Breeding Bull

Breeding Bull

I have always been a man's man, I'm sophisticated, calm and collected, wealthy by any standards, and I love playing the field. I'm educated, a self made billionaire and I'm a ruthless rogue. Big at six feet five inches, broad shouldered, and rugged looking with strong features marked with furrows. What I liked the most about myself is there weren't many women around who didn't find me attractive. I'm a womanizer, I love women and that's why I have an annulled marriage and six divorces. I'm easy to get along with, have a easy charm that enables me to talk to anyone about almost anything, and I'm more than a good listener. I'm a master in seduction and love making that give nearly all of my women the thing they want and needed the most, multiple orgasms. Just about every time I sank my monster into their heated pussy. My ex-wives all recieved generous compensation and signed documents would keep them silent, about my womanizing. My constant seductions and conquests of women of all ages, young or mature, married or not, it doesn't matter to me. Wherever I went at home or abroad, I'm always surrounded by women and always have a woman on my arm. My sexual appetite is abnormal requiring multiple sex sessions 24/7, I met very few women capable of accepting and enduring these sessions. Majority of women do not hold my attention for any length of time.

At 55 my only goal is now to seduce, coerce or rape beautiful young women. To defile their proud innocent immaculate bodies with my filthy monster cock. I love to see the fear on the face of a beautiful young woman, as she looks upon the monster cock that would 'ruin' her precious tender body. To hear them scream is music to my ears, especially the screams that are brought about as I thrust my big cock, 9" in length and 4" in diameter, into their tight little pussies then tie them to me with my knot at the base of my cock. My additional element that I look for in a beautiful young woman-is her marital status. I love popping cherries, stretching tight under used pussies of separated, divorced and married women. When I'm on the prowl observing women, I can spot a woman that is frustrated and horny.
Once my prey is captured, I have them handle the quivering snake that will defile their beauty. My penis has a outer sheath covering the shaft. There is a ridged band that joins the outer sheath and inner sheath, when the penis is not erect it tightens but during erection the ridged band forms ridges that go all the way around, about halfway down the shaft. The cock head is purple and the size of a plum, is smooth, shiny, moist and extremely sensitive. There is a cob web of veins covering the shaft and at the base is a knot that grows during intercourse to the size of tennis ball, when pushed into the vagina ties me to the woman for 20 to 30 minutes until it deflates. When I'm breeding a woman I always tie with her to ensure a pregnancy.

I love seeing women weep and sob in fear of my monster cock. Never in their young lives have they seen or experienced such a monstrous cock. I have them jerk me off first, soiling their clean hands as my creamy load starts to ooze down onto their manicured fingers. My escapades are many to count. The rapes are never reported. The young women are too ashamed to tell anyone that a monster cock has soiled their pussies and they enjoyed it. I'm in Houston looking for a new and fun conquest. One that will be challenging and exciting. Of course, the prize target would have to be a young beautiful woman. It excited me to know I will be defiling some guy's prize possession. To rape a beautiful woman is the icing on the cake. I love to dominate, humiliate and defile a young woman, with my 9" cock, as nothing got me hotter and harder than hearing the pleas and screams as I wormed my snake into virgin territory.

Jenny has been coming into this little coffee shop almost every day for months. On Saturday morning after grabbing a table, she sat down to read her book when she noticed me in the small crowd by the counter. I stood out from everyone for a number of reasons. I'm taller than most, I'm wearing expensive polo shirt and jeans, and because I was the only one among the geeks and suits. I took a table across from her and sat down to read, of all things, the financial pages. She is tempted to go over and dump her coffee on me, she is to shy to make the first move, and I had never looked in her direction. She is starting to feel like a stalker not to mention that she would have felt like an idiot asking me out when I would have the obvious look of bewilderment to her existence plastered all over my face. She is
dressed in a fitted black skirt, black stiletto heels, and a pink top. I'm looking her up and down as she walked past my table to get her mocha. She feels my gaze on her as she paid for her coffee. She caught a glimpse of me as she swept her long dark hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. She grabbed her cup and walked past me again to take a table near the window. For some reason, seeing a beautiful young woman in a tight fitting skirt made my cock twitch like crazy. My cock is beginning to get hard at the sight of this beauty. I sized her up at being about 29 years old, about 5’5”, and 110 lbs.

As she got up to leave I got in behind this lovely creature, with long legs. I had my mouth watering just looking at this beautiful woman with dark colored hair. I got a good smell of her sweet perfume as I stood behind her. Then I glanced down at her left hand. She is now my next prey. Then I purposely dropped a pencil so I could get an even closer look at her trim legs, encased in tan nylons. I licked my lips wondering just how long it’d be before having those long beautiful legs wrapped around my neck and back. I followed my prey out the door. Soon she will be spreading those beautiful long legs for my baby maker!' I thought to myself as I looked at her. I followed her andfive minutes later, she is getting into a new corvette convertible. As the car drove off, I wrote down the license plate number. My cock begins twitching as I mentally picture the beautiful woman, who would soon be screaming at the end of my long snake. The next day, I drove to her suburban townhouse and did a quick survey of the area and snapped a few photos of the general area. Then I saw the corvette approaching the house. Beautiful Jenny Simmons let her dark colored hair blow in the breeze. I drove slowly as I approached the complex. As the garage door opened, I watched her drive in and park. Before the garage door closed I walked into the garage and watched her enter the house. I toured the neat home, then made it up to the master bedroom. There I observed a large king-sized bed, the bed that I'm about to breed the innocent young woman on. Then to feel her soft panties in the dresser. Going to the master bath, I observed the clothes hamper and retrieved a silky lime green pair of panties. I balled the tiny piece of cloth up and held the crotch portion to my nose, inhaling the sweet scent of pussy.

A half-hour later, I heard her. I smiled knowing that the beautiful woman is home. I had already undressed completely, hiding my clothes deep in the closet, where I remained hidden behind some of her clothes. A crack was left open so I can observe my unsuspecting prey. I held my breath as the unsuspecting beauty entered the bedroom. She is in her skirt, minus the shoes that she removed upon entering the home. Clad in her black skirt and tan stockings, I watched as the skirt is unzipped and dropped to the floor. I then begin to stroke my pulsing snake when she sat on the bed, slowly removing her tan pantyhose to expose her flawless legs and sexy feet. Now in only bra and panties, the beauty stood up, gathering the clothing from the floor, and went into the master bath. The water begins running and then the shower started. I smiled with the thought that the young woman is showering herself clean just so she can come to bed with me. I got out of the closet and hid next to the doorway. She had put on a clean pair of pink panties and is just putting on an over sized t-shirt to go to bed in. With her arms up and the t-shirt just over her head, she is at her most defenseless point. I quickly clamp a big hand over her mouth, the other arm around the small waist. In three steps Jenny is face down on her bed with a large hand over her mouth and a heavy big body on her back. I grasped the waistband of her pink panties and quickly had them pulled off her kicking legs. Beautiful trim legs that are now being fondled by my large hand. She is pulled to the edge of the bed. I snickered at her plight and begin to lick the soft soles of her pretty feet. I sucked each toe and inserted my tongue between her toes. Jenny's head whipped from side to side in fear. I stepped forward, bringing her legs together to trap my giant cock. Jenny felt the iron bar between her legs. She looked up to see what appeared to be a large seething snake, drooling its venom onto her belly.

" Please …………..please …………….please leave me alone! Don't touch me …….please! Please leave ……………I …………I won't tell anyone you were here!" pleaded Jenny. I snickered " You can tell everyone I was here for all I care, bitch! I'll tell them how I made you squirm on my hard prong! All your fucking neighbors will know that a bastard fucked the hell out of you.! They'll all imagine what you look like screaming your head off, your ass squirming with your tight pussy stuffed with a hard sausage!" I withdrew my snake like cock from between her thighs. I inserted the tip of my cock head into the soft folds of her tight pussy. I loved hearing her plead " Please ………..oh, please …………don't rape me, please! I haven't had anyone in a long time!" I chuckled, “ I’m going to ‘ruin’ you Jenny! You won’t even feel any guy’s tiny pecker after I stretch your sweet pussy!” Then I placed each of her sexy feet above my shoulders.
" Aieeeeeeeee .....................………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jenny screamed as the thick cock pushed forward, inserting half its squirming shaft up her tight pussy. " Aieeeeeeeee .........................…….nooooooooo ……..............……….it hurtsssssssssss!" she screamed as the full weight of my body dropped down heavily upon her, plunging nearly the entire 9" into her. Never had Jenny had such a thick cock and never one so deep. Her previous boyfriend's seven inch cock was a mere toy compared to this monster. The massive cock stroked in and out, bringing a reaction from her. Her tiny feet entwined and locked around my neck. What a contrasting sight this made, this delicate petite young woman being raped by this ugly man. Jenny would die rather than report being raped and ruined by a older man. She would keep this a secret rather than face the shame of everyone knowing.

I brought the young beauty to a shattering orgasm as I slowly stroked my 9" cock in and out of her moist pussy. Her back arched and she screamed " Oh, please ………….noooooo …………..noooooooooo! Oh, God …………….no, oh ………I ………….I'm cominggggg!" With that I sped up my strokes and rammed my snake all the way home. As Jenny's orgasm waned, she realized that I was about to unload my seething cum up in her womb. Fearing the worst, Jenny squirmed, planting her feet at the shoulders and tried to dislodge me. " Please ……………..oh, pleaseeeeeeeee ………..please don't cum in me! I don't want it! Please …………..don't ……….I'll …………I'll get pregnant! Please ..…………..please ...……… ……..nooooooo!" she begged. I grinned, grabbing her waist and slamming my cock into the hilt. " I'm cumming Jenny! I'm going to plant my dirty seed all the way in your womb. I'm gonna cum in ya, bitch!" I yelled, as I unleashed a torrent of my pent up cum. The hot torrent of the bursting cum made Jenny shiver in an unwanted orgasm, her body lost control as her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and her trim legs tied themselves around my pumping ass. Jenny's tight cunt is soon choking with my seed and overflowing from her pussy lips. She moans from the shuddering orgasm " Oh, Godddddddd ……………ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Three hours later, Jenny tried to douche out the vicious scum. Never had she been so full of cum. I had shot four loads of cum directly in her womb. No man had ever reached that depth and never was any man's cum as searing hot as what she just experienced. Jenny closed her eyes and prayed that my seed wouldn't take root, as she knew that this was her most fertile time of the month. She proceeded to shower, scrubbing herself and remaining under the hot water for an hour. Her thighs ached from the vicious session, she never had been so used and having her thighs forced so far apart. She can barely walk. She cried herself to sleep feeling that she would never be clean again. She kept picturing that it was me again humping hard into her body. I entered her bedroom again standing by the bed nude.
Jenny looked up biting her lip in fear yet anticipation. She swallowed, breathing hard as I lowered myself onto the bed. She couldn’t breathe as her hand is brought forward. She gasped as her tiny hand encountered the pulsing long snake that occupied many of her dreams. “ You want this long snake again, don’t you Jenny?” I tormented the prim and proper young woman. Jenny couldn’t think nor speak, but her hand responded on its own pumping motion. “ I'm going to fuck you again, Jenny." I teased. Finally she spoke, her hand slowly pumping the seething snake, “ Please, no, not again.” she pleaded. I laughed. She squeezed my thick throbbing bar of flesh, letting her fingers stroke the hot lengthy flesh, feeling her fingers becoming slick with my oozing cum. Her stroking hand moving faster and faster, now aided by the slimy goo.

Ten minutes later, Jenny is biting her lip, she feels her insides rubbed raw by the friction, but it is the thickness that kills her. Her insides are forced to stretch and massage my cock as though she enjoyed it. She feels her insides pulled out as I withdrew, her pussy opens up and grips the head tight, but just before it slips out, my fingers dig into her skin once again, and the powerful thrust of my hips send nine inches of cock into her pussy, ripping her up until the rock-hard head batters her cervix that shook her body. I feel the pleasures as her hot tight pussy again grips my cock as though she enjoyed it, but I knew it is the pain that caused it. I pull out quickly and thrust back in, another gasp of pain as she took all nine inches of my cock as I hammered her cervix again. I begin to pick up speed, battering her body, her tits dancing beneath her as she rocked on my cock. Even my balls slammed into her, slapping hard between her legs with each thrust. I move my hips from side to side as if I could shove my cock through the soft, elastic walls that clung to my cock with each thrust. I leaned on her back; my hands moved from her hips to her breasts and begin to abuse them, my fingers squeezing them roughly. She feels my hot breath on her neck, my hairy chest abrading her back as I laid on her, but it was her breasts that are taking the punishment of my fingers and rough skin of my hands. I snarl as she feels me nip the soft flesh of her neck, as my hips and cock continue to slam into her as if I'm trying to drive my cock through her cervix and pierce her womb with my cock. Will I ever stop? She didn’t know what was worse, the pounding rape of her pussy or to have me spill my cum inside her, shaming her with my animal lust and cum.

Then I'm jack-hammering inside her growing larger as I fuck her. She feels it building up inside her. " Please God, no!" She cries. It's no use. She then feels something odd as wave after wave of mind blowing orgasm washes over her. She focuses on the orgasms, lost in them, but in the back of her mind, she feels something unusual. Something pushing into her. I try to crawl up her back with huge cock still in her. Then whatever it is pushes inside her. She lets out a loud moan and then she feels mr cumming inside her, so powerful; so warm. Her toes curl behind her as she cums too. He tries to pull away from me but he is locked tightly inside of me by the bulge at the base of his cock. I can feel him pulsing still cumming inside me. She is starting to sweat under me. She starts to cry again. I start to slip from her, but as she starts to think I will get off, I start to thrust again. Soon she feels my knot slamming into her again and I'm cumming again inside her. Her fingers dig into the bed as her toes curl out behind her again. Her pelvic wall muscles feel like they are going to cramp. Her stomach churns. I'm cumming in her so much. Its so warm. I fuck her three more times, like this never letting the knot deflate enough to pull from her. Her muscles seize up and I howl. She is shaking, hurting, her muscles squeezing me in her. Not letting me go. I painfully slip from her, and torrents of cum spills from her. She slumps to the bed when I'm finished, no longer connected to me by my cock, but she feels the cum flow out of her. Her body is exhausted and in pain.

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