Fucking my friend's stepmom

Fucking my friend's stepmom

Today was a warm, sunny day. The trees were blowing in the wind, and leaves flew outside my window. My phone started to beep. I looked at my phone, confused when I saw that it was Jake's number. Why would he want to hangout? He was out of town with his father on a fishing trip. "Hello?" I asked. "Hey Brad! It's Lindsey!" Lindsey was Jake's new hot stepmom. She had auburn hair and ample breasts, a huge ass, and delicious looking lips. My dick started to harden just thinking about her. "I need help with the plumbing at the house! I know you know how to do these things with your new plumbing job and all." Jake lived 2 blocks away, so I could just walk over- not that I wouldn't take up the offer-- I wouldn't pass up a chance to stare at Lindsey. "I'll be there!" I said. I quickly exited my house and locked the door. I sprinted over to the large, beautiful house that Jake and his family lived in. The door was unlocked as usual. "Hello?" I shouted into the empty seeming home.

"Up here!" Lindsey's beautiful voice shouted. I jogged up the steps. Once upstairs, I could see her long, tan legs sticking out in the hall. I wished I could stroke those legs everyday. "Hey..." I didn't say anything after I saw her. Her beautiful soft looking hair was hanging to the side as she bent over the sink. She was wearing tiny pajama shorts, and as she turned around to greet me, I saw her big beautiful breasts in a low cut top. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were poking straight through her tight shirt. I quickly moved my eyes up, sensing her stare. "Hey sweetheart! The pipe burst and I don't know what to do now that the men are gone!" Her big worried eyes stared at me. She bit her delicious looking lips. "Can you help me?" I smiled. "Of course!" I moved around the sink, trying to hide my erection. "So, why do you think the pipe burst?" I said, trying not to look down a those beautiful breasts. "Well, I don't know... I went down into the sink's cabinet and get my shampoo- I was going to take a shower," she said as she knelt down beside me. "All of a sudden the pipe burst right onto me and soaked my favorite shirt!" She looked annoyed. "Okay, well lets take a look!" I said. She reached in front of me and just before she touched the pipe, it burst all over her. The water soaked her breasts, and it was dripping off of them. I think God is being really good to me today. "Ugh!" She screams. Then, right there in front of me, she takes off her shirt! I was moving to help but I was so surprised that I stumbled face first in the her soft, large, perky breasts!

I can't help but open my eyes, and stare at her tits. "Uh.. um... uh I'm so sorry ma'am." I looked at her expression- which wasn't at all mad. She's smirking, leaving her tits out and all! To make it even more surprising, shes playing with them! "Mmmmmm... I couldn't help but notice your erection through your shorts." She said seductively. I looked down and realized that I forgot to put on underwear- and my 8.5 inch dick was sticking straight up and almost breaking through the top of my shorts. I gasped, and reddened. She just laughed, and took a step toward me. I looked at her. "Don't tell your friend what's about to happen, okay Brad?" She smiles sexily, and my heart almost stops.

She reaches for my hard, long cock. and pulls down my pants. I pinch myself- was this really happening? She kneels down, and sticks my dick through her breasts. I grind into her large tits, and moan. She smiles, and licks the tip of my cock. I cummed in the first 5 minutes of her doing this, and my dick almost instantly harden when I looked at the cum on her tits. She giggled. Then she started to deep throat my cock. I moaned so much and cummed again, this time in her mouth. It was so sexy when she swallowed it. After 10 minutes of sucking my cock, she stood up. I looked down at my hard cock, sad that she was probably going to send me home. But instead, she grabbed my hand and lead me to her bed room. She bent over to make the bed a little neater. I noticed that she had a huge wet spot forming through her panties. She looked back and shook her boobs at me.

Then the next thing she did made my cock fly up and harden all at once. She shimmied off her wet panties, and widened her legs. I could see all of her shaved pussy. It was dripping with pre-cum. I didn't even hesitate to dive in. I licked that pussy like there was no tomorrow. I stuck 4 fingers in as I sucked on her clit. She even started to squirt! I gave her 3 orgasms until she told me that she couldn't take anymore, and she lay limp on the bed, falling asleep. I pushed back her beautiful hair and stared at her erect nipples, and couldn't resist the urge to suck and play with them. I took my hardened dick and stuffed inside of her wet pussy. "Ahhhhhh..." she moaned after jolting awake. I squeezed her nipples and kissed her. She yelled...

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