Married Life 04

Married Life 04

I woke early on Saturday morning, probably because I was excited at being Jan’s master for the weekend, I had put a lot of thought into what we would be doing, so I jumped out of bed and went down to the kitchen to prepare a small breakfast of yogurt, fresh fruit salad and a glass each of orange juice for both of us, I took these back to the bedroom and woke up old sleepy head suggesting that her first duty of the day as slave girl would be to eat her breakfast whilst I went back to the kitchen, she could go to the toilet if necessary and when I returned she could feed me my breakfast. Jan giggled thinking that this was all a bit silly; I quickly reminded her that she would be punished if not careful. I went back to the kitchen via the laundry where I had picked up a bucket, the kettle had boiled and I tipped the hot water into the bucket, I then got the cask of red wine from the cupboard, removed the bag of wine from the carton and placed the bag into the bucket of water so as to warm it before we poured it into the enema bag which had arrived with the toys earlier in the week. I then went back to lying on the bed and waited for Jan to reappear so that she could feed me my breakfast.

I quite enjoyed being master and Jan played her part well, then I told her to remove and pack away the doona cover off the bed before going for a shower, I would join her there shortly. I went and took the wine cask out of the warm water and filled the enema bag before joining her in the shower, on seeing the enema bag Jan’s curiosity got the better of her and she asked “what’s that?” Instantly I applied a smack to her right buttock whilst reminding her that slaves do not question their master and to bend over, inserting the nozzle to her bottom I advised her to stand up and to hold in the red wine which was now being inserted, the bag was hung over the shower enabling me to use my hands as I wished, grabbing the bar of soap and rubbing it over her tits I managed to tweak the nipples before sliding my hand down to her pussy to gently rub over her clit and insert a finger for a brief moment saying that naughty girls get smacked good girls get pleasured. By now the bag was nearing empty and Jan was squirming a little whilst trying to hold in the wine so I suggested she go let it out in the toilet and I would give myself an enema as well. Jan was back in the shower washing her hair when I returned from the kitchen with the bag refilled with wine suggesting that we should have as second flush in the shower just to ensure we got everything out the back door. On leaving the shower she was instructed to lie on her back on my side of the bed and to place the blindfold which was sitting on my pillow over her eyes to receive another reward. Following her into the bedroom we kissed passionately before she picked up the blindfold, laid back down on the bed putting the blindfold on and resting her head on my pillow, I then sucked on her breasts and licked her nipples for some time, quietly I reached into the drawer took out the lubricant and placed it on the side draw chest before working my way down to her pussy for a good licking. I gently raised Jan’s bottom off the bed instructing her to place her hands under her knees to hold her legs up out of the way whilst gently spreading them to give me easier access to her pussy. She obeyed without hesitation so I lowered my face and began licking up and down her vagina inserting my tongue occasionally to lick up any juices that might appear, after a short while I progressed down to the crack of her arse, up and down pussy to arse I went before inserting my tongue into the depths of her bowels, Jan responded with a little whimper before I returned to give her clit a good tonging; whilst doing this I reached under my mattress and pulled out a small anal invader which was fitted with a remote control then lubricating the butt plug I rested the tip against her hole and turned the vibrator to fast. A small amount of pressure was applied and before long the tip was making its way inside, occasionally I would release the pressure and retract the plug ever so slightly then reapplying the pressure, this went on for some time before the butt plug completely invaded her. Then the attention was back on her vagina and taking an egg which also was remote controlled from under my mattress it was inserted into the depths of her pussy although it had not been turned on, I continued the tonging of pussy and clit whilst reaching up to play with her boobs, Jan was struggling a little to hold everything in and I told her she needed to stop worrying and to concentrate on keeping the egg and butt plug in as she would not like her punishment if she fails with my command.

Then the egg was turned on ever so slightly and the anal invader was turned to low also, at this time my attention went completely to her nipples whilst I watched her body below, she started squirming with delight so the egg vibration was turn up quickly bringing Jan her first orgasm of the weekend.

After turning the egg off, Jan was instructed to put on her bright red push up bra and matching nickers and casual clothes for shopping, it was a hot day so I put on a T shirt, shorts and thongs, when I looked over at Jan she had pulled up a pair of denim jeans, a red T shirt and sneakers, I was not impressed but chose not to say anything, we boarded our convertible and headed down to Marion with the roof down, every time we hit a bump Jan would be forced down in her seat forcing the butt plug further up into her arse making her jump even more. Upon parking the car we walked into the shopping centre where we headed straight to the coffee shop, Jan was instructed to get two coffees and no food then join me in the booth towards the front of the shop. As she approached the counter I took both remotes out of my pocket and decided to turn the egg on just as the sales assistant asked Jan for her order, Jan jumped a little, turning to stare at me with a bright red face before turning back to place our order. When Jan finally sat down I pulsed her bottom by repeatedly turning the butt plug up and down from low to high and back again until once again she was squirming in her seat, the waitress appeared with our drinks and I turned both vibrators up to high, Jan jumped in her seat almost causing the waitress to spill the drinks as she was reaching over to pass mine to me. Jan apologised to the waitress whom was looking very strangely at us as if to be questioning how come Jan had jumped. The excitement was too much, Jan’s heart was pounding and within five minutes she laid her head back to the top of the lounge closed her eyes and orgasmed. After collecting her composure I left both vibrators on low and we walked arm in arm up to the clothes shop where I picked out a couple of items for her to try on finally selecting a white see through shirt and a very short red mini skirt. Jan was instructed to leave the clothes on with the first three buttons undone so that it was very easy to see her pushed up tits trying to escape the open area of the shirt. I could tell that Jan was a little upset, as she was feeling a little humiliated approaching the cashier wearing really sexy clothes and a pair of crappy sneakers, I grabbed her hand as we approached the sales girl and suggested that we were going across the hall to the shoe shop to buy something more appropriate, this news brought a smile to my girls face and the sales girl reminded Jan that she was a lucky woman to have a man that wanted to buy his woman new clothes and shoes on the same day, also suggesting that she should buy a pair of red pumps to blend in with the mini and how really hot she would look. We walked to the middle of the hall and took a seat where I explained to Jan what she was instructed to do at the shoe shop and that I would remain seated until it came time to pay, only then would I approach and if she had followed the instruction, she would be able to buy a pair of boots as well as the shoes to wear home. I had a perfect view of the service area of the shop. As instructed Jan sought assistance from the elder of the sales girls (short haired blond and about thirty five year old) she had picked up a pair of white flat soled shoes sat down and pretended to have difficulties bending down to untie the laces on her sneakers, so as planed the sales woman knelt down in front and began assisting by removing the sneakers, whilst the assistant had taken Jan’s right foot and started to slip it into the white shoe, I turned up the egg vibrator. Jan let out a soft sigh which caught the sales woman’s attention, I noticed that when the left leg was raise to fit the new shoe it was raised quite a bit higher and I could clearly see a wet spot appearing on Jan’s nickers, I knew that if I could see it, then the sales woman must have also. Jan told me later that the sales assistant asked if it was an egg she could hear and that she was very embarrassed so decided to just tell the truth that her husband was playing games with her in reward for buying new clothes and shoes. The woman apparently told Jan that the only reason she thought it was an egg was because she sometimes used one when the shop was boring and quiet. Jan walked around the shop in the white shoes whilst looking out at me for approval, I noticed the sales woman nodding her head and then walking over to a display and returning to the fitting area with a pair of bright red six inch pumps, suggesting that she thought that those would be more appropriate for the clothes Jan was wearing. Meanwhile Jan had spotted a pair of cream coloured knee high boots, so she sat down and again the assistant helped her out of the white shoes and into the boots, as the assistant was pulling the zipper up on the inside leg of the boots her hand managed to slip off the zipper and continue up Jan’s leg allowing her fingers to brush lightly over Jan’s pussy, before she could change direction and retake hold of the zipper to continue tightening the boot. This procedure repeated itself with the other boot except it happened when the zip was fully into position and I noticed that Jan said nothing only smiled at the sales woman, as Jan stood to walk around in the boots I noticed the sales woman casually lift her hand to her nose and sniff her fingers with a quick lick also as the fingers passed her mouth. Jan returned and sat down to take off the boots and try on the red pumps, the sales girl leaned right back as she was pulling the boots down Jan’s legs all the time taking full advantage of the view provided. Jan told me that Jenny (her name we were later to find out) rubbed a hand up her leg whilst fitting the shoes and commented on how nice they looked. Jan looked really fantastic wearing her new outfit and she decided to wear the pumps home and to buy the cfm boots for later. When I approached the sales counter to pay for the items, the sales woman asked me how I liked Jan’s look and I said that I thought she looked hot, the sales woman replied that red is definitely Jan’s colour and offered Jan her business card suggesting that if she had any trouble she should ring as it would be a pleasure to look after her and her needs. Jan replied “I have Jim for that, but I guess you never know”. We walked back through the food court and out to our car, Jan was receiving plenty of attention from all the guys and I even saw one chick pull her boyfriend by the ear to stop him from perving. Once in the car we headed for home and I would occasionally let my hand slip from the gearshift up Jan’s leg to her crotch, usually when we had pulled alongside a high vehicle and we had the attention of the driver, I got Jan to wind her seat back further than normal and spread her legs so that the mini skirt rode up above her panties, at one stage I had my fingers probing her pussy as we pulled alongside a truck giving the driver plenty to look at. Jan was very excited and could not wait to get home and fuck.

Arriving home I parked the car on the back lawn and instructed my slave girl to fetch the camera and to remove her bra, nickers and both vibrators before returning, meanwhile I prepared a bucket of soapy water and the foam sponge used for washing the car. When Jan returned she was instructed to wash the car whilst I took some pictures, before long she was put into different poses with the soapy sponge, I took one from the front of the car with her bending over the bonnet sporting a very sexy smile, one from across the bonnet looking down the front of her shirt and one from the grass looking up at her exposed arse. Moving on I took the sponge off her and then dabbed soapy water over the front of her shirt to expose more of her breasts whilst she was squatting down to wash the wheels, It was time to remove her shirt and shoot her washing the windscreen both photographed from the driver’s seat and outside the car. Fully nude I allowed her to gently climb onto the bonnet, I set the camera up on a tripod and set the timer to go off whilst I was sponging my girl down, finally I reset the timer, slid Jan to the front of the car, dropped my shorts around my ankles and fucked her out in the open. Jan was so excited I thought we may raise some attention from the neighbours (still not sure if we did) but we were having fun and it did not take too long before she orgasmed again.

Well my weekend duty of washing the car was done, perhaps not to the usual perfection but with a lot more enjoyment, we went inside the house where Jan dried herself and was rewarded for her efforts by being told to go lie down on our bed, I followed her and said that she had best put the mask on again and lie face down in the centre to receive a massage as her reward, with that I walked to the front side of the bed reached under the mattress and pulled out a restraint to tie around her left wrist, Jan started to say “why am I being tied up” so she received two smacks across her bum before I heard her say “sorry master I did not mean to question you” I then proceeded to tie the other arm and both legs which had been spread far and wide to full expose her pussy and arse cracks. Then taking the bottle of massage oil in one hand it was poured down the centre of her back from her head to her arse crack and continued down the left leg over her heels and onto her toes before starting on the right foot and working my way back up to let it dribble over her pussy and up along the slit to her back door. I then proceeded to massage her neck and shoulders all the time slowly working my way down to her legs to her toes, spending considerable time on both feet and toes I slowly worked my way up the right leg to pause at her bum cheeks still avoiding the pussy and back door areas, when I reached the top on her neck I applied some more oil to my hands and this time moved quickly down to probe her pussy and arse finally pushing a thumb up her bum and two fingers into her cunt moving them in and out around and around, Jan was sure enjoying this and I wasted no time reminding her that good girls get nice rewards, bad girls get punished “yes master” came the reply. When I could see that she was again nearing orgasm I pulled my thumb out reached under the mattress and pulled out a full size anal butt plug which upon lubricating was eased into her now relaxed arse hole. Then I reinserted the egg and turned it on low before mentioning to Jan that I thought I heard a knock at the front door. Upon leaving the bedroom I made sure to close the bedroom and on-suite doors, I pretended to have a conversation after opening the front door, I picked up a golf umbrella and used this to touch the floor and confuse the number of foot steps being taken whilst proceeding through the house to the back kitchen area where again I pretended to have a conversation before returning to the bedroom. I advised Jan to just lay there quietly as I had forgotten that the electrician was coming around to install the extra plugs she wanted in the kitchen and I would return in a few moments. I walked back to the kitchen area and pretended to be talking to the electrician, after about ten minutes I walked back to the bedroom and advised Jan that I needed to nick down to the hardware shop to get one extra plug for the electrician to install and that I had told him he was not to come up to this end of the house as you are sleeping, so don’t worry I will be back shortly. “Could you not untie me first before you go master” Jan said. Smack went my hand “sorry master” was the reply; this girl is learning I thought to myself. Jan would have heard the car pulling out of the driveway, but she would not have realised that I had just parked three hundred meters down the street and when I had walked home I went straight into the bathroom got the men’s hair removing cream, went back to the laundry stripped off and applied the cream to my pubic areas not worrying about the noise as Jan would have thought it was our electrician. Twenty minutes later, and bald as a badger down stairs I ventured back into the bedroom as the electrician, upon opening the door I put on my best acting voice and said. “Your husband said you were sleeping, he did not say anything about you sleeping in that position with a butt plug stuck up your arse and tied to the bed spread eagled ready and waiting for me, I think you might like something to suck on don’t you. “No get out of here don’t touch me, dam Jim pissing off and leaving me here with you” with that I picked up a paddle from the floor whilst saying “what’s this, ah a paddle, now that will come in handy” and with that I proceeded to smack her arse really hard, almost worrying that I might really hurt her, Jan immediately started crying and I felt really bad for she did not know it was me and was now quite frightened. Once again in my actors voice I said “I think you might like something to suck on and with that I moved to the top of the bed and placed my cock at her mouth whilst resting the paddle on her arse, Jan knew the electrician meant business and she slowly lifted her head, opened her mouth and lowered it on to the cock, lifting the paddle and tapping it on her bottom, the electrician told Jan to start moving her head, “lick it, suck it; you little slut”. Jan realised she need to please this man or his punishment was going to be a lot worse than what her husband had been handing out this morning, with Jim it was just a game, but with this electrician it was for real, she needed to keep him happy until Jim got home, only then would she be free and she would have Jim to protect her, to rescue her from this evil person, perhaps if he orgasms he will be happy and leave me alone she thought. Jan decided to give the electrician the best head job she knew how although it was a little difficult with her hands still tied to the bed, she put more effort into using her tongue than usual thought Jim, he was enjoying this and it seemed to him that all too soon his wife was enjoying it also. The electrician picked up a rabbit vibrator he saw on the floor also and as he switched it on he rubbed up and down the slit of Jan’s pussy before pushing it very roughly into her pussy, Jan felt the immediate effects of the vibrator and whilst she tried to concentrate on her job at hand she could not ignore the pleasure coming from within the depths of her pussy. She thought the cock she was sucking on was similar to her husband’s and she thought to herself she would have to have Jim remove his pubes some time as she liked the smooth feel of the electrician and she liked the feelings he was forcing upon her pussy, that’s right she reminded herself, he’s forcing me to suck him and he’s forcing me to take this vibrator up my cunt, I’ve got to get him to have his jolly’s as fast as I can and then perhaps he will leave, so sucking, licking, harder and faster she went until suddenly the electrician pulled out. “No you don’t you slut, I know your game and I aren’t playing it that way” dishing out a smack with the paddle once again. The rabbit was still hanging out of Jan’s pussy buzzing away while the electrician administered six of the best to her stinging bottom, he then roughly pulled the anal invader out whilst admiring her crimson arse cheeks he then positioned himself behind her, pulled the rabbit out of her pussy and inserted his cock fully with one push, Jan did not move and before she knew it he had pulled out and reinserted the rabbit, ‘Oh no what’s he up to she thought to herself” before she felt the tip of his cock probing at her arse hole and before she could beg for mercy the electrician had pushed in to her virgin backdoor, he rested there and stroked the vibrator in her pussy for a while before pulling his cock halfway out and then pushing all the way back in. Jan had all sorts of emotions and thoughts running through her body and brain, the pain in her arse was being chilled by the pleasure in her pussy, she was hoping her husband would return real soon and put a stop to this man using her body as his personal pleasure machine, she was cross with her husband for leaving her at home in this vulnerable position tied up to the bed with a stranger in the house, she was cross with this stranger for taking advantage of her this way just for his own pleasure and she was getting confused as the feelings rushing to her brain from the lower parts of her body were sending mixed messages, whilst she always expected pleasure form her pussy and the vibrator, she did not expect that the pain in her arse would give way to pleasure, especially because she was being taken by a stranger, could it be that someone other than her husband could make her feel this way, how could it be. Jim was playing his part very well, everything was going to plan, Jan’s hostility towards the electrician was giving way to the wanton pleasure’s she was receiving from the his stiff bald cock as it pushed in and out of her virgin arse, he was quite proud of himself and could not wait to tell his friend Peter the good news. Jan started to push back onto her assailants cock every time he withdrew and she pushed down hard on to the rabbit in her cunt trying desperate to ram both fully home each time, she was nearing orgasm and finally yelled “harder, fuck my arse please fuck my arse harder I’m Cumming, ram that fucking thing home damn you” the electrician did as he was told before spewing a huge load right up into the depths of her bowls just as Jan, her whole body shaking profusely and convincingly achieved the biggest orgasm of her life. The electrician pulled out, went into the bathroom and returned with a hand towel which he used to wipe up the cum from her arse hole and then reinserting the butt plug he wiped the rabbit and her pussy saying that he did not want her husband to notice anything different when he returns, “we aren’t going to say anything to your husband about what happened here are we misses” , “if you do I’ll be back and I won’t be using a paddle on your cute arse, I will be bringing my whip” Jan replied, “well I was not happy when you first came in to my room, but I have never had such a strong orgasm and that is thanks to you, so no I won’t say anything, there again, perhaps I should, the whip sounds exciting. “You slut! You are naughty, I had best get back to my work” and with that the electrician left. Jan could hear the electrician working in the kitchen as she drifted off to sleep only to be awoken shortly after by the sound of Jim’s car returning, she did not know what to do, what should she say to Jim, she had been a willing participant to a rape, the electrician should be punished, but how could she punish the person who gave her the biggest orgasm of her life.

A short time after Jan heard the front door open and close, she assumed it was the electrician leaving, followed by Jim entering the bedroom all apologetic for leaving her tied to the bed for so long, Jim untied Jan and as she rolled over to face him he grabbed her and they kissed passionately. Jim said that he could not pick up where they had left off as the break had disrupted his thoughts of all the things he had planned to do to her and he hoped that she was not being left horny as hell. Jan replied that it was ok she had managed to have a couple of orgasms whilst he was away and that they could make love later in the evening if he thought he was up to it. It was early evening when they went to bed, tonight Jim made sure the lights where off before cuddling up to Jan and asking her what she thought about her day as a slave , she replied, “the shopping was fun, I hope the pictures turn out great and we should do some more, perhaps in public places would be exciting and being tied to the bed was great especially when you went to the hardware shop, just knowing I was all alone had my heart pumping until I fell asleep”. But you weren’t alone the electrician was here. “Oh yes that’s right I forgot about him” Jan replied “I guess because I never actually saw him face to face, I only heard him working away” and with that she reached behind her and grabbed a hold of Jim’s cock, a little startled at what she felt, she slid down under the covers to slip the head of his cock down her throat, Jim hardened up real quick as she went to work on him with real passion. “Oh that’s good honey” Jim responded and just as he was about to shoot another load for the day he said to Jan “And how is your arse feeling tonight darling, the electrician said it felt fantastic”.

Jan stopped what she was doing, slipped up the bed and popped her head out of the covers ,then kissing Jim, said “darling you had me very scared when you started your electrician act, I had no idea it was you, but I am glad it was you who got to take my anal cherry , it was very exciting although I am a little sore at the moment, well not really sore perhaps a little tender but it was so intense, I can’t wait till we do it again.” Yeah it was and I nearly gave up the act right there and then, but I wanted to see if you would tell me about the electrician or not, it is important honey, if we are going to play we do it together otherwise it is cheating and that would be hard for our marriage to survive, OK” “I know Jim, I agree, I wanted to tell you about the electrician but I could not force myself to say that I had been raped, which I was initially but after that intense orgasm I had enjoyed it was not right to say that I was forced into it, so when you asked me what had happened for the afternoon I thought best not to say anything, I am sorry darling” replied Jan. “Well” responded Jim “I think you may be ready for a weekend at Sally and Peter’s after all, if you like I will talk to Peter tomorrow. “Sounds great honey, now I think we need our sleep”.

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