GF’s Dorm 3

GF’s Dorm 3

This is a story about Teagan, my girlfriend back in my university days and her roommate, Sarah.

If you have not read part 1 and 2, please check them out first.


So a couple of days have passed and Sarah acted like nothing happened. As if her watching me fuck and cum all over Teagan was just a dream. As if she didn’t licked Teagan’s cum off my cock and swallowed my cum while Teagan was washing up. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if it even happened. It was so surreal. Did I just dream it up? I mean, I have fantasied about her - she is very hot.

And so, I decided not to tell Teagan. Nothing good can come out of it.

One early morning, I woke up after thinking about it - and getting a huge morning wood as a result. Both the girls were still asleep in their respective beds. I practically live here now. So I made my way to the bathroom for a cold shower.

When I walked in, I wasn’t surprise to see worn bras hung up on hooks behind the door. Liked I said, I practically live here now. From the cup size, I can tell which is whose. That one is definitely Sarah’s - DD cup with fancy design. And those two are Teagan’s - a B cup with no design and an extra small sports bra.

Across the bathroom are four bras. Two white ones with minimal design and two red ones with some floral design. They were all A cups. Both the girls next door must have the same breast size. I generally prefer slightly larger breasts so I didn’t think much of it.

I jumped into the bathtub and turned on the shower. As the cool water run down my back, I aimed down and tried to pee with a hard on. That was then I noticed something metal on the shelves that had all the shampoos and body wash.

It looked like a small dildo, decorated with a gem on the other end. I recognised it almost instantly - a buttplug. Ohhh… one of the four girls here is a kinky one. My mind started working out all the possibilities:

I have brought up anal sex with Teagan after some “research” on the internet. She was not excited about the idea. We once got so horny, I was brave enough to sneak the tip of my little finger into her backdoor and her body tensed up.

I can tell she was trying to enjoy it but it was just too foreign and we have not tried it since then.

Perhaps she is training her asshole to please me? I mean, my birthday is coming up. It would be an amazing birthday present.

I’ll have to admit that when I think of Sarah, I normally think about her huge boobs. I mean it is difficult to think about anything else when you see her. And she definitely adopted the mantra: If you have it, flaunt it. Well, that and the surprise blow job that may or may not have happened.

Could she have an anal fetish? I would never have thought. I have always imagined that titty fucking would be her speciality - not many girls have what she was blessed with.

Then my thoughts drifted off to how it would feel like fucking her in the ass while I groped her huge breasts.

There were two girls which I always hear in the shower but have never seen. So not knowing anything about them makes it difficult to cross them out as suspect or even put them in as the prime suspect. I’ll have to make it a point to get to know these girls.

And as if God was granting me my wish, or perhaps just messing with me, the door leading to the other room opened. Standing in front of me was a petite fair girl with messy flame-red hair tumbling down her shoulder and a neatly trimmed red bush between her legs. Definitely a natural ginger.

I stood there, dumbfounded, staring at this naked girl. Cute face, A cup breasts with light pink nipples which are almost white, lean but not skinny, with a towel in her hand.
She also stood there, equally as dumbfounded, looking at a naked male stranger in her bathroom in an all girls dorm, eyes hungrily devouring her naked body - and to add a cherry on top - holding a metal buttplug in his hand while taking a shower.

She definitely saw the buttplug. Her eyes darted from my face to the buttplug, back to my face, then down to my hard on, back to the buttplug, and then finally back to me face. Her mouth slowly opened - everything happened in slow motion to me. I thought she was going to scream - hell, I almost screamed myself.

But she just took a step back, not saying a word despite her open mouth, and then closed the door. There was a moment of tensed silenced. It felt like hours. Then I hear laughter - and I could breath again. I heard murmurs and more laughter. From what I gathered, she was telling her roommate what she saw.

I quickly placed the buttplug back and got out, as if running for my life. Fuck, I hope the buttplug did not belong to one of the girls next door. They must think that I’m some pervert playing with their sex toys.

At least there were no screaming or crying.


Later that day, Sarah was taking a really long bath. She brought in a couple of magazines, some bubble bath a bottle of wine. She was in there for over an hour.

Teagan and I were cuddling on the couch so I couldn’t see what Sarah was doing. We were spooning and I was rubbing my semi-hard on on her ass when suddenly there was a knock on her door and the girl from the other side said that there was a spot check.

Smoking, drugs and boys were not allowed in the girls’ dorm. So we quickly got up and started to hide my stuff. I then quickly look out the peephole before opening the door and was glad I did so as the people in charged were right outside, checking the neighbouring room. We are so fucked.

Teagan quickly opened the bathroom door and said “I’m really sorry about this, Sarah.” The next thing I knew, I was pushed into the bathroom.

Sarah was comfortable in the tub, a magazine in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. The water was mostly clear with some surviving bubbles here and there. I can see her naked body in all its glory.

I really wanted to stare and memorise this very moment but I did the right thing and looked away. She chuckled and said “Oh pretending to be shy? Come on, I know you’re always staring at me. Plus we have seen each other naked before.”

OH, SO IT WASN’T A DREAM! - I was to scream but I heard Teagan opening the front door and was talking to someone so I kept quiet.

Sarah got up and put the magazine and wineglass down. I can see water and bubbles flowing down her naked body. She arched her chest forward, enhancing her ample breasts as she squeeze the soapy water out of her hair, and turned on the shower. I watched in awe as the water ran down her body.

She smiled at me and said, “I really enjoyed our midnight snack the other night. I really miss it. If only I could have another taste… tonight.”

I was about to object but she cut me off, “It would be a shame if Teagan found out.” She paused for effect.

Then she continued, “Let's keep it our little secret. She gets to be fucked - hard. You get to fuck her and have another chick suck you cock. And I get to taste her cum on your cock. Everyone wins - it’ll be a victimless crime.” She licked her lips.

There was a knock on the bathroom door and Sarah quickly shouted that she will be out in a minute. But the inspectors must not have bothered to wait. Before Sarah was done I heard them leave and Teagan knocked on the bathroom door gently. I quickly turned to face the wall - you know, to avoid any troubles down the road.

Teagan apologised and thanked Sarah once again and grabbed me out. She was kind of shaken up by the close call and was asking me to leave. I really wanted to stay to spend more time with her. And perhaps to fuck her while Sarah watched. And maybe Sarah will lick Teagan’s cum off my cock again as she has promised.

But I didn’t want to be selfish about it and ignore Teagan’s fears. I was about to agree when Sarah came out with only a towel on. Sarah explained that the inspectors are still doing their rounds and it is safer for me to stay in this room as they have already checked it. And so it was settled.

Nothing happened that night - not from the lack of trying - but Teagan was really shaken up. I wasn’t allowed back into the dorm for a couple of weeks but eventually it was business as usual.

One night, as I was asleep in Teagan’s bed, I was awoken by a warm and wet sucking sensation on my cock - which started to grow rapidly. I look down to see Teagan smiling back at me. She loves how my cock grow in her mouth. And she had a sneaky smile. “It has been way too long” she said as she pulled my boxers the rest of the way down.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the surprised blow job. Then I look back down to see her deep throat my cock, making me moan involuntarily. She reacted by putting a finger on my lips, asking me to keep quiet and we both looked at Sarah who was still deeply asleep.

I quickly lifted her loose shirt and admired her beautiful breasts. I turned her on her back and proceed to satisfy my oral fixation by sucking on her nipples while squeezing her other breast - have to be fair with the girls. She began to arch backwards, struggling to keep in her own moans. I went in for the kill my rubbing my raging hardon on her clit, spreading my pre-cum on her panties.

Panting, she asked me to stop teasing her, and fuck her. I ignored her and switched breast while slowly peeling off her panties. And then I proceed to spread my pre-cum directly onto her naked clit but not entering her honeypot.

Panting harder, she started to beg for it. The more she begged to be fucked, the harder it was for me to resist. I love how slutty she became when she is horny. So to dipped the head of my cock into her pussy and pulled it out. It was glistening with her cum.

She begged some more. So I climbed up and made her lick her own cum off my cock. While she was occupied, I spied towards Sarah and saw her biting her lips while furiously fingering herself.

Our eyes locked and I pulled my cock out of Teagan’s mouth to plunge it straight into her pussy in one smooth motion. Teagan grab the bedsheet with both her hand and moaned so loud, I was worried that the neighbours would hear her. She didn’t care - she was lost in her own ecstasy.

Then Teagan suddenly decided to take control. We swapped position and she started riding me - cowgirl position. Our blanket has fallen off but we didn’t give a fuck. She was so rough tonight and I loved it.

She then leaned forward and slowed down, exhausted but still grinding me. She whispered into my ear, “I’m all yours. You can fuck me any way you want.” She probably felt me grow slightly larger inside her and she started licking my ear - more like fucking my ear with her tongue.

I suddenly thought of the butt plug and wondered if it was Teagan’s. Then I sneakily slide my middle finger into her pussy (while my cock is still in her) and to coat it with her cum. I rub her cum along the rim of her asshole and she stiffened up a little.

I whispered back into her ear, “You said I could fuck you any way I wanted.” And I gently but surely slide my finger into her ass. It was tight. Like really tight. I can tell that she was trying to enjoy it and I only slide in like a centimetre or so into her - and slowly finger fucked her ass.

She stopped humping me all together and so I knew two things: Firstly, she doesn’t enjoy butt play - for sure. Secondly, the buttplug is definitely not hers.

So I slowly pulled my finger out of her and fucked her gently - in her pussy. She had already came a couple of times throughout the session so her final orgasm was a mild one, leaving her exhausted.

She apologised for not giving me to opportunity to cum as she was getting dry and her pussy started feeling sore. I told her that it was fine. I really enjoyed myself regardless. She gently climbed off me and work her way towards the bathroom.

As soon as the door closed, Sarah walked over smiling. Without a word, she got on her knees and started licking Teagan’s cum from my inner thighs, slowly working her way towards my cock. She was very diligent, making sure to lick all of Teagan’s cum. She worked from the bottom of my shaft, all the way to the top - slowly and confidently, all the while maintaining eye contact.

I can see Teagan’s cum collecting on Sarah’s tongue as she worked. When she reached the tip, she went back down and did it again and again. I was at my limit, and she knew it. So she went back down one last time - and licked my asshole, making me lift my hip off the bed in surprised. She pushed me back down and deep throat me.

I quickly flooded her mouth with weeks worth of backed up cum as she pulled out of the deep throat. She swallowed it like a champion - licking her lips smiling. And without a word, she returned to her bed.


A couple of days later, I was watching TV alone in the girls’ dorm when Sarah burst in. She seems to be slightly distressed. After a quick hello, she walked toward the bathroom. Before I could warn her, she opened the door and was met with a scream - Teagan was inside doing her business.

Sarah quickly closed the door and looked at me - her face did not hide how uncomfortable she was. I got up and asked her if she was okay. She looked unsure, thought about it for a moment and made me promised not to tell anyone - including Teagan. I quickly promised - I was genuinely concerned for her.

She turned around, spread her legs apart, bent over the table and lifted her skirt. She was not wearing any panties and I got a clear view of her bald pussy. And above the very naked, very beautiful pussy, was a jewel - THE BUTTPLUG! Mystery solved.

She explained that one of her friends-with-benefits convinced her to try buttplugs to train her ass for anal sex. She reluctantly agree. And today she finally got the courage to put it in to surprise him. Unfortunately, it got really uncomfortable so she tried to remove it in the public toilet but it wouldn’t come out. So she left him there and rushed home in a panic.

I considered it for awhile - while admiring her in that position. Bent over, legs apart, pussy ripe for fucking, and ass all filled up.

I tried to gently pull the buttplug out but she would have none of it. I told her that she is clamping down on it, that is why it is stuck. She needs to relax and let me pull it out. She shot me a look and told me to try to relax with that huge buttplug deep in my ass.

I told her to trust me and got on my knees. I got a really close look at her pussy. I believe it got wetter when she felt my warm breath. Then I gently stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy. She moaned and I took that as invitation to continue so I kept licking and started to slide a finger into her pussy - and then a second finger not long after.

She started to rock her hips too - she seem to have forgotten about the buttplug. As I fucked her with two fingers and my tongue, my other hand gentle twist the buttplug as I started pulling. Her asshole resisted a little bit - but eventually her asshole released the buttplug - and she had a massive orgasm.

Sarah grab onto the table and started tiptoeing as I finger fucked her and her asshole released the buttplug. After a second or so on her tiptoes, she collapsed on the table squashing her massive boobs, and she had a silly smile on her face.

“That was amazing” she mumbled to herself.

We heard a flush and Sarah quickly covered up and grab the buttplug off me and toss it into her hand bag.

“You should always knock, Sarah. You know the door can’t be closed fully” Teagan complaint. Sarah apologies and said that she needed to do her business really badly too. And so she went into the bathroom, handbag in hand.



In the middle of the night, a couple of days later, I was woken up by some giggling in the shower. Teagan was deep asleep in my arms and Sarah was snoring softly in her bed.

So I looked up, and saw two figures in the shower. It took awhile for my eyes to adjust from the total darkness of the room to the bright lights of the shower. But my cock was already standing in anticipation of what I might see very soon.

Find out more in the next chapter!

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