Truck Ride Part Two

Truck Ride Part Two

As master pulled out of the truck stop, he spotted a young woman of perhaps twenty-five standing at the side of the ramp, thumb out to try to get a ride. She was about my height and build, curvy in all the right places, with beautiful breasts that strained the fabric of her blouse, an ass that filled out her tight jeans perfectly, long blonde hair, and incredibly blue eyes. He stopped the truck and as she opened the door and climbed in, he asked her in his hardest voice what she would do for a ride. She froze and stared at him for a second, not seeing me in the sleeper section watching. I knew what master wanted to hear, and what it would mean to her, and me, if she answered the way he wished. Then she gave her answer, and it was as he had wanted. She told him that she would do anything, not realizing that she had just made herself his new slave, as well as mine. At his gesture, she climbed in and settled into the passenger seat, closing the truck door.

Master already had the truck rolling and with a gesture beckoned me forward. Her eyes grew round as she saw me, naked but for the collar around my neck, and I could see the fear awaken in her as she looked from me to master. Without taking his eyes from the road, master ordered me to remove her top and caress her breasts. She drew back further from me and protested that she had never done anything with a woman before. With an evil smile, master glanced at her and told her, “You will now”. I again reached for her blouse, unbuttoning it slowly as she trembled, her eyes full of tears, but afraid to protest further. Opening her blouse revealed her breasts encased in a black lace bra, and they were gorgeous, full and tipped with large nipples that just begged to be touched and played with.

I slid her blouse off her shoulders and reached behind her to unclasp the bra, letting it fall free into her lap. Her nipples were already getting hard as the cool air from the air conditioning hit her torso; and my fingers helped her along, pinching and twisting them into hardness as she squirmed. Master ordered her to stay still, and with the fear on her face more pronounced, she stopped moving. I leaned forward and grabbed a nipple between my teeth, biting down just hard enough to make her jump and squeal. Master glanced at me, “Easy, my pet, no marks on her,” he said. Quietly I answered him, “Yes master”, and watched her eyes widen as she realized what I had said. I went back to biting lightly and sucking on the nipple, and then switched to the other one, making both stand out hard and firm.

”Turn the seat so that I can see,” master ordered me, and I reached for the latch to release the seat and swivel it around sideways as master pulled into an overnight area for truckers. It was just one of those parking areas beside the roadway, no amenities. Master parked the truck and turned on the cab lights, knowing that they would draw the eyes of the other truckers in the area. He turned his seat as well, and sat watching as he ordered me to move to the side for a moment so he could fully see the girl huddled in the passenger seat trying to cover herself with her hands and arms. “Put your arms down!” master snapped in his most commanding voice, and she obeyed, dropping her arms to her sides.

“When you put your ass in my seat, you said you would do anything. That means you now belong to me and my girl, do you understand?” he said to her. With a glance at me kneeling quietly to the side, she nodded. Master snarled at her to use her voice, not nod like an idiot, and she stammered out an almost inaudible “yes”. “Yes what?” master demanded. She looked at him fearfully, but said nothing. “You will call me master, and my girl mistress, do you understand?” he demanded again. This time she answered correctly in a faint voice, “Yes master”. Master gestured to me, and looking at her said, “Your mistress will now continue stripping you, and you will not resist in any way.” He nodded to me, and I moved back to her, reaching to unbutton and unzip her jeans. I slid my hands down her sides and caught the jeans and her panties with them, skimming them off her in one long smooth as she lifted her ass up reluctantly.

Again I moved out of the way so that master could see her. She shivered as his eyes raked over her naked form. At his nod, I reached out and took her hand, pulling her into the sleeper section of the cab as master turned his seat to face the back. I had her lay back on the bed, her legs spread, and hands over her head, and told her she could not move. She pushed me away, and master in a deadly quiet voice that I knew meant he was annoyed, told her to submit and do as she’d been told. She caught his tone, and the implied threat, and lay back on the bed in the position I’d told her to take without a sound. Master flicked the switch that would turn on the lights in the sleeper, and motioned for me to continue.

I settled between her legs, my tongue exploring all around her pussy lips and clit without actually touching either. She was getting wet from my attentions, her hips moving as she tried to get my mouth directly on her swelling clit. Master appeared at her head and started to play with her tits, his hands kneading, fingers pinching and twisting her nipples. She whimpered and arched her back, finally feeling my lips and teeth connect with her clit, her hips pushing harder against my face. Master was getting hard, and I reached up to him and began to stroke the outline of his cock through his jeans. He pushed my hand away and told me to let her do that, then took one of her hands and guided it to his cock. She began to stroke him, and he told her to undress him as I continued to eat her out.

She opened master’s jeans, releasing his hard cock to sway in her face, and master immediately pushed it into her mouth and began to face fuck her. She was moaning around his cock, and her juices were flowing out of her and covering my face with her sweetness. My hand stole down to my own pussy and started playing, making me hot and wet. Master ordered me to stop, and I immediately did, concentrating instead on bringing the girl to an orgasm just as master pulled out of her mouth and covered her face and chest with his hot cum. Without hesitating, master ordered me aside and rammed his still hard cock into her pussy, pounding at her for a few minutes, and then making her get onto all fours so he could fuck her ass. She tried to get away as she felt his cock pushing at her virgin asshole, and master had me hold her in place as he fucked her ass. As he got ready to cum, he pulled out of her and let me have his load full in the face. Master zipped up his jeans and told us to stay where we were as he got back in the drivers seat and pulled the truck onto the road. I asked if I could have her please me, and master told me no, I could wait.

Master went down the road, the radio squawking unintelligibly to us as we rode in the sleeper section of the cab. Master picked up the mike and said something in a low voice that raised the noise level of the radio, though we still couldn’t distinguish what the voices said. Again master spoke quietly into the mike, and then reached over and turned the radio off with a laugh. He continued to drive, as we both fell asleep on the sleeper bed. We didn’t sleep long though, as the truck coming to a stop woke us. Master was waiting to pull into another truck stop; and we could see a long line of trucks already parked in the back lot. The girl started to scramble for her clothes, which were still lying by the passenger seat, and master told her in that quiet voice he had used before to leave the clothes there, she wouldn’t need them. She looked at him with fresh fear in her eyes as he told her to sit in the passenger seat as he pulled in and parked next to a big Peterbilt, whose driver was already staring at her with a lustful expression on his face. Master looked at me and said “Keep her right where she is, I’ll be back in a minute.” I nodded as he opened the door and jumped down, slamming it shut behind him.

She looked at me, and again started to reach for her clothes. I said just one word in a harsh voice, “Don’t”. She sat back and looked at me for a second, and then in that tiny frail voice asked “Why?” After a moment, I answered her. “Master is a true master of women; and you made a mistake when you told him that you would do anything. At that moment, whether you knew it or not, you became ours, you are our slave now, and he will do with you as he pleases.” She thought for a minute and then asked, “Why do you put up with this? What hold does he have that makes you do this?” I gave her a long look and told her in three simple words, “He’s my master”. I could tell that she didn’t understand why any woman would let a man have such control over her, but she said nothing else, just settled deeper into the seat.

Master returned just a few minutes later and ordered her back into the sleeper to lie on the bed as she had before. He turned on the lights and then told me to get back there with her and get her hot. I stepped into the sleeper and reached into the cabinet to the side, bringing out a vibrator. Her eyes settled on it as I turned it on and moved to her side, then slowly and lightly started to run it over her body, using it to caress her from head to foot. I spent long moments teasing her nipples, followed the line of her side down to her hip, further down along the outside of her leg, back up the inside, and then did the same to her other side. Finally the vibrator arrived at her pussy, which was already wet, and I slid it into her in one smooth move. Putting myself in position, I lowered myself down to her face for her to eat my pussy as I found her clit and played with it. I heard master say “Neither of you are to cum yet”, and raised my head long enough to say “Yes master”.

I took her to the edge, and then stopped, her moans telling me she was ready to be filled by more than the vibrator I had teased and excited her with. I rose up and looked at master, “She’s ready master,” I said, to which he grinned and motioned for me to look out the windshield, where there were other truckers gathered watching. I knew it would be a replay of the last stop, and swung open the passenger door at master’s order.

The first man climbed in and handed master some money, then slipped into the sleeper with the girl. Opening his pants as he stepped to the side of the bed, he ordered her to suck his cock. She hesitated and master snarled at her to obey NOW. As her lips encircled his cock, the trucker played with her tits and pussy until she was moaning in abandoned need again. Then he positioned himself and drove into her to the hilt. He began to pound in and out of her viciously, and master ordered me to suck his cock as we watched. Another man entered the truck and after paying master, joined the two in the sleeper, immediately filling her mouth with his cock, so that she was sandwiched between two driving cocks. My mouth was moving on master, just the way I knew he liked it as we both watched the action in the sleeper. I could tell that the first man was going to cum soon, he was speeding up and giving her pussy a ramming like none I’d ever seen other than my own master.

Suddenly he pulled out of her and his cum splattered across her body, followed by the man fucking her mouth filling her throat with hard cock and hot cum. The men left and another appeared, his eyes glued to my ass as I licked and kissed masters cock. Master saw his glance and told him that the other was the one he could have for the price; and her ass he could take if that’s what he wanted. I heard her whimper as she heard masters comment, but to her credit she didn’t move from where the men had left her. The new man paid and dropped his jeans as he stepped up to the bed. He commanded her harshly to get on all fours in front of him, his cock already hard and throbbing as her ass swung around and his hands positioned her where he wanted her.

He could have been gentle, but he merely spit in his hand and smeared it on his cock head, and then grabbed her hips and held her down firmly, thrusting into her ass hard and as deep as he could in one shot. She screamed at the sudden and painful violation of her ass, trying desperately to get away as he started fucking her savagely, ignoring her crying and struggles. Master pushed my head down, thrusting his cock deep into my throat, his hands holding me so that I couldn’t completely withdraw his cock from my mouth, but could suck on the head on each upstroke. He controlled the movements of my head and mouth to give him the most pleasure as he face fucked me in time to the ass fucking the girl was getting. Both men were moving fast and hard, closing in on their release as they concentrated on the tight feelings building in their balls, the explosion of cum that would soon be filling her ass and my mouth.

Master pulled out of my mouth and told me to turn around and put his cock in my ass. I lowered myself down onto him slowly, getting used to it as each inch sank further into me. I began to ride him, my eyes locked on the ass fucking going on in front of me. Masters hands on my hips helped keep me balanced and moving as he wished, not letting me move faster or harder until he wanted it, and then he let me go, fast and hard and so satisfying. The other man came, his cock buried in the girls’ ass until he finished and with a leer at master and me, left the truck. Two more climbed in, paid and began to fuck the girl who was moaning and still crying, but as the men took her in her pussy and mouth again, she began to climb again towards her own orgasm. She was slowly losing herself in the constant fucking of all her holes, and she was meeting the thrusts of the men like a good slave slut.

I was cumming again myself, the feel of masters huge hard cock in my ass sheer heaven for me as I rode it. Master was thrusting up as well, so our bodies met with a slap each time. Orgasm after orgasm rolled through my body until master bounced me right off of his cock and ordered me to turn around. As I turned and sank to my knees before him, master let loose with his own release, his hot cum spraying up my body. My eager mouth captured the last few spurts and found the final drops on the tip of his cock. We sat, master in his chair and me on the floor at his feet, and watched the men cum all over the girl’s tits and body. She was screaming out an orgasm herself as well, and begging the men not to stop, but they were finished with her and buckling belts as they left, only to be replaced by three men this time. They wasted no time, the first filling her mouth with his cock while the next one rammed her pussy. The third man looked at me and then at master, who nodded at me. I crawled to the man, who sank into the passenger seat as I undid his pants and slid my fingers into them to stroke his semi hard cock, causing it to twitch and grow.

My mouth followed my fingers as I slid his pants down enough for his cock to spring free. I ran my tongue up and down his length, licking and kissing as I went. He quickly ran out of patience and pushed his cock into my mouth and down my throat. As he face fucked me, I heard him ask master if he could fist me, as that was something that got him off. I started to shake, fear racing through me. Fisting was something I had heard about but never experienced and as tight as I naturally was, I was afraid of having it done to me, afraid it would hurt me. I heard master tell him no, since I was his personal slave, but that he could do whatever he wished to the other girl, since she was just a plaything for the moment. As the other men finished with her and left, the one using me pulled out and motioned for me to slide back by master as he moved to the bed.

We watched him as he slid two and then three fingers into her, probing and stretching the walls of her drenched pussy. Soon he had four fingers inside her and was working them in and out fast and hard. She was moaning and gasping for breath as he used his hand to fuck her, his other hand stroking his cock in time to what he was doing to her. And then he closed his hand and slid the whole thing inside her, pushing in until his fist and arm were buried in her well past his wrist. She shrieked and writhed on the bed as he fucked his fist in and out of her, and he swung around and forced his rock hard cock into her mouth and down her throat, stifling her sounds as he let loose his cum.

When he had finished and pulled his cock and hand out of her respective holes, he sat on the edge of the bed and asked master what he intended to do with her. Master replied that he had thought of keeping her for a while, but as he had me he had decided to sell her. The man asked what price master had in mind, and master told him that he could set the price himself, whatever he thought she might be worth. They closed the deal for her and her new master grabbed her by the hair and ordered her off the bed and into her clothes. They left as soon as she had dressed, her master guiding her with his hand buried in her hair. My master got us back on the road and headed home.

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