My Wife Fucks her Brother

My Wife Fucks her Brother

When Sue Fucked Her Brother ---------------------------------

The beginning of this incident was when my wife's younger brother visited us back in the days before digital cameras were so popular. I had a darkroom set up where I developed and printed my own photographs and he had brought a roll of film from her older brother for me to develop and print.

The photos were nude shots of James's wife Mary. Not the arty type nudes but true XXX type, her legs spread, holding the lips of her cunt open, etc. All 36 were with just her except two with James naked with a hard on.

Mary had a real nice body much shorter than my wife who is more on the tall slender side and her tits were a little bigger. In one photo of her sitting on the bed with her legs spread and two fingers in her cunt she had an impish smile on her face.

I packaged the prints up and sent them to James with an additional shot taken from the foot of our bed with my cock buried in my wife's pussy with the note if he had a timer on his camera he could have got some shots like this.

He immediately responded thanking me for developing the film and printing the photos. Begging for total discretion and some ideas of pictures he would like to take with a timer, or better yet with a cameraman.. I sent back a few suggestions of my own along with a photo of my wife, his sister, sucking a friend of ours cock saying this would guarantee discretion and would give his mother a heart attack if she saw it..

We wrote back and forth for several months with his photo ideas getting freakier and freakier. Now involving both girls. He never wrote about doing his sister just writing things like one girl holds a dick and guides it into the other girl's snatch.. The girls lick each others pussy.

Several times he suggested ones with my cock in Mary and I thought it strange when his suggestions were like Sue with a dick in her mouth or getting fucked. Never saying whose dick was in her mouth or fucking her.

Sue was also reading James's letters of course, she never commented on the suggested photos We had been in the swinging lifestyle for a while now and she had taken a few strange cocks into her pussy but never a relative.

In my mind I assumed any sexual act between them would be simulated if it ever came to that. Not that I minded the idea of her doing her brother I just made the assumption it would not be real.

It came time for my vacation and James suggested we come by their place for a few days and they would show us around etc. As they lived in a vacation spot we agreed.

It had been a while since photos had been discussed.

The first night of our arrival we were sitting in the living room having drinks when James and Mary started asking us about our swinging experiences. How did we break the ice, were rules set, did we do it in front of each other, how did we feel watching our spouse get fucked, were condoms worn, did the guys “shoot off” in the women. They had a hundreds of questions. Again remember no internet at the time.

We answered their questions as honestly as we could.

I told them about a card game I had developed that was a combination of strip poker, drinking and performing what your pardner wanted if he/she had the right cards.

I admitted to really enjoying watching my wife get fucked by someone else while she said usually she was so busy enjoying what the guy was doing to her she seldom watched what I was doing.

James said that he had had this fantasy for a long time about watching Mary with another man and had been trying to talk her into being a hot wife for a while.

Sue told how much she enjoyed getting fucked with a new different cock, and how much it had spiced up our sex life.

James then brought out his list of desired photos and we talked about them.

With the drinks and sex talk it was getting hot in the room. They suggested we show them the card game and how to play it.

They got a deck of cards and we started.

A short time later all of us were bare of clothing. I was enjoying looking at Mary's body. Neither of the girls were shy, moving about, spreading their legs etc.

I noticed a heavy sheen of moisture on both girls pussy. Both James and I had a hard on.

Sue was comfortable as she was used to being nude around others for a long time now.

The game is designed of course to get everyone high and nude.

Once everyone has lost their clothes the fun usually starts. This time at the beginning the directions were mild. The low female for example might be told to kiss the other male, or the low male might be directed to fondle the breast of the a female.

As this was going on I got my camera and we started doing James's list. As the directions given by the Boss. Again things started mild but soon began to heat up. The girls were directed to jack our cocks or we were to finger them.

We had agreed at the beginning that everyone would be photographed doing the same thing. So if James was photographed fingering Mary he was also photographed fingering my wife. I did notice he was a little hesitant about doing things to her, at the beginning and she to him, but they still went through with it with no holding back.

Neither Mary or I said Hay you are finger fucking your sister or your sucking your brother's cock. Everyone acted like everything was normal.

I told them about the group of photos. I called the Hot Wife Series one of which was where Sue was holding my cock while another girl sucked it and suggested that if James wanted Mary to be a hot wife he needed a photograph like that. She quickly agreed. Moving to James she took his dick in her hand. For some reason in my mind I expected my wife put her mouth near his cock just giving the impression of that she was going to suck or had just finished sucking. She fooled me however. She moved over to James and took his cock completely into her mouth. Not content to just hold it in her mouth she started bobbing her head up and down the shaft. James quickly recovered from the surprise and started thrusting and fucking her mouth. Her nose was being brushed with his pubic hair as she had him so deep in her throat.

My dick was rock hard watching this but I took the photo and said Next which was the signal for me to swap places with James. I handed him the camera while my wife took my dick in hand. Mary put my dick in her mouth and while not as into it as Sue, after all this was the first strange dick she had in her mouth in a long time, she soon started sliding up and down the shaft with her mouth. I was so hot it was all I could do not to send a load into her. James appeared mesmerized watching his wife's sucking my dick but took the picture ending the sucking and my need to hold off.

Everyone was so heated up we thought best to take a break.

The photographic procedure was for the action to end when the photo was taken. I noticed, and started doing it my self was to take longer and longer to actually take the photograph . You had to focus, frame and get just the right moment didn't you?

That way James's cock got to spend more time in Sues mouth or my dick in Mary.

I thought my balls were going to explode they were so full. I started fondling my wife and discovered her pussy was sopping wet. So I put her flat on her back and slid my cock into her and started fucking. I don't think it was more than a few thrusts before I exploded into her. Looking over I saw James was screwing Mary for all he was worth. He shot his load into her also. All of us were very hot.

With our balls drained we all laughed and joked about what happened. The night was brought to an end and we went to bed.

Later before going to sleep I heard Mary moaning and squealing and I knew James was fucking her again.

The next day was completely normal with no mention of what had gone on the night before. We went sight seeing like a normal tourist couple. Looking at the four of us you would never know what had happened the night before.

That night we went out to dinner where we had a few drinks and returned home.

As soon as we were in the door James. Suggested we play the game again. My wife stated she did not want to go through the striping part of the game and and said we might as well get naked and started to take her clothes off.

She had more on tonight compared to last night, panty hose, panties, bra. The works. She did not make a production our of stripping. Just started taking her clothes off until soon she was completely nude.

Me too. said Mary and started taking her clothes off also. James and I followed and soon we were all bare as the day we were born.

James got the cards and the photo list while I got the camera.

The first hand James won and was the Boss while Mary was Slave.

James said, “You seemed to enjoy sucking him last night I want you to suck him again.” She complained saying they already had a photo of her sucking my cock and James said “We can do things for fun too, you know. Don't have to photograph all the time. I want to watch you suck his cock.”

She gave up on the argument and took my dick in her mouth. She treated it much better this time than last. I guess she had gotten used to a strange dick in her mouth. James took several photos as she licked, chewed and sucked like she loved it.

Even though I had better control than last night I soon was ready to cum again when she stopped. “Wanted to cum in her mouth didn't you?” James asked. I admitted I had. “Maybe later.” he said.

We continued the game with everyone getting hotter and hotter. Moisture was actually running down the legs of the two girls from their overflowing cunts.

I was asked about other photos in the Hot Wife Series and I told them about the one where my wife was putting my cock into another girls pussy. “I want to do that one next,” Mary said.

Putting James on the floor on his back Mary sucked his dick a little and motioned for my wife to get on. She straddled James. In a reverse cowboy and put her pussy right over the swollen head of his cock. Mary took his cock and began to rub it into her dripping wet slit . Soon the head glistened with her pussy juice and she slowly began to sink down on to his shaft.

I was fascinated watching his cock disappear into her cunt. This was no simulation, she was fucking him. When her pussy reached the bottom of his dick she gave a little grunt and started sliding up his shaft. When his dick was almost out of her she slid back down again. Mary was cupping James's balls and he was breathing hard. Soon the pussy was moving up and down faster and faster with both of them panting and grunting with moans of pleasure. Next James began to thrust into her meeting her down stroke with an up stroke of his own.

Faster and faster they went until James with a mighty grunt thrust upward. My wife pulled off him and left his ridged pole standing by its self, sending gobs of cum into the air, splashing back his stomach and pubic hair. Mary quickly covered his spurting prick with her mouth and I could see her gulping the cum down as he continued to shoot loads of cum into her mouth.

I was so fixated watching Sue fucking her brother I had completely forgot the camera. I did take some pictures of her getting fucked by James, but that was later.

“You have been wanting to do that for a while haven't you?” I asked. They both admitted they had but had not wanted to talk about it thinking we might think it strange and perverted.

“Why did you pull off him when he started to cum?” I asked. “I thought fucking him was bad enough and I didn't know how you would feel about him cumming in me.”

“How do you feel about it?” I asked Mary As for me I don't have a problem with her fucking her brother I enjoyed watching her get some new dick. She is on pill so no problem there.

“I had his balls in my hand when he was fucking her.” She said. “All I had to do was squeeze and bring the whole thing to a quick end. I didn't mind at all. And I have a confession. Last night James and I talked again about me becoming a hot wife and I agreed. We want you to be the first person since him to fuck me.”

Of course I was honored and elated..

“Let's do it.” James said. “lets go to the bed room so we can do it right.”

In the bedroom Mary lay on her back and spread her legs showing me her wet pussy. James pulled up a chair near the head and started kissing her and sucking her tits. I dropped between her legs and started licking her clit and pussy lips, sliding my tongue into her slippery hole. She came with lots of noise. While she was still in the afterglow of her orgasm I slid my hard cock between those wet pussy lips and went deep into her. She fit my dick like a glove.

Sue had said she really did not need me to see me fucking another girl. She had watched that many times, so she stayed in the living room watching TV.

At the beginning Mary just lay there while I fucked her with long slow strokes, but soon she began to move with my thrusts and to thrust back. Before long her knees were pulled to her tits and she was yelling “Fuck me, Fuck me hard.!” I tried to do as she asked. I could feel my cum building up and ready to spurt.

“You ready to cum?” James Asked. “Almost!” I answered. “Do it in her mouth. I want to watch your cum cum in her mouth. You can cum in her cunt any time.”

I slid out of her and moved to the head of the bed opposite the side James was on and put my cock in her mouth. She latched onto it like she was starving. My dick was covered with her pussy juice but that seemed to make no difference to her she licked and sucked like it was a all day sucker and she wanted to finish it in a few minutes. I felt the cum rising in rushing down cum road and I guess I started to grunt. She took her mouth off my dick and held it before her open mouth. Soon I was sending spurts and spurts of cum into her mouth. James was watching every gob go into her. When I had just about finished she took my cock back into her mouth and swallowed the cum that was in her mouth and sucked me dry.

All this took place only inches from James's eyes.

After she had cleaned my cock with her mouth I heard her say “Shit I am bushed now. All this made me tired.”

Sue who had came into the bedroom when Mary was screaming "Fuck me" Looked at James and asked "would you like me to take care of that hard-on?"

James looked at me and I nodded permission.

Sue sat on the edge of the bed Mary was laying in. Laying back she pulled her knees to her chest and spread her legs.

Mary and I watched as James got between Sues legs and slid his cock into her.

This time there was absolutely no suggestion of simulation. He had his cock burred in her love hole and was sliding it in and out as fast as he could. This was just plain fucking. They both came at the same time. Sue with a scream and James with a roar as he sent his seed into his sister's wet welcoming cunt.

Over the next few days there was a lot of fucking and sucking going on. I came in Mary several more time both in her cunt and mouth. I also wanted to fuck her in the ass but she was two tight. James said he would work on it.

James did his share of cumming too. Mostly in Sues cunt but some in her mouth.

We got together once again later but then they had a couple of children and so did we and it is a little hard to get together and fuck when kids are around. We did have a couple of quickies however.

It was only about three weeks after we got back home when I received a roll of film from James. to develop and on it were several with a guy with a huge cock buried in Mary pussy and others with his dick in her mouth. James's dick was stuffed into the mouth of a cute little blond . And one with his cock in the blond's ass hole.

It didn't take them long to start to enjoying the swinging lifestyle.

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