My Dirty Little Secret (12)

My Dirty Little Secret (12)

Hey guys, this is the final chapter. Hope it's been a good ride. There is an epilogue in which I'll explain everything after the threesome is over.

The New Year’s party was a blast… of my cum, and two other guys’ cum. One of them, as you know, was Mike. The other was… wait and see. It’ll get obvious pretty early on.

So I entered the party wearing a cardigan and short shorts. Obviously, when I was getting dressed, I had the idea of sex in my mind. It was at a year 13’s house and I’d decided to come early before all the good bedrooms got taken. Mike did say he was going to come early, but got stuck in a jam apparently. I started drinking and dancing in wait, unbuttoning my cardigan. Some girl came to me and started grinding with me and I did respond. I did tell her that I was gay mid-dance and she just laughed. She was clearly drunk.

I went out to the table where loads of people from my ‘clique’ were sitting. And I saw a sight I’d not seen in a long time.

“Hey, Saahil!” I said, trying to strike a balance between cheerful and formal. He was shirtless and he’d gotten hotter in the past month, if that is possible. He was shirtless, so I could see his abs and lean biceps. And he had some short shorts on with matching shoes. His ass looked nice in them, and I don’t need to tell you about my thigh-affection.

“Hey Ali,” he smiled, turning around. He had a beer in his hand. I chugged some. I needed to be drunk to do this.

I put my hand on his thigh, caressing it. “Long time no see.”

“Indeed,” he said, “You’ve not changed a lot.”

I slowly went up and up and up until my hand vanished underneath his shorts. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

“Don’t know.”

“You’ve changed for the better,” I said curtly. I couldn’t resist his allure. I found his cock and grabbed it.

“Do you want to go inside?” he asked. We went, trying to find a secluded area. I knew I couldn’t do him just yet, we needed to have a deep, meaningful conversation (dmc) before that. The kitchen was empty so I followed him in and leaned against the door.

“So, what have you been up to?” I said, trying to sound confident.

“Oh, don’t go to those orgies anymore,” he replied, “They lost their spark. I’m sort of in a pseudo-relationship with Abdul. I think I like him and I think he likes me but we just haven’t asked each other yet. But the sex is great, and I can see other people as well. It’s okay.”

“Why don’t you ask him?”

“I don’t know.”

“Are you still strictly a bottom.”

“Mostly, yeah, but sometimes Abdul wants to be my bitch.”

I chuckled. “He’s hot.”

“I know.”

“I’m really happy for you two.”

“How about you? Are you going out with anyone.”

“Shhh,” I said drunkenly, “It’s a secret.”

“Oh, he hasn’t come out yet.”


“Is he from school?”


“Is he here today?”



“What? How did you know?!”

“I gave him a dildo once. I’m sure he’s told you about that.”

“Yeah, but…”

“I’m jealous of you. I would pick Dave over Abdul anyday.”

“Hey, we’re in an open relationship,” I shrugged, “You can go to him whenever you want.”

“Oh, so you’ve been fucking people on the side?”

“Yes. A secret admirer. He’s coming here today.”


“You’ll see.”

“Is he fit?”


Saahil put his hands on my shoulders. “I’m sorry, Ali. I should’ve listened to you.” His eyes were suddenly watering.

I hugged him tight, patting his head instinctively. “What do you mean?” The door opened behind me but when they saw Saahil crying, they promptly shut it and walked away.

“Those people found out I’m 16… They were really angry. Said I couldn’t come to any more orgies with them.”

“So you feel sad because they denied you orgies?”

“No, I was getting tired of it anyway. Having two dicks up your ass feels amazing, but not if you do it so regularly.”

We parted and he laughed through his tearful face.

“Saahil, I’ll be there for you no matter what,” I said, cradling his face in my hands after wiping away his tears, “We never had a proper closure for that relationship, and I realised today that I still like you.”


“I’ve not exactly missed you until now. I really want you. And I don’t think this is the alcohol speaking. I love you.” Three words so simply said. Saahil kissed me and I felt him all over, all those familiar parts that I knew by second nature. My hand instantly went down to his underwear and grabbed his cock. I started stroking it awkwardly and he found my asshole. His finger went inside, lubricated by my sweat. He started exploring, pushing my briefs down quite a bit. And then my phone rang.

Hurriedly, I accepted the call. “Hey,” I said nervously as Saahil sucked my neck.

“Sorry, I’ll be there in 10,” Mike answered, “And anyway, it’s half past 11 already, can you believe it? I paid Sarim to keep the master bedroom open for just us, so go and get the keys from him now.”

“Hey, is it okay if Saahil joins us?”

“Saahil? Saahil who?”

“You know who I’m talking about.”

“Oh of course. A threesome is better.”

I went to Sarim, the guy whose house we were using for the party, and took the keys. The moment I locked the door of the master bedroom, Saahil started sucking my cock. I wasn’t even completely undressed yet, but I guess that just made it all the more sexy. There happened to be two bottles of whiskey in the bedside cabinet. I unstoppered one and chugged as Saahil went down on me, splattering his saliva all over my sensitive shaft. I gave the bottle to Saahil and moaned his name out loud. He chugged slightly and lay face down on the bed in his customary position. I pushed his shorts down a bit and buried my face between his butt cheeks.

I smelled a gallon of that amazing sweet smell before I began working on him. I kissed his asshole, letting my tongue touch the brown soft sensitive parts. It tasted nice and fleshy, and I opened his hole up so that I could explore. His hole welcomed my tongue and I licked his insides, preparing them with my saliva. Then I turned him around and went down on his cock. I’d missed it so much, I savoured every inch of that meaty goodness. I felt all the bumps and veins that were imprinted into my memory as I licked him up and down. I took those two musky balls into my mouth as he caressed my hair, saying my name. I then took his entire cock in one gulp. His bellend was lodged in my throat and my throat squeezed it, making him moan.

He leaned against the head of the bed, drinking as I sucked his sex. My saliva made a shiny rod out of his cut six-and-a-half-incher and as I took my mouth away, a thin bridge of precum and spittle connected my lips to his penis. I nibbled on his bellend, closing my lips around it to sluice more of that delicious liquid out of him. “Wanna taste a mixture of your ass and dick?” I asked and he opened his arms. I delivered his precum to his mouth and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. He had become a slightly more aggressive, dominant lover from before, and I liked that. “You have to fuck me,” I said, “I’ve been the one who’s always fucked you, but this time you’ll have to take all your anger out on me. Let’s put all our differences away with a dirty fuck.”

He was crying, which would have been a horrible turn-off if he hadn’t been stroking my cock at the same time. “I’ve been wanting you for so long,” he said shakily, “And I’ve been angry at you. You deserve this, Ali.” To be fair, the reason we were being so dramatic was that we were almost drunk.

We kissed again and this time we were literally attacking each other with our tongues. Our saliva dripped from our mouths messily as we rolled around, covered in alcohol and spit. I took my cardigan off so he could feel my entire body. He ripped my boxers somehow, while trying to get them down. And then he pushed both his index fingers up me in one painful yet amazing thrust and I broke off from his lips just to moan, “Oh fuck me Saahil.”

And so he did. We rolled over so I was on the bottom, crouching like a dog as he towered behind me, adjusting himself. He was still wearing his shorts, but they were open. And we had not bothered to take our socks off. I could feel his hips pressing against my butt as he readied his cock to explore territory unknown to it. “I’m ready,” he said quietly. I reached around and held his cock, guiding it into me and my asshole was being tighter than usual (most probably because we didn’t bother with putting lube in it, although I had brought some in my bag, which Saahil had used on his cock). But even then, as he tried to push me open, I could feel the nice tingles I got whenever someone was about to enter me. I tried to loosen myself up and his cock slowly got inside. His bellend poked through, making me yell his name out and then he slowly oozed all of it in.

“Fuuuuuuck!” he breathed, making me much hornier than a second ago. He put his hands on my hips as he pushed it in, and I could feel it throbbing in me, making my own cock throb more. My rectum, which previously had loosened up, now squeezed his cock like a cow’s nipple, but it would take more than that to squeeze out the white milk. He pulled it out in a faster motion, making me feel a sort of burning, but I didn’t have enough time to evaluate it because he pushed it in again.

“Saahil,” I exclaimed, “Slower please.” I felt a few drops on the top of my butt and realised he was still crying.

“I’m going to pay you back, Ali!” he yelled, “You will have to accept me. Remember that final fight we had before breaking up? We’re finishing it here, in this bedroom tonight.” And he started thrusting and my cock started growing as blood rushed to it. I gasped each time he pushed, liking yet abhorring the pain. His flesh was expanding, throbbing faster. But he couldn’t be done yet. We had to do it with Mike first.

He hugged me from the behind, bending down so he could bite my neck as his precum spilled out in my ass, lubing the way up. He was holding my pecs and I could feel his abs tense as he scratched them. I gasped his name again and he pulled me up. I turned my head around and he pushed his tongue inside me. The pain from all those stratches felt amazing and I was starting to enjoy the rhythm of his body as he pounded me.

Someone knocked on the door. I barely heard Mike’s voice over the loud music, but I knew it was him. Instantly, Saahil let go of me and pulled his cock away in a rather harsh fashion. We both went to the door and I opened it just a bit because both of us were naked.

Mike entered and pulled me in a hug. I pushed my boner against his rapidly growing one as we kissed. He wasn’t naked yet, but the trousers he was wearing were very thin so I could feel his cock. Then he looked at Saahil.

“Wow, I never imagined you could be this hot, Saahil!” Mike said, shaking his hand. They were acquaintances, but today they were probably going to begin a new relationship.

“Hey Mike,” Saahil said.

“Are you okay, mate?” Mike said, “Your eyes are…”

“It’s just the booze,” Saahil interjected. He kissed Mike suddenly and Mike pushed his finger up his butt. I pushed Mike’s jeans down in one swiped and started licking his ass. His aroma and taste was much better than Saahil’s for some reason, and I spent a good while just eating him out. Saahil had taken off his shirt and we were already moving towards the bed. Mike sat down so Saahil and I could have turns sucking his cock. His pubic hair was golden and I made sure to lick that as well as I went down and up him, swallowing his precum. I imagined somewhere in my bowels, his and Saahil’s precums would meet. I switched to his nipples (my favourite part of him) and started sucking. He moaned out my name and then later Saahil’s as we worshipped him. Saahil went to him and began teabagging him. As I went back to eating his ass out. The sounds both of them were making made me very horny.

When Saahil pulled his cock out, it was shiny with Mike’s saliva and his own precum. Mike was massaging his neck. “Haven’t deepthroated before. Was afraid I was going to gag. But it was… enjoyable. Anyway. Guys, we’ve got 8 minutes left ‘till new years. We all have to try and cum at exactly that point. We’ll know once the guys below start counting down. And Ali, I’m going bottom today. No need to wear a condom, and don’t worry I won’t shit on you.”

I went up and kissed him. His tongue moved around my mouth, absorbing my spit as he stroked my cock, lubing it up with the lube he’d brought. Saahil said he was going to lube bother of our asses up. He started with mine and feeling a nice, moist finger in your butt while your cock is getting stroked by a sweaty palm is almost orgasmic. If I wasn’t kissing Mike, I would have been moaning Saahil’s name. I pinched Mike’s nipples which, in my opinion, were the best pair of nipples ever. They were big, just the right distance apart and a nice tender pink colour. I used my other hand to start fingering Mike and he had to take a break to moan. As my finger and Saahil’s lubed up finger pierced his hole. It was nice, warm and humid down there, making my cock throb in expectation.

I felt Saahil’s head come in between us and the slurping noises told me he was sucking Mike’s cock. Mike’s kissing technique became noticeably different from a calmer version to a wilder version as he put both his hands on my head and attempted to push his tongue down my throat.

Saahil manipulated our cocks so they faced downwards, touching each other. And then, I couldn’t believe it, he was giving both of us a blowjob at the same time. It was the most amazing feeling and Mike and I stopped kissing just to marvel at the wonder happening below us. When he finished, bother cocks were soaked in sticky transparent liquid that was mixture of our fluids and his spit.

“Turn around,” I said softly to Mike, smirking. He got into the doggy position I’d gotten into before and he obediently waited as I pushed my cock into his tight asshole.

“Be gentle, I’m a virgin from the end.”

“I know.” I first let him know he should get ready by sliding my cock between his fleshy cheeks. His muscle was tensed.

“Just relax, Mike,” Saahil advised, “It makes it easier.” He had a hand on one of Mike’s butt cheeks to keep the way open for me. I could see the hole shining with lube and gently pushed my head in. Surprisingly, Mike accepted it swiftly with a small pop.

“Ahh…” Mike sighed, “Feels like heaven already.”

I slowly thrust as my excited sex discovered the smooth wet flesh of Mike’s rectum. It stimulated my cock so much… every little detail of his insides was a delight and as his smooth flesh closed around me, it felt like an ounce of my precum spilt out. Mike was moaning out my name, presumably in pain and pleasure.

Saahil entered me once again, but I wasn’t given the gentle treatment, being an experienced bottom. After entering, he thrust roughly and hard and we kissed savagely as he pumped himself into me. We started kissing as he hugged me from the behind, his hands on Mike’s hips. I thrust in a similar rhythm and Mike started shouting. I bent over and hugged him, loving it when my abs touched his back. I pulled him up so basically all three of us were kneeling on the bed, fucking each other.

Being a middle man was amazing. Pumping yourself into someone while someone else was prodding your own prostate made my cock throb a great deal more, and I really felt like the surplus precum delivered by my cock eased the experience for Mike. I started nibbling his neck, slowly sucking his soft flesh as his shouts turned to moans and grunts. I could feel my cock getting harder and harder until it almost hurt. Both Saahil and I wanked Mike off as he gasped and yelled both our names like he needed us to live. Saahil’s pumping was becoming faster and this made me change my cock’s speed. I could feel Mike’s insides more now. My cock was getting more sensitive. Saahil hickeyed me as I kissed Mike, feeling him up as my precum was coming out at dangerous amounts.

“10!” we heard.

“Oh shit,” was the only thing Mike could say in his pleasure. I could feel my sweat sticking me to both my partners as we continued fucking each other.


I could feel my skin open on my neck as I pinched Mike’s nipples. Saahil was slowing his pace down.

“3, 2, 1!”

To be fair, I don’t exactly remember whether we’d hit the mark or not, but I think Mike started cumming at 2. This made his asshole throb so much that it made me blow a gigantic load into Mike. The chain reaction carried on to Saahil and the three of us just sort of froze up for what seemed to be a long while as our cocks emptied our prostates into each other.

Immediately after, we sort of guiltily started putting our clothes on, although we did have a laugh about it. Mike was honest about it and said that bottoming was not for him. I was honest about it and said we could have done better, and they both seemed to agree. Saahil was honest about it and said that topping was a nice change but he preferred bottoming anyway. He was a lazy person.

To be fair, ever since then, things between Mike and I had become a bit awkward. I mean, not very, I guessed that he just didn’t like Saahil very much. Still, we did see each other and managed to maintain our relationship. Saahil and Mike, however… probably didn’t really work out. Because of that, I’ve always thought this night to be somewhat embarrassing. This is surprising because I usually try not to regret anything, but I do regret hastily making a threesome out of Saahil, Mike and I. I guess being horny can have the same effect on you as being drunk, because you do foolish things you regret in hindsight.

Saahil’s relationship and mine changed slightly. He wanted to try a polyamorous thing where Dave, him and I were all technically in a relationship. Dave was slightly more traditional. He did say that while we could have threesomes, he wasn’t about to go out with two guys. Dave and Saahil did become really close, though, and I often wonder if that could have happened without me.

Dave came out to the school and his parents as bi after the winter break. We also told people about our relationship and everyone congratulated us. Of course, to my parents, he was just my best friend who oddly played loud music up in my bedroom after locking it with me inside.

Nothing exactly interesting happened after that night. I guess this entire series I describe sex as being very interesting and amazing… and that’s because:
1)This is erotica
2)It was a new thing so it was actually interesting to me.
But it gradually became more of a mundane thing, really… And I’m not about to write more chapters on everyday casual sex. And to be fair, even the current chapters I’ve written are dramatizations and concise versions of what actually happened, with most bad parts edited out. Trust me, my little thing with Mike in the third-last chapter wasn’t the first time I saw shit on a dick.

As for the other characters I’ve mentioned: I did meet Abdul occasionally after that, but I never met his orgy group. The two 13 year olds James and Kean did finally come out and say that they were actually going out with each other, which I found really cute. I didn’t, however, have a threesome with them because suddenly the entire idea of it felt wrong.

I broke up with Dave in my last year of school because we both knew that we would eventually have to go away to different countries anyway. It was a hard thing, and having casual sex after that was hard as well, because we had these emotions involved. But we did it anyway. We did have threesomes with other people, obviously. It was interesting to see the difference between the dynamic of threesomes between Dave, Mike and I and Saahil, Dave and I. I might possibly write a chapter on one of those but I don’t intend to currently.

When I first headed off to uni, I had to comfort of knowing that Dominic (remember that guy? I’d had a one night stand with him in a car) now lived in the same city. Somehow, Dominic changed and became much more traditional than I expected him to be. We began a relationship, although this wasn’t an open one. It was a nice change, but we changed it back to the normal open relationship after the first three months. Monogamy and I are enemies.

People may say that I had the perfect sex life but… this really goes to show how people aren’t happy with what they have… I just think I barged in confidently into the world of sex. I feel like I missed the cute, romantic spark we casually associate with young gay couples… that spark of curiosity and mystery and uncertainty whether my crush is gay or not. I’ve had many straight crushes but the tragedy is that I never got with any of them and the ones I did get with weren’t straight.

If I do start a new series, it is going to be very different from this one. I’m not going to give you ideas yet because I don’t want my readership to get all excited because, as you all might have noticed, I’m very erratic, irregular at posting and that’s only going to get worse as exams approach.

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