Fantasy Fullfiled

Fantasy Fullfiled

I have known Tori for many years. We met at a group for divorced singles and became friends over time. Tori is a large woman of Hispanic extraction with little sexual experience outside of her marriage but always had a keen interest in sex but was always too self conscious and shy to participate much. She grew up in a very strict family, so sexual experience for her was very limited. Over the years we have talked and teased each other over and about sex but never went further than that. Tori seemed to enjoy the talking and exchanging of jokes and photos, especially of me. I once made a vcr tape of me masturbating and she kept it for years, even sharing it with some girlfriends I later found out. While we never really had sex together, she had sex with me through fantasy and the tape. I have always been more adventurous sexually and Tori always enjoyed it when I told her of my experiences. I am a naturist and have swung with a number of couples and singles over the years and Tory enjoys the tales I tell.

Once she dated a guy who was into swinging and encouraged her to join in but she was too inexperienced and shy to participate but I convinced her that she could participate by blowing the guys that came around. She shyly admitted that she didn't know how to suck a guy off. Well, one night I gave her a short lesson one the fine art of blowjobs and she graduated with honors. Later she said she was a much sought after fellatrix at the parties.

Well, anyway, we had been teasing each other about my coming over someday for a nude visit. Just to tease and she told her girlfriend Denise. Now Denise has had the hots for me for sometime. She is a good size gal, sort of rubin-esque shape, and we used to play card with her and her husband. Her husband knew of her attraction to me but seemed to find it amusing. During those times, Denise would flirt with me a good deal of the sessions and I would often leave with a raging hard on and she with hard nipples. She would often have a hot session with her hubby when they got home.

Sometimes Denise and Tori would talk through IM and tease each other about when I was coming down for my nude visit and make veiled comments on how Denise would have to be careful she didn't slip off her chair with all the cunt juice she would have flowing as she drooled over my body.

So on Thursday, I decided to see exactly how far Denise and Tori would go in following their shared fantasy. I let them know that I would be down on Monday for my "nude" visit. They seemed to really like that idea and I looked forward to it myself. I am not sure they really thought anything would happen but they would be in for an interesting surprise.

To be sure, I was really looking forward to the fun and getting really horny thinking about it. So Monday, bright and early, I headed down to see them. It was about 45 minutes to Tori's place and I was really getting worked up thinking about what I hoped would happen. I finally arrived by mid-morning and walked up to the door. Tori greeted me with a big hug as we went inside. She was wearing her traditional loose shift type of dress. Denise was not there yet but would be Tori informed me. I teased her and asked if she were ready for the nude visit and she laughed and didn't answer for a minute but I could see she smiled very broadly at the idea.

So we sat at the kitchen table and caught up on friends for a bit. While we talked I slowly started to loosen my clothes. I started with removing my shoes and socks and loosened my shirt from my pants. Tori's eyes started to widen as she noticed my clothes slowing coming loose but I noted her smiling and wetting her lips in anticipation. She said she hoped Denise would hurry up or she would miss the fun. I just laughed and said then we could have the fun instead. As we talked, I slowing dropped my shirt and Tori's hand reached over and rubbed my chest. She was breathing a little more deeply and rapidly by now as she tried to keep talking but was having a hard time focusing. Her hands felt good as she slowly felt my nipples harden. As this was going on, I undid my belt and slowly moved my zipper down. I had a raging hard on at this point and unbuttoned my pants.

Just at that point, Denise arrived and her eyes widened as she took in the scene. She quickly closed and locked the door while jokingly complaining that we had started without her. But you could tell she was excited by the way her nipples on full tits hardened and stood up like hard erasures. When Denise appeared, Tori jerked her hands back in embarrassment but laughed at her nervousness. To help her, we all just sat there for a bit and talked about friends etc., while Tori got some drinks out. All the while, Denise seemed to have a hard time focusing on my face and a lot more on my chest and the opening in my pants and the large bulge in them.

After Tori sat back down we started talking about sex and things that we had teased each other about IM'ing before. Denise seemed to be getting more excited and I decided to get things a little bit hotter by slowing lowering my pants to the floor. I decided to keep my bikini shorts on a little longer just to tease the gals and boy were they teased. Their eyes were focused on my bulge but and they were a little nervous. Denise may have fantasized but I wasn't too sure if she would do anything for real and I wasn't sure Tori had thought about the possibility if she or Denise actually sucking me off together. But, so far they both seemed to be getting very aroused by my slow stripe tease while trying to hold a conversation. Of course my lower half as still partially blocked by the kitchen table but you could see Denise and Tori moving bit to see if they could see lower into my lap. I finally moved enough to lower my shorts and release my hard cock and they really focused on the tip of my cock that showed a little above the table top. The girls giggled a little nervously at that but kept trying to act like nothing was happening. Denise commented that it was a little warm in the kitchen so I told Denise that she appeared a little uncomfortable and she want to remove a little bit of clothes to be more comfortable. I wasn't sure she would with Tori there but she nodded that it would be nice but just a little. She slowly removed her blouse and teasingly dropped her bra. They revealed a beautiful set of full breasts. They were magnificent and looked ready to suck on. Tori's eyes got very round with surprise but she looked pleased at the same time. She may be shy about her body but she did not mind what we were doing as she looked on.

Well, things were getting along really well and it was obvious that both of the girls were getting more than what they originally expected but they seemed game to see where things would go to from here so I decided to up the ante. I reached over and caressed Denise's full nipples across the table and she just seemed to purr. I also reached over and caressed Tori's breast through her blouse and she just closed her eyes and moaned at the touch. All this time my cock was beginning to leak pre-cum like mad.

Denise closed her eyes while I played with her and Tori's nipples and I decided to move closer to them both as I moved to their side of the table. I was standing up between then, nude with a raging hard on and caressing the most beautify breast I had seen a for a long, long time. As I looked down, I could see both Denise with her hand in their slacks, Tori's under the hem of her dress working on their pusses', slow and easy like. I kissed both women's necks and shoulders as we just silently caressed each other. The smell of hot pussy growing more and more as the two ladies got hotter and hotter.

They were messaging my legs and chests by now and seemed to be saving anything else for a bit until Denise moved her hand up and cradled my balls. Tori wasn't far behind and kneed the area just above my cock. It felt so good with both their hands roaming my body. This continued for a little while until Tori firmly grasped my cock and started to move her had back and forth in a jerking motion. She spread the pre-cum around the head of my cock and Denise opened her eyes, level with my cock and said what a waste of good cum.

She opened her mouth and slowly engulfed the head of my hard cock until she had the entire 7" length inside. Tori's lust filled eyes opened wide at her friends action but didn't stop holding onto my cock and balls. Tori bent closer and as Denise slowly let my cock go, Tori sucked me in as deeply as she could. The girls seemed to really be getting off on tag team sucking me off and I was in seventh heaven.

It was getting a little awkward in that position so I suggested we move to the living room, to have more room and I suggested to Denise that she might find it more comfortable to remove all her clothes. Tori decided to keep hers on but after a moment's hesitation, Denise skinned off her slacks and panties along with her shoes etc. The smell of wet pussy was all around me by now and the lust in Denise's eye as well as Tori's was in full force. Tori lead me to the living room by my hard cock and almost knocked me to the carpet in her haste to engulf me again. Denise knelt between my thighs and resumed sucking my ball sack and balls in her hot, wet mouth. I was in seventh heaven.

I reached down and pulled Denise's leg toward me and she got the idea and straddled my head with her dripping cunt just inches from my mouth. I reached up and pulled her hips toward me and as soon lapping merrily away at her sweet dripping pussy. Her mouth and Tori's was busy bathing my hard cock and balls in warm wet mouths as well. I wasn't sure how long I was going to last but I was going to have as much fun as I could bear.

I was lost in ecstasy as I continued to lap at Denise's juicy cunt. I teased here clit as I forced 2 and then three fingers into her hot wet cavern. She shuddered in the first of what was to be many climaxes and I lapped up her sweet slick cream with gusto.

Denise was over the edge and decided to scratch an itch that had been waiting years to experience. She lifted her leg and pussy off my face, much to my disappointment, and quickly revered direction. Denise faced me and knelt above my waist, full breast heaving in excitement and cunt dripping onto my erect cock. Tori watched with undisguised lust as her friend made very clear her intention to impale herself on my 7" of hard male flesh, despite thoughts of her husband. The cock she had been dreaming about for years was finally to be impaled in her lusting cunt and she was not to be denied making her fantasy of many years a reality.

Tori had leaned back while Denise was changing position and had removed her panties to reveal a very hairy wet dripping pussy. She was finger fucking her hot hairy cunt for all it was worth and leaned over with her free hand to grasp my hot man meat below her friend's cunt. She rubbed the head of my cock along her friend's hot dripping wet cunt lips, teasing her clit with the head of my cock. "Stick that fuck stick in my pussy for heaven's sake!!!" screamed Denise in unbridled lust. It didn't matter any more that she was going to fuck me in front of her friend. She just had to have that hot cock in her cunt up to the hilt.

So, Tori held my cock to the opening of Denise's dripping cunt and Denise slowly lowered her tight hot drenched cunt onto my cock. It felt so intense as to almost hurt with pleasure, but she finally engulfed all of me to the balls. Denise screamed as she experienced another shattering climax, drenching my cock and balls in slicker cunt juice. Tori continued to hold and message my balls and I almost lose it then but held on as to not cum too soon. I wanted this fuck to last.

Denise just stayed motionless as she shuddered through the last of her climax. Her cunt spasmed around my prick in a warm velvet vice. Slowly, she began to move until on the tip of my cock and slammed down on my groin with a wet slapping sound. I gripped her tits and pulled at her nipples while her movement became more rapid and her breath came more deeply. The sight of those ample breasts was pure heaven as they moved under my hands. Tori's breathing was becoming more rapid as she watched my cock pistoning into her friends hot and by now, very drenched pussy. She still had hold of the base of my cock and could feel the wetness of Denise's cunt as it came down on my cock. She squeezed me as hard as she could which of course only served to make me more and more excited. "Pull my nipples harder" screamed Denise as she shuddered through another climax. She was slamming her cunt down as much as she could by now, almost trying to suck all of my cock and balls into her hot throbbing cunt. The combination of that pulsating cunt and Tori's kneading of my cock and balls almost pushed me over the edge but I continued to hold on.

I finally decided I needed to ram Denise's pussy for all it was worth and rolled her onto her knees as she was recovering from her latest climax. Her head was moving from side to side and she was just saying, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me you bastard. I positioned doggy style, her hips just right as Tori lined my slimy, dripping cock at her friend hole. Needing no foreplay at this point, I shoved all 7 thick inches of cock into her steaming hole. She moaned in pleasure as my cock seated home and my balls slapped against her clit. Denise moaned out to fuck her hard as I started to slowly piston into her. Tori was busy beside us, one hand frigging away at her own sopping wet cunt as her other hand continued to hold onto my slick cock and balls as I fucked her friend.

By now, I as on the edge and fighting hard to ride Denise to one last climax. Tori was encouraging me to fuck the hell out of Denise's cunt while Denise was trying to get as much of my cock in her as she could. We were sweating like hell with all the action. The room smelled like cunt juice and acted like some drug on the three of us. I pistoned into Denise's cunt with all the speed and force I could muster as Denise's tits rocked to and froe with our fucking action. It was too much to handle and Denise climaxed hard with a long drawn out moaning scream. As she fell forward, Tori screamed that she wanted me in her mouth so I quickly jerked by slimy cock out of Denise's sopping, spasming cunt and moved over her face and shoved my rigid cock into her gasping mouth. Tori moaned and shuddered though her own shattering climax and her hands squeezed hard on my cock and balls, bringing me to a massive explosion of cum in her mouth. Tori's head moved a bit and my cock pulled loose, and I shot cum on her cheek and down her chin. Tori's mouth held me again like a vise as her climax seemed to go on and on, milking my cock for all it was worth. I held my prick deep in her mouth for what seemed like eternity and finally leaned back across her friend's slick ass and lay over her back as she collapsed on the floor.

We stayed that way for a bit, caressing each other bodies as we all slowly came down from a most satisfactory fuck fest. The sweat and mingled cunt and cock juices slowly drying on our over heated bodies. We all seemed in a daze over what we had just experienced. So many years of teasing and flirting had just come true and we were slowly relishing the experience. I wondered about Denise's husband as well. I leaned over and kissed Denise and Tori and thought, "Wonder what other fantasies we could act out someday?" Don't know what may come of our dimension of our friendship but, it looked to be fun.

As I slowly relaxed I thought I heard a sound from the kitchen. The girls didn't seem to hear it so I looked to see what it could be. As my eyes focused on the hallway and I saw Denise's husband standing there in the shadows. At first I thought he might be mad but I soon realized he had a big grin on his face and was busy pumping away on his own exposed cock. "Well, well, well, what have we got here?" I thought...

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