Tarnheim Academy Part 2

Tarnheim Academy Part 2

Tarnheim Academy, Part 2
Standing naked in Miss Krieger’s office, my mind whirled with emotions hitherto unknown to me. I felt at once both fearful and aroused. My bottom still glowed bright scarlet from the merciless whipping Headmistress had given me, and I still shuddered from the lascivious teasing of her talented tongue. I felt transformed, but into what?

I waited hesitantly as Miss Krieger methodically drew on her tight leather outfit, not daring to move until instructed. At last she pulled on her black leather gloves and then turned to me, her smile gone and her face once more a mask of stern discipline. Dear God, she was beautiful!

“You will now go to your room and get properly settled in. Pick up your clothes,” Miss Krieger ordered.

“Shan’t I get dressed, Headmistress?”

“No, Miss Gringsworth, you shall not. When on school grounds, you will wear your uniform or nothing at all. Pick up your clothes, and head to your room. It is in the east wing, room 214. You will find a uniform there, and you will garb yourself in a manner befitting a student of the Tarnheim Academy.”

“Yes, Headmistress,” I meekly replied.

Heart pounding, I stooped to pick up my clothes. Miss Krieger opened the door, and I gingerly stepped out into the hall. My cheeks flushed with embarrassment as I felt the eyes of the other girls upon me. They snickered and leered at my naked form and I shrank, holding my clothes to my chest with one hand and trying to shield my sex with the other. I felt the sting of a riding crop on my bare behind.

“Do not slouch, Miss Gringsworth!” Headmistress snapped. “A student of the Tarnheim Academy must comport herself with grace, regardless of circumstance. Stand up straight and keep your elbows at your side as you hold your burden. Walk to your room with a measured stride. Keep your head up and your eyes forward.”

“Y-yes, Headmistress,” I nodded. Still trembling, I did as she commanded, holding myself erect as I walked the halls of the academy. I burned with shame, exposed to the world in such a wanton fashion, and I felt each giggle and laugh as lash to my pride. It seemed an eternity before I found myself on the second floor of the east wing and walked to my room.

I opened the door to find another girl within the room. I was surprised; I’d assumed that I’d have a private room, but there were two beds. The girl saw me in my nakedness and smiled warmly.

“I see you’ve been initiated,” she observed. “Did Headmistress give you the full treatment?”

I colored with sudden embarrassment, but nodded. “Yes, she did.”

“Then welcome to Tarnheim,” she proclaimed as she extended her hand. “I’m Samantha.”

I hesitated, but received her handshake. “I’m Heather. Have you been here very long?”

Samantha shook her head. “Only about a month, but it seems like it’s been forever. Oh, you can drop those over there,” she offered, pointing to the empty bed. “That one’s yours, and that’s your wardrobe.”

I put my clothes down on the bed, and opened the tall wardrobe. I found six identical uniforms hanging side by side, separated in a precise fashion from each other. The drawers turned up stockings and undergarments, which, I saw, were exactly my size. I hurriedly drew on panties and brassiere, grateful to cover my nudity. The undergarments were lacy and white, and frankly rather provocative as they revealed a fair portion of my cleavage and the swell of my bottom. I put on the pristine white button down blouse and plaid skirt, noting the extreme shortness of the latter. I drew up the stockings on my legs, which rose to just above my knees, then slipped my feet into the shoes. They were quite tall, with heels that were fully five inches high.

Samantha rose to help me knot the school tie. I looked at the blazer; on it was emblazoned the crest of the Tarnheim Academy, and I puzzled at the inscription. “Dominum vel Obsequium. That’s Latin, isn’t it? What does it mean?” I asked her.

Samantha smiled. “It’s the school motto: ‘Dominance or Submission.’”

“Very appropriate,” I swallowed nervously. Samantha laughed.

“Well, you’ll get used to it. Anyway you won’t need the blazer except for formal occasions.”

I looked at myself in the mirror. The skimpy schoolgirl uniform and high-heeled shoes showed off my legs, to the extent that one could see my bottom peeping out beneath the edge of the plaid skirt. It was extremely sexy, I had to admit, and I felt a strange thrill run through me thinking about it.

“Samantha, there are some questions that…” I began, but then the door flew open. Three older girls stood in the doorway, their eyes locked onto mine. They grinned in a predatory fashion.

“We’d heard there was some new meat on the scene,” one leered. “I see the rumors were true.”

Samantha rose up, nervous. “Look, we don’t want any trouble.”

The girl who’d spoken never took her eyes off mine. “And if you do what you’re told there won’t be.”

I sized her up. She stood a handspan shorter than I, though she looked extremely athletic and trim. Her raven black hair was cut in a stylish rake. Her icy green eyes bored into mine. Flanking her were identical twins – tall, leggy blondes with brilliant blue eyes and spectacular curves. The three wore their shirts unbuttoned and tied below their breasts, revealing taut abdominals with belly rings and truly magnificent cleavage. Any of the three could have modeled for men’s magazines.

“Who are you?” I asked.

The brunette’s smile widened. “We’re the welcoming committee. We’re here to show you the ropes.”

“Literally,” the twins added with a laugh.

With that, the brunette brought her hand up from behind her back, holding coils of silken rope. My eyes went wide with panic, and I started backing up. The three moved in to the room, silently closing the door behind them and locking it. They dropped a black nylon bag on the floor with a heavy thud. I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as they advanced on me.

Samantha scurried to the far corner of the room. The trio pounced on me like tigers, wrestling me to the bed. In a matter of moments they had me stretched out, held at wrist and ankle by the twins while the brunette sat staring into my frightened eyes. I opened my mouth to call out, but she held a finger to her lips.

“Shhh,” she whispered, “If we make too much noise, then everyone will want in. Let’s keep this a private party, shall we?”

She produced a rubber ball gag from the nylon bag and thrust it into my mouth, fixing the leather strap behind my head. They three quickly divested me of the clothes that I had so recently donned, and I found myself once more stark naked and helpless. They tied me to the bed spread-eagled, my wrists and ankles securely bound. Try as I might, I could not wriggle free. I feared what they would do next.

The three stood back, their eyes feasting on my nude body. They murmured appreciatively, liking what they saw. Samantha cowered behind the corner of the wardrobe, not daring to look. The brunette began to run her fingers up and down the length of me, sending shivers down my spine.

“This one is quite responsive,” she observed. “We’ll have fun with her.”

She continued to toy with me, cupping my large breasts and squeezing them, pinching my nipples and rolling them between her fingers and thumb. The twins began to caress my legs, slowly working their way up my widely parted thighs. My heart began to race and, to my horror, I found myself responding to their touches. I felt myself becoming wet.

“Now let’s introduce ourselves properly,” the brunette grinned, giving my nipple a teasing lick. “My name is Adrienne, and I’m head girl here. These two are Inga and Greta, and we three wanted to make you feel at home here at Tarnheim.”

With that Adrienne descended to suck on my breasts while Inga and Greta began licking their way up my legs. Their tongues were pierced and the smooth metal studs had an electric effect on my body. My breath came faster and I felt my nipples stiffen under the ministrations of Adrienne’s lips and tongue. I wriggled helplessly as the three worked me to a fever pitch, nearly brought to a crescendo when the twins reached my dripping sex. They licked me in unison, bringing me nearly to the edge of a shuddering climax when, without warning, they stopped. The three laughed as I writhed in my bonds, desperate for a release of one kind or another. When they perceived that my breathing had subsided they began again.

The three switched their positions, and the twins eagerly attacked my breasts while Adrienne knelt between my spread legs and began thrusting her tongue into my vaginal opening. My will rapidly crumbled beneath the threefold assault. I felt myself approaching the point of orgasm once more, and again they stopped short of the critical moment, leaving me frantic with desire. They did this again and again until my body was like a guitar string, vibrating with my need.

Only when they sensed that I had lost all self-control did they take me over the precipice. The twin tongues of Inga and Greta swirled around my tense nipples, and Adrienne started nibbling on my engorged clitoris, simultaneously sucking and licking me with consummate skill. I exploded, spasming uncontrollably as my body succumbed to the irresistible stimulation. Powerful waves of orgasm swept through me, obliterating all resistance and thought. But for the ball gag in my mouth I would have screamed my passion to the very heavens. Through it all they continued to tease me with their tongues, making me cum again and again.

Adrienne arose from between my legs to remove the gag. I gasped, only to have her mouth descend to mine. I tasted my own juices as she kissed me long and hard, her soft tongue slipping into my eager mouth. Inga and Greta continued to tantalize my sensitive nipples, but their hands roved down my belly to my wet cunny. They began fingering me as they sucked my breasts, and I moaned while I returned Adrienne’s kisses. From the corner of my eye I saw Samantha timidly watching us from behind the edge of the wardrobe.

“My, what a slut she is,” Adrienne commented as she rose from me, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “Let’s put her to use.”

The sexy brunette began unbuttoning her blouse and removed her skirt. As she unsnapped her brassiere, the twins began shrugging out of their clothes as well. Finally the panties came off, and the three were clad only in stockings and high heels. They were so beautiful! Their taut bodies were lithely sensual, their curves a sinful delight. Adrienne’s nipples stood out stark and stiff from small aureoles, and I saw that her nipples were pierced with gold rings. Her sex was shaved bare, save for a small sable triangle above her moist slit, and I saw that her clitoris bore a gold ring, matching the ones in her nipples and belly. The twins were magnificent, with large, full breasts and pink nipples that begged to be licked. Their cunnies were completely hairless, proudly displaying their pink inner lips. They were truly breathtaking.

“You!” Adrienne snapped at Samantha. “Make yourself useful and get us something to drink!”

Frightened, Samantha emerged and went to the mini fridge. She brought out cans of Mountain Dew, which Adrienne and the twins eagerly accepted. Greta and Inga opened theirs straight away and began drinking, but Adrienne ran the ice-cold metal can along my breasts and up my quivering thighs, making me tremble and shake. The sensation was indescribable.

Adrienne took a long drink, letting out a sigh of contentment. She lifted the can once more to her lips and filled her mouth, then bent down and pressed her lips to mine, sharing the sweet beverage. I accepted it from her gratefully.

Adrienne then got onto the bed and knelt astride my face. I could see her shaved vagina only inches from my mouth. Looking down, she wound the fingers of one hand through my hair and lowered herself onto me. Her sweet sex ground into my mouth, my head held fast by her iron grip. She tossed her head back and took a long swig of Dew while she rode my face.

“Eat me, bitch,” she commanded, and I did. One of the twins went to work on my breasts again, while the other began licking my pussy. I diligently tongued Adrienne’s delicious cunny while Inga and Greta subjected me to their own subtle torture. They took delight in making me climax while I licked Adrienne’s hot slit, bringing her to a violent orgasm of her own.

Sated for the moment, Adrienne arose, only to be replaced by Inga (or was it Greta?), who sat reverse fashion on my face. The other twin sat astride my pelvis, her sex grinding into mine while I ate her sister. The twins kissed each other passionately, their tongues swirling around each other while I lapped away. After I brought the one to a violent climax, they switched and I went to work on the other. I’d long since lost any reserves of willpower, and had utterly succumbed to their will.

When the other twin came in my mouth, spraying me with her juices, Adrienne announced that it was time for some real fun. They untied me and flipped me over on my knees with my face down, then bound me securely in this new position. They bound my arms tightly together behind my back and affixed my ankles to the bedposts again with my ass raised high. Adrienne roughly stuffed the ball gag back in my mouth and secured the strap around my neck. I was keenly aware of how vulnerable a position I was in, and feared what they were going to do to me.

Adrienne remarked about what a fine ass I had, and she fondled my bottom lasciviously. I was still quite sore from the whipping Headmistress had given me, and I wriggled beneath her touch. She then brought out a leather paddle from the gym bag and slapped it against her hand with an audible crack. She grinned with evil intent. I trembled in silent fear.

The sexy brunette wound back and cracked the leather paddle against my ass, bringing instant, searing pain. I tried to scream, but the ball gag silenced my cries. Adrienne paddled my ass vigorously, bringing laughter from the trio. Sometimes she struck low, the leather making sharp contact with the backs of my legs. She even struck at the insides of my widely parted thighs, bringing the most awful burning sensations.

I struggled in vain to free myself, but I was hogtied and helpless, and so my frantic struggles served only to incite Adrienne to paddle my bottom with renewed gusto. I sobbed into the ball gag, reduced to the level of an animal.

“Here,” she said, extending the paddle to one of the twins. “You give her a turn.”

“Ach, nein, liebchen,” the blonde replied with a shake of her head. For a brief moment I felt a glimmer of hope that my ordeal was at an end. “I prefer this,” she continued, and withdrew a broad leather strap from the bag. It was nearly three inches wide and looked quite thick. I frantically attempted to free myself, but my futile struggles only served to whet the lusty blonde’s appetite.

The strap whizzed through the air to make sharp contact with my upraised bottom. I tried to scream through the ball gag, but all that emerged was a muffled moan. I could scarcely believe that only a day ago I’d been a pampered princess. Now I was a naked captive, bound and helpless while three nude girls whipped me without mercy. They took turns for a time, noting with glee how I continued to struggle in my bonds. Then they began whipping me together, increasing the pace and the savagery of their assault. But then something amazing began to happen.

I felt as if I were floating. The searing pain of my bottom took me to new heights of ecstasy, and I felt each stinging blow send an electric thrill through my body. My cunny, already dripping wet, began to pulse and throb with desire. I felt myself approaching the point of orgasm, and with lashing whips they took me to that point and beyond. The ball gag silenced my cries of rapture as I came like a wildcat, quivering as shock waves of orgasm swept through me. It was incredible.

Adrienne and the twins were evidently keenly aware of my state, and they murmured their approval, delivering stinging strokes of the leather to further stimulate me as I came. They laid down their whips and paddles and began caressing the burning globes of my bottom, their soft tongues sending delicious thrills through me.

“My, what a slut she is,” Adrienne observed, and the twins agreed. “Let’s finish her off properly.”

They opened the gym bag once more and withdrew a leather harness fitted with a huge black rubber cock, complete with ridged veins and a massive head. My fears grew as Adrienne strapped the enormous thing on, fitting an interior projection inside her own wet slit.

“I love this thing,” Adrienne sighed seductively. “It sticks inside me so I get to feel what you’re getting, and it has these great little nubs that rub right up against my clit. So while I’m fucking you, I can really get off as well. Isn’t that amazing?”

She maneuvered herself behind me, guiding the head of the dildo between my parted thighs to my cunny. She rubbed the head up and down my slit, coating it liberally with my flowing juices.

“God, you’re so wet!” Adrienne laughed. “You’re such a tempting slut. All right, here it comes!”

Her hands gripped my ass as she forced the dildo inside me to the very hilt. I felt my vaginal muscles stretched as never before. I wasn’t a virgin, but I’d only had sex twice before, and the boy had been much smaller. I was in real pain, my cunny smarting from the sudden distension.

Adrienne left it buried there for a moment, letting my cunny stretch to accommodate the giant dildo. She slowly eased it out of me until only the head remained inside, then plunged the rubber cock back in until it hit my cervix. She began to fuck me rhythmically, my cunt lips wrapped around the shaft as she used me for her pleasure. She played with my breasts as she rode me and toyed with my throbbing clitoris.

Inga and Greta were clapping, cheering for Adrienne to fuck me faster, harder, and she did. Adrienne picked up the pace, her breath coming fast as she slammed the cock into me over and over. She was ruthless, fucking me with savage abandon, and I found myself moving backward to meet each vigorous thrust. The giant dildo pounded my pussy like a jackhammer, and I felt myself cumming uncontrollably. I lost count of how many times I came – I was in a continuous state of orgasm as she fucked me like a wild animal. The stimulation to Adrienne’s cunny and clit sent her over the edge as well, and she howled obscenities as she came. She called me a hot cunt, a slut, a whore, and I secretly reveled in the words.

Spent, Adrienne slumped over me, the dildo buried in me up to the balls. The twins were speechless, awed into silence by the tableau they’d witnessed. Finally Adrienne roused herself, the dildo slowly withdrawing from my violated cunny with a wet squelching sound.

“Wow,” she sighed, looking down at the dripping rubber cock sticking out between her legs. “That was incredible. You’re an amazing fuck, girl.”

Adrienne snapped her fingers toward Samantha. “Get us some water. Fucking this slut is thirsty work.”

Samantha scurried to obey, bringing out a water bottle from the mini fridge. Adrienne took a long swallow, sighing with contentment and licking her lips. She freed the ball gag from me and told me to drink. I did, thankful for the revitalizing liquid.

“Aren’t you going to untie me now?” I asked, but Adrienne just laughed.

“Not yet, sweet thing. We’re just coming to the piece de resistance.”

She shoved the ball gag in my mouth once more and strapped it tight. The twins searched the gym bag, coming up with a bottle of lubricating oil. I watched as Adrienne poured a measure of oil on the massive dildo and rubbed it all over, then drizzled some between the cheeks of my ass. I wriggled helplessly as she massaged the oil into my tight sphincter, and felt her finger work its way into me. I feared the penetration that was to follow.

“All right, girls, it’s time for the grand finale,” Adrienne proudly announced, and guided the enormous head of the rubber cock to my ass. I was terrified, but my muffled cries for mercy went unheeded. She forced the bulbous head into me and I felt my rectum stretch as never before. Inch by awful inch the giant dildo penetrated my ass. I struggled to escape the terrible invader, this horrible violation of my virgin ass, but my bonds were secure and I was utterly helpless. Adrienne buried the rubber cock in me until its massive balls rested against the lips of my cunny. I felt certain the titanic thing was in me up to my stomach.

“Fuck that ass!” the twins cheered, and Adrienne gave them the show they wanted. She began slow, making me feel the full length of the giant dildo as she drove in and out of my ass. She gradually picked up the pace, and I felt my sphincter slowly begin to relax as it became accustomed to the massive intruder in my bowels. Adrienne enjoyed sodomizing me, as her vulgar language clearly indicated. She fucked my ass long and hard, calling me her fuck toy, her slut. She hammered away at my ass while the twins fingered themselves with excitement.

Incredibly, I felt myself responding once more. Even as I was violated in the most awful way, I felt powerfully aroused, turned on by the sadistic scene. What did this mean? Was I the slut Adrienne called me? The only thing I knew was that I was hot and horny, and that I was rapidly approaching another orgasm. My body began shoving itself backward to meet Adrienne’s thrusts, and when her hand descended to stroke my clitoris I exploded instantly. Adrienne screamed as she came, her hips bucking as she fucked me senseless. The twins emitted low moans as they climaxed in unison.

The three released me from my bonds and held me in a sweet embrace, kissing me over and over. I melted, and found myself not only forgiving them for violating me, but actually thanking them. I think I was in love with Adrienne, and certainly in lust with all three.

The trio dressed themselves with languorous ease and put the rope and sex toys back in the bag. I remained naked, lying on the bed – my bottom was far too sore to sit. The twins took me in their arms for a sizzling double kiss and I felt my nipples stiffen once more. When Adrienne kissed me I lost all self-control, and told her I loved her.

“Well, well, this should make for a very interesting year, Heather. We’ll be seeing you soon,” she said as she and the twins swaggered out the door.

To be continued…

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