LaMar and Leon (what Just Happened part 2)

LaMar and Leon (what Just Happened part 2)

After ‘Master’ left me chained there, in what you would have to call and I now realized was a dungeon, I started to panic. I had not wanted to and had been able to avoid dealing with thinking about what master had subjected me to, fucking my ass and not just making me suck on his huge cock, but swallow his cum and then thank him for using me that way. But now left alone, still chained to the floor, the reality was starting to sink in. How was I going to get out and what had happened to my friends I had been drinking with – were they in on it? Had they been drugged too? Where were they? If they weren’t in on it, how had ‘Master’ gotten me into the dungeon from their house?

And even more troubling, had I really enjoyed sucking and getting ass-fucked by a dangerous, violent guy who had taken me by force and slapped me around? And had I really enjoyed the sensation of his spurt into my throat and the taste of it? Actually, what was troubling was that I had enjoyed it. As scared as I had been then and still was now. I kept coming back to that. It had not been quite my fantasy of how I might someday get some dick in me or what I would have chosen myself, but it had been authentic, long, thick, African Dark Brown Snake and even with the humiliation of having been raped like a drunk cheerleader on prom night, it and the delicious spurt it had delivered had been exquisitely thrilling. I had just always fantasized about a more consensual experience, actually, I had fantasized about being, for lack of a better word, the seductress, not a victim.

The whole situation was disturbing enough that it was preventing me from focusing on the real problem, namely. was I ever gonna get out of here or more importantly out of here alive.

I decided to recheck the shackles and collar and bolt -but they were as solidly attached as they had been last night.

It was a little chillier than was comfortable with no clothes on, I inspected the cabinets that were next to the bed and did find some clothes but only frilly girl’s clothes, mostly in pink. However, I did find one baby blue dress with sleeves, though the skirt sorta showed the bottom of my butt. Still, I was starting to almost shiver so I slipped into it and felt a little less chilled, but not much more clothed. I was feeling a little tired too, since I was not sure how much I had slept before I ‘met’ Master.

Feeliing the combination of chill, fear, and now hunger, despite the dress, which as really more sex prop than clothes, I also began to feel chilled,. To try to warm up I turned down the princess bed in the corner and found it was made with a blanket that seemed as if it would be a lot warmer than what I had on, so I climbed in. I didn’t think I could sleep under the circumstances, but lay down anyway and pulled the blankets over me. Despite the circumstances I eventually did fall asleep.

I don’t know how long I slept, but I woke again to find another big, black man standing over me, unlike Master, he was dressed in normal street clothes and was, if anything even taller and better built.

I was immediately fearful, but somehow he didn’t fill me with the same apprehensi0on as Master had. I was afraid to speak, so didn’t.

“Cat got your tongue?” his voice was a mellifluent basso that reminded me of the performer, Paul Robeson, who I have heard some recordings of. He was about as handsome too, I

“No, sir.” He hadn’t demanded I address him as ‘Master’ so I did not, but figured a polite show of respect was the wisest course.

“Are you waiting for the boys?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean.”

“Then what the fuck are you doing here?”

Not knowing what to say, I decided to say nothing.

“Hey, white boy, what’s going on here?”

“Sir, I woke up here like this, chained and naked a while ago after some guy slapped me around.and left me here,” I stammered, “I never saw him before in my life.” I was feeling enough humiliation and shame from the way ‘Master’ had slapped me around and used me that I did not mention the forced throating and ass-rape, I didn’t want to give him any ideas.. “I was freezing so I put on the dress trying to get warm, but when I started getting chilled again, I laid down in the bed to get warm.

“What did the guy look like?”

I described, ‘Master’ and he frowned.

“Do you know a pair of twins about your age?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Where you with them before you blacked out?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Did the other guy make you suck his dick?”

I nodded and started to quiver a little, the trauma of the experience finally getting to me.

“Did he, did he fuck your ass?”

With that I broke down and started sobbing. To my surprise, he grasped my shoulders in two strong hands and spoke softly and reassuringly.

“Are you hurt?”

“Not really.”

Just then, Master walked in scowling, he glared at me but spoke instead to the other man who was till comforting me.

“Leon what did this pussy tell you?”

“Nothing. What did you think he told me?”

“About our first date. And how much he enjoyed it – I see he got dressed up for our second one.”

I was too intimidated to say anything.

Then ‘Master’ spoke to me, “Well, bitch, what do you have to say for yourself? Did you miss me? Do you have a taste for some more black cock?”


“You don’t have to call him Master, kid.”

“Sir,” I said changing my attention to the man who had treated me better, “ he ordered me to call him ‘Master’ and slapped me around before.”

“Don’t worry about that, I am not going to let him hurt you.”

“Master,” I couldn’t help myself, I didn’t know what else to call him, “to be honest I didn’t mind the fucking, so much,” I didn’t bother to elaborate about how I liked to use a dildo in my ass when masturbating – I didn’t want to give him, either of them, actually, any ideas “I just didn’t like being hit and treated like a piece of meat.”

“Be honest, Snowflake, you liked being treated like a piece of meat, you just didn’t like it being

by a beautiful black man.”

“That’s not true, sir.”

“What, are you saying you liked my black dick?”

I decided that honesty was the best tactic. “Yes, sir, I just didn’t like being roughed up and chained-up. I was scared, I am scared and I would like to get out of here. I want to go home.”

“So you like my big black dick?”.

I didn’t say anything.

“Answer me you little snowflake sissy!”

“LaMar!” my ‘rescuer’ shouted, “back the fuck off! Leave the kid alone!” and he moved between us.

“Yes, sir, I suppose I do.”

“You want some more?” I could tell you liked it and that you want more,” LaMar growled (I now knew his name was LaMar).

“Some time, maybe, but I want to go and if I do do it again I want it to be fun, not being beat up or bullied._”

The second man, who had found me and treated me better, and was being protective now turned to me and spoke. “The thing is no one really knows about our little playground here, Timmy

(he knew my name), and what LaMar (which I now presumed was Master’s actual name) did to you was stupid, and a dick move. Dannell and Donnell were supposed to get you to come willingly, which they were pretty sure you would do. But the plan was always supposed to be to invite you politely.

My eyes widened and he saw it and continued.

Responding to my puzzled expression, he went on, “They saw you eyeing their black snakes every chance you got at the pool and in gym class. And they were pretty sure you were wanting to suck them and take them up your ass. But we can’t have anyone finding out about our little club. We were going to bring you along slowly and make you our star, there are so many brothers who got the taste for white pussy in the joint and at little clubs like ours here. Anyway, by word of mouth, the word has spread about you. There are actually guys who have heard about you lining up to cum in your mouth and pussie. We have a waiting list.”

“But my dickhead cousin here has no fucking impulse- or self-control. Plus he is an asshole. The plan was -to have him come in and go all ‘black power on you and then have Dannell and Darnell ‘save’ you from him, and them to seduce you when you were grateful, but LaMar put something in all of your drinks and dragged you down here on his own and lied to them about taking you home.

“When they woke up, he told them he had accidentally dropped the shit in their drinks too and had taken you home. They found out when they went over to your house this morning to check on you.”

The rest of us?

“… a lot ofthe rest of us had something come up and we couldn’t do it that night, D & D were supposed to get you home ok and make a date for another night but then LaMar pulled his dick stunt and brought you here instead. He was planning on pimping you out this weekend on his own.”

At that point D and D came in and the first thing they did was apologize.

“We didn’t know what cousin LaMar was planning, We like you, you always been cool with us since junior high, and actually we think you are kinda hot, pretty and hot.”

I blushed at that, flattered in a way, but also sorta embarrassed and a little freaked-out and even ashamed, but not sure if my shame was real or because I thought I was supposed to be.

Leon continued, and as he did, Dannell and Donnell moved closer, placing reassuring big hands on my back. I didn’t recoil, it felt good, like it did when we would huddle playing pick-up football in the neighborhood, or embracing after a touchdown or a big play in a pick-up game of some kind

“The thing is, though, that, this place is a secret, nobody can know about it.” He went on to explain that the ‘dungeon’ had actually been an underground railroad station and their, his and Dannel, and Donnell, and LaMar’s family had owned it since before the civil war when, as free blacks, they had operated a large station for the Underground Railroad – even up North there needed to be secret sites, since some sheriffs and police or other officials would return escaped slaves, even ones who had reached the north, to slavery.

“But bottom line, our little club is private and we need to keep it that way, despite what LeMar did, we don’t do anything by force, but we don’t want to deal with a lot of hassle from the cops or building ‘safety’ inspections being used as an excuse to shut us down.”

If I hadn’t been so intimidated by everything that had happened, I might have had more to say, but I need to be honest, I was reeling. “Yeah, so?”

“We are willing to make it up to you and punish Leon, but we really need and want you to keep our secret.” He seemed sincere, but I strongly felt that there was no way they were going to let me go with any chance to report what had been done to me.

The realization that there was a line they could not afford to let me cross was a moment in coming to me. In that moment Dannell and Donnell spoke at the same moment, which I knew they did when excited, “we’ll kick his ass good for you. Timmy.” I knew they would too - in one of our neighborhood pickup football games a guy had piled on me hard after I had caught a touchdown pass from Donnell – while we were unpiling in the end zone, he had whispered ‘nigger lover’ in my ear, but loud enough that Dannell heard him. Dannell didn’t say anything, but had winked at me with a knowing smile, then put his head together with Donnell before the next play.

On that next play, when we kicked off after the touchdown, they had high-lowed the guy rough and knocked him out, nothing was broken, but he was out for a couple of minutes and seemed a little dazed the rest of the game. After they had flattened the guy, they both got up and winked at me.

It came to me after a moment, from something I had seen in a porn video that I was curious about.

“Actually, I said, I do have an idea, but I need a shower and I need to get dressed.”

“We can take you home,”

“Well, can I shower here? And I think I can wear clothes that are here.” At first they seemed startled, but the lights came on in their eyes when they got it a moment later. Part of it anyway.

I had seen femdom ruined orgasm videos and actually thought they were kinda hot, something I wanted to try some day, they were giving me an idea of how to get even with LaMar. There was no way I could really hurt him, and since my dick was a fraction of the size of his, I wasn’t going to make much of an impression on him that way., Still, given the opportunity to teach him a lesson that Uncle Leon and my friends Dannell and Donnell were offering, I wanted it to be something I could do myself.

I had stumbled across ruined orgasm videos looking for facestitting porn and searching for ‘femdom’ I found femdom handjobs, my favorite featured a Japanese or oriental star named Niya Yu, but, as she was Asian, I didn’t think I could get her look, but I also remembered another star named Veronique who I thought I could emulate more closely. I had tried not stopping myself after cumming when beating-off, but could never keep going after I orgasmed. I know it is porn and acted, but the men always did seem in some genuine discomfort in those videos when the woman doing the job kept stroking after the guy cummed, even allowing for the hamming that is so much a part of porn acting, and based on my own experiences of beating off too many times in too-short a time span, I knew that sometimes there could be some discomfort from continuing to rub the head or doing it too soon after.

There was a shower and Dannell went out for a fast food sandwich and shake for me while Donnell showed me where the shower was and the clothes. The clothes were all girl clothes, as I had found earlier, but I found an outfit that I liked, and if I may say, I did not look too bad in. Donnell smiled when I picked it out, which made me feel unexpectedly happy, even sexy. I have to say it.

After my shower and a quick bite I got dressed – a whole outfit, lingerie, garter belt, hose and heels. I wear my hair long and don’t have much (any) facial hair, so I could make myself a little convincing. I knew from visiting my mother and grandmother’s dressers and clostets how to fasten a bra and garter belt, but makeup I was not as familiar with, so I settled for foundation, a little blush, and a nice red lipstick, I was not confident enough to do a lot with my eyes, so I just applied some mascara to the lashes. When I reached the point in the mirror that I thought anything else would be too much, I let Donnell and Leon in. Donnell just smiled, but Leon asked for a kiss.I had sorta wanted my first one to be with Dannell or Donnell, but since it would have been too hard to choose between them, I decided to say yes.

Leon put his arms around me gently, softly squeezed me to his chest and kissed me deeper and more hungrily than I had ever been kissed in my life. When he probed my lips with his tongue, I readily opened mine and let my tongue out to meet his. His breath was fresh and he was at once both firm and gentle, honestly, I started to feel faint as his hands started probing my back and my butt. I was shocked by how much I wanted to melt into his arms.

After a long kiss, he broke off and looked me in the eye. “He was still a dick, but I get what LaMar was after with you, you are a sweetie.” I blushed, BADLY. “But,” he continued, “what do you have in mind with LaMar?”

So I told him: I wanted LaMar restrained on the bed, naked from the waist down, and I wanted him there for as long as he had kept me in the dungeon – at least a day, he could eat and piss if he needed to – I would be happy to hold his cock for him while he peed, and would clean-up any spills, but he had to stay restrained for a full day as I had been. And I would bring him a bed pan if he needed one, but he would need to clean it himself after.

My intention, as I explained to my twin friends and their sexy uncle was to see how many times I could make LaMar cum and if it would be uncomfortable for him if I did it enough times.

They laughed and then Dannell said, “White boy, I hope you never get pissed at me.” and laughed. I giggled and said: “as long as you let me suck that big love muscle of yours whenever I want, you have nothing to worry about. And that goes for you too Donnell.”

They moved closer on either side while we were still laughing and each kissed me on the cheek, Donnell saved me the trouble of deciding and turned my face to his first and kissed me deeply and sweetly. Then It was my turn to kiss Dannell. I was happy. I felt happy and girlie, I had broken through to being a sissy with the guys I had been fantasizing about doing it with. It felt good.

Leon, who had been delivering the terms to LaMar and wringing agreement from him, came back and told me that after some argument, LaMar had given in and accepted his ‘fate’. Leon had not, as we had agreed, told LaMar anything and LaMar had said that if I tried to cut him or burn him he would ‘fukken kill that snowflake faggot when I get loose.’ Fair enough. I didn’t want to hurt the kin of two of my best friends and a man who had been, under the circumstances, pretty decent to me, but I confess, I did want to get even.

“LaMar also has some shit he really needs to do today so he wants to do it tomorrow. I told him I would ask you, but under the circumstances, its up to you, he has tickets to a concert, I told him it would serve him right if you said no and made him miss it – up to you.”

“No, that’s ok. I could use the rest and anyway, my folks won’t be back home until next week, I don’t need to be back until then.”

“But there is one thing, Uncle Leon,” now that I knew who he was, I had started calling him ‘Uncle’, “ I really want to do good, would you like to help me practice my technique?” And I knelt down in front of him and reached for his zipper.

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