The game changer 3 - Shopping, CCTV & more

The game changer 3 - Shopping, CCTV & more

I awoke Sunday morning, to see Kerry wiggling her little bum in her bed shorts. Rubbing my eyes, I wondered if this was my morning surprise, "Working sweety, what a great ass you have", she looked back and smiled, "Notice anything daddy?" There was something poking out near her hole, I used my finger to investigate and revealed a little plug buried in her asshole. My eyes widened, "I did it just for you daddy! Hurry get up, its new phone day!"

I for one did not want to move, her little plug has got me hard, and I wanted to enter that tight hole. But it was too late she was up and off to get ready. She's probably using this to get an expensive phone.....and it's working.

We jumped in the car and drove off. She was jumping with excitement in the front seat for a new phone, I couldn't help but smile. "Daddy what phone you getting me" She began to rub my crotch. "Haha, you'll see when we get there. Nothing too expensive though"

"But Daddddyyyyy, I'll be a good girl for you. I want the new IPhone" She began to massage more.

"rubbing my cock, seems like a thing a bad girl would do" I laughed playing along with her game.

"I'll let you fuck my ass" She giggled, and revealed the plug still in her ass under her skirt.

I nearly swerved and crashed when she said that, my cock was instantly hard, " can have any phone you want"

She pulled it out and circled it around her rim, and slowly pushed it back in and gave out a little moan.

"Fuck me" I muttered, trying to focus on the road.

We arrived at the store, and i was getting increasingly nervous about her sexual behaviour towards me in public, but fuck me she looked fantastic. I hurried her towards the phone section and allowed her to pick any phone she wanted, and when shes chosen i'll come over and pay. So she skipped over to the most handsome guy working there and started her flirting to get a phone, looking the way she did a couple other guys crowded round to offer assistance. She looked in her element so I left her to it to go look at some gadgets. Immediately, a sale caught my eye. 2 home CCTV cameras, 30% off. They were small dome cameras for the ceiling, and the thought crossed my mind. I could use these to spot what Kerry gets up to with these other guys. I got excited thinking about it, so I picked up 4 of them, went to the check out and ran straight to my car.

Running back, it looks like she'd picked her phone, and the sales assistant looked like he was trying to hide the tent he was pitching. I paid, and we went on the search for somewhere to eat.

"What you say to the poor guy to get him all worked up?" I teased. "Oh, I just asked about the camera quality, and he told me about all its features and it has a really good night mode. And I just said,that'll be really handy for when I take dirty pictures in my bed. He went all red so i said I can send him one if he can get me some money off the phone." She laughed.

"Did you get any discount?" I laughed along at the poor guy, "No but he asked his supervisor!" She laughed harded. "You're such a tease!" I whispered lightly touching her leg. "How about you take me clothes shopping too and I'll show you 'tease'" She stood up and headed for the closest clothes shop.

Awaiting my treat, we spent the next 30-45 minutes walking around this shop and pickling up various items of clothing and shoes. To the changing rooms, she picked an area where i could sit directly outside and wait and have minimal risk of people seeing us. I had a strong feeling she has done this before, why doesn't that surprise me.

"Ready?" she announced. "Yup" I said trying to sound casual. She opened the curtains and unveiled herself in a white buttoned shirt, barely buttoned, a TINY checked skirt, and black heels. She looked like a sexy little schoolgirl.

"So much better than my uniform right daddy?" She said dropping to all fours, then turning round showing her plug still poking out from her underwear. I was speechless, I dare not say anything. She giggled and closed the curtains for another outfit change.

Next up, was tight leather-like tights, and a short strapless, leopard print top, just covering her boobs. She accessorised this with black heels and a headband with cat ears. "Meow!" she purred as she licked and sucked on her finger, I slowly grabbed my cock to shield it from anyone seeing it. She closed the curtains once more.

Last was a little black dress, barely covering her ass cheeks, and shiny red heels. She swished around showing me every part, and then sat down on the stool in the room opposite me facing my direction. She spread her legs revealing her bare pussy and placed her 2 middle finger deep inside. She pulled them out and placed them deep in her mouth, pulling them out slowly followed by a string of saliva. She then proceeded to rub her pussy for me slowly.

I couldn't wait any longer, I looked around to see if anyone was watching and made my way into the room closing the curtains once more. I placed my face to her soaked lips, I began licking her gorgeous, tight little slit and sucked on her clit. She tasted fantastic. I stood up and pulled out my cock, kneeled and placed it at her entrance, she bit down on her finger as I entered. I fucked her as quietly as I could, suddenly a voice.

"Hello? Do you need any help with your clothes?" It was a shop assistant, "Oh, no we're fine. My daughter just needs help zipping out of her dress....and..." Kerry found her mouth to my cock and slowly slid along it, I tried to continue my sentence to not arouse suspicion "...the zip is a little stuck. Thank you though" I tried to sound as casual as possible. "Ok, no problem. Let me know if you need anything" She said happily, looks like we've got away with this.

"That was a close one" I said, stroking my chin nervously. She giggled and zipped me back up. Better not get to cocky I thought, lets get out of here before we get caught.

We packed up and I gave her money for those outfits and head on home.

Coming through the door, Kerry kissed me on the cheek, "Thank you again daddy. I might go across to see Katie and show her my new phone! Will you help me set it up tonight?" "Course" I replied, and she ran off down the road.

Perfect, this'll give me some time to install these cameras. Grabbing my tools and ladders I installed the 4 cameras. One above the book case in the front room, one near the front door facing in, one in the kitchen, and one upstairs between the bathroom door and Kerry's door. It struck me that when I set up the phone, I would lose access to her apps and messages from the old one of hers I had. Lucky for me as an IT guy there are ways to install spyware on her phone so I can see exactly where she is and who she is speaking to, I prepped everything so as soon as she came home I can take it up to my room and get everything set up.

Kerry came back shortly, just in time, "Good time at Katie's?" I asked while approaching her, I couldn't smell cum on her so at least i know she was actually going to see Katie instead of her dad. "Yeah, it was good! She was off out though, so I thought I'd come back and get my phone set up" She passed me the phone, "Yeah no probs, I'll go do it now"

I went upstairs and set up her phone, installed the software and tested. And we're ready. Going down stairs to hand her the phone, my work mobile started to ring. It was the office needing me to come in for something urgent.

"Kerry, sorry I gotta run off to the office, I will be back later tonight probably. I'll try be quick" I apologised to Kerry, "But daddy, I've not had chance to thank you for my phone" She placed her hands on my chest and slowly slid down to her knees. She looked up to me and awaited me to pull out my cock.

Not to disappoint I unzipped and pulled out my half hard cock and placed it on her lips. Her lips, like a vacuum sucked in my cock into her mouth and began to suck, in no time I was at full hard and then she stopped. "Hurry on back daddy so we can finish me thanking you" She giggled and ran off upstairs. This entire day has been a fucking tease, i wanted to pull her back and stick it back in but i was going to be late.

Stuck in traffic, my phone began to buzz, but it wasn't for me, Kerry had been messaging Paul:

'Kerry: I'm home alone xxx'

'Paul: Oh, I was just thinking about you'

'Kerry: Good things I hope! ;* xxx'

'Paul: Just of how much a dirty fuck-doll you are'

'Kerry: Oh thank you daddy!'

'Paul: Better not be wearing any clothes when i get in you fucking bitch'

Shit, this was the perfect time to view my CCTV from the office, but this traffic; at this rate I was going to miss it.

I rushed into my office, closed the door, fired up my PC and connected to my home CCTV.

I was too late, there they were centre of the front room. Kerry was bent over the couch poof, Paul squatting behind, his dick plowing in and out of my daughter. His fingers were placed in each side of her mouth, stretching it wide, using it to pull her body towards him as he thrusted. She looked like she was in pain, i could almost make out a tear going down her face. He released his fingers and used one to grip her throat, bringing her up and increasing his pace. She began her attempt to scream in what i assumed was both pleasure and pain, but the noise level was choked off by the massive hand of Paul. This made him increase the pace even more, her eyes looking like they were rolling back.

He pulled out and stood up, her body collapsing back on the poof. He grabbed her hair and her neck, lifting her back up, he looked so angry and aggressive, not a single word said between them. He looked so huge next to her, his hard cock definitely looked like it would not fit in any part of her.

Throwing her onto the sofa, he positioned her upside down, head hanging off the front, her mouth opened. He propped a leg up on the sofa, and drove his dick into her mouth. He used his arms to restrain her hands down, and slowly eased his cock in and out of her mouth. I couldn't make out how much he was fitting in there but by the drool, spit and possibly vomit coming out of her mouth sliding down her face and onto the floor it was a lot.

5 minutes past of him violating her mouth and her struggling to get breath, he pulled out and fired his load across her body, landing on her tits, stomach and face. He plunged his cock back into her mouth to squeeze out the last drops and clean it, once her pulled out he slapped her on her face twice and said "good girl". He grabbed his clothes, got dressed and left, Kerry still lying there motionless. Several minutes passed and she opened her eyes, I could make out a smile from the mess on her face, which told me she had a good time.

I don't know what I'm more amazed at, the quality of these cameras or of how much of a kinky slut my teen daughter is.

Suddenly, a knock at my office door. I minimised the CCTV window. "Hey, Greg. What am I needed for?", He explained that the issues with the server and I went to work. With my dual monitors i had one screen on for work and the other for the CCTV so I could watch my daughters recovery. When i looked back she was in her underwear, and began to clean her mess off the sofa and floor. I needed to watch the start of her sex with Paul, so I decided to rewind to the beginning. I noticed something during the rewind, something moved at one of the windows. I stopped the rewind, went forward and paused. At this moment in time, Paul was face-fucking Kerry, one hand under her chin the other on top, but there was someone behind them watching at the window through a gap. I couldn't see a face, but i could make out a hand. What if he came into the house and took advantage of her? I clicked out of the footage to see the live feed. I couldn't see her in the front room, and she wasn't in her room or bathroom. In the kitchen I saw her, once more on her knees. She was with a man. I think it's my neighbour David, he moved in quite recently with his fiance, he must have seen them both whilst in his garden. She was on her knees sucking away, not even cleaned up properly after her fuckfest with Paul, her hair still looked wet, clearly David didn't care as he had entered my house unannounced and walked straight up to my daughter. She then got up and bent over the counter for him, he pushed in and fucked her doggy, cupping her beautiful breasts. 2 minutes had passed, and he was cumming. Hastily he zipped his pants up, Kerry smiled and asked for his number. He seemed nervous but gave it to her and then quickly left.

Jesus, she is relentless. How much can she take in one day!

She began to text him:

'Kerry: Hey David it's Kerry! That was fun, you can come over whenever! xx'

'David: I shouldn't, i don't normally do stuff like this. I'm getting married soon'

'Kerry: Secret safe with me! Promise xx'

'David: I dunno. I heard noises and I saw you with that guy and I couldn't help myself.'

'Kerry: Ooohh. that was my Dad's friend Paul. Don't tell my dad! I won't tell if you won't'

'David: I guess. That was totally hot, I can't believe what we just did'

'Kerry: Neither can I, I was shocked when you approached me in the kitchen. But then I saw your big cock in your pants and my mouth started to water your partner is super lucky!'

'David: I wish i could tell you she was but we don't have sex that often. I've been thinking shes been cheating on me'

'Kerry: Well you can take it all out on me. Let me be your little cum dumpster xxx'

'David: Deal.'

Moments later. She began to message her teacher, Eric:

'Kerry: How do you like my new uniform sir? xx'

She sent a picture from the changing room of her in the schoolgirl outfit.

'Eric: That definitely looks to short for school young lady, are trying to extend your detention next week?'

'Kerry: I'd stay after school everyday with you xx'

'Eric: You're either going to get me divorced, fired, or both'

'Kerry: Sorry Sir! I'll be super quiet promise. You love me giving you a BJ under your desk! xxxxx'

'Eric: It's a very nice way to mark homework. Detention Monday night!'

'Kerry: I'm so bad. Are you going to spank me?'

'Eric: You're lucky if that's all I do young lady.'

'Kerry: Oh yes sir!'

I'm starting to lose count of all these guys she fucks. I hope its my turn tonight.

I arrived back home to an empty but clean house. Lights were off and it was silent. I text her before I set off saying I was coming. She must have gone out. I put my things down and grabbed some water and headed upstairs to my room.

Opening the door, their she was. She was face down on my bed, with her ass in the air, plug still in, with her hands handcuffed behind her back. "You ready daddy? I've not taken my butt-plug out for you", which was a lie due to the camera footage.

On the bedside table she had placed some lube, she set it all up for me as my reward. I unbuttoned my shirt, took off my pants, underwear and socks. My cock was rock-hard as i stroked and rubbed in the lube. I pulled out her plug slowly, lubed up my 2 index fingers and inserted them into her extremely tight ass. I would believe her if she said she had never done anal.

I spread her cheeks and placed my wet cock head at her asshole entrance. "Are you ready?" I responded to her first question. "Yeee...." As she answered a slowly pushed myself in, her tight hole gave so much resistance. She was silent but i could tell she was struggling as she was pressing her head into the bed, eyes closed shut. I pulled all the way out, and entered once more going a little deeper.

"Oh.....god....daddy!" She screamed into the covers. I quickened the pace, going deeper and deeper each time as her entire hole got wetter and wetter. She was practically taking the whole thing, a mix of pleasure and pain flowed through her body, as she I could see her trying to resist but was screaming "Yes, yes, YES!".

"I'm cumming!" she said, her legs began to shake. I took this as my opportunity to go in hard, i forced her head back down and went in with all my strength. Her body, almost buckling from the force. "I'm cumming too babygirl" I whispered, out of breath. I thrusted one last time, cumming hard in her ruined little hole. Pulling out, some dripped down her legs, I could see it pooling in her ass, as it began a breathing motion. I then took a page from Paul's book, and stuck my cock into her mouth for her to clean out every last drop.

"Wow" she said, not moving a muscle.

"Wow indeed" I said slapping on her ass.

"I might leave you like this through the night, I might be ready to go again in a couple hours" I laughed.

"Whatever you want daddy" she whispered, almost like she was going to sleep.

I wiped the cum up from her ass, and let her lie next to me in bed, still handcuffed.

It's a shame it's school tomorrow.

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