Holiday takes an unexpected turn

Holiday takes an unexpected turn

For several years I had been fascinated by cock. Even just thinking about them was exhilarating to the extreme. I would get breathless looking at thick and throbbing cocks on the Internet, the way cum oozed up the shaft and out of the tip and how balls would then tighten and outline the testicles. Despite this I managed to convince myself I wasn't gay, partly because I was young and the idea scared me and partly because nothing else about men excited me. I never looked at boy's bodies or faces like I did with girl's. Until recently that was still the case, but shortly after my 18th birthday this changed.

During the summer holidays following my college exams my family took a holiday abroad to Portugal for two weeks. I was really looking forward to this particular holiday, partly as a reprieve from the stress of exams but also because it presented a great opportunity to check out some bulges up close. I also saw it as the next step in my developing adventures as a freeballer, something I picked up whilst looking at cocks on tumblr. I was already spending days out with friends sans-underwear and would do the same around the home. Whilst packing for the holiday I made the decision to not bring any underwear at all, the thrill of being unable to hide whatever may happen whilst taking in the views of the beach was incredible.

Upon arriving at the apartment we were staying in for the next 14 days I rushed to the public pool a few minutes walk away to start taking in the sights. Although there were only a couple of bulges to ogle it was still good to take in some rays, my tight Speedos had left a tan line just along the curvature of my ass and just barely above my cock, I always found tan lines hot especially when they showed how risqué I was wearing my swimsuit.
The next few days continued in a similar fashion, I would be up early to spend as much time tanning and staring as possible and found the
beach to be much more exciting than the pool, spying many more bulges
several of which were so big I could clearly see the outline of an engorged cock head from behind my shades, my lack of underwear almost left me exposed on a few occasions. Not only this but, whilst swimming along the rocky shallows in the bay, I managed to get a glimpse at a few bare dicks through the clear blue water as people had pulled down their swimsuits to scratch or whatever, I even got to see one guy pissing with his semi - I was very grateful I had remembered my swimming goggles! One week in my parents mentioned a nearby water park which was highly rated as one of the best in Europe, although there were very few back home in England I had always enjoyed water parks a lot more than theme parks and so it was settled that we would go the next day.

We left early so as to get as much time as possible in the park, we were forced to queue for a short time but we were soon through the gates. I was genuinely awestruck at the size of the place; both the height of the slides and the vast number of them and I immediately spotted several that I wanted to make a priority. There was a great variety from black holes to flumes and rapids to racers, not to mention the huge pool and numerous hot tubs.
After booking out a locker for our belongings we rushed to the biggest slide there "Kamikaze" already the line was winding up and down the five floors of platforms and stairs leading to the top, by the time we got there, though, we were only two floors from the top.

Whilst standing in the queue I took some time to check out the packages around me and was taken aback by one in particular, it seemed the perfect size wrapped tightly in the red Speedos the boy was sporting and as my gaze drifted up his body I, for once, got even more excited by what I saw.
He had tan skin which stretched over toned abs and prominent pecs, his face was chiselled like a Greek God and was rounded off by slicked back dark hair that dripped water down his breathtaking torso.
Naturally my cock began to stir in my swimsuit and I turned away from my family, but still staring intently at him. I felt a strange rush of feelings as the queue whisked me up the steps, I had never been interested in anything but a guy's cock before, I was confused which was not helped by my intense state of arousal.

All too soon he went out of sight when he got to the front of the line and plummeted down the slide but not before I stole a glance at his ass which was hugged tightly by his Speedos, showing off its shape and tautness. I felt my cock throb at this sight and I was fairly sure if anyone were to look then they would get an eyeful of my member in my tight lime green Speedos, although that was part of the reason I chose them! By the time I got to the front he had gone to the back of my mind as my anticipation grew, yet even when flying down the slide at God only knows what speed I still thought of him.

The next couple of hours flew by, we tried all sorts of slides and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed just relaxing down a ring ride that flowed almost entirely around the park. After this we were ravenous and stopped in one of the diners within the park. I treated myself to a burger, breaking the usually strict diet I imposed upon myself to keep in top physical condition.
As I stood up to leave I saw him again, just coming through the door with what were presumably his friends. I desperately tried to find an excuse to stay in the diner in order to get another good look at him but I could not come up with anything convincing. We decided to split up after lunch with my parents going to the main pool and sun beds, seemingly had enough excitement for one day, leaving me to explore the many areas of the park we had not yet experienced. I enjoyed the freedom and took my time just looking around, following the trail of water that flowed through the park and joining only the shortest queues.

About half an hour into my exploration I ended up at the hot tubs and decided it would be nice to sink myself into the relaxing water and let the bubbles and jets soothe me. I did just that and dropped my head back with my eyes closed, basking in the warm water as the minutes slipped by.
After what must have been about 15 minutes the water was disturbed and was shocked when I opened my eyes to see him climbing into the hot tub, my heart skipped a beat but I tried to remain calm. I was successful for barely a moment as when his friends got in with him he ended up sitting directly beside me, just inches away from our skin touching.
I nodded politely to him and his group and I was relieved when they began to banter among themselves, I was free to sit there and steal glances at the hunk beside me, my manhood fortunately hidden by the incessant bubbles on the surface of the water. Over the years I thought I'd become very discreet at this sort of thing, however he undoubtedly noticed me looking and I was fairly sure he actually caught me once, although he didn't say anything and I was always quick to look away.

I remained in the hot tub longer than I had planned on account of the raging hard on I had hidden underwater, no matter what it wouldn't go down as it seemed even his presence was enough to arouse me. Eventually his friends got up to leave and I expected him to do the same, he lingered though for a second and shot me a small smile.
"Hey thanks for letting us join you, I'm Ryan by the way, I hope we didn’t annoy you" he extended a hand towards me as he addressed me. Nervously I reached out and grasped his hand with mine,
"No, no problem mate, I'm James" I felt a jolt of electricity at his touch, his grip firm yet his fingers felt soft and gentle. "I doubt you could ever annoy me" I blurted out and immediately cursed myself for being so stupid.

My anger was misplaced, however, as he smiled at me staring into my eyes,
"You’re too kind" he said warmly before getting up and leaving to catch up with his friends. I waited a few moments for my boner to go down and once it was at half mast I left the hot tub. Following this I just walked around the park for an hour or so, not even noticing the other boys and their bulges as my mind could not shake the image of Ryan. I ended up back at the first ride I saw him at; there was clearly a lull in people as I was able to go right to the top floor of the queue.
This time the whole way down I was imagining Ryan waiting for me at the bottom, strong arms outstretched ready to hold me in his warm embrace, and him gently kissing my neck for all to see. I was shocked by my thoughts and realised that it was more than just his cock I was after.
This didn't happen, of course, I wasn't too far off though, as it turns out. He was in fact by the splash pool at the bottom, but seemed to be alone and looking around for someone. He then shrugged and started off towards what I realised were one of the toilet blocks. I have no idea why but I decided it would be a good idea to follow him and I quickly got within a few metres of him. I hesitated for a second outside the toilets but thought "fuck it" and followed him in.

There didn't seem to be anyone around as I passed by the row of sinks, and rounded a corner to see a row of urinals on one wall, shower and toilet cubicles on the other. He walked right down to the end urinal and began to pull down his swimsuit, I stared intently but before I got to see his junk he noticed me.
I decided to act natural and made my way down to the urinal next to him and was immediately grateful that for whatever reason, the park had neglected the normal partitions between them giving me potentially a full access view.
"Hi, James" he said nonchalantly as he finally pulled his cock out of his Speedos, I thought it must have been 6 inches soft as it flopped out, the bulbous head partially revealed by his foreskin. Realising I needed to keep up the act I too pulled my cock out, although it was worryingly already getting hard.
"Hey man, what were the chances of seeing you again?" I said cheerfully as both he and I began to piss, my heart was beating a million times a minute as I watched his piss stream out of the tip of his dick.
"I know right!" He said as he turned to look at me and I quickly averted my gaze from his cock, cheeks gathering a hot flush. It seemed, unlike myself, he really needed a piss as the golden stream continued powerfully out of his cock whereas I was now finished and stood somewhat awkwardly still at the urinal. Wanting to prolong the situation I asked,
"I thought you were here with some mates?" To my surprise he responded without offence.
"Yeah I was but it seems they have ditched me" he said as he began to shake, the sight of his cock flopping in his hand made my own more rigid and it now bent upwards slightly. At this point he seemed to notice that all I was doing was standing there watching him and he looked across to me.

"Looks like you're having some trouble there" he said with a downwards nod. I quickly tried to stuff it back into my Speedos but before I could I felt his hand grab onto my semi-hard shaft. "I could help you with that you know" he said smiling wryly. My heart jumped and I barely caught my breath at his touch, no one else had ever touched me there and my cock responded by quickly growing to its full 6 inches in seconds, his grip loose to allow my cock to thicken. I looked back up at him, the sight was so hot; his cock hanging out in the open, his gorgeous blue eyes sparkling with lust and his right hand reaching out with a grip on my cock.
Before I could say anything he began to slide his hand up and down my cock, slowly and steadily he reached the tip, his soft fingers grazing over my head easily on account of my cock being cut. The veins in my cock responded and throbbed causing it to jump in his hand, he stepped closer covering the distance between the urinals so that we were side by side.

"Holy fuck" I muttered as he twisted his hand around my shaft, I glanced back up to stare at him and noticed his cock had started to stir. I rose an eyebrow and looked down and in response he took my left hand and guided it to his cock which I slowly gripped feeling the softness of his foreskin and the steady flow of blood filling his cock. I started to play with the tip just as he had with me, watching intently as his cock grew bigger and bigger until I could barely fit my fingers around it. I let out an involuntary groan at the sight of Ryan's hard cock which must have been at least 8.5 inches long and double the girth of my own, it was the perfect cock even better than all the models' I had seen on the Internet.

As I gaped in wonder and his cock I felt his warm breath on the nape of my neck and soft, wet lips a moment later causing my body to flex and my neck to crane into his lips. "Oh God" I moaned without a care in the world if anyone heard as he planted another soft kiss on my neck, trailing up until he gently took my ear lobe between his teeth and pulled. It was the hottest thing I had ever felt and my hand stopped on his cock, just gripping it as I indulged in the pleasure of his mouth. With his hand still working my shaft I felt near the point of no return, he must have realised as he let my cock go and used his hand to turn my face to his.

We stared into each other's eyes for a moment and I knew what he wanted, I had never thought about kissing a boy, only about their cocks, yet with this perfect boy in front of me I could not help myself and leaned in to join my lips with his. I was tentative at first and he let me take the lead but I soon got into it, opening my mouth to allow him to take control. We began to make out heavily with soft moans emanating from both of us, I turned to face him straight on and we wrapped our arms around each other just as our tongues did. I pulled him close as I lost myself in his passion, the touch of his skin and the skill of his tongue keeping me hard, as was he, our cocks rubbing against each other in our tight embrace.
Just then wet footsteps sounded from the entrance to the toilets, I didn't panic as the exhibitionist inside me wanted to be seen, Ryan, however, keeping his lips to mine pushed me backwards and into a shower cubicle, slamming the door behind him. We stopped for a moment and just before I could get lost in his eyes he returned his mouth to mine and the sounds of our make out filled the toilets again. Ryan took both his cock and mine in his hand and started to jerk, as he did so he turned the shower on letting the warm water cascade down our bodies and onto our cocks. I started to moan under his touch and my kissing became more aggressive as my cock throbbed and my balls tightened.
"Fuck Ryan I'm gonna cum" I yelled over the noise of the shower.
"Yes that's it, cum for me baby" he whispered into my ear. That was the tipping point and I groaned as my cock began to pulse and warm cum shot out of my cock, at least seven loads landed on our chests and I threw my head back and collapsed into Ryan's arms.

When I recovered I kissed him softly but was interrupted when he scraped my cum off my chest and put his fingers to my mouth, I let him push his fingers in and as seductively as possible sucked my cum off. When my chest was cleaned we kissed again, sharing the last mouthful of cum. I then started to kiss down his neck and further until I was on my knees and began licking cum off his chest, paying special attention to his nipples which were firm on his pecs. I tweaked one and but the other which elicited a high pitched gasp from him before continuing downwards until his hard, 8.5 inch cock was right in front of my lips.

I leaned forward and softly pressed my lips against the head of his cock and I shuddered at the contact. Using one hand on the base I began to lick slowly, teasingly around the sensitive head, occasionally sliding my lips over it, not knowing what I was doing and just acting from pure instinct and lust. I could tell from his moans that I was doing a good job as he stroked his hands through my hair, encouraging me to go further. I looked up at him as I popped the head of his cock out of my mouth and softly slapped my cheek with it.
"Oh fuck, baby, please don't tease me" Ryan said through heavy breaths. I winked before immediately sliding five inches of his thick meat into my mouth and I began sucking him in earnest. I used my hand on the base and one with his balls as I bobbed on his cock, moaning as much as he did as I loved the feeling of my mouth being filled by his throbbing monster. I felt his hands increase the pressure on my head, I knew what he wanted and tried to take more of his cock but I could still only manage 6.5 inches before my gag reflex stopped me. I used my tongue to tease the tip and shaft as I kept him in my mouth but he surprised me by shoving the whole of his cock down my throat, and began fucking my face hard and fast.

I groaned as his cock hit the back of my throat and my lips were pressed against his abs. His pace got faster and I heard his moans get ever louder until on each thrust he let out a loud involuntary moan, the sounds of his pleasure turned me on even more and I grabbed his tight round ass making it easier for him to fill my throat. I felt his cock throbbing faster and knew he was close, just before he could shoot I grabbed his cock and aimed it at my face, jerking him frantically with my hand. A second later his hot, sticky cum shot out and landed on my face. He groaned louder than before and yelled "Fuck yes James" as two shots landed on my cheeks, one on my forehead and one even in my hair. Before he could finish I put him back in my mouth and took his last few spurts of hot cum on my tongue savouring the taste as I milked his sensitive cock for as much cum as he had. I swallowed some but let some remain, enjoying the taste of another boy's cum for the first time.
Ryan slouched against the cubicle, his breathing heavy and his cock covered in my saliva and his juices which I hungrily locked up before standing up and taking him in a warm embrace, we kissed passionately, sharing his cum and lost in the pleasure we just shared.

Eventually we separated and washed each other under the shower, although I couldn't resist a quick kiss on his ass when I got to that part! By some unspoken consent we both left the cubicle together and started to stroll around the park for the next hour or so talking about each other. It turned out he was staying in the same resort as I was, albeit on the other end, and we decided that we would meet on the beech the next day. I was pleasantly surprised when at one point he held my hand as we wandered around, we stopped in the pool for a short while holding each other close in the water and stealing the occasional kiss, it seems the exhibitionist inside me had receded since earlier. Unfortunately we were forced to stop when he spotted his friends.

"I should really go now James" he said looking slightly dejected.
"That's okay, I can't have you all to myself" I said as I cheekily slipped my hand down his Speedos, giving his ass a squeeze. He gave me a quick peck on the lips and turned to leave,
"See you tomorrow" he winked and walked off, I couldn't help get a slight boner as I watched his cute ass join his friends and my mind strayed to what we would get up to the next day.

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