Blackmailed to pose nude

Blackmailed to pose nude

Hi, my name is Lyn, I want to tell what happened to me. A few months ago.
I know I’ve been a bitch and a stupid girl. I’ve done something to really
hurt my husband. I will never do it again. I don’t really wont to go into what
I’ve done but just to say it was not very nice.
I don’t know why as I love my husband so much. But I begged
my husband for a second chance, and he agreed. I know he loves me and
I was so sorry for what I did. I love him so much; I was prepared to do
anything he asked. I just wanted us to get back together. But I did not
expect him to forgive so easily .
My husband had just joined a camera club in a nearby town and I didn’t think
anything of it, but that’s when he tells. me that on their next meeting
I must be there model, for the night.
At first I’m not so worried I know I have a big bust but I’ve
lost a lot of weight. I tell him that I will have to go and buy a new bikini.
Oh no says my husband; you wont need that or any other cloths.
You will be posing in the nude. Since you are so keen to share
your body, you can show all my friends at the club, everything you
have on offer. And if you’re coy about any of the poses then woe betide
you, of cause you can say no.
But then how will I know you are really sorry. What I want is for
you to do everything they ask, to do every pose without a word.
Of course that really has me in a spin. I have never posed before,
even for my husband and, only two other men have seen me in
the nude, never a whole room full of men. He knows I can’t refuse
and at the end of that week my big night was here. My husband drove
me to the club, and we arrived around 7.00pm, my husband reminds
me what I have got to do, every pose no question he says.
A guy called Steve greeted us at the door. He thank me for coming
and asks If he could get me anything.
I ask for a drink to calm my shaking hands, I’m shaking with
nerves; at first everything seems better than Id feared. My husband
friends seem really grateful im here .There seems to be a lot of men in here.
I start to feel quite flattered that this many men have come to see me.
I finish my drink quickly as I am led to the centre of the room, which
is quite dark. There is a double bed there, with a lot of studio lights
shining onto the bed. The men are gathering round quietly talking
to themselves, getting their cameras ready, and adjusting the lights.
A couple of them start to take some photos.
I pose first in a loose red coloured dress with a deep cleavage.
I turn my head this way and that way as asked, there are about
15 or so men clicking away around me. Giving me instruction
I begin to blossom.

My confidence begins to grow. But I’m still very nervous.
They obviously think I’m quite good, it hardly bothers me when.
I am asked to lose my dress. Everyone is so friendly here.
I undo the zip on my back and I pull my dress over my shoulders
and off my arms and it slips to the floor.
This all happens at a very fast pace. Now I am down to my underwear. The men move in a little, closer now to have a better look.
I have to bend down, turn my body this way and that. I begin to worry if I have to do this, if and when I am nude. I am sure my husband will stop me from going nude, he is a jealous guy.
I am sure he was only joking about me going completely nude. I start to tingle a little now. I adjust my hair and move my head as requested. The men move around the bed taking it in turns ,to photograph me, I take it this is the way its done all of them taking there turn.
My head is spinning as I am now asked to take my bra off. I look at Dave thinking he’s bound to, stop this now, but he justs smiles at me. So I unclip my bra slowly, I let the straps come over my elbows.
I hold my bra over my breasts, to catch my breath, my heart is pounding in fear and I slowly remove my bra, exposing my breasts. There seems to be a lot of camera clicks It seems quite natural and reasonable, and not as bad as I thought it would be. There are lots of flattering remarks about the beauty of my bust next, I hold them up and squeeze and pull my nipples as I am asked. Now I am told to cup them in both hands as if I’m offering them to cameras. I have to hold these poses for all the guys to capture, them with their cameras. Now I have to dampen my nipples, with my finger. I put my hands above and behind my head, to fully expose my breasts, as asked.
I feel cold being topless, my nipples are hard and erect. I think the men like them being like this. Next I am told to pull my knickers down to my knees. I look at Dave and he smiles at me. I want him to stop this now, but I know he will not.
I don’t want to do this but I have no choice, so I slowly pull my knickers down to my knees as asked. And to stand with my hands behind my head. The men move around taking their photos. I pull my knickers up because I am now told to get on the bed. The men gather round .I continue to pose while I am on the bed, the men can’t take their eyes of my breasts. I lie on my back on the bed. I feel very vulnerable, with this many men closing around me.
Still the men take their turns, to take my picture in an orderly fashion. .
Now Dave tells me, to open my legs, and to pull my knickers to one side. I am exposing my open pussy to these men
Why does he want everyone to see my pussy?
I think oh god do I have to do this. But I know I must do what I am told so I slowly pull them to one side to expose my pussy for the first time. The men try to get a better view, as they zoom in with their cameras.
They all seem to be moving in closer. Dave tells them to be patient, you will all get a good close up look at her pussy she is going to show you everything she has to offer. This frightens me I wonder what he expects to happen. I have to wait with my hand pulling my knickers to one side, for everyone to focus and to take his snap.
I am now told to take my knickers off, I pull them slowly over my knees and kick them of my ankles, I am so nervous. I am now totally naked now for all to see. I keep my legs closed because I don’t want anyone to have a close up look at my pussy. All the men take my picture. I cant believe that I am lying naked on a bed with 15 odd men looking down at me.

I think my husband has had enough of my embarrassment. And will now stop this for me. To my utter surprise it goes on.
I am so embarrassed and now the sensation of being nude under the gaze of so many men’s eager eyes really scares me. The atmosphere has now changed it looks as if my husband’s punishment has worked for him. I am told to lie down on to the bed, some of the poses I am being asked to do are showing a lot more than I like. I am now told to turn around on the bed and to go onto all fours and to open my legs. I now know my worst fears are going to happen, they will all get to look at my pussy in great detail and I cant stop them. I slowly do as I am asked and I turn onto my back and go onto my hand and knees. I face away from the men. Now I am told to push my ass into the air and to arch my back fully. Someone tells me to spread my legs open so they can see my pussy.
I know the men are seeing me in a very obscene way. They can see every little detail of my exposed pussy.
I can sense the men like me in this pose, there are seeing me doggy style.
I have to turn my head smile and to look at them, while they take their pictures. I also have to hold my head up high. I notice some of the men nudge each other and smile to themselves, while staring at my pussy. I am giving them all an unobstructed view of my open pussy.
My husband is the only man to have seen me in this position. Nobody else has seen me like this. Never mind a whole room full of men.
The sound of camera clicks and zoom lens focusing in to record my total embarrassment and now I must touch my pussy with my hand.
Next I am told to turn over and to lie on my back, I always seem to have to move my legs just that bit further apart.
Slowly my legs are being opened by them, so they can see my pussy. Inch by inch, my legs open. Now I am flat on my back and my legs spread as wide as I can get them.
And I know from where the photographers are standing they are getting good close up photos of my exposed pussy. The men still take it in turns to photograph me. I always have to keep smiling for them, as if I am really enjoying this situation I am in. Cameras pointing right at my open pussy.
I look into their faces I don’t see anyone I know, which is a blessing. Then as they move around and this man moves right in front on me, I look up and I think I know him, its John, this can’t be happening to me. I can’t believe it. What is he doing here, why has Dave let him come here tonight, knowing what is going to happen, to me. How could he let John in to look at me in these obscene and exposed position. I look at Dave and he has seen me recognized John and now he has a smile on his face. My legs are spread as wide as I can get them and revealing my open pussy. And John of all people is standing and staring at my open legs. I feel totally ashamed; I feel my face go red with embarrassment, how can I look him in the face after he has seen me like this. This guy lives in our street. Also he is from school he always had the hots for me, but I can’t stand him. He has always given me the creeps. I felt sorry for him, in school so I would say hello, only because nobody else would. I know husband can’t stand him.
So why is he here? How could my husband let that freak come here?
He always scared me.
Now he’s a balding fat man, with no personal hygiene.
He’s never married. A very sad man. I am sure he spies on me.
I have seen him at the back of our house looking into my bedroom.
He moves to the end of the bed with his camera around his neck, and
a huge smirk on his face.
I think oh no please not him. I can see his beady little eyes close
together. A wicked smile tells it all.
He tells me to look straight at him, and then tells me to smile for him.
I can’t believe that this man is telling me what to do. Anybody apart from him.
So now I smile for him and I can see him laughing.
He’s pointing his camera straight into my face and then down to my
breasts and then my open legs and pussy. He wants me to know
he is looking at my exposed pussy. He must be getting a good
thrill out of this, at my expense.
Now after all these years, he is now seeing me naked with
my legs spread wide open for him.
And now he starts to click away taking his dirty photos of me. I think it can’t get any worse now; I close my eyes in utter shame. I keep seeing his laughing face, in my mind. I feel very scared, naked and venerable, I want to close my legs and cover up. I want to wake up and find out this is all a dream, but I know it is not going to happen this is for real.
Now he tells me to open my eyes and to look at him. Look happy he says. How could I be happy with him taking my photos? I can hear his zoom lens going in and out as he focuses on my open legs. I can see a little sweat on his forehead. He now lowers himself down level with my open legs to take his next shot.
Now he tells me to touch myself to open my lips for him to look inside, you know you want to show me everything he says. I know for sure I don’t want to show him anything, I certainly don’t even want him anyway near me. I can live the thought that nobody knows me, here. And I will not see any of them ever again, but this is to close to home. This has to be my worst nightmare. And I just don’t want him telling me what I must do. But I know I have to obey is what Dave said, so I do what John has told me and , I move my fingers onto on my pubic mound then slowly feeling for my pussy lips.
I hold them lightly in my fingers and I slowly pull them apart for John to look at inside. His eyes are staring at my pussy and then they grow big, and his mouth is open, this has to be his wildest dreams coming true. Look into my camera he says, cant you pull your lips wider apart. I take a better grip and open up my pussy for John to look at. Can you imagine what John can see,
how turned on he must be at having the power to tell my what to do. I know can’t refuse. It’s the utter shame of all this, how can I let this freak look at me, like this. How could my husband let John look at me like this? Now he bends down for a closer look, I can feel his eyes straining to take this image of my pussy. All the time his camera is recording my naked body, mainly my open pussy. He has waited a long time for this moment and is enjoying every second of it. Getting all the best photos he wants. But he hasn’t finished yet, he tells me to pull my lips even wider apart one at a time for him to have a better look inside. Tenderly I pull my lips open again for him he is looking deep into me. He is staring right at my pussy. I still have to smile for him. He thinks this is a private show just for him. Or could this be his pay back time for me. I know he is looking right into my pussy. Nice cunt I always wondered what it looked like he tells me. He’s only a few inches away, and looking straight at me and then down too my pussy again. He’s taking in every detail, and photographing what he sees. I know he is enjoying every moment of this ;
All his prays have been answered. He’s giving my pussy a good inspection. He is getting all the close up shots he wants.
Now has me to stretch my lips open again with one hand to show my pink. I touch and pull open my lips as wide as I can. I know I can’t stop him. Now another guy stands at the end of the bed. My turn he says and John moves away. He tells me in a deep voice to lift my ass up so he can get a closer look. The men are only interested in close ups of my open pussy.
And then points his camera at my pussy and clicks away. I hold this pose for all of them to capture it. I also see John with his camera at his face snapping away. They all take there turns to have a good look. This is a free once in a lifetime opportunity to look and photograph a willing girl. To put her in the most so embarrassing poses they can think up. To do anything they want.
And that’s when my husband bends down and whispers in my ear. There only one thing Lyn you, cant do and that’s you must not come. I then see Dave lean over and talk into John’s ear. I can’t hear what is being said. But I soon realize what was said.
Hideously embarrassed I close my eyes in shame as I am told by John, to fondle my bare breasts and to slip one finger up my pussy hole until I’m gently masturbating myself. He tells me to open my eyes; I must look at him. Most of the men are laughing at me as I lie on the bed , legs wide apart openly
fingering myself in front of them. I have eye contact with John. He is really enjoying making me do these embarrassing things to myself. He getting all of his kicks in one night. And there I am one finger up, hand on breast for filling his dreams and my nightmare. Now he is just standing watching me with a smile on his face. Imagine the one person you hate most of, all telling you to put a finger up love all the way, don’t hold back because I am here. Now pull it down and push up again faster, you know how to do it he says. John of all people is now telling me how I should masturbate, how degrading can it get. Now he is laughing at me, I still have to do what he says. Ok he says slip another finger in if you want to. All I see are faces gathered round studying my every move.
This is a free peep show for my husband’s friends. It’s total humiliation for me. There is laughter now, as I do what I am told, by John. Its as if its one big joke is being played on me. He now tells me to smile for him while I play with myself. He lowers himself down level with the bed.
I can feel his breath on my pussy he is that near to me. Its as if I am playing with myself over him. Him of all people. Next he tells me to stop and to leave my finger in, he bends down and takes a closer inspection. His nose is so close its nearly touching my pussy. I cringe with the thought he has seen me in a position like this. All I see are camera lens pointing either in my face or pussy zooming in for the close up shots.
My finger is half way in and he puts his camera to his face for a really close up shot of my finger and pussy together .Every camera click is recording my most intermit and personal parts of my body. I carry on masturbating after being told to do so, but John just watches my fingers going in and out of my pussy. He must be having the time of his life with this show I am giving him.
All I can hear are the camera clicks, recording this most obscene event, for there amusement. There I am legs wide apart finger up my pussy, hand on breast.
Gently masturbating myself for there entertainment. I pull my finger out and someone says look at the juices. I quickly wipe my finger. Maybe none of them has seen a girl masturbate before, but they sure have now. Even John of all people has witnessed me fingering myself. Now someone else moves to the end of the bed and I am told to hold my hand out. He gives me a cucumber, and his eyes go big. I can’t believe my husband will let this happen of all things. But for now I have to gone on. And then the camera goes to his face. The men all gather round .I tenderly pull my lips apart and I feel myself little wet, and the men start to laugh and snigger at me. I push it up slowly. I see John camera to his eye. Now the cameras go for it. They take it in turns to come to the end of the bed to take their pictures for this is now so obscene. John is a little way back after someone told him to move, but he is still capturing this intimate moment. Someone is now holding my ankles. I can’t move my opened legs. And I am still playing with myself. This has to be the best show they have ever seen. All around me are a sea of men’s faces, and my husband is watching me put on a show for all his friends. The cucumber feels really big. I am told to use two hands, to push it up.
As they photograph me. Now I am told to slip my hand under my leg and to grab the cucumber, so they can get a better look as it goes in. I am fulfilling all of their dreams .I am told to take my time, as they have all night. I can see the look on their faces, as I push and pull this cucumber in and out.
There are enjoying this spectacle, of being in total command. I hear a zoom lens close in on my pussy and another click, records this big cucumber deep inside me. Next someone’s takes the cucumber out of my hands and replaces it with a pink colored penis vibrator. I’m told to go and work on myself again. I think fuck it I will show them and I go faster and faster, but then I see my husband and he is shaking his head from side to side. I stop because I was going to cum but my husband said that I was not allowed. I leave the pink vibrator embedded in my pussy. And just put my hands above my head. I need a rest.

But I still hear the normal sound of the cameras, going off. Over the sound of the buzzing of the vibrator.
All of the men come to the end of the bed in their turn to photograph me. Legs wide vibrator sticking out but still going while I just look into they eyes, at the sorry men. I look down and someone is removing the vibrator. And gently pushes up a black one in. I can’t be bothered to stop him.
I just lie back and I just let them to get on with it. I am told to have some fun, and I begin to satisfy they demands once more, as I push up the vibrator again.
Then I feel something else is near my pussy lips. Its fighting the vibrator for my pussy hole, oh no its John I see his thick dirty looking fingers with dirt under his nails and a big cheer goes up as he rams a couple of fingers up me. And he pulls the vibrators away. He spreads my lips apart and looks straight at me. To my horror, he tells the guys have a good look and pulls his fingers, out to show my juices. This time as he pulls my lips it hurts me, but the men don’t care they just want to see my pink inner lips.
I can’t believe John of all people has just fingered me. My legs are pulled open again. He is now moving towards my head. And is pulling his trousers down. I see his under pants and they are dirty.
He pulls them down. And starts to rub his erect cock. I think oh god not this of all things haven’t they seen enough now. He now stands by the edge of the bed, the men are shouting suck him suck him.
They now want a free sex show. No way I am going to do this. My husband comes and holds my hand, he bends down to my ears and whispers swallow it all. I shake my head and scream no. But he just says do it. I turn my head and I can smell his cock. It just touches my nose. He pushes it against my lips.
And now he bounces his cock on my chin. My worst nightmare has just came true I am about to suck John the geek off, in front of the other guys. Why him of all people, and for this to be filmed as well.
Just the embarrassment and the pain and shame of what I am been asked to do. And he pushes his cock into my lips, and against my teeth. I open my mouth and close my lips around his shaft. It touches the roof of my mouth; I can taste his pre-cum in my mouth. I grab at the shaft of his cock as he forces it deep in my throat. I touch his cock with my tongue, to stop me from gagging and he pushes and pulls my head. He is wanking himself off in my mouth. He then passes his camera to the man next to him and tells him to capture this moment on film. And starts to pump again .He grabs my hair and pull my head down. In the corner of my eye I see, the camera has came in for a close up shot of his
cock in my mouth. Another pair of pants being lowered the other side of me.

A camera is by pushed near my face, to capture the moment when he cums over my face.
I can hear the ripple of the camera clicks as everyone films this moment. He pulls himself out and shots his spunk all over my face. My mouth eyes, and neck. It’s hot and sticky. And smells. He bounces his cock against my lips and has a tug to get the last of his spunk to drip onto my lips. And before I know it his cock is back in my mouth and I taste his cum. I can feel all eyes are on me
He pulls out his cock and my head is turned the other way and another cock goes in. I’m now gagging and above me 3 or 4 guys are busy wanking themselves over my face .I feel hot spunk over my tits and face. Everyone is laughing. People are cheering as spunk showers me. They are still taking photos of this. John grabs my head and wipes his cock in hair. I am now being abused as never before I am there sex toy for the evening. He bends down and says that was better than a fuck. But now I have the photos to wank over. The men carry on, still laughing at me. All of them wank over my face and body. I cant close my legs then last man comes over pulls my head back wanks, himself and empties, his load half in my mouth and half over my face. He puts his cock back into, my mouth so I can clean his cock. I’ve had so much spunk down my throat I feel sick. I see John turn round and take a photo of me with a cock a mouth.
My husbands thank the guys for coming saying what a great show it was. Afterwards when we got home I ask him why he did it and he says to teach me a lesson.
I asked him why nobody had fucked me. He said I didn’t want them to. And for me not to enjoy myself.
There is no way I enjoyed myself it was the most embarrassing, degrading and shameful night of my life. Also why was John of all people was allowed to come knowing that we both hate him and with him living so close to where we live. Well Dave says he has fancied you for a long time, can you imagine how happy John is now. I thought this would be his dream coming true. He can wank himself over you as often as he wants now. He has all the pictures he needs.
And because of what you done to me. I thought why not John, you humiliated me I will humiliate you. Who better than John .I know but I sucked him of as well, I swallowed his spunk.
Do you know how that feels? He has seen me in the most intermit and obscene poses any woman can do. I was naked my legs spread as wide as I could get them, and he has seen me like this. I even had to masturbate in front of him. Using my fingers a cucumber and vibrators.
He has seen every part of my body; also I was covered in spunk, giving your friends blowjobs. He has watched me do all of these things and you don’t care. And now he has pornographic photos, of me .He has seen every part of my body how could you let that happen? Why did you let all of you mates wank over me, I ask. I think we are even now he says.

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