The Junior Prom Queen

The Junior Prom Queen

The Junior Prom Queen

A nerd and the prom queen get together.

Friday Night:

I was excited just to be invited to a high school party let alone one thrown by Biff Taylor the Captain of our Football Team. He is know for letting us nerds come to at least one of his parties a year but I was never invited before.

I am a junior in high school and the Captain of our Chess Club. I am also on the Yearbook Staff as a photographer. When Biff invited me he told me to bring my camera incase there was anything to record.

Biff Taylor and Jill Montgomery were the King and Queen of our Junior Prom last week. They were both very popular. Jill was the Captain of our Varsity Cheerleaders. I was there to take pictures for the yearbook.

At Biff’s party I didn’t drink so I just watched everyone else drink and get drunk. I was about ready to go when Biff caught a hold of my arm. He asked me if I had my camera with me. I showed it to him and said that I had only taken a few pictures of his party. He said that I would get to take a thousand pictures if I wanted too. Then he took me up to his bedroom.

There on the bed was Jill Montgomery stark naked with her legs splayed out wide and cum dripping from her pussy. Biff said to start taking pictures. I took pictures of her from every direction and angle that I could. I couldn’t help but get hard as I admired her naked body. Her breasts were big and firm. They stood up like small basketballs on her chest. Her pink nipples were hard and stuck up nicely. Her tummy was flat and looked great. Her belly button was pierced and a cute little frog on one end of the post. Her pussy was almost bald except for a cute heart shape clump of hair on her love mound. Her lips looked so kissable. Even her hair was perfect. No wonder she was voted Queen of the Junior Prom.

I must have taken a hundred pictures before Biff told me to get in his closet. I was to stay there and make sure that I got several pictures of every guy that he sent in to fuck Jill. What! That was right apparently Jill had pissed Biff off and this was his way of getting even. He had already fucked her and said that I could have her last. But first he was going to let the entire Football Team fuck her, all twenty-seven guys. He was even letting the second and third string have her. My job was to document it completely. I told him to turn on all of the lights if I couldn’t use my flash. Then I told him that I couldn’t be sure if that would be enough light.

He said, “Fuck it! Just stand here and take all the flash pictures you want! I’ll just tell the guys that you are taking pictures for me.” I thought to myself, that is what I’m doing isn’t it?

It wasn’t long before two guys came in. They looked at me but didn’t say a word. They got undressed and the first guy got on the bed between her thighs and started fucking Jill. There was no love or anything nice; she was just a hole that he was told to fuck. I took several pictures showing her face, his face, and his cock in her.

He was replaced by the next guy and he fucked her too but he pulled out to shot cum on her tits and rub it in.

The guys lined up out in the hallway as if they were waiting to use the toilet. One at a time a guy would step inside the room while one guy was fucking her. He would get undressed and wait his turn. When he finished cumming in her he would get dressed and go back downstairs. I counted all twenty-seven football players but the line didn’t stop.

Finally after thirty-six guys Biff came back into the room to see how I had made out. I told him that I had just what he wanted and a whole lot more. Biff then explained that he had been the first to fuck her tonight, then he sent thirty-six more guys up to fuck her, and that now it was my turn. He wanted Jill to be fucked thirty-eight times to match her 38-D bra size. Wow I didn’t know she was a D-cup.

So I undressed and got between Jill’s parted thighs. Biff had my camera and was clicking pictures because I could see the flash go off. I had never been naked like this in front anyone before. Hell I was a virgin too. But as I looked down at Jill’s pussy I knew that in a few seconds I would no longer be a virgin. I had dreamed about being here just like this with Jill almost every night when I jerk off, ever since I first saw her as a freshman.

As I looked down at Jill’s pussy I could see how red and swollen it was. I had personally seen her used and abused by the last thirty-six cocks. Her pussy was completely covered in fresh and dried cum. There was even a puddle between her legs on the bedspread. As much as I wanted to fuck my dream girl I just couldn’t. However I put my hands on her tits and massaged them. I was only rubbing someone else’s cum into them.

Biff asked me what we should do with Jill. I didn’t know. He said that we could just leave her there to wake up like that or we could wash her off and give her a bath. Fuck it; just leave her there. I took another bunch of pictures. Then I took pictures of her bra, panties, sweater, and skirt too. Biff told me that I could have her bra and panties as a souvenir if I wanted them. I sure did.

I hated to leave Jill like that but Biff was in charge. He told me to keep all of the pictures, to make a back up and put it someplace safe and to make him thirty-seven ‘good’ pictures that he could show her.

Saturday Morning:

I got up early and downloaded all of Jill’s pictures into my computer. I made a back up and stashed it under my desk drawer with some duct-tape like I had seen in some movies. Then I picked out one good picture of the thirty-six guys that had fucked her and printed them out. I put them in an envelope for Biff and put it under my mattress. Then I started to pick out me favorite pictures.

I got a call from Biff. He had told Jill what he had done and told her that I had the pictures. He told me to make some extra back-ups and hide all but one so that Jill could take it thinking that she had everything. He told me to let her erase my files to satisfy her needs.

Then he told me not to give in too easily and make her work for them. He said that Jill was a nymphomaniac and that she gives great blowjobs and likes a good stiff cock up her ass too. He strongly suggested that I get the works before she leaves.

I made three more back up discs and hid two of them in my closet. I left one out and made sure that she could see the words, “Back Up Of Biff Taylor’s Party.”

Saturday Afternoon:

Jill knocked on my door. My mother let her in and called to me. When I came downstairs I smiled at her. Jill asked my mother if it was alright if she went up to my room to talk. Mom said that it was okay then smiled at me.

Once in my room Jill closed the door and locked it. I got scared! Jill sat on my bed and said that Biff had told her everything. How he, thirty-six other guys, and me had gang banged her last night. That I had taken pictures and that I also had her bra and panties.

I told her, “Everything Biff told you was true except I never did anything except feel your breasts.”

Jill said, “You had the chance to fuck me but didn’t!”

I said, “That’s right. I really wanted to though!”

Jill smiled and said, “If you destroy all of those pictures you can keep my bra and panties.”

I said, “Biff suggested a much bigger payment.”

Jill asked, “What did that bastard suggest?”

I said, “He said that you give great blowjobs and like anal sex.”

Jill said, “That bastard would say that.”

I asked, “So what do you think it’s worth?”

Jill asked, “What do you want?”

I said, “Well to tell you the truth. I have been in love with you ever since we were freshmen. You don’t know much I wanted to gave you my virginity last night or rather very early this morning but I didn’t.”

Jill asked, “So you want to fuck me! Is that all?”

I asked, “How important are those pictures to you?”

Jill got mad and said, “That son of a bitch Biff! He will use those pictures to blackmail me into fucking all of his friends whenever he wants me too. He will try to humiliate me whenever he can. He only pretends to be nice. He is really an asshole. Take last night for instance. I tried to break up with him so he slipped some pills in my drink, let thirty-six guys fuck me, and let you take pictures of it all. I woke up this morning covered with cum and my pussy is sore as hell. Does that sound like Biff is a nice guy? I was raped thirty-seven times last night!”

I said, “Wow! I never thought of it like that. I was just in love with you.”

Jill said, “You’re in love with me? You don’t know the first think about me!”

I said, “You’re wrong! I know everything about you! Your name is Jill Angelica Montgomery. You hate anyone that calls you Jam. You were born April 13, 1990 and last week you were seventeen years old. Your favorite color is blue, your favorite animal is the penguin, and your favorite subject is history. You are a natural blonde and proud of it, you are very intelligent and scored high on your SATs, and you are planning on becoming a doctor.”

Jill just sat there and looked at me before asking, “How do you know all of that?”

I said, “I told you! I love you! I have loved you for three years now. I dream about you every night. I even jerk off thinking about you every night. I worship the ground that you walk on. I wish I could have stopped what happened last night but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t believe it when Biff told me to take my turn. I didn’t want it like that even though I knew that I would never get another chance to make love to you again.”

Jill smiled at me and said, “Oh how sweet!”

Then Jill got up, walked toward me, and gave me a big hug. Slowly I put my arms around her. I placed one along her waist and the other across her upper back. I held my dream girl in my arms. I could feel my cock starting to raise but hoped that she couldn’t.

Jill backed up looked at the smile on my face and said, “You really do love me!”

I said, “Yes I told you I do!”

Jill said, “How come you waited until now to tell me?”

I said, “I’m shy! I’m a nerd! You’re the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad! You’re the Prom Queen! I’m just the Captain of the Chess Team! I’m not good enough for you!”

Jill looked me right in the eye and said, “No! I am not good enough for you!”

I said, “What?”

Jill said, “I am popular but I am not a nice girl. I had let most of those boys last night fuck me before. I am popular because I put out and the boys like my big tits. Biff is right I give great blowjobs and I let boys fuck my ass. Most of the girls hate me and call me a slut behind my back!”

I said, “I never heard any of that!”

Jill said, “That’s because Biff and the other football players would kill them if they say it too loudly!”

I said, “So now what?”

Jill asked, “Are you really a virgin?”

I said, “Yes! Hell I’ve never even kissed a girl before!”

Jill said, “What if I made all of your dreams come true! You can keep all of the pictures, my bra, and panties as long as you don’t give them to Biff. And I’ll become your girlfriend.”

I was simply astounded. I said, “You really mean it?’

Jill said, “Yes I do.” She closed her eyes and said, “What color are my eyes?”

I replied, “Kind of green!”

Jill opened her eyes and said, “You really do know everything about me. No boy has ever wanted to know any more than how good I am in bed! Besides you are the very first boy to tell me that you love me!”

Jill said, “Let’s start out with a kiss” and then she kissed me on my lips. Her lips were so soft and gentle. Then she nibbled on my upper lip and slipped her tongue in my mouth. Jill had the sweetest tasting mouth. I had nothing to compare it with but I knew that I liked it. A lot! We must have kissed like that for at least five minutes.

Jill said, “My pussy really is sore! Can I give you a blowjob?” With that Jill pushed me back onto my bed. She knelt down next to me and unzipped my pants. Instead of pulling my cock out Jill pulled my pants down, then my underwear, exposing my cock. It was only average in size but I like it. So did Jill. She saw my camera next to my computer and handed it too me. Then she knelt next to me again and started sucking on my cock. I never had a blowjob before but God was she good. She could suck! She never scratched me with her teeth either. She worked me up till I was about ready to explode then she calmed me down and built me up again. She was incredible! Jill kept that up as I took some great pictures. Then I slipped my hand up under her skirt and rubbed my hand over her bare ass. As I went higher I found a waistband that went to her thong panties. I slipped my hand down to her pussy and rubbed her crotch. Jill shifted one of her knees to give me better access. I gently rubbed her pussy through her panties as she sucked my cock. Finally after being tortured for almost twenty minutes Jill allowed me to cum. She never flinched and just sucked harder and harder. Not one drop escaped her lips. She swallowed it all and licked her lips. As she kissed me I slipped my tongue into her mouth for a taste.

Jill said, “Oh my God that was good! You have the best tasting cum I ever had and that’s plenty! You are also the first boy to kiss me like that after I sucked him off. You didn’t even try to probe my sore pussy, as any other boy would have. Boys don’t care if a girl’s pussy is sore or not they just want to fuck it. You are not an ordinary boy, you are someone very special.”

I said, “Thank you for the blowjob and for the compliment!”

Jill asked, “How long do we have before your mother gets suspicious?”

I said, “I don’t know! I never had a girl in my room before!”

Jill left my room but told me to stay there and pull my pants up.

Soon Jill was back and locked the door again. She said, “Your mother is very nice. I can stay for dinner but she seems to frown on me staying overnight.”

I said, “You asked my mother if you could sleep over with me?”

Jill said, “Yes! I told her that I was your girlfriend and that we were sexually active. I told her that I was on the pill and that we were in love. Then I called her Mom, kissed her on the cheek, and came right up.”

I said, “Wow! I can’t believe that!”

Jill’s eyes flew open as if I had hit her. She took me by the hand and led me out of my room, down the stairs, and into the kitchen where Mom was.

Jill said, “Mom your son called me a liar!”

Mom just looked at me and asked, “Is it true?”

I said, “Is what true?”

Mom said, “Jill here said that she is your girlfriend, that you two are sexually active, and that she wants to sleep with you in your bed tonight!”

I swallowed hard and said, “Yes that’s true! All of it!”

Mom smiled and said, “Well young man it’s about time! In that case Jill you are more than welcome to spend the night in my son’s bed. Will you need a nightie to sleep in?”

I just stared at my mother in disbelief. Who was this woman and what did she do with my mother?

Jill said, “No! I don’t wear anything when I sleep! Do you?”

Mom blushed and said, “Not for very long but it excites my husband.”

Jill looked at me and asked, “Should I wear something to excite you?”

I said, “No I don’t think I need anymore excitement.”

Mom said, “So how did you two meet?”

Jill said, “Well I was the unwilling subject of last night’s gang bang and your son was my knight in shinning armor. I didn’t know it but he has been in love with me for the past three years.”

Mom said, “So you’re that Jill! Your Gorgeous! What gang bang?”

Jill said, “Thank you! Oh yes my old boyfriend drugged me and I was supposed to be raped by thirty-eight boys to match my bra size of a 38-D! However your son wouldn’t do it.”

Mom said, “A 38-D! Very impressive!”

I said, “Yes they are! Thank you!”

Jill continued, “Lots of pictures were taken and your son took the card out of the camera so they couldn’t blackmail me into doing what they want!”

Mom said, “So you were gang banged thirty-seven times last night and you want to sleep with my son tonight!”

Jill said, “Don’t worry he is a perfect gentleman. My pussy is way too sore to let him fuck me and he would never hurt me! There are other ways to satisfy a man you know!”

Mom blushed and said, “I think I know!”

Jill smiled and said, “Three holes, no waiting!”

Mom blushed again and asked, “But are you going to hurt him?”

Jill smiled and said, “Probably! But he will have a whole lot of fun before then!”

Mom asked, “Are you as perfect as my son thinks you are?”

Jill said, “No! Not at all but I am in his eyes!”

Mom said, “You look damn good in my eyes too! Wait until my husband sees you!”

Jill smiled and said, “I bet your sex life perks up…starting tonight!”

Mom said, “I bet you’re right! Suppose you two go upstairs and fool around for an hour! I’ll call you when dinner is ready!”

Jill kissed Mom on the cheek and said, “Thanks Mom we will!” Then she took my hand and we went back up to my room. Jill locked the door again and then said, “How about I get to see those pictures now! After dinner you can take some more with me awake and posing very cooperatively!”

So I handed Jill the envelope with thirty-six pictures in it. Jill looked at them intently and wrote their names on the back of the pictures as she looked at them. She knew every one of them and like she said earlier more than half had sex with her before that night.

Jill said, “So you were supposed to go last!”

I replied, “Yes I was supposed too, but I didn’t!”

Jill said, “Well I can fix that in a few days!”

I clicked on the big folder full of pictures and we watched them together on my monitor. Jill sat on my bed in front of me, grabbed my hands, and placed them on her breasts. As we watched the pictures together Jill made comments and praised my photography work while I groped her big tits. About halfway through the pictures Jill stood up and removed her shirt and bra then sat back down in front of me. I continued to grope her big bare breasts. She asked me to work on her nipples. She even asked me to pinch them harder. When the pictures got to me on top of her, Jill had an orgasm just from me playing with her nipples.

Mom called us down for dinner.

Jill asked, “Should I put my bra back on?”

I replied, “No but I think you better put your top back on!”

Jill smiled and said, “Yeah but you have my nipples so hard that your Dad will notice.”

I said, “Who couldn’t notice those?”

Jill had her short T-shirt on and both nipples stood out proud. As we walked down the stairs I watched her boobs bounce on every step. As we started into the dinning room I watch Jill twist her own nipples to make them hard before she went in. I just smiled.

Dad’s mouth dropped open. Mom hit him to bring him out of his trance. I just smiled. Jill sat down right across from Dad to give him the best view.

We eat for a few minutes in silence then Jill asked, “Can I have a glass of red wine please!”

Dad just got up, went into the kitchen, and came back with a bottle. He got four glasses out of the china cabinet and poured the wine. Mom just watched. I had never had a glass of wine with my parents before.

Jill tinked glasses with me and said, “Here’s to our sex life! May it just keep getting better and better!”

Dad said, “I’ll drink to that!”

Mom just smiled and slipped her hand under the table. Dad coughed and said, “Hey that worked quick!”

Jill slipped her hand under the table and rubbed my crotch then said, “Mine might take a little work!”

Mom smiled and asked Jill, “Do you need any help?”

Jill looked right at Dad, licked her lips very sensuously, and said, “I think I can excite your son for the rest of his life!”

Dad looked at me and just mumbled, “You lucky son of a bitch!”

Mom swatted him and said, “I’m not a bitch! But I can be!”

Dad leaned over and kissed Mom. I could see their tongues. Then Jill put her tongue in my mouth.

I asked Mom, “What’s for desert!”

Jill said, “Me!” and took my hand. She made sure Dad saw her ass sway as she walked away. We went right to my room. It wasn’t even six o’clock but somehow I knew that we weren’t going back downstairs tonight.

Once inside my room Jill locked the door and called her mother. She said that she had some wine and was spending the night with a close friend. Then she handed me my camera and started undressing. She picked up her bra and put it on my computer. Then she added her panties. Her top and skirt went on the back of my chair. She said, “You can keep the panties but I can’t keep giving you my bras or I won’t have any to wear.”

I just smiled as I looked at her great breasts.

Jill got on my bed and opened her legs wide for me. I could see how red and swollen her pussy was. Then Jill got up, looked in my closet, and selected one of my dress shirts. She put it on and buttoned the bottom half of the buttons and walked out of my room.

In a couple of minutes she came back in, locked the door and took off my shirt. Jill said, “I asked Mom for some K-Y Jelly and she gave me her tube. Oh by the way Dad loves this shirt on me. He couldn’t wait for me to leave so he could jump Mom’s bones!”

Jill got back on the bed in her former position and applied some of the jelly to her asshole. First one finger then two and then almost three full fingers slipped into her asshole. I was impressed at the way she could tuck her knees around her elbows and put her feet behind her head. In that position she could almost lick her own pussy. Then she asked me to bring my cock closer. She put it right up to her asshole and pulled my hips to her, impaling herself with my cock. My cock slipped in fairly easily. Jill relaxed her grip on me and rolled her hips a little so that I could slid my entire six-inches into her ass. As I pumped her ass Jill fingered her clit. She had four orgasms before I filled her rectum with my cum. That was great. Jill posed for more pictures like she said she would.

When I got hard this time Jill asked, “If I let you fuck my pussy will you be gentle?”

I said, “Yes! Absolutely!”

Jill got back on my bed and opened her knees beckoning me in. I watch Jill cringe as it went in. Each inch seemed to give her new pain. I wanted to pull out but she wouldn’t let me. She wanted me to fuck her more than she was concerned about the pain. I slowly slipped it in and out. Finally with tears in her eyes Jill asked me to pull it out and I did. As a way of satisfying me she sucked my cock again.

About eight o’clock Jill asked, “Do you want to take pictures of me in the shower then join me? But first I have to pee really bad!”

Jill put my shirt on and just held the front together as we went to the bathroom. I had my camera and watched as she peed. Jill cringed as the salty water ran over the raw tissue inside her pussy. She got in the shower but left the curtain partially open so I could see in. I took some pictures and got in with her. This was my first time to feel every inch of her body and the good parts many times. We had to get out when we used up all of the hot water. When we dried off Jill put on my dress shirt again and buttoned just one button below her breasts. I just put my underwear on.

Jill said, “Lets go down and ask for another glass of wine!”

I looked at her and down at myself and just smiled.

Jill took my hand and down we went. Mom and Dad were cuddled up on the couch when we entered. Dad’s hand was inside Mom’s blouse and her hand was down Dad’s pants.

Jill said, “Don’t jump! We just want another glass of wine! I said don’t jump! It’s not like we don’t think you guys have sex! We were just doing the same thing in the shower!”

Mom looked at Jill, smiled, and said to Dad, “You’d better look at this!”

Dad turned his head and looked at Jill intently. Then he smiled and said, “The wine is in the kitchen! Help yourself! Nice shirt Jill!”

Mom said, “Are you sure you don’t need one of my sexy nighties?”

Jill replied, “No! I think this did the job perfectly!”

Dad repeated, “Perfectly!”

Mom asked, “How’s your pussy?”

Jill squeezed my hand and said, “Sore as hell! He was real gentle but I had to give him my ass and mouth instead!”

As we walked toward the kitchen we heard Dad laughing and Mom hitting him.

Jill poured four glasses and said, “Let’s have a drink with your parents!”

I asked, “Dressed like this?”

Jill said, “Don’t worry no body will be looking at you except me!”

We each carried in two glasses. Jill handed her extra glass to Dad allowing him a very nice view of her breasts as she bent over, she stood up allowing him a very nice view of her red swollen pussy too, and then she sat directly across from my parents.

Jill was wrong! When I handed Mom my other glass she couldn’t take her eyes off the bulge in my underwear. I felt my cock jump and I knew that she saw it too. I sat next to Jill.

Jill tinked glasses with me and said, “Here’s to our sex life! May it just keep getting better and better!”

Dad said, “Mine sure has!”

Mom blushed.

Jill said, “Mom if you have two sexy nighties we can put on a fashion show for the boys.”

Mom looked at Dad then at me before saying, “Okay!” Then she stood up and took Jill’s hand and they went to her bedroom.

Jill turned toward me and pretended to take my picture. I went and got my camera.

Mom opened her dresser drawer with all of her sexy nighties in it. Jill pulled out several, looked at them, and laid them out on Mom’s bed. When Jill had eight on the bed she said, “I think this is more than enough!” Then Jill undid that one button and put my shirt on Mom’s bed. Mom was in awe of Jill’s perfect body. Mom admired Jill’s shapely figure, her nice large breasts, her firm full ass, and her fantastic tan. Then Mom saw her red swollen pussy. Jill noticed and said, “That’s why I didn’t pick out any panties for us to wear.” Mom undressed while Jill checked her out. Jill noticed that Mom’s breasts were not as big as hers and sagged a little. Mom had a round tummy, her ass jiggled, and her bush needed to be trimmed. Then Jill handed Mom a very sexy nightie that was quite transparent then picked up another one for herself. Mom said, “Do we have to start with the most sexy nighties?” Jill said, “Why not? It’ll shock the hell out of the boys!”

So Mom and Jill came back into the living room holding hands. Dad and I had moved some of the furniture to give them room to strut their stuff. Every light had been turned on and we were sitting on the couch waiting for them. I had my camera ready and took a picture of them coming in. Dad stared at Jill’s tits and pussy while I stared at Mom’s tits and pussy. Jill stood, turned around, and squatted facing us with her knees out. Mom did the same to my amazement. I could see Mom’s pink inner lips when she opened her knees wide. I had both girls stand together and pose facing me, facing away, and facing each other. Jill stepped in until they were nipple to nipple. For their parting shot both Mom and Jill squatted down and opened their pussy lips with their fingers for us.

The girls went to change but Mom had to dig to find some more as sexy as what they had just worn. They came back out, posed, squatted, and went in to change again.

This time when they came out neither one was wearing anything. However they pretended that they were and posed for me again. When they got nipple to nipple I told them to freeze. I stood on a chair and shot right down on their breasts then laid on the floor and shot straight up. Jill separated her legs so Mom did too. I took a few more pictures straight up. Jill pushed Mom away and squatted right straight down on my camera as I took more pictures. Then Mom stepped over me, took a deep breath, and squatted down for me too. Holy shit! I was taking pictures of Mom’s hole, the very same one that I came out of. Oh my God!

Before Mom could get up Dad was shoving his cock into her mouth. I took pictures of Mom giving Dad a blowjob. Then Jill pushed me out of the way and took my place directly under Mom’s gaping pussy. I took pictures and Dad just stared as Jill started licking Mom’s pussy. Mom squatted down to give Jill better access. Mom looked over to see me taking pictures. Then Mom looked down to see Jill under her. As she went back to concentrating on Dad’s cock he exploded in her mouth. Jill noticed and got right up in Mom’s face and said, “I want some of that. It’s fresher than what he left in your pussy.” Mom turned toward Jill and made open lip contact. I knew the girls were passing Dad’s cum back and forth between them. Dad knew it too. Then they parted and swallowed.

Jill pulled on my cock and said, “Come here we are going to do a taste test.” Then Jill started sucking my cock while Dad watched. Then he took my camera. I noticed Mom getting under Jill’s pussy but after two licks she stopped. She was hurting Jill. Jill shifted her body and squatted lower. Mom started licking Jill’s clit. Both girls liked that and I blew my load. Jill bent over poking her ass in Dad’s face and kissed Mom. I took the camera. I knew that since Mom was on her back on the floor that most of my cum would wind up in her mouth. Soon they both swallowed. Mom agreed with Jill that my cum tasted best.

Jill said, “Mom my pussy is raw! If you let him fuck yours I’ll let Dad fuck my ass!”

Mom said, “Not tonight! Maybe next weekend! We’ll see! Now you two have to go to bed!”

Did I really hear Mom say, “Maybe next weekend!”

Jill stood up, pressed her big firm tits into Dad’s chest, and kissed him goodnight. She pressed her tits into Mom’s breast and kissed her goodnight. I gave Dad a hug and then Mom. I could feel Mom’s softer breasts smash flatter against my chest and then she French kissed me. I could taste a little of my come in her mouth. Then Jill and I really did go to bed and we even went to sleep.

Sunday Morning:

Mom brought us breakfast in bed. Mom was wearing a little French maid costume that she must have bought to wear for Dad. She had a cute little hat, cuffs on her wrists, a tiny apron around her waist, and nothing else. Jill sat up letting her breasts stand out proudly. Mom sat the tray on our laps and backed up.

I said, “Thanks Mom!”

Jill said, “Mom you shaved your pussy!”

Mom said, “Your father did it last night! Do you like it?”

Jill said, “I love it! I can’t wait to run my tongue over your smooth lips. Do you think he’ll do me too?”

Mom said, “No! He goes in the hole and takes a licking on every shave. You can’t pay his price! Yet!”

Jill laughed and asked me, “Will you shave my pussy bare like Mom’s?”

I said, “I’d love too!”

After breakfast I shaved Jill’s pussy bare and sucking on her clit for an orgasm. We got dressed to go downstairs. Now since Dad had seen Jill naked last night it hardly mattered what she wore today so she put on my dress shirt but didn’t button it at all and then she put on a pair of my underwear.

When we went down Mom hugged Jill and said, “Welcome to the family dear!” Then Mom slipped her hand into Jill’s underwear and cupped her freshly shaved crotch. I saw Jill flinch. Mom then said, “Nice shave but you’re still to tender for a real fuck, yet!”

Mom had on one of those sexy nighties from last night but with the panties this time, which did little to hide her pussy slit. Jill reached into Mom’s panties and cupped her pussy too. Then Jill said, “Wow Mom! Don’t you ever get enough cum in there?”

Mom smiled, looked at Dad, and said, “Not since you came into our lives!”

Monday Morning:

Mom drove Jill and I to school. Everyone was looking at us as we got out of the car. Jill looked like a million bucks. No one could believe that the Cheerleader Prom Queen would be seen with me. Jill said hello to every single person we passed. She held my hand tightly so that I couldn’t get away. She introduced me to her fellow cheerleaders as her new boyfriend.

I heard her closest friend whisper in Jill’s ear, “We heard about what happened at Biff’s party Friday!”

In a normal voice Jill replied, “You mean when Biff drugged me and sent thirty-six of his asshole buddies up to rape me!”

As that sunk in she said, “My cunt is so sore that I can’t even let my boyfriend fuck me!” Then she kissed me on my cheek.

A crowd had gathered and was listening intently. Jill said, “I’m on my way to the office to show the Principle the pictures and get those thirty-seven boys expelled from school, the football team, and from life itself!”

A hush went over the crowd that had gathered. Jill continued, “I filed charges with the police fist thing Saturday morning. Then I had to go to the hospital for DNA samples to be taken. To the best of my knowledge all thirty-seven rapists have been arrested.”

Jill squeezed my hand and we walked toward the office. The Principle was actually waiting for us and escorted us into his office. The Vice-Principle, the Head Guidance Councilor, and the School Nurse were already seated in his office. The Principle was the only man the rest were women. Jill handed him the envelope without my picture in it. He looked at several of the pictures and passed them around.

Finally the Principle looked at me and said, “Word has it that you were involved too!”

I said, “I took the pictures because Biff told me too!”

The principle replied, “Biff’s father said you raped her too!”

Jill said, “Back off! I’m pretty sure that Biff’s father wasn’t there. However the DNA could prove otherwise. I am not pressing charges against my boyfriend. We are in love and I am convinced that he was not a willing participant. Besides I believe him when he told me that he did not rape me! Would you like him to take a lie detector test?”

Before the Principle could respond Jill said, “I want those thirty-seven bastards expelled from school!”

Then she added, “Immediately!”

The Principle then informed all of us of what the School Board had told him. The thirty-seven boys involved had been expelled from school pending the outcome of their trial. Then he told us that twenty-five of the boys had confessed to taking part in Jill’s rape. The other twelve were of course the main part of the football team. They claimed that Jill was a willing participant.

Jill said, “Look at the pictures closely. My head position doesn’t change in any of the pictures and my eyes are never open. Does that look like I was willing?”

With that all said Jill stood up and held my hand asking, “Can we go to our classes now?

The Principle said, “Yes!”

We left.

Our week flew by. Everyone in the whole school knew who we were. I had never been popular before and this was strange. No one looked down on us over the ‘Biff Incident’ as it was being called. In fact the girls were actually treating Jill very politely. The boys were congratulating me on having Jill as my girlfriend.

Every day after school Jill and I went to my house to study, Jill’s mother Kathy would join us for dinner each nigh, and then Jill would spend the night in my bed. Kathy was nice and almost as pretty as Jill is. It was obvious where Jill got her good looks and her big tits. Dad took a real liking to Kathy.

Thursday Evening:

During dinner Jill and her mother Kathy talked about her father leaving her mother a few years ago for a woman old enough to be his mother. It had devastated Kathy. She confessed that she had always thought that she would loose him to a much younger and much prettier girl. She was not prepared to loose him to an old lady with gray hair and wrinkles.

As they talked Jill suggested that Dad invite Kathy to spend the weekend with us.

I looked at Mom and she was smiling. I could tell that she was giving it some serious thought. Finally Mom said, “I think that’s a great idea. Kathy are you as outgoing as your daughter?”

Kathy asked, “In what way?”

Mom said, “Well the very first day your daughter entered our lives she had an immediate effect. She talked about sex all the time, wanted my K-Y Jelly, and had me posing naked for my son and husband. She thinks nothing of teasing my husband until he takes me to bed, putting her hand in my panties to see if it needs a shave, and shares mouthfuls of cum with me.”

Kathy smiled then giggled before saying, “I suppose it is a ‘like mother like daughter’ sort of thing!”

Mom asked, “Then will you be joining us this weekend for sex, drinks, and more sex?”

Kathy smiled and said, “I’d love too! Do we have to wait until the weekend?”

Mom looked at me and said, “You and Jill clean up, do the dishes, and leave us alone. We will be in our bedroom in a very steamy threesome.” She took Dad’s hand and then Kathy’s hand and left the dinning room.

Jill kissed me and said, “Well your Mom and Dad are going to be in for a real treat. Mom is a dynamo in bed!”

She kissed me again and said, “You’re in for a real treat too! My pussy is healed enough to fuck gently! Do you want to loose your virginity tonight?”

I kissed her and then realized that we had to do the dishes.

Jill said, “It’ll wait until we do the dishes. After all you’ve waited this long, haven’t you!”

Jill would not let me rush through the dishes and do a poor job. She was teasing me. So we washed down the dinning room table and all of the chairs too. Jill made me sweep the floor. We washed the dishes, dried them, and put them away too. Jill put all of the leftovers away and washed down the sink.

Finally she turned to me and asked, “Where would you like to loose your virginity? On the dinning room table, on the living room rug, on your bed, or in front of our parents in bed with them?”

Wow! What a decision! I said, “In my bed and in private! I just want to make love to you not put on a show or do anything strange. Not the first time anyway!” Then I chuckled.

Jill smiled and took my hand. Once in my room she locked the door as usual and asked, “Do you want to unwrap your present?”

I reached out and unbuttoned her blouse putting it over the back of my chair. I hugged her and fumbled around with her bra. She was very patient with me until I finally got it unhooked. She smiled as I lowered her bra and put it on my chair. I reached for her pants and unsnapped them, unzipped them, and struggled to get them off. Jill likes her jeans to be painted on. Me and every boy in school like them that way too. I managed to get them off but Jill had to sit on my bed and lift her feet for me. I folded them like she does and placed them on my chair. Finally I removed her thong panties. Her pussy looked a lot better. I smiled at her as I put her panties on my computer. She smiled knowing that I was keeping them too. That makes three pair that I have.

I kissed Jill on the lips, on each nipple, and on her pussy. I slipped my tongue in and she didn’t jump so I licked her some more. I sucked on her clit till her first orgasm. Then I went up to her nipples again. I would suck on one and pinch and twist the other one until I gave her another orgasm. Then I went up higher, slipped my hard cock into her moist pussy, and kissed her as passionately as I could.

Jill said, “You’re not a virgin any more.”

I was stroking into her with very short one-inch strokes. Jill was sort of humping back at me. We kissed and our bodies slithered over one another’s for an incredibly long period of time. The short strokes helped greatly. Finally I cum and I cum and I kept on cumming. I didn’t think that I would ever stop cumming. My first time was amazing. It was unquestionably something that I will never forget.

We lay there cuddling until I slipped out of her love tunnel.

Then Jill got up grabbed my hand and led me to my parent’s bedroom. Jill knocked and then opened the door. There on the bed were our three parents. They were naked. Our mothers were locked into a sixty-nine with my mother on the bottom and my Dad’s cock in Kathy’s pussy just inches from Mom’s nose.

Jill announced, “He isn’t a virgin any longer! You should feel how much cum he shot in me!”

Mom stretched out her hand and said, “Come here!”

Jill walked over until she straddled Mom’s hand. Mom reached up and felt Jill’s drenched pussy. When Jill backed up Mom’s hand was covered with cum. Then she put it to her mouth and tasted it. Kathy grabbed Mom’s hand and brought it to her lips and tasted it too.

Mom said, “Congratulations!”

Kathy said, “Stick around Jill and I’ll let you feel the cum in my pussy too.”

Jill said, “Maybe we should eat each other out afterwards!”

Mom said, “Hey! Don’t leave me out! After all, those are my two guys that are fucking you girls!”

Kathy said, “Okay but first you need to get back to my clit!”

Jill and I watched as my Mom ate her Mom to two more orgasm then my Dad fill her with his cum!

Soon Jill was on the bed with her mother trading cum with her Mom and my Mom. All three girls were very happy. I ran back to get my camera.

Later Mom looked at the clock and told us to go to bed and then added, go to sleep tomorrow is a school day. As we walked out Kathy told Jill to turn the lights off.

As I lay in bed with Jill snuggled into my arm I thought about how much my life and those of my parents have changed in less than a week after Jill entered our lives.

The End

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