Room Service Ch. 1

Room Service Ch. 1

Chapter 1

I sat at home enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty house. My wife and daughter had just left to meet her sister and children for a girls weekend at the beach. I had looked forward to this weekend for a while making sure I left this weekend open for doing something I enjoy but don’t get to do enough of. Over the past couple years I have found myself enjoying the company of men just as much as I do women but my busy life only allows me play with my new found partners when I can sneak a quickie in when the wife works late or find an excuse to stay out late on weekends. Shortly after getting brave enough to meet strangers in hopes of getting lucky I had a few regulars, one of which that helped me discover how much I enjoyed wearing my wife’s panties and lingerie. I had started enjoying it so much I had bought up quite of a collection and found myself wearing them not only when my partners wanted me to but on a regular basis, in fact I was wearing a nice white silk garter set and white fishnet stockings as I kissed my wife and daughter bye before they headed out. I was ready for my weekend. In hopes of getting a head start I had placed an ad on the local Craigslist hoping to find me a new man that enjoyed a tight piece of ass in some nice panties to spend the night with.

My wife was barely out of the driveway when I checked my email for willing partners, must me my lucky weekend I had several men interested in what I was offering but one caught my eye. The fourth reply down only had “BBC” in the subject line, I had never been with a black man before but have to admit I was very curious so I opened it.

“Black bi couple here with male friend, are you interested?”

I was definitely interested and responded as quick as I could. After a few emails I found out both men were tops looking for a bottom and the wife would only be there to watch. They wanted me to dress for them in any think black and be prepared to stay the night if things went good, they had a hotel room in the next city over. We agreed on a time and they gave the room number and said I would have a key card waiting at the desk. I had two hours before I was to meet them so I took a long shower being sure to shave all the regular spots and making sure I was good and clean for my future partners. Freshly shaved and lotioned up I had an hour left and a thirty minute drive ahead of me so I retrieved the duffle bag where I hide all my outfits and toys and started picking out the night wardrobe. I decided on a simple solid black silk garter set with black stockings and a nice pair of black lace thongs for the bottom and a matching lace spaghetti strap top to top it off and slipped a pair of workout pants and t shirt on to cover it all up. I quickly threw a few things into my secret bag and headed to the car. My mind raced with thoughts and consequences as it always does but the throbbing in my panties always wins the battle so I drove on. Arriving ten minutes early I decided to go on in, knowing my cock sucking grin had to give away the fact I was there to please two strange men. With the key card in hand I made my way to the seventh floor and found the room, card worked and I was in a very nice but vacant room.

I had just sat my bag down when the phone rang beside the bed which was nicely made with only a blindfold in the middle. After some short talk the man on the other end told me to strip down to my panties and put on the blindfold, they were in the joining room. Standing in front of the dresser mirror in my black outfit I slid the blindfold on as told and turned facing the joining room. My heart raced as heard the door open and I heard a soft voice. “Oh yes, I know they will have fun with you. They sent me over first to make sure you were what you said you were, but I think you are a whole lot more. Go ahead and lay on the bed.” She took my hand and led me to the bed and had me lay on my back with my feet still on the floor. She made comments about how much fun I was going to have as I felt her slide her hands up my thighs and pull my panties to the side taking all of my cock in her mouth as she pulled the thin crotch of my thong to the side revealing my tight hole. “I hope that tight hole of yours can handle what you came to get” I felt her well lubed finger slide in me. Within seconds she had my ass well lubed and was fucking me with what felt like two fingers as she continued sucking my dick, then she stopped and stuffed my dick back into my panties and straighten up my thong. “There ya go. Four fingers you passed the test.” she said as I could tell she was walking away.

I was startled by a voice beside the bed. “Now its our turn” Someone grabbed me by the hand and stood me at the foot of the bed. I felt him lay his hands on my hips as he told me to get on my knees, as I was going to my knees I felt his cock hit my face and I didn’t need anymore instructions. I started sucking on the biggest dick I had ever had in my mouth as it started to grow, I was doing the best I could with such a large piece of meat. I was really getting in to it when he pulled away and told me to get on the bed, before I got on the bed he grabbed my hips and pulled me to him sliding his massive cock over my panty clad balls. By now I was about to melt in this strange man’s huge hands, I was begging him to fuck me but he only backed away and left me on the bed on my knees oblivious to my surroundings but not really caring. I felt the bed as someone crawled on it in front of me and pushed their dick between my lips as big as the last one. “Oh my god, hes just as big they are going to kill me” I thought as I worked on the hard cock. “Are you ready or another one?” the man in front of me asked as she pulled himself from my mouth. The voice told me it was the same huge cock so I relaxed a little. With a quick “give it to me” I found his cock with my mouth and sucked him in. I knew how big of a cock I could swallow and he was already past that spot, I was gagging a little as he grabbed the back of my head and fed me more and held me there until I pulled away. He must have liked gagging me because he started telling me I was gonna take it all and after a few more attempts with tears running down my face I felt his pubic hairs tickle my nose as he pushed in deeper and held it. As I was trying to catch my breath I heard him “Did you see that honey? He took it all.” I heard the soft voice from earlier from in front of me “Yes he did. I cant wait to see that tight little ass of his take it.”

I must have been used to be in the dark, I wasn’t even startled when I felt my panties being pulled over my hips and down my legs. I knew it was getting ready to get serious, I had the one guy in front of me shoving his dick in my mouth between slapping my face with it and somebody just exposed my lubed hole and was rubbing their dick up and down my ass cheeks. “Please fuck me” I whispered as I was getting dick slapped. That was all it took, I felt him sliding in me, not as big as the other one but as big as any other I have had in me. This was a first for me in many more way than one, not only was it my first black dick but it was the first time I had ever been barebacked but I wasn’t stopping him. He was taking his time working himself deep in my bowels when suddenly it felt different than any other time I have been fucked, he was going deeper than ever before. His moans got louder as he went deeper, I lost control and fell to the bed unable to pay attention to the dick in front of me as he drove his length in me with every stroke fucking me into a daze until I collapsed flat on the bed. Not missing a stroke he fucked my limp body as hard as he could until he couldn’t stand it any more, one hard push deep in my ass and I felt another new feeling of his hot cum being dumped in my bowels. A few quick pumps and he was done and gone, I reached in front of me for my other cock but it was gone too giving me that alone feeling again until I was being pulled to the edge of the bed only to be stopped by my lips being spread apart. Right away I knew it had to be the man who just fucked me silly and I took him in my mouth. I had never tasted my ass before, I was quickly taken by the taste of cum and ass as he instructed me to “clean it good for him”. As he was feeding me his limp dick I heard a knock at the door. “Room Service!”

“Hold on just a second” the man yelled as he pulled from my mouth and walked away.

“Come in. The door is open!” said the man before I heard the joining door shut.

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