Brandi has fun

Brandi has fun

Brandi thought she loved to give oral.

I'd been eyeing this girl who had been getting drinks off my buddies, this leggy, raven haired beauty who was chatting it up with a group of people. She had on a blue dress that revealed more than it hid, a little thing that clung to every curve on her body. And boy, did this girl have curves. She had the greatest set of tits I'd ever seen, in that they weren't humongous, but they were a good sized D cup, perky as hell, their fleshy softness almost spilling out over her neckline. I couldn't have cupped an entire hand over one of those babies, and I had big hands. Her tight ass was literally hanging out of her skirt, the curves of her butt cheeks showing underneath the hem of the skirt. She was wearing a pink thong underneath.

For all those assets though, it was her lips that caught my attention. Big, shapely, and touched with lip gloss, they parted wide each time she laughed. I could see my cock ramming in and out of that succulent mouth. She looked like you could shove a beer bottle down that hole, no problem. My member throbbed just thinking about it.

"Checking out Brandi, are ya?" The voice came from behind. There was a man standing there, expensive clothes hiding a lardy frame. I frowned at the intrusion, but he didn't seem to take notice. "Everybody does. Even the ladies. She's a popular one down here, with a mouth like that. Loves to suck cock and lick pussy. Could probably get paid to do it too, from what I hear." The man leaned back on the counter of the bar, sipping his drink without taking his eyes off Brandi. "Word has it she's done a dozen men in one night. Multiple times each. They all got tired before she did. Only problem is, she won't let you have it, if you know what I mean." And with that, he walked off into the crowd.

The man had piqued my interest. I'd always been one for a challenge when it came to women. If this girl was as tight as he'd said, I was going to have a fun time trying to get it from her. I got excited just thinking about the idea.

Within a few minutes, the pack of people had cleared significantly, leaving Brandi standing by herself. I walked over to her, handing her a beer. She smiled back at me with those lips again, and I couldn't wait to fuck her face.

We chatted for a while, and I could see that she was already significantly drunk. She shifted her weight from one leg to the other, six inch heels clicking on the beer slicked floor. As she talked, she began to slide one hand up the leg of my jeans under the table, grabbing my cock and jerking it off from outside my pants. I returned the gesture by slipping a finger up her cunt, shifting her panties aside to stroke her pussy. She moaned in my ear but slapped my hand away; she grabbed my hand, dragging me to the back of the club where there was a secluded booth.

Music pounded in my ears as she threw me down on the couch, and I felt the zipper of my pants flying open. Brandi crawled underneath the table, and I watched as she pulled my pants and shorts down to my ankles. She licked her lips, looking up at me before taking half length of my cock in her mouth. The wet, slick insides of her mouth felt so good, and I let her suck on me, feeling the sensation of her throat constricting against my member. She grabbed hold of my balls, massaging one then the other, pressing them together and pulling at them. Brandi pressed down hard onto my cock, but she couldn't get it all the way in her mouth, try as she might. She seemed to be content with just sucking the length that could fit in her, flicking her tongue against my tip every now and then before going back to the sucking. It wasn't enough though, and I wanted more from this cum-hungry slut.

I grabbed her hair, and pulling my eight inch dick out, immediately slammed it back into her oral cavity. I watched her eyes widen from the intrusion, and I began pounding her face with my cock, my balls slapping against her chin. Drool dribbled out from between her big lips as she tried not to gag from the hardest fuckings her mouth had ever received. Pulling myself out all the way, I slammed it inside her again. She tried to escape this time, pushing her hands against my knees to get away, but I grabbed her wrists with one hand and held them on top of her head as I pounded in and out of her throat. Spittle flew everywhere as I bucked my hips into her face, and my orgasm built deep from inside my balls until I felt the first gush of semen flood her mouth. Brandi sputtered and choked, but she couldn't get away from me, so she just knelt there as my cum squirted down her throat. I held her in that position for a minute, pushing her head against me so that her lips were wrapped around the base of my shaft, preventing her from spitting out any of my load. I don't think I'd ever cum that much in my life before; my cock was still spunking thirty seconds after I came. She must have known it as well, from the look on her face.

I released her from my grip, and she immediately stood up, screaming at me. "What the fuck, you piece of shit! I'm going to fucking kill you for that!" She coughed violently, her face beet red.

When she finished, I grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her face close to mine. "No one can hear you from back here, you dirty fucking whore. I thought you loved sucking cock." Her face suddenly changed from one of anger to surprise. "That's right, you didn't think I knew? Sucking ten guys off at the same time, and you couldn't handle just one? You've never had a real man before with those pencil-dicked boys, but don't worry, I'm going to change that for you." I laughed before adding, "I'm going to fuck you into tomorrow."

At this last comment, her face changed again into one of fear. She started trembling, but I held her up by the hair. "No please, don't. I... I can't. Let me go, please!"

Too late. I ripped the dress off that delicious body, tearing it into unrecognizable shreds. She tried to cover herself up, but it didn't do any good. She wasn't wearing a bra, and with a sharp tug, I ripped her pink thong off of her. "Oh god, no. I'm... I'm a virgin, okay? Please don't fuck me. I can't!"

When she said this, my dick immediately began to get hard again. I pulled her around so that she was on her knees, her hands held behind her back, her face up against the couch. "I am going to fuck the shit out of you, you cock sucking bitch. The more you resist, the worst it will be for you, so just stay still." I pressed the tip of my penis against her tight virgin lips which were slick with girl juice. I laughed again. "Your mouth says no, but your pussy says yes."

"No, I'm serious, I don't want it. Oh gawd, oh gaaawwwwwd!" She screamed as I pushed up into her tight pussy. It slipped in surprisingly easily, and before long, I had the full length of my cock shoved up that tasty hole. She was so tight, I felt like I was going to unload my balls right there and then, but I held on and began to pump into her, pulling out all the way like I did with her mouth before I thrust into her again. Her slick vaginal walls seemed to fasten against my member with a rhythmic clenching as I fucked her deep and hard. Her screams turned into moans, and as I slammed her harder and harder, she began to yell for more, moving her ass in time with me, backing up every time I pulled out and meeting me when I shoved back in. "Jesus Christ, fuck me harder, fuck my goddamn pussy with your cock! Oh fuck, oh FUCK!" She screamed as she came, her body convulsing from the rocking wave of her orgasm. Brandi went limp, shaking from the best dicking she'll ever get. I wasn't done with her yet though.

Pulling my dick out from her sopping pussy, I began to run the head of my cock against the tight sphincter of her asshole. When she realized what I was about to do, she tried to reach back, but I still had her in a grip. "Oh fuck, not there, please, not there. I beg you, don't do it!"

"Just shut the fuck up you slut. I'm going to fuck your ass no matter what, you might as well try to enjoy it. Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

I lied. With a force that almost broke the couch we were on, I tore into her ass, and she jerked up, yelping, trying to get away. "Uuuugghhhhh!" she groaned, her face scrunched up in pain. Brandi's fine ass was even tighter than her pussy, and I felt her inner muscles clenching on my entire member. I held still for a few seconds, letting her adjust to me inside her. It was the most amazing feeling, her velvety soft insides gripping me like there was no tomorrow. When I thought she was ready, I began to slow fuck her ass, moving up and down so that my cock was still buried deep inside her. I could feel her relaxing against me, and even begin to moan a bit from the anal intrusion, so I took it slow with her for a while, though not necessarily gentle. Grabbing her hips for more leverage, I shoved my dick harder inside her, fucking her with my long cock, my balls slapping against her pussy like a pair of balloons gone insane. "I'm almost there, I'm almost there," I panted until I felt my muscles clench and my semen gushing inside her rectal void. With my member still inside her, I fell on top of her body, groping her breasts and jerking spastically each time I unloaded more cum. Her asshole was still twitching when I pulled out of her with a wet pop, and I watched as my seed rolled out of her bowels like a thick glue. Brandi whimpered lightly underneath me.

That was the beginning of a great night. Brandi had nothing but my jacket on as we left the club, her face sweaty with smeared makeup and her hair stringy with my cum. I took her home, and showed her the world beyond sucking dick, violating her virgin holes again and again until she begged me to stop, her wails of pleasure and pain filling my apartment. She learned to take my entire cock in her mouth without gagging that night, a lesson well learned and a quick one at that. This went on night after night as she came back for more, the sex becoming so kinky that if a normal person were to see the video tapes I had made, it would make them nauseous. And yet she still came back for more of my cock until three months later when I'd finally used her up and dumped her, moving on to the next young thing I could find. A couple of times, I let her beg me into fucking her again, for old time's sake, but I never returned her calls after that.

To this day, she is my crowning achievement, my own dirty little cock slut, my Queen of Oral.

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