Weekend on the Great Lakes

Weekend on the Great Lakes

A Marina on the Great Lakes well before sunrise.


Joe and I struggled carrying the storage trunk from the van along the dock to our lake cruiser.

140 pounds of Bitch Meat I laughed to myself. Dan, Jeremy, Sam and Dave waited on the ramp to the boat to help us. Our boat was loaded and now all we needed is to store our weekend guest on the tail of the boat. The Marina security cameras would show nothing out of the ordinary.

Grabbing this slut had taken some planning. We picked Melanie since she had a checkered past. Abusive boyfriends, minor run-ins with the police and some erratic behavior. She worked late at a local bar which gave us our opportunity. We blocked the small road to her house, the bitch grab had gone off without a hitch. We drove her car into a remote lake and took back roads to avoid any cameras. Everything considered she might not be reported missing to the police for several days.

As we cast off from the dock I could hear some pounding in the locker. Hogtied and gagged Melanie was still making some noise. With land well behind I unlocked the trunk. We dumped our prize onto the deck. Gagged, blindfolded and hogtied we could only imagine her terror. We rolled her over several times on the deck. Melanie still had her blue jeans shorts, checkered blouse and jean jacket on.

We laughed and joked as the bound slut twisted helplessly on the deck. Her muffled screams betrayed her terror. I pushed with my foot turning her over. The others took turns. We taunted her. “Slut. Whore. Cunt. Want to ass fuck you. Cum Slut. Worthless piece of meat.”

Melanie was around 5’ 6” carrying around an extra 20 pounds. Nice full tits and ass. The six of us knelt around her. Our hands ran over her body. We smiled as we grabbed her breasts, they did not disappoint. Feeling, grabbing, pinching we liked what we had. “Nice tits bitch. Puffy cunt. Perfect ass for fuck. Gangbang Bitch.” Melanie squirmed as we laughed at what we would to her.

We rolled her over and took turns slapping her ass, pinching her thighs, mauling her tits. Dave held her chin and pinched her nose close while Dan pissed on her gag. The bitch struggled to breathe thru the soaked gag. Her chest heaved, struggling to get air. Dave pulled off the gag, as she gasped for air Sam pissed in her mouth. As she lay on the deck we took turns pissing on her. We laughed as we aimed for her head joking as she tried to avoid the streams of yellow.

Even as she gasped for air Jeremy pulled her shorts down and cut them off with his knife. The blouse was easy to rip off leaving only her open jacket. I held her head while the ropes around her ankles were cut off. With Jeremy on one leg and Dave on the other cuffs were wrapped around her ankles, her legs pulled wide and ankles attached with short chains to a spreader bar. Dave cut her Jacket off.

With a lot of effort I put a life preserver over her head and attached the straps. Melanie’s arms were free but still tied together. Her legs spread apart I fingered her pussy. “Bitch, can’t wait for my dick?” I pulled on her pussy lips and slapped her hard. Everyone took a turn, two fingers, three four, slapping, twisting. “Bastards. Pigs. Stop. Assholes.” We just laughed. “Bitch this is just the start.

We attached the winch cable to the spreader bar center and tossed Mel overboard. Sam took the controls and throttled up our cruiser. Zig-Zagging we could see Melanie bobbing and bouncing over the wake of the boat. Her legs toward the boat former a V catching the water between her legs.

With the boat stopped we pulled her back up to the deck with the winch. Between the cold water and the water beating she was a quivering mass of fuck meat. We dragged her by her legs into the cabin removing the life jacket and releasing her ankles from the spreader bar. Her thighs and cunt were red form the beating of the water. Cold, quivering and with little physical control she was ours. I pulled her keeling over a foot rest at my chair and pulled her by the hair up to my crotch. I yanked her head back pulling hard on her hair. Melanie whimpered, unable to speak. Her eyes pleaded for us to stop, and she whispered “Please”.

“Please What” I screamed into her face. Tears streaked her face. “Please Stop.”

“Please Stop” I mocked her. Laughing my friends repeated. “Please Stop. “Please Stop.” She didn’t see as Jeremy slipped a ring gag in her mouth. He pulled the leather strap as tight as he could. ”Fuck yea, that looks better.” Jeremy grabbed her hair pulling her head way back and spit into her open mouth. He spit again face to face. As the bitch choked up the spit, he slapped her face. “Get ready for some face fucking slut.” I grabbed her hair from Jeremy, pulled head to my crotch and shove my cock into her mouth.

As I began a brutal skull fucking, Dave mounted her from the rear easily shoving his cock into her cunt. Sam pulled her head off my cock and shoved a black dildo down her throat. Melanie started shaking, gagging, and throwing up. Sam pulled the dildo out, held in front of her face. “Bitch, this is going up your ASS.” He slapped her face with the rubber dick and move around to her butt. Dave toyed with her ass then brutally shoving the 10” dildo up her ass while I shove my dick back in her mouth.

Melanie’s head jerked, pulling her mouth away from my cock. “Fucking Slut” I slapped her face and then back slapped it. She wanted to scream but I held her head firmly shoving pulsing my cock back in. Unable to hold back I shot my load into her throat. Almost at once cum and vomit exploded out her mouth on the sides of my dick. I pulled out to let her catch her breath as Dan waited to take my place. I slapped my cock on her face, covering her face with her own mess. I scooped up some of the mess and shoved it back in with my fingers watching her gag again. Dan took my place shoving his dick inside her mouth.

“Yea, oh fuck AAAAAHHHHH” Dave was rocking back and forth shoving his dick as far as he could, he came in her cunt. “Fuck yea, he slapped the inside of her thighs and her cunt. Sam took his place, flipped the bitch over so her back was on the foot rest. Sam pulled the dildo from her ass, threw her legs over his shoulders and rammed his cock in her ass. Her head hung over the side of the foot rest so Dan got on his knees and shove himself in her mouth with his ball bouncing on her face. Face up her tits were bouncing back and forth.

“Fuck her hard.” “Harder” “Oh yea. Fuck that ass.” The helpless bitch was fucked like a rag doll. I was screaming watching my friend’s relentless attack. Her tits bouncing were an irresistible target. I knelt beside the foot rest and started to grab and slap her bouncing boobs. Cum ran out of her ass as Sam shot his load. Jeremey took Sam’s place as the attack continued. We all took a turn.

The bitch lay moaning on the floor while we sat around her drinking beers and eating pizza. Melanie was curled up, crying. Cum was caked around her ass and cunt. Her hair was a stringy mess. Ass, tits and mouth were red. The ring gag was out of her mouth and face was red and swollen.

She jumped as I grabbed her by the hair. She had little strength as I pulled her up to her knees. The pathetic bitch could only snivel. “What did you say?” “Please let me be. I can’t take any more.” Little did she know the worst was to come?

Jeremy had a roll of fine gauge fishing line. There was horror in her face as started to wrap the line around her left breast. “No, please no. Stop.” Melanie twisted and turned trying to get away. Dave and Sam held her by the arms as Jeremy looped the fishing line around her tit meat. He twisted the line around 10 times and tied it off at the end. He took a small stick wedging it under two twists of the line. He twisted the stick two times around tightening the string...

Melanie screamed as the string began to bite in deeper. Two more turns the line bit deeper. Her tit bulged out before and after the string. Melanie begged. “No take it off, no.” I pulled her face up to mine. “BEG Bitch, Beg.” “Please, please take it off.” I spit on her face. “Jeremey tie the other tit.”

Melanie wailed as Jeremey started on her right boob. “”Shut the fuck up.” I screamed in her face and slapped her already swollen mouth. Jeremy wrapped the right tit with fishing line. Both tits were bulged out turning red. Sam slapped the red swollen mounds. The bitch was screaming her head off. Dave pushed her head down while she knelt and mounted her from behind shoving himself inside here cunt, the swollen tits swaying back and forth. I held her by the head. The screaming excited Dave into a frenzy as brutally fucked her cunt.

Melanie could not fathom there was more to come. Sam brought a box of fish hooks. Dave and Sam began to push the hooks into her ass meat. They place them up high and low, inside and out. Melanie’s ass had spots of blood around each hook. Dave came in her cunt and then we flipped her over from kneeling to laying on her back. We bounced her up and down on her ass pushing the hooks even deeper.

Quickly I moved between her legs pushing inside her. As I fucked her I would pull her ass up and push her down jamming the hooks. I pounded her cunt jamming her ass against the floor. When I finished each of my friends took a turn. As he lay on her back being fucked I grabbed each swollen tit, squeezing, twisting the nipples. “Guys, watch this.” I slapped each of the red swollen tits. “Yea, do again. Het tits bounced back and forth with the slapping.

Sam turned her around again, pulling her up to her knees He shoved his cock inside her. As he fucked her he slapped her ass with wooden stick, beating on the embedded hooks.

Joe took his turn slowly fucking her. He took the black dildo and shoved in her ass fucking her ass as he cock fucked her cunt. Cum was oozing out her cunt as Sam took his turn. He pulled and twisted on each fish hook while his dick slid back and forth. Her ass was bloody mess, the fish hooks had been pushed in, twisted and pulled.

After all of us took a turn, Melanie lay on the floor only semi-conscious. We removed the fish line from her breasts but the fish hook were there to stay. We gave her water and let her rest for now.

The sun was up and it was hot on the deck. Maybe time for a little sunbathing.

(To be continued)

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