Daddy’s Little Cumslut Chapter 4

Daddy’s Little Cumslut Chapter 4

I knelt naked on the soft fur rug at the foot of Daddy’s bed as he stroked my hair and fed his long, thick cock down my throat. Just yesterday I was virgin and my Daddy’s sweet little Cherry. Now I was nothing but a needy slut for his cock. I loved to suck on the fat plum head, and I loved when he fucked my tight pussy. I would do anything to please him and his cock.

“Oh, that’s a good little slut, take all of Daddy’s cock down your throat,” he grunted as he thrust his cock forward till his balls rested on my chin.

He pulled out of my mouth and slapped my cheeks with his wet cock before pulling my head down and feeding his balls into my mouth for me to lick and suck on them. He ran his hand down to probe my pussy which was slick and aching with need.

“Good girl, all wet for Daddy. What a good little cock slut you are. Now bend over the bed”

“Yes Daddy,” I promptly replied as I crawled to the foot of the bed and bent over displaying my pussy and ass to him.

He ran his rough hands over my full ass cheeks and squeezed as he grunted his approval. I trembled as he squeezed some cold gel on my tight anal sphincter and and gently pushed the tip of his finger inside.

“Daddy can’t wait to fuck this tight little ass, but we are going to have to get you nice and ready for it.”

I moaned as he worked his finger deeper and began to twist and pull stretching my little rosebud open. Just when I had adjusted to the feeling, he slid another of his fat fingers inside causing me to whimper.

“Oh, Daddy that’s too much,” I whined and wiggled my ass.

“Just relax babygirl, Daddy’s going to take good care of you.”

He then began to lick my pussy. Using the flat of his tongue, licking all along my lips from the top down to my ass pucker. He kept his fingers in my ass and gently wiggled them as he continued to eat my pussy, his tongue delving in my hole to taste my sweet nectar. It didn’t take long before I was grinding my pussy on his mouth and moaning and begging for more. Too soon though he pulled his mouth away and removed his fingers from my tight ass. I groaned my displeasure and he replied with a hard slap on my upturned ass.

“Daddy could eat that sweet cunt all night but I have better plans,” he said gruffly as he walked to his dresser.

He returned with an object that looked like some sort of stopper. It was firm, black rubber with a tapered head and a flared base. I looked at it curiously as he instructed to to suck on it and get it nice and wet. I understood it’s use when I felt it begin to slide into my ass, he pushed it slowly into me allowing time for my sphincter to relax around the bulbous head. Just when I thought it was going to stretch me to my limit it popped in and my sphincter relaxed around the base.

“Good girl, that will keep your tight little ass nice and open for Daddy.”

“Oh, I feel so full back there Daddy,” I replied as I wiggled my ass trying to adjust to the stretching and pressure in my rectum.

“That’s nothing baby girl, just wait till I bury my fat cock deep in you,” he replied with a laugh as he pulled me up on the bed and laid me on my back.

He arranged my body to his liking, propping my back up on a pillow and pulling my slender legs up towards my chest till my pussy and ass was open and exposed to him. I felt extremely open and vulnerable to him in that position. The submissive position combined with the foreign stretching sensation in my ass had my clit engorged and throbbing, and my pussy getting slicker by the minute. Despite my need Daddy did not seem in a rush and took his time as he licked and bit my neck working down to my puffy nipples. He ran his fingers lightly over my pussy, avoiding my clit until I was panting and trying to grind against his hands. I knew what he wanted from me and I quickly relented.

“Please fuck me Daddy! I need to feel your fat cock stuffed in my holes. Please fuck your little slut!”

“What a needy slut, begging for Daddy’s cock,” he replied with a mischievous smirk as he raised up and positioned his fat cock head against my dripping slit.

He just held it there for a moment as he pinched and teased my sensitive nipples till I was moaning and begging him incessantly to fuck me.

“Please Daddy, I need my cunt filled so bad. I am such a slut for cock.”

He leaned forward sinking the head into my aching tunnel and I could have cried in joy. He slowly rubbed my clit as he slowly sunk all ten inches into me. By the time I felt his heavy balls rest against my ass I was ready to cum. I felt completely full with the plug in my ass and my cunt stretched to the limit around his fat cock. He continued to rub my clit as he ground his hips into me in a circular motion.

“Remember Slut, no cuming without permission.”

I was already on the precipice when he began to thrust his cock in and out with long deliberate strokes. He increased gradually increased the speed of his thrust along with the manipulation of my engorged clit. Everytime he thrust into me he hit my G-spot and I could feel my orgasm building deep in my belly.

“Oh, please Daddy can I cum,” I begged and whimpered between thrusts.

“Not yet slut, you need to learn to control yourself,” he grunted as he increased his thrusting till I felt he was going to hammer me into the mattress.

My ass was clenched around the plug and I moaned and squirmed under him. My hips met his thrusts and I could feel his cock banging against my cervix. I felt warmth and pressure spread out from my cunt and I knew I was not going to be able to hold my orgasm for much longer at this rate.

“Please Daddy, I’m going to cum so hard on your cock. Please let your slut cum!”

“That’s it cum for Daddy you little slut,” he grunted in staccato as he continued with his relentless pounding of my cunt.

I barely had time to register his words when my orgasm came over me. The pressure building in my vagina. I remember Daddy rubbing my clit furiously and telling me to push, when I exploded. He pulled his cock out of my cunt and my orgasm slammed through me as I started to squirt all over his chest. I was nearly incoherent when he slapped his cock against my clit several times and began to thrust into me again.

“Oh fuck, my little squirting whore. Cum for Daddy again slut!”

I was a moaning, writhing mess at this point. My clit was throbbing and the pressure inside my pussy was intense. I was having one orgasm after another as his cock continued to pound me and hit my sensitive G-spot.

“Oh fuck here it comes Daddy,” I screamed as I came again soaking the sheets underneath me.

He pulled his cock out of me and lapped at my sensitive folds sucking up my juices. He started to wiggle the plug in my ass then slowly pulled in out of me.

“What a juicy little slut you are Cherry. Now it’s Daddy’s turn. I’m going to fuck this sweet little ass. Would you like to have my fat cock in your ass?”

He returned to licking my pussy and sucked on my clit, causing my legs to tremble around his head. I moaned as his tongue ran down and around my rosebud, probing and pushing inside.

“Yes Daddy! Please fuck my ass. Use your little whore,” I begged between moans.

He was all too ready to grant my wish and I soon felt the thick plum shaped head of his cock pressing against my asshole. He pushed my legs up hard against my chest, pinning me to the bed.

“Daddy’s going to fuck you real good baby. Now relax and open your ass for me.”

He bore forward drilling the tip into my tight muscular ring and I cried out in pain.

“Oh fuck, stop Daddy! It’s going to rip me apart!”

His only response was a grunt and a thrust forward. I screwed my eyes shut and screamed out as he popped through the ring and buried the head in my ass.

“Good girl. Hard parts over. Now relax and let Daddy take care of you,” he crooned as he started to rub my clit.

“Now open your eyes and watch Daddy bury his cock in your ass.”

I watched as he slowly fed more of his cock into me. My ass was on fire and I could feel every bump and ridge along his shaft. He had about half of his cock inside me and I felt that I was surely going to be tore apart when he began to gently pull back and thrust forward while working my clit. I tried to breath and relax my ass, silently begging my body to cooperate with the fucking I knew I was about to receive. He continued to rock in and out of me slowly, each forward thrust penetrating me a bit deeper than the last until he had finally buried all ten inches in my ass. I have to admit that the sight of my Daddy’s fat rod in my ass was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen and served to fuel my lust and make my pussy drip.

“What a good girl you are taking Daddy’s cock in your ass. Now Daddy is going to fuck you like the cheap little slut you are. I’m going to wreck that ass.”

“Yes! Please fuck my ass. It feels so good to be stuffed with your cock,” I replied as I started to rub my clit.

He slowly began to thrust his length in and out of me. I quickly adjusted to the sensation and began to moan and beg for more. He suddenly pulled his cock completely out of my ass and flipped me over on my hands and knees. He slapped both of my ass cheeks and spread them apart opening my ass and spit into my hole before slamming his entire fat rod back into me. I cried out and thrashed under him as he relentlessly began pounding in and out of my ass. He grabbed my hair yanking my head backwards and using it as leverage to thrust into be harder.

“You are nothing but a filthy slut. Just three fuck holes for Daddy to use,” he exclaimed.

He was thoroughly using and fucking me for his pleasure at this point. I realized that I was nothing but a toy for him to masturbate with. The culmination of that realization and his forceful thrusting into my tiny body, brought me close to the edge of orgasm. I loved being Daddy’s fuck toy. I loved to have my holes filled with his cock and his cum. I frantically rubbed my clit and slid two fingers into my sopping pussy.

“Oh fuck Daddy, can your slut please cum?”

“Not yet. Do you like Daddy’s fat cock in your ass?”, he replied as me moved my hand away and thrust two fingers inside me, massaging the ceiling of my vagina.

“Yes Daddy, please fuck me hard. Please let me cum, I can’t take it,” I whined and panted in reply.

He continued to pound my ass working my clit with his thumb and thrusting his fingers against my G-spot till I was whimpering and trembling underneath him.


At his command I exploded into the hardest climax I had ever experienced. My entire body trembled and shook, my ass clenched around his cock and I squirted down my legs and onto the bed. My head was reeling and I was gasping for air.

“Thats Daddy’s filthy, little whore,” he roared as his fingers dug into my ass cheeks.

I felt his cock swell and then he began to pump his warm cum into my bowels. I moaned as he gave my ass a few final thrusts and spurt after spurt hit the walls of my rectum, filing me.

“Clean your ass off my cock like a good slut,” he ordered as he pulled his monster out of my ass and collapsed onto the bed.

I took his semi-erect cock in my hand and began to lick the head and down the shaft. I was surprised to find that the taste of my ass, while quite different than my cunt, was not displeasing. I took him into my mouth and deepthroated him several times while bathing him with my tongue. When I had cleaned him to his satisfaction he ordered be to get back on the floor on my knees. I waited as he went to the closet to retrieve something. He returned with a smooth black leather collar.

“I believe you have earned this now Slut. You will wear this collar at all times, this is a symbol of my ownership of you and your body,” he stated as he fastened the cool leather around my neck.

“Thank you Daddy,” I replied with a smile.

As I knelt before him I felt his cum leak out of my ass and drop on the floor. Daddy did not fail to notice it either.

“Slut, you’ve made a mess. Clean it up with your tongue,” he commanded as he pushed my face towards the floor.

I eagerly licked and sucked up the cum, swallowing in greedily. When I finished he told me to go clean up and come to bed with him. Daddy held me in his arms the whole night and I never felt so loved and complete.

To be continued.....

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