Lives Matter

Lives Matter

The Senator stood in the front office listening to the chants outside his office. He was tall, lean and muscular, a rare college athlete who hadn’t gone to seed in his 40s. He had rich blue eyes and a shaved head.

“Black Lives Matter!”

“Black Lives Matter!”

“Black Lives Matter!”

He looked over to his chief of staff. She looked nervous.

“You called the capitol police?”

She nodded, “They are all throwing down at the whip’s office.”

“Not love for a junior senator eh?”

The Senator looked over at his chief. She had been highly recommended. She was a local, a mover and a shaker. He had seen her unflappable in the face of a hostile press, opposition leadership, and captains of industry. She was tending the head wound of a young male staffer.

“What did you do?”

“Nothing. This protestor just clobbered me.”

The Senator furrowed his brows at the staffer.

“Okay. I shouted at him ‘All Lives Matter’”

“That’s not nothing. You took a bad situation and made it worse.”

The staffer looked indignant. “Are you saying it’s my fault?”

The Senator looked at his receptionist’s screen. She had the security feed up. He picked up her desk phone but before he dialed he said to the staffer, “If I leave my car unlocked and running and it gets stolen it’s not my fault, but I shouldn’t have known better.” The Senator hit 0 for the switchboard.

“Hi, I need an ambulance immediately in my office, Dirkson 321. One of my staff fell and hit his head. It bled a little bit but then he started acting funny and passed out.”

He hung up. “5 minutes. That gets you two out of here.” He pointed to his chief and the injured staffer.

“But I didn’t pass out.”

“The possibility of a brain bleed with get everyone rattled enough to get you out.”

The Senator rubbed his shaved head and counted his staff, “Two down, eight to go”

The chief looked at him, “Nine Senator. You count too.” He could love her, but she already loved someone else.

“I have a cot and nowhere to be.”

An attractive blonde intern strode up to him and wrapped her arm around him. “I have nowhere to be. I can keep you company.”

“Maybe some other time Mary Sue.” The Senator shook his head. She had a body that would make a vegan crave steak, but you don’t shit where you eat. If she was someone else’s intern maybe.

“Lori, start calling the Democratic senators, the ones with the mostly minority staff.” He said to his receptionist.

While the wheels were in motion the Senator looked around the room. “What did our young Dakota here do wrong.”

“He said, ‘All Lives Matter.’” said a young man in the back.

“And…” prompted the chief who was rearranging the head bandage to make it look worse.

“They do don’t they? Doesn’t every life matter?” asked the injured staffer.

Mary Sue looked at him and then scrunched her sculpted brows together. “They do, but when you say ‘All Lives Matter’ you ignore the disproportionate burden the black community has borne. How blacks are more likely to be stopped by police and arrested for no reason other than the de***********ion was ‘some black guy.’”

“But more crime is committed by black...”

The Senator stepped in. “Cold comfort to people who truly didn’t do anything. Sorry statistically you are likely to be a racist asshole. No job for you. We need to start treating people as individuals. To show that we understand they have pain. People who are hurting don’t need to hear everyone hurts.”

There was a knock on the door and the injured staffed closed his eyes and went limp. Mary Sue opened the door and two medics ran in with a stretcher. They quickly checked the injured staffers eyes and gave him the once over.

They quickly and methodically loaded him up and took him out with the chief of staff in tow. All it took to spread the crowd was a statement from the EMT, “If he dies this becomes murder.” The crowd cleared enough to let them through and then crowded the door again.

The chant of “Black Lives Matter” was even louder than before.

“No one is picking up or just laughing when I say who you are.” The receptionist said.

“Try the House.”

The staff looked worriedly at each other and fiddled with their phones trying to kill time. They were there well past five already and the crowd showed no sign of abating.

“I have Her.” the receptionist said with menace in her voice.

“Congresswoman” The Senator said with a warm smile that carried through in his voice.

“I seem to have a bit of a problem. Some of my staff need friends to help them find their way home.”

The Senator laughed. “Well, you know how it is. I just need a favor, perhaps I could do a favor for you.”

There was a pause. “We all want what’s best for the country, right now though I am concerned about my staff. Perhaps there is something legislative that I can help you with?”

He paused again. “I have 8 staffers who seem to have lost their way. I know you are looking for a community center to be built on a certain property.”

“Yes the property with the relevant seller. I don’t control HUD or NEH funding but I can get 5 mill for a community park.”

“4 of that Is for land acquisition. I just need to get 8 staffers out of the office. Send over some people. Let them leave as friends.”

“I can do 10. I just want my people safe. The amendments on the bill as we speak.”

The called over a legislative aide. “Small tenement Brooklyn. Put in the ag bill to have it purchased and converted into a community garden.” The Senator called up google maps and pointed at a building. The aid picked a geographic rectangle to make sure it fell inside of the representative’s district then a lot size to make sure that only the one building fit. They submitted the addendum and forwarded it to the representative and chanting died down as a knock came to the door.

There was a young black man glaring at the Senator in the doorway. “I’ve come to pick up my girlfriend.”

“Boyfriend you mean, no shame in that.” said the Senator and ushered a male staffer out. He instructed the staffer to buy his “boyfriend” dinner and keep the receipt. Slowly the Senator dispatched his staff with escorts and similar instructions. When Mary Sue left with an attractive Latina he called the congresswoman to thank her.

“How are you getting out?” She sneered.

“It doesn’t matter. My staff is safe.”

The Senator went to the fridge in his office and opened a can of coke. He drank it slowly listening to the chanting as he read a book on his iPad. When he finished the chapter he checked the hall camera and saw the crowd had thinned out but there were still 25 or so protesters out there. They looked ready for the long haul and the Capitol Police were just doing containment. He logged onto a pizza delivery website that he had regularly used and placed an order. Half an hour later a very nervous delivery person made his way up to the crowd and called the Senator on the phone.

The crowd outside his office was raucous and threatening to upset the delivery. The Senator opened the door and shouted “I wouldn’t do that. Most of it is for you guys.” The Senator took a styrofoam container off the top of the stack. The driver handed pizzas out at random to the crowd. When he finished he turned to the Senator, “It’s paid for, you don’t need to sign so I’ll be going.”

“Hold up a bit.” The Senator shook his hand and the driver quickly stuck his hand in his pocket.

As the crowd began to eat a young black woman with and elaborate crown of braids threaded through with purple ribbons, stood up and shouted “Yo! I’m a vegan. I’m not going to eat this!”

The Senator tossed her his styrofoam container, “Have my salad. Just greens, quinoa and chickpeas.” He took the last pizza from the driver and retreated into his office and ate a slice of meat covered pizza. He savored the salt and grease of the bacon and the spice of the pepperoni. The cheese was gooey and melted. With the crowd outside eating, they were too busy to chant.

He opened the door. “May I speak with your leaders to see how I can help you guys.” Three people separated from the crowd on the floor eating pizza. The young woman with the ribbons in her braids, and older black male with white hair, and an androgynous pasty, pudgy white person with tuft of purple hair. The last member of the group was greedily eating the salad.

The older man was wearing construction pants, a plaid shirt and construction boots. Over his white hair was a Vietnam Veterans ball cap with a POW flag. The woman was wearing jeans, a white tank top and vest of brightly patterned fabric. The last member of the the trio looked like an overstuffed weisswurst in yoga pants and an undersized Che Guevara t-shirt. The Senator thought of this person as Pillsbury as the doughy countenance matched the biscuit mascot.

After he closed the door he turned to Pillsbury and asked, “I thought I gave the salad to her.”

Pillsbury shrieked, “I have low blood sugar and she shared with me. Something that someone like you wouldn’t understand!” The Senator looked at the young woman and frowned. She shook her head and looked away.

The Senator lead the group over to a table where he had the pizza box open and paper plates set out at 4 spots. He took a piece for himself, and told the others to help themselves. The old man happily took a slice and the Senator suggested he take a second which he did. The young woman took a slice and peeled off the cheese and meat and began to pick at the bread and sauce underneath. Pillsbury glared at her.

“I know you think I have power, to change things because I show up on Fox News. They just like that I occasionally say stupid things. Well, there was this production assistant who said I was hot, but I am not sure I believe him.”

Pillsbury’s eyes rolled and the old man chuckled. The young woman looked intently down at her pizza and picked a bit at the cheese.

“Anyway, I sit on Ag, Rules and IA. You really need someone on Banking/Housing or Judiciary. I’ve put in extra funding for loans for experienced but non landed farmers to acquire land in counties that are majority minority. Trying to end the tenant farmer/sharecropper system. Allow people to build some generational wealth. Beyond that I’m not sure what I can do to help. ”

Pillsbury glared. “You want to help? Kneel down and say Black Lives Matter.”

The Senator sighed. “No. I am not going to say that.”

The old man bristled and the Senator looked him in the eye. “I chided a staffer earlier today for saying ‘all lives matter’. I understand, for the longest time ‘All Lives’ didn’t include black ones. What is your name?”

The old man relaxed a bit and said, “Thomas.”

The Senator took his hands and said, “Thomas, your life matters.”

He looked at the young woman and the old man let go of his hands, “Angie, um Angela” She stammered as his deep blue eyes met hers and drilled in.

“Angela, your life matters.”

Pillsbury harrumphed. The Senator turned to simpering pile of flesh. “Your life matters.”

“You didn’t say it. You didn’t kneel.” Pillsbury screeched.

“Thomas, your life matters. Can we meet halfway and agree?”

“Senator, your life matters.”

“Angela, your life matters.”

She smiled a bit, “Your life matters too.”

The Senator beamed and took another slice of pizza. “Now that that we have established that our lives matter to each other, tell me what your priorities are how I can help you.” He grabbed a pad and carefully wrote out Thomas and Angela’s names at the top.

Thomas started, “Well you know the police violence.”

The Senator nodded. “That’s a tough one, really tough for me, because it’s local. I can’t fix Minneapolis or Knoxville. That’s up to their mayors and city councils.”

“What do you think causes it?” The Senator asked.

“All Cops Are Bastards!” shouted Pillsbury slamming the salad down.

The Senator pulled himself up to his full six feet. “Poppin’ Fresh, we are here to discuss black lives and issues affecting the black community. Thomas and Angela are capable of expressing themselves. More capable than you apparently. You are here as my guest, at their suggestion.”

Angela chortled then regained her composure and placed a hand on the Senator’s fist and he slowly sat down.

“I’m sorry Thomas, what were you going to say?”

“I don’t know. It’s always us and them, you know. They only get called for trouble so anytime they happen to be around they assume there is.”

Angela interjected, “That’s called community policing. I’ve read a few papers on it and it seems to work. It’s about getting the police more involved.” She quickly quieted herself.

“You’re here to speak. I want to know what you have to say, even if you didn’t vote for me.”

She turned her dark eyes down and confessed, “I didn’t.”

The Senator chuckled. “Your accent betrayed you. I was fairly certain you aren’t even from my state.”

“My uncle brought me up from Raleigh”

Pillsbury was fuming and turned to his fellow protesters, “You aren’t helping, you obviously don’t care about justice and equity!”

Thomas stood up, “You had best leave the Senator’s office, he’s been nothing be kind and generous.”

Pillsbury scowled as he ran out.

“He really does look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.” Thomas said and they all had a hearty laugh.

Angela took a bit of the pizza complete with meat and cheese and paused. She closed her eyes and smiled as she chewed and swallowed. She continued to eat the pizza with gusto.

They continued to talk with the Senator asking questions and taking notes. He filled several sheets and asked Thomas and Angela to review them. Angela was moving closer to the Senator and at one point realized she had her hand on his thigh. He didn’t do or say anything to show he noticed.

“Of course. I’ll have Mary Sue type these notes up and email them to you two. Do you guys mind if I name check you in my floor speech tomorrow? I can get you passes to watch if you like.”

It was almost midnight and the crowd had finally been cleared out. The Senator made a note for passes to Mary Sue and waited with Thomas and Angela until their Uber arrived. He then caught another Uber to his apartment.

He had just changed into his pajamas when his cellphone rang. “Hi Angela. Did you two make it back okay?”

“Wait slow down. They called him what? Shit. I should have seen that one coming. Is he okay? Are you okay?”

“Do you need a place to stay? There are some lobbyists who keep offering me a pied a terre, no questions asked. I’m sure they would be thrilled to meet me and a lovely young lady with the keys.”

“Umm, yeah, I guess you can crash with me. I have a spare bedroom and a sofa. I’ll text the address.”

The Senator texted the address and was glad that the maid had been in that day. He checked the spare bedroom and made sure that the master had fresh sheets. He took a spare pillow and blanket out of the closet and laid them next to his sofa.

He had just finished when they buzzed to be let in. Angela and Thomas came in and the Senator welcomed them in.

“Thomas, you can have my bed. Angela, here is the guest room. Here is the bathroom.” He said giving them a quick tour of the apartment. “Thomas, feel free to use the master bath. Is there anything I can get you two before you turn in?”

“No sir. You’ve been more than kind.” Thomas said walking to the bedroom. Angela turned and walked to the spare room.

After the doors closed he went to the kitchen. He pulled out a glass and placed a couple of ice cubes in it. He then took a bottle of clear liquor from a small distillery in his home state and poured it over the ice. He sat down and started to sip it when he heard the guest room door open.

Angela walked out. She had lost her jeans and vest and judging by the way her nipples were pressed against the tank top, her bra as well. “I can’t sleep. Do you have anything to drink?”

“My choices are a bit limited.”

“It’s okay. I’ll take what you’re having.”

The Senator added ice to another glass along with some of the liquor and then topped his up. He carried the two glasses back to the sofa where Angela had take a seat in the middle. He handed her one and set the bottle down on the coffee table.

She took a large sip and almost spit it out. “What is this? It tastes like rubbing alcohol”

“It’s called Hair of the Dog. It’s white dog whisky from a distillery back home.”

“White dog?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t get all critical theory on me. White dog is the name for unaged whisky. Moonshine if made illegally in the backwoods.”

She shook her head and took another sip, closed her eyes and swirled it a bit in her mouth.

“Under the burning, it tastes like corn on the cob.” The Senator said drinking the last of his and refilling his glass.

Angela refilled hers and leaned her forehead against his shaved head. She turned slightly and felt the stubble scrape her smooth cheek. “How often do you shave?” She asked with a slight giggle, the booze starting to get to her.

“My face every day. My head Sunday morning before church, and then on Wednesday night. I also shave before TV appearances.”

She swallowed hard and emptied her glass. She leaned her head back against his. She slid his hand over her armpit. “I shave this every other day.” She slid his hand down to one thigh. He put his other hand on her other thigh. “I shave these every other day, but only in the summer.” She grabbed the bottle and took a swig and placed his hand over her panties. “And this I only shave when I have a boyfriend.”

The Senator’s finger pressed against her cameltoe and he felt wetness as well as a cushion of tight curls underneath.

Angela moaned. “It’s been too long.”

The Senator leaned over her on the sofa. He kissed her on the lips and then eased his tongue between her lips. She started to suck on his tongue as his finger ran up and down over her rapidly moistening panties. She pulled back and started to kiss over his face and the top of his head as his finger worked her panties aside.

Angela let out a guttural moan and with a wild look in her eyes licked the top of his head as her hands pulled his t-shirt up. She ran her hands over his muscular chest and licked her way down to his collar bone. she nibbled briefly on and and continued to lick down to nipple. She sucked on his nipple and then bit it.

The Senator had slid her panties aside and was working a finger in and out of her wet pussy. She reached into the waistband of his pajamas and freed his cock. She let go of his nipple and looked at him with lust in her eyes. “How long had it been for you?”

He pulled on one her pubes. “About as long as you’ve been celibate.”

He placed his hands on the back of the sofa next to her shoulders. She stroked his cock relishing the warm hardness. Angela knelt down and started to swirl her tongue around the head of his penis. Her eyes were closed and she reached through the alcohol fog to smell and taste it. It was a good clean smell. She pressed her face down and his cock slid over her tongue and touched the back of her throat. She grabbed his ass pulled as she started to swallow. Her throat muscles were massaging the head of his cock. She kept swallowing for what seemed like an eternity and pulled back gasping. As she pulled back gasping a trail of saliva stretched from her lower lip to the tip of his cock.

Angela panted and looked into his eyes. She broke the strand of saliva as she jerked his penis. “I need you inside of me.” She pulled on his penis until he shifted down into a position to fuck her.

She lined up the head with the entrance to her pussy.

“What about condoms?” He asked.

“I’m clean,” she responded as the head eased into her pussy. She bit hard on his shoulder. It had been too damn long without a real man.

“So am I, but what about...”

“His or her life would matter”

The Senator thrust hard into Angela. “That is what I wanted to hear.”

Angela hadn’t been fucked with a purpose in a long time. She felt the Senator’s cock filling her; probing her depths. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him in. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders lifting her off the cushion and she was hanging off of him as he continued to thrust. Her fingernails dug into his back.

The Senator stood up lifting her up further allowing he to swing freely off of him. Her legs tightened on him pulling him deeper in. The two of them started to grunt and moan under the exertion. Drops of sweat formed on his forehead and dropped onto her chest. She felt her legs starting to slip.

The Senator turned and with a plop dropped on the sofa with Angela still impaled on his lap. Her hand went to his head and rubbed it as she rocked back and forth feeling his cock inside of her.

He lifted her tank top exposing her breasts with their dark nipples he started to suck on them and bit as she had done to him. She moaned as she pulled his head against her chest. Angela bounced up and down grunting as she sped up. She leaned in and kissed him on his lips, her tongue driving into his mouth like his cock was filling her pussy. She moaned into his mouths and then bit his lip.

She and collapsed on him sated. The Senator kept thrusting up. He panted hard and but into her shoulder. He dick spewed inside of her. They were breathing heavily and in unison. His hand was massaging her breast. The locked eye.

“That was good.”

“That was very good.”

“Thank you.”

“I hope we can do this some more in the future.”

“I wouldn’t object.”

His cock slowly softened and fell out of her pussy with a plop and thick glob of cum. Angela kissed him on his lips and slid her panties back into place and walked back to the bedroom.

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