny takes his usual seat by the bar, I sit by the table and just look hot as usual. Ashley, the usual bartender comes up to me, she already knows what I’m about. Ashley sat across from my table and tangled her fingers in her wavy blonde hair. Ashley was sexy and tall, long blonde hair, nice rack with cleavage clearly visible from her low cut top. As she sits she crosses her legs, she doesn’t give it all away in the first three minutes, even though she knows I’ve been in that miniskirt. Her scarlet lips curved into the grin that I know very well and I watched as her gentle hand slid across the surface of the table to hold mine.
“Hey Devon” She finally said.
“Hey Ash” I said, matching her tone of voice.
“I’m lonely” She said, her gaze peeking through the hair that covered her forehead.
I smirked, She knows I know what that means, and I broke my gaze from her eyes to peek over at the bar, Denny seemed to be chatting with a slutty-looking redhead, so I’m not needed here now, I’, sure I could spend some time alone with Ashley.
“Well I’ll keep you company” I said.
She gave me her seductive, sly little grin. “I’ll go pick up, my shift ends in ten minutes.”

And just like that she let go of my hand and stoop up slowly, she turned and walked towards the door next to the bar, her round ass shook from side to side as she walked, and that was always pleasing to watch. As I waited for my escort to finish her shift I looked around the crowded club, but in a short while my gaze was caught by another person in a nearby table. She had relatively short auburn hair, black eye shadow and black lipstick. We made eye contact as she was sipping at her martini, I couldn’t help noticing how slender her curves were, she leaned back in her chair and her chest was pronounced through her jacket from the fishnet top she was wearing. She was light-skinned and very attractive, and after she took her final sip from her martini she puckered her lips teasingly towards me. Needless to say, I wanted her, and she broke my gaze once she shut her eyes and stood up, she turned and walked towards the dance floor, I’d probably lose her in the crowd of people so I stood up and followed her. She walked straight through all the dancing, faceless bodies and I followed her, keeping at a distance so she wouldn’t notice me, as she reached the end of the dance floor and went through the other side, she opened a door and looked back. She noticed me at the edge of the dance floor, smirked at me, and slowly walked through the door, shutting it. This was basically an invitation, and I had all but forgotten about Ashley, so I followed this new, mysterious woman through the black door she entered. The room was as black as the door that isolated it, and I couldn’t see my hands if I had put them an inch in front of my face, but from the darkness came the most melodic voice my ears had ever heard when it said. “Lock the door.”

As I reached behind myself to do what the voice asked, I felt a pair or small hands latch onto my chest and explore my body, I then felt a pair of lips seek out my neck, and run their way from my neck to my jaw then down to my collarbones. I stood there, immobilized by sheer delight as I let the invisible being in front of me do as it wills. Soon, as I became more aware through my pleasure-induced stupor, I regained control over my own body, and wrapped my arms around the petite being in front of me. I ran my hand up her back until I could feel the edge of her short hair, and I gently pulled back her shoulder so my lips could meet hers. As I kissed those soft, sweet lips, my hands found their way around her body to the the front and took a hold of her jacket, upon her realizing this, she leaned her arms back, making it easy for me to slide the coat off her arms and into the floor. In return, she did the same to my jacket and after I was released from it, my hands found their way back to her body, and felt the fishnet cloth which covered her irresistible skin. My lustful mind decided to move my hand up from her stomach and onto one of her full breasts, and as that happened, her lips parted mine and I could hear the softest, longest moan emitted from those newly parted lips as her breath caressed my skin. The lustful lady then moved her hand down across my stomach then ran them into my shirt from under, running her sinful fingers all over my chest as she kissed and occasionally nipped at my neck. In the heat of the moment, either I could not contain myself, or I underestimated my own strength, for the next thing I knew, I had torn her frail fishnet sweater from the collar down to her stomach, she had taken a hold of the bottom of my shirt and then pulled it straight off me and tossed it somewhere across the room. When our lips collided again, I moved my hand down her side to her hip, where I realized the skirt that was wrapped around her waist, I ran my fingers along the side of it until I found a latch, I didn’t bother to try to open it, this was not a time for thinking, I ripped the latch open and the skirt fell to the floor. She moaned again as I did, and unbuttoned my jeans roughly and blindly, pulling them down. I reached my hand between her legs and all I could feel was moisture, my fingers had found her cunt, and I played with the lips as she tilted her head back and let out short, pleasant breaths. I let my fingertips play with her cunt as she ran her fingernails down my back, and she moaned louder as I started rubbing her clit. She pressed her lips back to mine, I had already grown to the softness of her sweet lips, and I didn’t want to leave them, so as we kissed I pulled her panties down and she kicked them off. I lifted her and she wrapped her legs around me, and I pressed her bare back against the wall without breaking our sweet kiss. Our lips had finally parted as she removed my hard, willing cock out of my boxers and pressed it against her wet, begging cunt, she moved her hips and grinded them against mine. I didn’t want to tease her any longer, I wanted her as much as she wanted me, with a simple movement, I slid my cock into her tight, wet cunt. She tilted her head back and made a sound that either resembled a loud moan or a soft scream, either way it was full of lustful pleasure, and she wanted more of it. My hand held onto her hip, keeping er pinned between me and the wall, and I thrust into her swiftly yet gently. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kept bucking her hips against mine. I felt her hips crash against mine, I felt her moist walls tighten on my member, I felt her large bust rub against my chest, and I felt her uneven breath hit my skin, all blended together into what may be the most pleasurable coitus I have ever experienced. I pushed my cock into her faster than before and I could feel her inner body tighten and pulsate on my very delighted member, as I kept ramming her against the wall the pleasant, melodic voice said to me.
“Oh.. oh.. I’m coming!”
I breath heavily and responded. “Mm.. so am I.”
I heard the sweetest giggle followed by a moan. “Let’s come together..”
Her tone of voice was as pleasurable as her tightening pussy and after a couple of thrusts and seconds, the going turned orgasmic. Now I was sure those were moans she was emitting previously, for now they had turned into sweet screams and her cunt squeezed my cock until I couldn’t bare it. I came as she did, and a couple of seconds after that, the ordeal was over. My lustful lady had gotten of me and was now putting her clothes back on. We both got dressed in silence, but before we left the scene of our intercourse, she wrapped her arms around me again and pressed her sweet lips against mine again. She slid her hand into my back pocket and stole my belt to keep her damaged skirt around her waist. She then neared her lips to my ear and whispered sweetly “If you’re ever lonely..”
She then turned away from me and headed towards the door, she opened it and as she walked back into the club finally got to see her again, she was as beautiful as I first had seen her, and before she was out of my sight she turned back to meet my eyes and simply smiled, didn’t wink, didn’t pucker her lips, just smiled a sweet little grin. It took me a couple of minutes to get out of the room; I had to recover from what was definitely the best sex I’ve ever had. I took a seat at the bar and searched my back pocket. I found a torn piece of paper with a phone number, the word “Violet” spelled in elegant cursive, and pressed onto the paper was the outline of black lips, from her lipstick. As I was admiring the piece of paper, Denny took a seat next to me, he had a considerable amount of alcohol in his system.
“So brother, how was your night?” He said, slurring some of the words.
I didn’t look at him, my eyes were fixed on the paper. Violet, what a name. “Ehh, you know.” I finally responded.
“Damn right I do!” He said, taking a drink, he had no idea.

I then felt fingers run across my shoulders from behind, then some lips on my neck. I looked over my shoulder, and there was Ashley, her newly applied makeup and long blonde hair suddenly seemed less attractive than I remembered it.
“Ready to go?” She said with her seductive little grin.
I discreetly folded the small paper in my right hand and slid in back into my back pocket as I stood up from the bar stool.
“Actually, I have a call to make, goodnight”

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