When I get to Brianna’s, she is all kisses as soon as the door is open, and wow is it great. The best part? She is there for ME, not because she struck a deal with twisted-Bitch Veronica

“Bae”, she says, “I think I have a deal in place to get you away from psycho.”

“How? I mean, she’s got me by the short hairs because of mom’s bus-“

“well that’s just it, she really DOESN’T have the business…only PART of it. The hospital owns the majority, and I, along with some other business people, have convinced them to buy that strip she’s in. Hospital develops it and your mom stays, it’s a win-win!”

I was just ecstatic, I mean, there really aren’t words to describe it. “But Bri, why?...”

“I knew you’d ask. But the fact is Billy, I’ve always had a HUGE crush on you. There just isn’t anyone else for me.” Tucking her chin looking at me with those doe eyes she added “Besides, now you owe me…and I want some payback, Mister.”

I didn’t need to be told twice, and took Brianna in a powerful embrace, followed by a deep kiss. Pulling back, Brianna says “I have something special for you…” and as she opens her little Kimono, and lets it fall to the floor, I see she wearing only a gorgeous dark purple strapless corset with black lace. Her sheer black stockings are being held up by a pair of garters coming from the bottom of the corset. I have never seen a piece of lingerie that fits a woman so perfectly in real life. Utterly amazing.

“Holy Shit. It’s beautiful on you.” With a smile I add “Am I EVER going to enjoy paying you back.”

“I thought you would like it. I know you have a bit of a lingerie fetish.” And she does a bit of twirl around for me. Brianna flips a switch and the gas logs are lit, and I turn out the lights. Not only does the firelight dance off her skin, but shimmers off the purple satin of the corset. I can see a glint of moisture dripping from her trimmed pussy.

She extends her hand and pulls me up from the floor. I had mostly removed my clothes by the time we got to here, but she notices the bulge in my boxers and sees that it is in an awkward position and reaches down to my groin and gives me a bit of a squeeze, then Brianna decides to rub her hands over my chest. They move back to my ass and she pulls me tight to her body.

The feel of her big breasts pressing into my chest causes me to breathe a bit faster. Meantime my hands are slowing rubbing up and down her backsides. I massage her firm butt cheeks and then move a hand between them. I gently massage her rosebud a moment and then move my hand underneath her. I rub two fingers around her outer labia. Gently making a “V” shape on the outside of her mound.

I reposition slightly so I can reach my hand down from the front, gently massing her entire vaginal area. My first finger slips in so easily that I slip a second one in as well. We embrace as I move my fingers in and out. I curl my middle finger forward and find her G spot. Brianna starts to suck on my lower lip. With one hand wrapped around her and the other fingering her, Brianna starts to buck her hips on my hand.

“Mmmm Fuck yes Bill, don’t - Mmmmm don’t stop - yes fuck fuck fuck…”

Brianna’s body explodes with wave after wave of her orgasm coursing up and down her sexy frame, now She grabs me tight, and I hold her, kissing her while she recovers. She gives me a big kiss and steps back to catch her breath some more.

“That…that was amazing. Wow…. oh my, did I do that?” She says pointing to my left leg. My thigh is soaking wet right down to my knee.

“Yep, you squirted all over me,” I say proudly. It was the first time I had made her squirt.

“I never did that before, didn’t know I could. I heard about squirting but never did it.” I place each hand on her ass and start to lift her up. She gets the clue and throws her arms around my neck and wraps her legs around my waist. I carry her across the room, my cock gently rubbing her hairy pussy.

I softly lay her on the bed, her legs hanging over the side. I raise them and place them on my shoulders and press the head of my cock against her pussy. Looking into her eyes I enjoy watching her face change as I pu-uu-sh into her.

“Mmmmmmm, Bill…fuck me please” I oblige, her soaking moist pussy practically pulls my cock in. One thrust and I am in all the way. “I love your cock, I love how it fills me up. Take me”

I start to slowly move my hips back and forth. Brianna purrs like a kitten, my hands wander to her large breasts. “Faster, Bill…deeper please… oh don’t stop…fuck me…yes…e” Brianna is gripping the side of the bed and my hips go faster. She squeezes her legs tight around my neck, and her incredible, hot, wet pussy gets even tighter.

Her back arches and her body begins to shake. Yelling out with pleasure, her pussy shoots a jet of squirt all over my cock and groin. This pushes me over the edge and I roar as I fill this incredible woman with my semen. I pull out and my body flops onto the bed next to her. After a moment she rolls over on to my side and cuddles.

“Brianna, you are so beautiful tonight.”

“Thank you” she kisses my lower lip and her hand explores my jaw. “You ain’t done yet, mister.” She reaches down to my semi-hard cock. “There are going to be multiple shots on goal tonight. But first I think we both need a break. You mind getting me a glass of ice water?”

How am I to refuse. I kiss Brianna on the forehead as I head to the kitchen, and soon return. A now naked Brianna is sitting up, and she takes a long sip, then takes me into her arms. Now Brianna is holding me. She softly says “Thanks for being so great to me, Bill. I want you out of that life, and only with me.”

“Yes ma’am, all I’ve ever wanted is you, Brianna.”

She finishes the glass and sets it aside with a smile. With that, Brianna reaches down and grasps my cock. “Let’s see what you have left.” And she wiggles around and puts my semi-erect penis in her mouth. I’m hard in no time as she moves her lips over my head, and I begin to feel her tongue circle the head of my cock.

Brianna moves me to lie flat on my back and she mounts me, carefully pressing her meaty pussy lips so they drape on either side of my cock. Her juices lubricate my cock further and she glides her pussy up and down the length of my cock, moaning. After another moment, she lifts herself a bit, and with her left-hand pushes my erect member into her pussy. The feel of moist pussy is so good. I enjoy each squat she does on my cock. My hands-on her ass helping to lift her up and down. We are both staring at each other, mouths agape.

Brianna is moaning and saying my name, as I try to just hold on. She is sliding back and forth, then raising up and down as I hold her breasts and give those eraser-sized erect nipples tugs. Brianna has a large, beveled glass mirror on an adjacent wall, and the look of the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever known riding me while in green lingerie is just incredible. “Bill...” she moans lightly.

I lift her off me and roll her onto her stomach. That green corset is incredible even from behind, and those garters and hose frame her ass just right. I slip my hard cock into her pussy from a prone position. Draping my body on top of hers it’s my turn to do the thrusting. My hands grasp Brianna Davenport’s shoulders keeping my body tight to hers.

Her moans indicate that I must be hitting her G spot again with my cock. Truth is, I can feel that spot, so I thrust and then grind against her, and that is all it takes. I feel her body tensing again and then erupt into another shaking, screaming orgasm. I know it’s happening so at the same moment my cock explodes again filling her with more of my flowing ropes of semen.

After we recover, she slips out of bed and heads to the bathroom to pee. I head in a little bit later and find her wiping the makeup off her face. The hair extensions are lying on the counter.

“Wow you are so incredible, Brianna.” I kiss her. With that Brianna walks into my closet and pulls out my football jersey. Slipping it on, she cuddles up to my naked body in bed, and we sleep the first of what I hope will be all of our nights together.


A few days later, Brianna is sitting at the raised outside patio, enjoying her break. That is, until Veronica Sams walks up. She sits beside Brianna, but continues to look out at the grounds, her face in total resting bitch.

“That was becoming to be my best earner.” She said with a tinge of anger, “not to mention, a fine fuck.”

Brianna knew this conversation was coming, and didn’t take the bait. “THAT has a name, and it’s Bill.”

Veronica snorted, and looked away, scratching the back of her head in irritation. “Guess you told him that lie about the Hospital buying his mom’s place or the like?”

“He’ll believe what I want him to believe”. Brianna retorted. “A year ago you were dead, Veronica, and I saved you.”

“It’s what nurses do, I mean, you DID take an oath.” Veronica responded, snidely.

“so you’re not going to keep your promise?”

“Damn you Brianna Davenport,” she spat, “you Know I’ve NEVER broken my word.

“You said I could have one, Veronica. Well guess what – that’s my one.”

There was almost a minute of silence. Veronica finally spoke. “You going to keep him as your own toy, or are you thinking of rivaling my business?”

“I have no desire to move on that territory, you can keep it for all I care. You don’t worry about my little ‘side-business’, just I like don’t worry about yours. He’s mine now. If that changes, I’ll let you know, and you can take him back. But until then, we’re done.”

Veronica walked off, shaking her head, careful to slam the door as she left. Brianna smiled, because she was now at the top of her game. In taking Bill from her, she’d FINALLY bested Veronica Sams, and had a nice ‘bed warmer’ to boot. Tossing her apple into the trash, she headed back in to finish her shift, thinking about her lingerie for tonight, and all the things she was going to do with her new toy.

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