Paul, his aunt and cousin Becky

Paul, his aunt and cousin Becky

I never actually measured it but I could put both of my hands around my erection and the head still stuck out. My fingertips did not touch when they reached around my boner. I could tell from looking at the other guys showering after team practices that I had a big cock. When I got a hard on during school I could see some of the girls and female teachers looking at the bulge in my pants. It made me feel good.

One hot summer day I was swimming in our pool. I was home alone and it felt good to swim in the nude so my trunks were up on the poolside decking. Suddenly the side yard gate opened and my Aunt Joan and my older girl cousin, Becky walked into the back yard. They were carrying swim suits and towels. I stood in as deep of water as I could and put my hands over my equipment. The water was clear enough that they could see that I was naked. They could also see my trunks beside the pool.

They looked and me and smiled to each other. “Hi Paul. Mind if we join you?”,my aunt said. “Sure, that would be OK,” I said and I walked over to the side of the pool and reached for my trunks. “You don’t have to do that, Paul. We think you have a good idea don’t we Becky?” Becky nodded her head in the affirmative. “Skinny dipping always feels real good. We will join you that way. You don’t mind, do you?” Aunt Joan and Becky stripped and stood by the side of the pool for a minute before diving in.

Aunt Joan was about 5’5” and still had a nice body with C-cup breasts that sagged just a little bit. Becky was an inch or so shorter but had a similar build. Her waist was a little smaller and her tits did not sag but you could tell that they were mother and daughter. I could feel myself starting to get an erection. I was still just standing there. Joan and Becky swam up to me. Joan stood close behind me and Becky stood facing me about a foot in front of me. Aunt Joan moved closer and I could feel her tits press against my back.

I was fully hard now. “I have seen that you have a big bulge in your pants and wondered just what caused it.” Joan reached around my body and put her hand around the base of my throbbing cock. “Becky, I bet there is plenty left to get your hand around too.” Becky reached out and put her hand around it too. There were still a couple inches sticking out. “Wow Mom, my hand doesn’t go all the way around it. He’s bigger than your friend John.” Joan reached her other hand around and rubbed my chest and pressed her jugs tighter to me.

“As well hung as you are, I bet you’ve made a lot of girls very happy,” my aunt said. “Only a couple and they said it hurt,” I replied. “Well, let’s find out if that big piece of man meat would hurt us or just fill us nice and full the way we like it.” With my cock in her hand, my aunt led me out of the pool. I followed her like a puppy on a leash.

They had me lay down on a beach towel on the grass. There I was on my back with my cock pretending that it was a flag pole. “Do you like oral sex, Paul?” “I’ve never had a chance to try it.” “I bet you’ll really like it. Becky, give your cousin a real good blowjob.” Becky got down between my legs and slid her lips over my erection. I moaned in great pleasure and my cock jumped as it entered Becky's hot mouth. Becky started bobbing up and down on my shaft, taking more than half of it in her mouth and rubbing her tongue around the head. I couldn’t help myself. I started fucking up into her mouth till she had almost all of me in her face.

“I can tell that you like that. Becky gives great head. Now it’s time to try it the other way too.” Joan got next to my head and swung one leg over me. I was staring straight at her pussy. It was shinny wet. “I’m going to lower myself down till my cunt touches your face. Then put your tongue in there and start licking. You’re going to make me feel really good and you'll like it too.” Joan reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart and touched herself to Paul’s face. “Lick. Lick my cunt now,” Joan almost screamed. Paul started licking like his life depended on it. She was slippery wet. The taste was interesting but not bad and the thought of what he was doing made him very excited. Joan started moaning and rocking her hips in a fucking motion.

It wasn’t long before Paul could tell that his cock was about to explode but with his aunt’s pussy pushed tight down against his face, he could not get a word out. Becky felt Paul’s big boner get even bigger and then start spraying cum into her mouth. She didn’t stop. She just swallowed as fast as she could and sucked even harder. She swallowed most of it but a little dripped down the sides of her face. At almost the same time, Joan’s cunt exploded and gushed female cum into Paul’s mouth and all over his face. Joan screamed and grabbed Paul by the hair and pulled his head tight to her erupting gash. She came almost as much as he did. She shook and finally released his head.

“Look Mom, he didn’t even go soft.” That is the great thing about being young. Joan and Becky switched places. Becky faced his feet and put her pubes on his face while Joan faced her daughter and slid her cunt down over Paul’s still hard shaft till it all disappeared inside of her. She started sliding herself up and down on Paul’s long prick. The big cock was a good tight fit and probed deeply into her. Joan moaned in pleasure. “Don’t just lay there Paul. Fuck me.” Paul started jerking his cock up into his aunt’s fuck hole.

Joan leaned forward and kissed Becky and licked the cumcicles off of her chin. Becky trembled and came hard. Paul kept licking till Becky got off and moved to the side and watched her cousin being ridden by her mother. Because Paul had already shot one load, he lasted longer and brought his aunt to three orgasms before he was ready for his next one. He told his aunt that he was close so she could get off before he filled her with his juice because he was not wearing a condom. “Don’t worry Paul, I’m on the pill and I want to feel you fill my cunt with a gallon of your wonderful hot cum.” She had hardly finished when he blasted gob after gob of cum in her. He almost passed out it felt so good. Joan slowed but kept ridding his prick till it started to soften. Then she climbed off and went down and sucked him clean.

“Mom, that was so hot watching you and Paul. I need to come again.” Joan knew what Becky was hinting about and she promptly went over and ate her daughter out till she came one last time. Paul sat there and watched the show. Joan and Becky dressed but before they left, Joan said, “Paul, why don’t you come over to our house tomorrow night. Becky hasn’t had a chance to feel you fill up her pussy with a big load of your wonderful cum.” Paul smiled and said, “I’ll be there.”


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