The Email Trail

The Email Trail

From: Johnno
To: Macca
It’s true – I fucked her! It pretty much happened the way it said in the email. She is a real slut – but she’s a tall voluptuous fuck doll.
Boys, you gotta email her and fuck her – I fucked her up the arse! She loves young cock – she asked me how old I was and when I said 22 she was really happy. I reckon she’s late 30s or early 40s, but a real brunette sex bomb.
She looks just like the photos on the sex site. Her profile name is titsMaria. She’s a total fuck slut and even asked me to show my mates, she said the more the merrier – just don’t forget to include her email!
Anyway, I emailed her and she replied pretty quickly. I wrote: “A mate of mine gave me the link to your page on this site and I’m near your suburb. I just wanted to say you have the most fantastic pair of tits I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen a few.”
She wrote back: “Really? You really like my tits? You don’t think they’re too big, or not firm enough?”
I emailed her back saying: “I love big natural tits.” We emailed back and forth about her tits a few times – she’s really got a thing about them. She thinks her tits aren’t nice and needs guys to reassure her – the more you praise her tits the better.
So then she asked me: “What do you want to do with my tits?” And I emailed back: “I can’t wait to suck on your red nipples.” She wrote: ”Is that all you want to do”? and I wrote “No, I would love to fuck you as well.”
She didn’t even hesitate – she asked if I was busy now and I said no. She said to meet her at a place in Nolan St in 30 minutes.
So I went to the house and knocked on the door still not sure what to expect but she answered it – topless! She asked me now that I could see her tits in the flesh did I still like them?
I was about to say yes but instead I just leaned forward and kissed each nipple. Well, she just about dragged me inside and it all happened pretty much like the email says.
The house was empty – I mean no furniture or nothing. We just did it on the carpet.
She practically flopped her tits in my face so I started sucking on those beauties big time. And boys, let me tell ya, those are humungous tits – they gotta be at least E cup. I grabbed her tits and played with one while I sucked the other. She was rubbing my crotch the whole time.
Then she went down on her knees, undid my jeans, pulled out my cock and starting sucking it – I mean did she ever suck me off! Took my whole cock in her mouth and sounding like she’s really enjoying it. I was enjoying it, I can tell ya.
So she pulls my jeans right off and I take my t-shirt off. She’s only wearing this tiny g-string so she loses that pretty quick and she’s flat on her back with those long slim legs spread as far apart as she can get them. I’m on her in a flash sticking my cock into her cunt and I start rooting her – bareback – yippee!
So I’m pounding cock into her but I’m making sure not to cum yet, like the email said. It wasn’t easy, because those big heavy tits of hers were bouncing around – fuckin’ hell they’re good tits.
After a few minutes of heavy fucking she pushes me off and I’m thinking, is that it? But she gets on her hands and knees with those amazing tits hanging down and starts fingering her anus. She tells me to keep fucking her till her arse is ready for my cock. Then she reaches for my cock, lines it up with her arse and pushes back so my cock starts sliding into her.
Well she loves anal, boys. She’s got a really cute little arse for a cougar, nice and tight but a great arse fuck. She was fucking me as much as I was fucking her. My cock was balls deep. I was cumming in minutes and so was she – she had an anal orgasm.
We got dressed and I told her I’d always remember her tits, she gave me a kiss and I left.
So guys, email the slut and fuck her!

From: Macca
To: Johnno
Mate, I just emailed her and I’m meeting her in half an hour at some place in North Post. Went just like you said – praise her tits. Woohoo, I’m gonna fuck the slut! Later…

From: Macca
To: johnno, whitey, jacko
Oh man what a slut! What a great root she is. Not sure how old she is, but she’s pretty fuckin’ awesome. You’d think she could get as much cock as she wanted without advertising as a slut.
What was weird was that this house was empty as well. I saw her pile of clothes to one side and they looked like business type gear –gray skirt, a business shirt and a vest with some black and red logo on it – couldn’t quite make it out.
Mate, you are right about those tits. I was sucking away on those melons and she goes to suck my cock and I ask her how big her tits are. She replies: “34E” So then I ask if I can fuck her tits. She laughs and says ok, no one has asked her that yet. So she kneels down and pushes her huge tits together. I had to bend my knees a little to slide my cock between her massive mounds, but fuck, they felt good.
She let me fuck her tits for a minute, then she lowers her head and every time I thrust she licks the tip of my cock. Eventually she’s sucking my cock so I just grabbed her head and kept thrusting my cock, just into her mouth instead of between her big tits.
She is some cock sucking slut, all right. I was fucking her mouth and she was taking my whole thick eight inches.
And that tight little cunt – mate, can she spread her legs! Both her fuckholes were wide open for my cock. I actually swapped between her cunt and her arse when I was fucking her.
She really does love cock up her arse, especially if you finger her cunt while you’re fucking her. What a total fuckin’ slut.
When I’d finished rooting her I asked her if I could kiss her tits goodbye and she said, sure, and she grabbed her tits held them out for me.
But then she said it doesn’t have to be goodbye. And as I was walking out she winked at me and said see you next time.
So I reckon we can email her again and fuck her some more. Maybe a couple of us can double fuck her – that’d be awesome, wouldn’t it?

From: jacko
To: whitey
CC: johnno, macca
Hey Whitey, if I email her and say my mate and I love your tits and want to suck on them at the same time, will you be in it? That way one of us can fuck her while the other plays with her tits.

From: whitey
To: jacko
CC: johnno, macca
Fuck yeah – hey, maybe we can both fuck her at the same time – we can bookend the slut, or even give the whore a DP.

From: jacko
To: whitey
CC: johnno, macca
Get on ya bike, mate – cause we’re going to ride the bike in half an hour. She sounded really excited about having both her tits sucked simultaneously.
The address is 9 Calben St, so that’s not far for you to go!
Hope you’ve got plenty of cum in your balls cause we’re going to bang the fuck out of the slut.

From: jacko
To: johnno, macca
CC: whitey
Woohoo, is she ever a cock-hungry whore! She could not get enough cock.
Whitey and me were banging the fuck out of her and she wanted more – in the end she was begging us to fuck her one more time.
When we got there, she was already in the nude when she opened the door. She walked in the middle of room – it actually had a bit of furniture – and kinda posed for us. She kept playing with her tits and rubbing her pussy.
Then she asked: “Do you guys really love my tits, or are you just saying that so you can fuck me?”
Well, I reckon this was the turning point. Without even looking at each other, we both said: “Both.” It was a fluke but you couldn’t have timed it better. And she believed us because it was such a fluke we couldn’t have set it up. She was happy then. She wanted us to start sucking her tits right away. So we grab a tit each and start sucking on those massive melons while she’s unzipping our pants and grabbing for our cocks and jerking us off like she wants us to cum right then and there.
After a while she stops and stands back and puts her hands on her hips and she says: “Do you think I’m a slut?”
This time we look at each other cause we’re not sure what to say. But I remembered what you said in that first email, Johnno, so I figured the direct route would be best, so to speak. So I say: “You’re the free public fuck slut, aren’t you?”
Then she laughs to herself a little bit and asks: “How do you guys want to fuck me?”
So we say we thought we might take turns to start with but then we want to both fuck you DP.
She says “Great, it’s just a pity there’s not a cock for me to suck on as well.”
Then she asks, “Who wants to fuck me first?” Whitey says I should go first because I sent the email.
So she grabs my cock and leads me to a bedroom where’s a bed, pushes me onto it and then mounts me in a 69 position.
I’m tonguing her trimmed pussy but she loved it when I tongued her anus – she is a real anal fuck slut. And I loved the feeling of those massive tits of hers rubbing on me as she sucked my cock.
Then she hops off and lies back with her legs spread and starts saying stuff like: “Stick your cock into my cunt, fuck me like the slut I am, pound your big long hard cock into me”.
Then she wants Whitey to fuck her so he sticks his cock into the whore and I turn her head sideways so I can slide my cock back into her mouth. She really loves cock, this tart.
So after Whitey’s been fucking her for a while she hops up suddenly and says she wants both our cocks. She kneels down and motions us each to one side of her so she can take turns sucking our cocks.
That was a real turn on, seeing this gorgeous slut on her knees deep-throating our cocks, first one, then the other; we were shoving cock down her throat and she took it. She was playing with our balls and we’d be reaching down and fondling those fantastic tits of hers.
We were looking at each other in amazement really, that this woman, who is probably pretty straight at work, has this secret other life as a free public fuck slut, where she will let any bloke fuck her like a common whore.
It was the fact that she loved it so much that got us. She just loves cock and getting fucked so much that she couldn’t get enough.
I actually asked her while she was sucking our cocks whether she would like more cocks to fuck her. I said I have some mates who might like to gangbang her if that was something she might enjoy.
Without even taking my cock out of her mouth she almost squealed with delight and asked how soon we could organise it.
I said as soon as we’d finished double fucking her we could probably organise it for tomorrow. She asked how many guys we could line up to fuck her and I said at least five and probably more.
She said to email her when we had it organised and she would give me an address to meet at. Then she said: “Enough talking, time for more fucking. Pound your big long hard cocks into me, just fuck me, fuck me and fuck me some more.”
How incredible is it going to be to gangbang this slut?
I hope we can get 10 or 15 cocks together cause the more cocks the merrier!
I said: “How come you like anal so much?” And she said, “Because I’m a slut, like you said, and I need to be fucked like a slut.”
So I said: “Right, its time to fuck you properly then, we need to get a cock in your cunt and up your arse right now.” So I lay down and got her to mount me and my cock slid right into her wide-open cunt. I’ve never seen a woman so eager and enthusiastic about getting fucked.
Then Whitey came up from behind her and she held her arse open for his cock to slide straight into her.
Mate did she ever love having two cocks inside her. When we gangbang her we’ve got to make sure she is full of cock all the time.
After we’d pounded her for a while, I said its time to flip you over – mainly cause I wanted to fuck the slut’s arse as well.
So Whitey pulled out and she turned around and sat her arse down all the way on my cock, spread her legs and Whitey stuck his cock into her wide-open cunt.
She loved that as well.
The whole time she was saying stuff like “Fuck me, I’m your personal slut, fuck me like the slut I am, pound your cocks into me, fuck me harder, prove what a whore I am, I want your cocks balls-deep.” I tell you what, she’s a fuck doll, but when she talks like that it makes you go. We were absolutely banging the fuck out of her and she was begging for more.
So we did her again. Fair dinkum, we were absolutely ramming cock into her, we were pile driving her fuckholes and she loved it.

From: jacko
To: whitey
CC: johnno, macca, and 12 more…

What a gangbang slut – she’s amazing. How many times did she get fucked? 16 of us all fucking her all day – I reckon I fucked her 3 or 4 times myself. She must have been fucked 50 times all up. Cunt, arse, mouth, tits – she was full of cock the whole time!
As long as a couple of us were sucking her tits she would let us do anything we wanted.
We were lining up for each of her fuckholes 3 and 4 deep, as soon as one guy finished fucking her, the next one was sticking a cock into her, so there was no let up.
Cum was dribbling our of her fuckholes almost constantly, although we went through just about a whole box of tissues wiping up some of the cum so we could at least have a partially drier cunt and ass to fuck.
The amazing thing was she was urging us all on almost the whole time, telling us what a fuck slut she is and how she deserves to be fucked by as many cocks as possible, that she is built for cock, how her body is available only for our pleasure and gratification and stuff like that.
Fucking her mouth was fine because she swallowed most of our loads. She sucked all our cocks. We all came on her face and tits and absolutely plastered her in cum. I don’t think she realised how much cum our cocks had in them.
By the time we finished squirting cum on her she was sitting in a pool of our white goo. And it was dripping from her face onto her tits, and from her tits onto the floor.
We gotta let all our mates know about her. She is going to get fucked 3 or 4 times a day at this rate. Half the guys in town will end up going through her.
She wanted us to organise another gangbang as well – we better make sure we get it on video this time.

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