School Affair 2.0

School Affair 2.0

As I sat there in the classroom all by myself. Tired and exhausted from tapping my smoking hot computer-science teacher I was waiting for her to return from the bathroom.
She and I were supposed to go to her apartment as soon as she returned, so we can continue our little ‘’affair’’ there. I knew that she was married and had a child that’s only a couple years younger than me, but I was hoping they wouldn’t be at home tonight otherwise I didn’t know what to expect once we got to her place.
My teacher was only gone for a couple of minutes but I already got hard real quick again, as I kept dreaming of how I’m going to fuck my hot teacher on the bed she and her husband sleep in, I don’t know what exactly it was that made me want to murder my teacher’s husband and just fuck the shit out of her even more. I kept imagining how I would cum inside of her, filling her with my thick cum, impregnate her.
Weird thoughts were going through my mind, how I’d like to just rip her cunt open by fucking her real hard, so that her fucking hubby would have to remember ME every time he was going to fuck his beloved wife, it was weird but it turned me on.
I couldn’t wait another second, I got up and went to the bathroom my teacher was in.
She was at the sink washing her hands, she noticed me and seemed surprised, I walked up to her and grabbed her by the shoulders and we went inside one of the toilet cabins.

My teacher was smiling at me with a sly grin as if she expected me to do that, we locked the cabin from the inside and she sat down on the toilet lid and grabbed me by my belt, pulling me closer to her.
- Couldn’t wait to see me again huh? (She said smiling at me)
She unzipped my pants and got my rock hard dick out, she started stroking it lightly with her right hand while pulling my pants down with the left, she got up from the toilet lid and squatted down on the floor, she kept stroking my hard dick with her hand and started to lick my balls and the lower part of my cock, got she looked so fucking hot.
Seconds passed as I felt her warm and wet tongue licking on my balls, she’s gotten to a point where she swallowed one of my nuts whole and spat it out again just to lick on them some more, sucking on them real hard which was exactly what I needed after busting 2 nuts, the third one always seemed the worst one but she made it awesome, she started stroking harder and faster and didn’t stop sucking on my balls, her left hand went down her pants, as she started to rub herself, stroking me with the other hand and licking my balls.
I couldn’t hold it in me after a couple of minutes I nuted all over her face and she seemed to enjoy it as she started to laugh and said:
- there’s cum in my nose (she said laughing)
I don’t know what was so funny about it but she laughed at it with pleasure so I gave it a little laugh myself.
I got dressed and we both went out of the cabin ,she walked up to the sink once more and washed her face.
- There goes my makeup (She said washing her face)
-S..sorry (I said in a quite tone)
She turned the faucet off and started wiping her face with a towel.
- It was worth it (She said smiling at me)
She looked so sexy I couldn’t even believe my luck.
We both got out of the bathroom and she went to the classroom to get her purse, she walked in to turn off all the computers and to turn off the light, she got out and locked the classroom and started making our way to the school exit.
We got out the school and we both got inside her car, she buckled up and started the engine and soon we were on the move, en route to her apartment.
- My husband and my kid are still at home (she said as we stopped at a red light)
- I see, so what are we gonna do then? (I asked curiously)
- Don’t worry they’re leaving for a couple of weeks on a vacation to my husbands parents in another country. Were gonna have the whole place for ourselves (She said happily)
- Oh, okay (I said smiling back at her)
Holy shit! What a relief!
- I was going to ask you to stay with me the entire time they’ll be gone, but won’t your parents be worried? (She asked me curiously)
- No they won’t, they’re out of country as well. (I responded)
- Oh! How continent (She sounded really happy)
At this point I kept imagining how and where I would fuck her at her apartment like I was making a schedule.
Fucking her in bed, and cum inside her, at night.
Fuck her in the shower, from behind and nut in her mouth in the morning.
Fuck her in the kitchen, on the kitchen furniture, cum on her tits before breakfast.
Eat her pussy on the kitchen table after breakfast.
My mind was racing, I wanted to fuck her so bad again.
- They’ll leave in a couple of minutes, meanwhile we’ll have to stop by to buy some rubber (She said suddenly)
I nodded, and kept imagining how I wanted to nut inside her mouth so hard that she wouldn’t be able to wash off the cum inside her mouth so that whenever her fucking hubby would kiss her he’d have to taste my fucking cum.
Once more I couldn’t wait, I was planning that as soon as we stop by to buy condoms I’ll eat her pussy in the car,once more,I got hard again, I couldn’t wait to get home to fuck my sweet teacher like a nasty bitch!

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