Coping with Retirement, part 2 - It's Like the Good Old Days

Coping with Retirement, part 2 - It's Like the Good Old Days

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Lettie brought Janie over the very next day, the Monday evening. Clearly she was not a girl to let grass grow under her feet.

I could see that places for two teenage girls to have sex together, in any relaxed way, would be few and far between. Even these days not many parents were that broad-minded, and I didn’t think the Mellors were, at least.

The use of my comfortable indoor swimming pool room would definitely be something they’d jump at, if my presence could be worked in or around somehow. As a 65-five-year-old retiree I could only be a fly in the ointment, but I was part of the package, so to speak. A package that Lettie had pushed pretty hard to get, thinking back to her masturbating naked with me!

Janie was her best friend and they had sex, Lettie had explained to me, though they both had sex with other girls and Janie with boys too. The other kids at school knew about it, but not the teachers or the parents, and they’d got the other children to accept it.

Or if any adults did know, I suspected, they turned a blind eye as long as it wasn’t thrust right under their noses. Schools, and parents, did not like that kind of scandal.

I realised that any girl with lesbian interest could simply approach Lettie or Janie - they must make it acceptable. The taboo and fear of being ostracised would be gone, and without those deterrents who knew how many girls would be bisexual or lesbian?

Well, I was quite curious how casual the relationships were.

What I definitely did not know, because Lettie hadn’t really answered my question about it, was what my role would be.

Was I going to be a voyeur? Would Lettie even suggest that I give them some time alone? I had no idea. I had to trust that she wasn’t someone who would simply exploit me to gain access to my facilities, and to be fair she seemed a nicer person than that.

I wondered if she in fact had no real plan, and was going to play it by ear. She was, I was starting to think, bold enough for just about anything.

Anyway on Monday Janie’s parents innocently dropped her off at the Mellors’, to work on a school project they thought. Lettie promptly brought her across, her own parents barely requiring an explanation, I guessed. I think Paul and Amanda knew Lettie might visit a lot, and that’s what they’d been half warning me about.

Lettie had said Janie would know nothing about our deal, and would just come to swim. In the normal way I’d have had doubts about this, but Lettie was the kind of person that other people just wanted to be around. She had confidence and charisma; someone full of life.

I could very easily imagine that when she said ‘come on let’s go for a swim at my old neighbour’s house’ then other kids would follow.

So I answered the door and there they were. It was real, after all.

I made an effort not to stare at Janie, who was wearing a miniskirt with a short top, but concentrated on just being pleasant as she was introduced. She was a redhead, good-looking, and about the same size as Lettie.

As we walked through to the pool room I was able to look at Janie from behind, seeing that her body was quite similar to Lettie’s: about five feet two or three, a fairly lightly built torso, with a slightly heavier bottom half. Not ‘heavy’, you understand, but feminine. Her ass and thighs were amazing.

We went through to the pool room and Janie was gratifyingly impressed. She was more like a normal fifteen-to-sixteen year-old than Lettie and a bit more eager to please. Not ingratiating, but less totally self-sufficient, and kind enough to want me to feel good.

The thing with Lettie was that she didn’t seem to refer to other people at all for her opinions; instead other people – including Janie – referred to her.

But Janie was still quite confident, by normal standards. Looking at her more closely she was even prettier than I’d first thought. She had a fairly long, thin face, with fine features, a thin, straight nose, and grey eyes.

I have always especially liked grey eyes. Her skin was a fair skin with freckles, I saw, and I liked her thick wavy hair, a bit longer than Lettie’s, falling a few inches down her back.

She looked at me for a moment, no doubt thinking I was an average old guy: medium height, medium build, and old. Well I didn’t have much idea how I looked at all these days, to a girl. I’d been quite popular back in the day, but it had been a long time since the question had arisen. I still had all my hair, at least, even if it was grey.

“Shall we swim?” Lettie asked, starting to undress.

I saw Janie look uncertainly at me, and I excused myself to go and get changed in the house. It didn’t take me long and when I came back Lettie had just pulled Janie into a kiss, both of them in one-piece swimsuits. Janie jumped back as she heard the door.

“It’s OK,” said Lettie, pulling her back, “David knows, he’s cool about it.”

She forced a quick kiss on Janie before Janie could extricate herself. Janie looked at me, going red.

“Yes it’s fine, Janie,” I smiled at her, “I know you two are girlfriends, you carry on.” I dived into the pool and did a few lengths without looking up. When I did Lettie was just ready to jump in.

I got a quick glimpse of a damp patch on the crotch of her blue swimsuit, and what looked like nicely swollen lips bulging out where, I suspected, the little tease had removed the lining – part of the honey trap she’d set for me, to get me to accept this incredible deal of her bringing her girlfriends round to have sex with them here.

Janie jumped in after her, and for a few minutes I did some slow lengths while they swam a bit, splashed about, and then stood talking in the shallow end. I wasn’t sure if I should be joining in or not. And if so, how. What did I have in common with them?

I looked at their four gorgeous thighs each time I passed, then Lettie moved into my way and I stopped and stood up, quite close to them.

“Janie wants to know how old you are,” she said with a smile.

“I’m sixty-five,” I admitted, trying not to sound like it was a fault, “but not all that old inside. How old are you two?”

“We’re about sixteen,” said Lettie, grinning naughtily. Janie grinned with her, and I had to join in. We all knew she was playing with the idea they were underage.

“But we have some stuff in common don’t we?” she continued. “Girls, just for a start. Shall we watch some more videos?”

“Good idea,” I agreed, looking at Janie to see if she knew what kind of videos we were talking about. She didn’t: she was looking unsure, but willing to go along.

We settled on the mats facing the big TV, under the infra-red lamps I’d put in, with me on one side of the laptop, then Lettie and then Janie. Lettie took charge and looked for the teen lesbian site she’d been on the previous evening.

While she got under way I looked across, discreetly, at Janie’s swimsuit-clad body.

Her tits were possibly a bit fuller, if not really bigger, than Lettie’s, and her thighs were a little bit bigger. They were fantastic. So was her pelvis, wide but not tall, doing a fabulous job of marrying her delicious small waist to her gorgeous big thighs. She looked incredibly sexy. It was a toss-up who had the more rivetting body.

I dragged my eyes away as Lettie’s site loaded. Janie jumped.

“Lettie!” she gasped.

“It’s OK,” Lettie reached for her and stroked her thigh, “David’s cool with this. We were looking at these last night, actually.”

“Wow,” was all Janie said. She looked at me, trying to get her head round this granddad figure watching videos of young lesbians with Lettie; then she looked back at the screen.

“I should have told you, but I wanted you to see,” Lettie was stroking her thigh now, “we can do what we like here, be together, everything.”

“But…” Janie struggled for words. I knew she was too polite to say what she was thinking.

Lettie sensed the sex sites weren’t right, I think. She went to a video site and started playing a random girl band video. I could see her working on what to do. After a few seconds she seemed to think of something.

“David,” she said slowly, “I don’t suppose you’d let us smoke a bit of grass?”

“Lettie!” Janie was shocked all over again.

“Well Janie,” I said with a smile. I’d suddenly had enough of this granddad business, feeling as though I were some kind of alien. “My generation invented smoking grass.”

“You did?” Even Lettie was surprised.

“Well you’ve heard of the Swinging Sixties? Isle of Wight Festival, the original ones? Woodstock? Hippies? Communes? Well that was me. I was smoking dope in 1967, and dropping a lot more besides. I daresay it’s hard to believe now.”

The memories flooded back, suddenly. I’d been so respectable for so long. But back then…

“Wow,” Lettie was grinning at me, Janie too. Lettie reached into her bag and started rolling.

“So what was it like?” Janie wanted to know. “Did you have long hair and everything?”

“It was down here,” I indicated below my armpit. The girls wanted to believe me, I could see, but were struggling to imagine it.

“It was a movement, very idealistic, against the Vietnam war and all kinds of things, materialism, the establishment, old ways of thinking. ‘Make love not war’, was one of the favourite sayings, and we certainly tried.” I laughed at the memories.

“Gosh that’s so great,” Janie was very interested, “so did you, like, share, you know, everyone with everyone?”

“In the beginning, yes we did,” I was remembering as I answered her, “it was wrong to try and possess someone. Possessions were bad. Couples were not great. You just slept with anyone you felt like at the time.

“There weren’t any diseases or aids like there are now, not that we had to worry about anyhow, and the pill had just arrived, so we just had a free-for-all. It could be completely casual, you know – meet someone, sleep with them perhaps, just like that, and then say goodbye if it was a festival or something.

”It was a movement, that was the thing. We were all together, all with this cause, and aggression was out, the idea was for everyone to be nice to each other. Love and peace. You’d pass someone and say ‘peace man’, and it wasn’t silly, we all meant it. It was a great time. Really great.”

Lettie lit her joint and took a big draw, holding it down. I savoured the smell, a smell that took me back over four decades. Smell can be such a powerful sense.

Janie took her hit and then offered the joint to me; I’d have accepted almost anything she offered me, to be honest. I had to lean over Lettie in her swimsuit, but managed not to look or touch.

“What was the music like?” Lettie asked.

“The music was a big part of it,” I took a slow pull, and it felt wonderful. I gave the joint a moment to cool then passed it on.

“Blues, rock, psychedelic rock…Hendrix, Cream, The Stones, Pink Floyd, all those. Yarbirds, Zeppelin…”

I’d forgotten it myself; it was years since I’d listened to it though it was right there in the laptop where I’d copied it all. The dope brought it all flooding back, the whole scene.

Goodness, I was so rigid now, so correct. The people I mixed with were all rigid and correct.

But well, I didn’t have to be correct any more did I? No office to go to, no suit to signal my status and respectability…what had happened to me since those days when I was young and free and a hippie?

“Could we listen to some?” Lettie seemed genuinely keen.

“Of course,” I said, “I’ll go and get the hifi, I’ve been meaning to bring it through.”

For the next few minutes I was busy bringing in my amp and speakers, that I did normally run from the laptop but in the living room. I set the speakers up facing the hot tub, routed the wires for the surround-sound rear speakers, adjusted the stands and made all the connections.

It’s a decent system with a lot of power and I’d been looking forward to seeing what it would sound like in the pool room, with its high ceiling and all the water. I didn’t think the glass wall would do the sound any favours but I hoped an echo might be a bit like an indoor concert.

While I was doing it I took the odd draw from the joints that Lettie rolled; she started a second one, and she and Janie were starting to sound nicely stoned by the time I’d finished.

They were lying very close, legs mixed up, and in a minute they’d have been kissing I reckoned. I had quite a nice buzz starting as well, and my doubts about how to be part of it had evaporated.

I took the cover off the hot tub and looked at the girls.

“Shall we do this in comfort?” I asked them.

“Oh yeah,” said Janie, getting up. She got in, followed by Lettie, and I balanced the laptop on the edge, with the remote for the amp, then got in myself. It wasn’t a big tub and all our legs were touching, but by now nobody cared.

After a discussion which was carefree and only slightly hampered by the girls’ not knowing any of the music, I selected one of the more rocking tracks from the first Led Zeppelin album, How Many More Times, and turned the volume way up. I didn’t have to worry about my nicely distant neighbours; I knew that whatever I did as long as the windows were closed they wouldn’t be disturbed.

The sound hit us, you could physically feel the energy, the bass buzzing us. It was like being at a concert, close to the stage, but in a hot tub with two gorgeous teenage girls.

Lettie and Janie slid together, touching, as we all nodded our heads in time and got into the music. I smiled amiably at them, feeling good. They were so sexy. How could they possibly not fancy each other?

The track ended. “What shall we have next?” I asked, “something modern? What are you into?”

“Let’s have Stone Sour,” said Lettie, “Made of Scars. It rocks.”

I found it online. I had no idea what to expect, then the first riff made the water in the tub shimmer. The track did rock, indeed. I really hadn’t expected these sweet girls to be into this kind of stuff.

They looked so well-behaved and nice –well they were of course – that dope, lesbianism and heavy rock didn’t fit the image at all. How great. I lay back and basked in the hot water, watching the band.

We played another couple of tracks, a Chickenfoot then some blues, a Stevie Ray Vaughan. The girls loved it.

There was more to do though, than listen to music. When that one finished we all looked at each other.

“Great sound!” Lettie glanced at her friend. Janie looked back, and I saw the connection take hold.

Lettie put her arm round Janie’s neck and pulled her into a kiss. Janie didn’t resist this time and in a moment they were pressing together, their perfect made-for-sex young bodies looking even more arousing in combination. I was rock hard. It was like the good old days even for my cock.

I left the music on a blues playlist and turned it down so I could listen to the sexy sound effects as they kissed and fondled.

They couldn’t get their bodies lined up in the small tub, so Lettie stood up and pulled Janie out of the tub onto the mats. Then she pulled her to her, standing mons to mons, tit to tit; one hand on her neck and one on her fabulous ass, and Janie eagerly pressed into her.

After a minute Lettie slid one of the straps of Janie’s swimsuit off her shoulder and then stood still. Janie did the same to her; Lettie did the other arm of Janie’s, and vice-versa.

Lettie pulled Janie’s suit down, exposing her great tits. They weren’t huge, but they were big on her narrow ribcage. They projected beautifully, with just a little pendant shape, the upper surface curving downwards then up to her pale nipples. They were freckled like the rest of her, which made them particularly erotic for some reason.

And they were sensitive. Lettie crouched down to pull Janie’s swimsuit right off, kissing her way down from her neck, and Janie gasped and groaned as Lettie’s lips and tongue worked over her tits. The nipples were hard and begging to be nibbled.

I saw Lettie fail to resist that temptation and take one between her teeth. She looked sideways at me, baring her teeth so I could see, then closed them slightly and slid them along the nipple, scraping and stretching it.

Janie shrieked in arousal. No wonder they couldn’t do this in their homes!

Realising I was being included I pulled my trunks off, still lying in the hot tub, and put them on the side. Lettie saw and grinned at me as I started to stroke my cock slowly.

She nibbled the breast itself for a few seconds, making it even more flushed, then kissed and nibbled down Janie’s small, flat tummy until, peeling off the suit as she went, she arrived at a lovely red bush; quite neat, not dense.

She blew on it, then nudged Janie’s ankles to get her to lift her feet out of the swimsuit. Janie’s fantastic little body was naked. Lettie gave her a big wet kiss on her clit, making her jerk it forward, then stood up.

Janie repeated the process for Lettie, slowly nibbling down, nipping her nipples and her amazing jutting tits, and stripping her, until she was equally naked and, I could see, desperate to cum.

They tumbled onto the mat together, their gorgeous thighs interlocked. In a few seconds I watched them line up their clits on each other’s beautiful meaty thigh and start humping and grinding together.

They were the absolute definition of sex, totally desirable and totally into it. They moaned and gasped and writhed as I tried to decide which was the sexiest thigh in the world, and which the second sexiest. Their fabulous tits rubbed on each other.

After a couple of minutes they speeded up, and bucked into a shared orgasm. The orgasms went on for a long time as they groaned and gasped and shuddered, before they gradually relaxed.

One thing I’d found as I got older was that it mostly took me longer to cum. Well I had pretty much stopped wanking in recent years, but before I stopped I had found I could last for a long, long time. It was compensation for the fact that once I had cum that was generally it for the day.

So I’d watched the amazing sight of Lettie and Janie stripping each other and bringing each other’s highly sexed young bodies to their gripping climax, without cumming. I was just buzzing nicely with the grass and the sex.

Lettie could tell, evidently. She looked at me meaningfully and made up motions with her hand.

“Let Janie see,” she laughed. Janie looked over, interested.

I stood up, presenting my cock for their examination. It had always done a good job, according to the girls I’d fucked with it when I was younger. It’s seven inches long and just about two across – thick, in other words. The head is quite bulbous and sticks out a bit outside the shaft.

I’d always felt it suited a nice wide pelvis, although the thinner girls hadn’t complained either and nor had I about them. But it just seemed a match with a nice potent female pussy, such as the one I was looking at, I’d bet: Janie’s.

As I looked I just knew how it would feel pressing into her, the insides of her gorgeous soft yet meaty thighs on mine, as her strong young pussy gripped it and her potent, demanding pelvis writhed around in concert with her narrow, supple back.

The water cooled on my balls and I felt my cock pulse a bit.

Lettie let go of Janie and reached up for the laptop, looking to see it was alright with me. She put it back on the mat and went to her lesbian subscription website.

Janie was looking at me; a bit differently from earlier I thought. “Smoke?” she asked, with a grin. They were both so cheerful, full of fun and the joys of life. Just being around them seemed to have taken years off me.

Also it came back to me how dope helped me fit in with people, the laid-back feel when everyone was cool and I had time to think before I had to say anything. Sometimes, in the old days, when we were well out of it twenty minutes could pass between someone asking a question and someone else answering, and it all seemed quite natural.

I got out of the tub and lay down next to Janie, as she rolled a new joint sitting cross-legged in the middle of us. I savoured the aroma of grass mixed in with the aroma of fresh wet pussy.

Lettie’s website came up and she picked a video, of a slender young girl who for some reason was walking aimlessly in the woods, before unexpectedly being accosted by two older women.

Janie passed me the joint and I took it, touching her fingers as I did. I was close to her, and she didn’t mind. I took a good pull and passed it back. Janie had another toke and passed it to Lettie, who was now absorbed in the perils of the young girl.

Janie lay back and stroked a finger down my arm. “It’s nice skin,” she said.

“It works,” I said eventually, “keeps the rain out. Not as nice as yours though.” I stroked over her hip, and she liked it. We all watched the video for a bit.

The joint was on its way back, Janie taking a turn again. Being in the middle she was double-hitting.

“I was thinking,” she said. I waited for the rest of the sentence to come along in due course. The joint did another round. “An old person’s skin might feel, you know...rough, or dry, know...”

“Yeah,” Lettie had been keeping an ear on us, “I know what you mean. But it’s OK, isn’t it. You should go for it, doll, you need it.”

A minute or two passed, with Janie stroking my old body, examining it. The slender young girl on screen had had her clothes taken off by the two women and was being admired and stroked in the middle of the woodland path.

“I do, don’t I,” Janie finally answered. She rolled towards me. “I need your big cock, Dave baby. Your great big hippie cock.”

She grabbed it and giggled. She was seriously wasted. She knew what she wanted though; as I felt the contact it surged in her hand; her small, delicate teen hand, round my throbbing cock.

Even stoned Janie had great coordination, and plenty of power to move effortlessly from one position to another. In a second she’d straddled me and was guiding my cock into her pussy.

I knew it was right, I reflected dreamily, her pelvis was just right for my cock, as she lowered herself onto me in one slow, fantastic, fabulous descent. It had been magically easy.

She bottomed out and rubbed her clit around on my pubis. Her pussy pulsated wetly around my super-sensitised dick and I pressed up a bit into her. The sensation was incredible.

“Ooooh,” she breathed, “that’s so, great.”

I ran my hands up her gorgeous thighs. Which were now either side of me! God.

I kept my hands going, up over her hips and then in to her little waist, such a shape, and then up her ribcage, my fingertips over her gorgeous tits. Then to her shoulders, nice and firm and straight, up her slender neck, over her lovely young face, and into her thick, wavy hair, not quite dry but still wonderful to comb my fingers through.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, curiously slowly, “quick. I need it. Go on top and fucking nail me! Quick!”

She’d seemed such a polite, well spoken young girl, I thought, as I followed her capsizing body over sideways, held her gorgeous, desperate pelvis to keep us connected, and rolled on top. I slid my other arm under her shoulder, taking a grip. Then I started to fuck.

In only a dozen strokes she was starting to cum. I couldn’t believe it. She’d had a cum not, what? Twenty minutes before was it?

I looked away, over at the floor in the corner, to stop myself cumming with her. It wasn’t easy because her pussy was as potent as I’d imagined, but somehow I tuned my mind out of what I was doing and feeling, and focussed on the sexless building for a few seconds.

It worked, and as Janie’s highly sexed little body came down to earth I was still hard in her. I’d missed a glorious moment but I hoped to more than make it up shortly.

“God!”, she gasped, “you didn’t cum? Guys always cum with me.” She seemed a bit offended.

“It’s a trick I learned,” I explained, “to stay hard for sexy girls who need another go. I could have cum, easily. I’m hoping you want some more though.”

“Mmmm, OK I so do, gimme a minute” she giggled again. “Where’s that J, Titty?”

She reached across and took Letti’s latest rollup from her. After a toke she passed it to me. I drew deeply and held it, seeing the luckless young beauty on screen being stripped and tied face-up over a fallen tree.

I passed the joint back to the gorgeous Lettie, who was gently playing with herself, watching the video not us I noticed, and then I looked down at Janie through my replenished high.

My whole body tingled. She was incredibly fuckable, absolutely made for it. And she absolutely loved it. She was ready; I could feel her responding to my little movements.

I started to pump in and out again, slowly but with a long stroke. She started to gasp and cling to me straight away. This time I was going to savour it.

I worked my forearms back under her, one to grip her shoulder and stop her sliding away, and one under her fabulous potent pelvis to give me maximum penetration and control. Then I applied everything I knew, which had all come back to me.

Seven thick inches is quite a lot into a smallish girl, and Janie’s pelvis was wide rather than tall; every time I pressed into her at the bottom of the stroke she gasped. I pressed in, to be really, really deep into her, and to work on her clit and vulva. I started off with a slow stroke and a little squirm on her vulva each time, and fucked her gently like that for a few minutes. Then some more minutes; quite a lot more.

Her sexy gasping was like music in my ear. I felt her writhing gently under me, and moved my hand up under her back to feel her muscles working there. She was so lithe, so flexible. Her skin was warm and fragrant; smooth and soft; with firm muscles underneath.

We fucked on and on. I wanted to make sure she was going to come back for more. And anyway I wanted her to be happy of course. She was so lovely, she deserved everything I could manage.

After some time I could feel her start to move slightly more, and just ahead of my rhythm. She was ready for another cum. So was I, in fact I’d been starting to think I’d misjudged it and might cum before her, but it was all going to be good.

I speeded up, keeping the long stroke but banging into her instead of giving her the slow squirm. She started to thrash her head from side to side and I felt her pussy change to a grippier, more viscous feel. She was still strong. I speeded up yet more, having to hold her against the thrusts, and heard and felt her start.

Then my own orgasm started and I was spurting into her, as deep as I could, instinctively trying to deliver my sperm deep, deep into her amazing body.

I felt her, listened to her, sniffed her and watched her as I filled her desperately spasming young pussy with my sperm. Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! It was such an ultimate moment.

Then we were winding down.

I sagged onto her for a minute, eased my finally deflated cock out of her pussy and rolled off, on Lettie’s side. I pulled Janie to me. She cuddled affectionately against me, old skin and all. I nudged her with my leg and she seemed to understand, laying one gorgeous thigh over my hip.

With my arm that was round her I stroked lightly over it.

I realised Lettie had just cum as well. The slender girl in the movie was lying gasping on the ground while the women were walking off. She looked dishevelled; evidently she’d been pleasured to Lettie’s complete satisfaction.

Lettie looked over and smiled at us. “That was cool,” she said. “Any danger of that keeping you going for a few hours Janie?”

“You never know,” Janie grinned back, “I never had one like that before. How long was it anyway?”

“Like an hour,” Lettie said, “I stopped the video to watch, actually, I couldn’t believe how he was keeping you up there.”

“Yeah it was amazing,“ Janie gave me a kiss on my neck and pulled herself more onto me. “I guess you’re just a cool old hip dude, baby, man.” She giggled.

I was thinking perhaps I hadn’t so much retired as woken up.


Continued in Part 3:

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I am a deeply religious person. I believe in doing good and resisting evil temptation. I believe that Christians should practice humility and, when wronged, turn the other cheek. With the help of my wife, Eve, I work hard at being a good Christian. I thought I would save Eve, and bring about her transformation. By any standard, Eve was a sinner. I met her at a moment of weakness. One day, I was lured into a gentleman's club against my better judgment and my knowledge of good and evil. I was a virgin in every sense of the word, and...


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My Husband’s Friend Visits Us - Part 2

=========================================================== You’d better read “My Husband’s Friend Visits Us” first, as it’s the beginning of this story. Otherwise, it will be impossible to understand! =========================================================== Hi! This is Lynn again, and I want to tell you what happened after all the pleasure I had with my husband Jim and his well endowed friend Ben, when we welcomed him in your home. We were destroyed after all the alcohol we had had, and also all the sex activities, extremely pleasuring but also exhausting. We showered together and went to bed – our king size bed, of course, not the makeshift at the...


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Contemplating my bi-sexuality???

I had never thought of myself as Gay or even liking the thought of being with a man. On the other hand I loved playing with my ass and inserting things since I was about 12 years old. I can remember using my mother’s douche bag to give myself enemas ever since I can remember. As I got older I found myself using cucumbers and all kinds of other items to satisfy my lust to have my backside pressed open. One day a few years ago, after much contemplating, I made up my mind to try something new. There was a...


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The Pendant 2

The Pendant Chapter Two The next day at school was kind of weird. Bobby kept looking at me like he wanted to say something but didn’t. I kept expecting him to ask me what happened to the Pendant but he never said anything. After school I was looking forward to using the Pendant again. When I got home I decided to do it in bed this time as the floor had been too uncomfortable. I locked the door, retrieved it from my hiding place, got naked, and lay on the bed. I looked down and saw I was already hard anticipating...


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