Wanting you (part1)

Wanting you (part1)

So, we just talked and I let you know that I would probably be and hour late. I'm so sorry, I promise to make it up to you. You understand, and will be waiting. So you slip into a warm tub to relax. To take your mind off of things. And settle in to wait.

But I only said that to see just what you would do with the free time. I slip inside the room, you don't hear me. I hear water running, hmmm must be bath time. I peek through the open door and see soft candle light, a tub of bubbles, and hear music. Perfect. I know you can't hear me now. You have your head laid back, and seem to be dreaming away. Your arm resting on the edge of the tub. I notice a small motion in your arm, making me wonder what is going on. I peek further. Under those bubbles, I can see your finger tracing a line around your nipple. Even though I can't see your nipple, I know it must be so hard already. You've wanted this for as long as I have. And now there's a delay on my part...........so you think. I am enjoying this so much. As I watch, I can see that your other hand is resting lower. Where? I'm sure to find out soon enough.

I can see you moving ever so slightly. I'm sure that your fingers are doing such wonderful things to your body, but I don't want to wait much longer. I undress, and stand and watch just a while longer. I can't take my eyes off of you. I know what is happening under those bubbles, but I can't see them. It's so erotic, my mind is racing in every direction. Trying to figure out what I need to do, I notice that my hand has wrapped around my cock. It's so hard. Slowly stroking my shaft as I relish in your self-pleasure. I don't want to interupt, but I need to feel your body against me. I slip quietly up behind you, and reach down to your soft warm breasts. I was right, your nipples are so hard. I can't wait to taste them. But I want to help finish what you started.

I slip behind you in the tub. You can feel my hardness against your back. Straining, pulsating, seeming to grow harder and harder. I take your soft wet tits in my hands, squeezing, caressing. Pinching your nipples harder. I whisper for you to continue. I want to share this with you. Your fingers find their way back between your legs. Tell me what it feels like. So soft, lips so full, engorged, quivering, wanting, expecting................pleasure. mmmmmmmm Slip a finger inside. Tell me. Is it wet? Warm? Tight? Your pussy is sexy. I feel you push back against me. My cock so hard. I whisper, soon..........very soon.

I reach down, and softly grasp a few of your little pussy hairs. I give them a gentle tug as your fingers stroke deeper inside you.I reach for those few little hairs that are on your pussy lips..............pulling, it almost hurts, but for some reason, it doesn't. It makes you groan. I smile. Licking, sucking, kissing your neck. Small bumps form all over your body.......... have I found a nerve here? I can feel your fingers spreading your pussy wider, my fingers join in. As I hold your pussy open, your fingers slip back inside. Deeper. Long....................... slow........................direct.............. stroking in and out. Your finger finds that hard little spot. It is so hard. So ready. So excited. "Let me," I whisper. Your fingers reach to spread your lips for me................my finger feels for your wet pussy opening. Slipping first one, then another finger inside. I start small strokes just inside your sweet tight little hole. Teasing. Another finger starts to caress your clit. It is so hard. All I'm thinking is that I can not wait to take this in my mouth, thinking soon.........................very soon.

I can feel you getting tighter, wetter....................you are so close now. I feel you pushing harder and harder against my cock. I am so close to cumming, what I really want to do is just grab my shaft in my hand and stroke it until I explode. But this is for you.....I want you to cum so hard.......so good.......so long.........I want to feel your pleasure. My fingers are stroking deeper inside you. Faster inside you. Harder inside you. I can see your nipples so hard................you want to cum don't you? I can sense that you are right there, so I lean close to your ear......................slipping my fingers all the way inside your pussy............. I stroke one last time across your clit, and tell you, "Cum for me NOW!!!!" I hear a moan from so deep inside you, your body tenses, your nipples are so swollen and hard.........................and your pussy...................... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM............ your pussy is squeezing my fingers oh so hard.

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