Steph - Looks after my Flatmate

Steph - Looks after my Flatmate

I have known Steph for 5 years. We first met when she was a 20 year old university student in England. She was everthing that a man could want, she is a stunning redhead, 5" 4" and very slim. She as an arse to die for and for someone so slim, she has 32E breasts, that are as firm as they are big.
My luck was in the day I met her, and the first time we fucked, it just got better, she has an insatiable desire for sex, and the cutest tightest pussy I have ever come accross or cum in!!
My name is Rick, Im about 12 years older than Steph, and we have had some great imes together, so i thought i would share them with you, starting with this, and more to come.

This story starts in a bar, my Flatmate had been having a bad time with his girlfriend and Steph and I took him to the local bar to drown his sorrows. We spent the night in there and all got pretty drunk, my flatmate seemed to get more down thoughout the night. Eventually we all got back to the flat and poured some stronger spirits. I felt sorry for my flat mate and he eventually left and went to bed.

Steph and me were all over each other and were soon kissing each other passionately and were soon in my bedroom, upstairs. I took her top off and then her jeans and she was standing in just a tiny thong and a matching bra, this soon came off and i bent down and started to lick and suck Stephs hardening nipples. She really like this and she started to moan loudly, i layed her on the bed and ran my hand up her thighs while still playing and sucking her sexy nipples. I pushed a finger inside her thong and felt how wet her pussy was, i gently finger fucked her she closed her eyes and moaned loudly and i turned my attention to her little clit. After about 5 mins she breahed heavily and she came loudly.

i stripped off and she knelt down and took my 6" cock in her hands and slowly started to wank me, she then started to lick down the shaft and then took my cock in her mouth and slowly sucked me off, taking all of my cock into her mouth. she then came up and kissed me, i told her i still felt bad about my flatmate Neil. She asked me if i wanted her to cheer him up, i didnt know what she meant, so said yes!

She jumped out of bed and with a wicked smile i saw her sexy arsedisappearing down the stairs. She slowly opened neils door and he was asleep, she whispered in his ear and woke him, his eyes lit up, she then pulled back the covers and worked kisses down his chest and stomach and then removed his boxers, much to her delight saw that he had a thick cock and she gently ran her toungue over it and slowly wanked him as he got harder. When he was fully hard he was over 8" and very thick which impressed Steph a lot. He quickly removed her thong, and she climbed on top of him and pushed his cock to her pussy, and he slowly started to ease it in. Upstairs i could hear Stephs moans, I gently wanked my own cock as i listened to her taking control of Neil. She contined to ride his cock and I could sense Steph was about to come. She told Neil to grab her waist, which he duly did. He then raised his hips to get deep into Steph, this was too much for her and she came, letting out a scream as she did.

She climbed off and got on all fours, Neil needed no invitation and grabbed her waist and pushed his thick 8" cock deep inside her, making her gasp. At this time I quietly walked down the stairs and stopped on the landing and could see Steph getting fucked doggy by Neil, I gently wanked my cock asi watched, she then demanded he fucked her hard, he obeyed her and she screamed as he fucked her so hard hatshe came in a few minutes. She then grabbed his cock and sucked him until he came flows of hot spunk into her sexy mouth. She kissed him and wished him goodnight, i quickly went back upstairs, Stephs sexy little wiggle up the stairs, climbed back in bed and grabbed my cock. She then told me everthing she had done until i came floods of spunk over her hand, arm and sexy flat belly. She then smiled kissed me and curled up in bed after enjoying a very sexy night.

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