Losing my Anal Virginity to a guy from Grindr in his RV

Losing my Anal Virginity to a guy from Grindr in his RV

This is the real story of the time I lost my anal virginity from a guy from Grindr.

For a little information about me, I was a 18 year old 6’2 athlete with a nice bubble butt that guys seem to love so much. At the time I was at a boarding school and would just go on Grindr and chat and trade pics with other guys. I would talk to a lot of guys in my area but the only problem was that I was in a such unpopulated area that there weren’t many guys very close to me and I was not able to travel since I didn’t have a car. There was this one guy who had such a nice big white cock that I wanted him to take my virginity because it was magnificent. But he lived kinda far from my school and our times never seemed to work. So he would never work out but later on I met a older dude, I don’t remember his age but he had to been in his 30s, who was interested in me and had an average 6 inch dick. His dick was not that impressive but it was a good dick lose my virginity to. We talked for a little and turns out he was married to another guy and was maybe a possibility that they could have both fucked me but his husband wouldn’t be able to be on the same schedule he told me, he also never even told him about me and what would happen. So I’m pretty sure the guy cheated on him with me but I didn’t care since It doesn’t affect my life at all.

We had planned to meet up at like 6 in the morning since he had to leave town and would just fuck me before he has to leave town. He also told me he would have his RV attached to the back of his truck and we could fuck inside in the bed which was nice rather than fucking in the back of his truck so that was a good.

The morning came and I had woken up an hour before the time we had planned to meet up so that I could clean out my hole and get ready and walk to the meeting spot. I squirted water up my ass to clean it all out so that my hole is squeaky clean for his cock and then just freshened up and put on some clothes and I was all ready. I had to walk like 20 minutes to the meeting spot in the cold at like 5:30 in the morning which kind of spooked me out because I was scared someone would see me. The walk wasn’t bad until I got to the street we would meet and that’s because the street was practically a highway the way cars were speeding down it. I was just scared of being hit. The area on the road I was supposed to meet was meant for cars to pull over, it was sort of like a small outward area for cars to pull over and park safely. I had gotten there a little before him and was just waiting and trying to contact him to see were and how far he is from the spot. I was only waiting for like a couple minutes before I saw his truck attached to a huge RV and he shouted at me that he would be back because he has to turn around since he couldn’t park where I was at on the other side of the road. He turned around an parked I front of me and I got really nervous since this was the first time I was with a guy and there was no going back. He got out and greeted me and we headed into the RV and he walks in invited me inside and I go in all nervous and don’t know what to do so I just walk over the bed and just stand in the corner waiting for him. He asked me so what we’re gonna do and I was like I don’t know I never done this before and so I said whatever he wanted to do. He said we would just do anal since he was running a little late and didn’t want to waste time on sucking dick and other foreplay stuff. He started off my taking his pants off and revealing his dick and that was the first time I had ever actually looked at another mans dick and it was amazing it looks so much bigger than mine even though I had a bigger dick than his but just with visual perception his looked huge. I then followed his lead and dropped my pants leaving my shirt and hoodie on, revealing my nude and cock for him. He asked to get into whatever position I wanted while he got ready, I was nervous so I decided to do doggy since we were not looking at each other while I’m nervous. While I was waiting with my feet on the ground and bent at my waist with my stomach and head laying on the bed with my ass presented to him. While I was waiting there he was getting hard and putting his condom on and trying to get his lube ready. Once he got his dick ready and lubed up he put a little lube on his finger to put on my asshole so that his dick can smoothly fuck my ass. The time has come we were both ready to fuck and for me to lose my virginity . He begins to aim his dick at my asshole but was having a little trouble he said because it was dark but he eventually found the target. He dick slowly entered my hole and I felt a real tightness and pleasure from his dick being in me. He slowly kept goin inside of until he was balls deep and let me get comfortable with his dick and then slowly picked up the pace to give me a real good fucking. His dick might not have been real impressive but he was a good fucker because he was pounding my ass real good. After a little while demolishing my ass in doggy he wanted to fuck me in missionary now so I flipped around and now my ass was at the edge of bed while he would fuck me while he was standing up and I’m laying with my back on the bed. While he was me missionary he to took a hole of my thick 6 inch cock and started to stroke me while pumping me with his cock. I was in such ecstasy from his dick and being in my first gay hookup that after of a few minutes of his fucking my ass and stroking my dick I was ready to cum so I lifting my shirt so that I could cum on my stomach. Now with cum all over my chest he said I could clean it up but i said no and told him to just keep fucking me how I was so I was laying there with my huge load all over my stomach and he was pounding away as usual. The time had come to where he told me he was getting close to finishing and he asked if he could cum in my ass and I was okay with it since he had a condom. He nut inside of me and didn’t really feel much from the cum since it was in his condom and not in my asshole. He pulls his soft dick and we got cleaned up with some towels. He was wiping his cock and balls off where I had to clean my ass, my cock and my stomach. We both got dressed and headed out of the RV and headed our ways and I begin walking back to my room and once I got to my room I set up my phone for a video so that I could see what my whole was looking like after being fucked for the first time. The next few days my ass was so sure from that pounding I received from him but it was totally worth the soreness.

That’s the end to the story of me losing my anal virginity to a Grindr hookup.

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