Training Programme leads to unbelieveable sex Part 1

Training Programme leads to unbelieveable sex Part 1

Hari entered the training classroom. The training programme was outstation in a hotel and was for 2 weeks. He wondered how he would kill time during evenings and weekends. He surveyed the class and saw a mix of young and middle aged men and women. He surveyed the women and out of 15 women he found 5 women good looking and interesting. The 5 women were in the age of 25 to 40.
He wondered if he would be able to do anything or only think about them and masturbate. He was idly wondering on the difficulty level of getting them to bed. He thought the older females would be getting inadequate sex and would be easier and the younger females would be hard to get as they would have sufficient sex. He was going to be surprised.

The trainer made the mandatory introductions and divided them into teams. Hari was a born leader and took charge of his team. He led from the front and his team was winning. He had two of the fancied women in his team. He was making a good impression on them. They broke for lunch and they joined him. They had a chat and got to know each other better. Myra was the youngest one around 25 , she was short but had a great figure and looked like a Calendar girl. All the guys were crazy about her. Hari had the first mover advantage thought the other guys.

Myra was carzy about Salman Khan and had a steady boyfriend whom she planned to marry. Hari struck her name of the list , she would be too difficult to ensnare. Next was Sheila, she was under 30 , married for a few years still in love with her husband. Again she seemed impossible to ensnare. She was a hot looking voluptuous babe .

Lunch over they headed back to class. Some more videos and games later it was time for tea break. Hari ambled over to the other teams and got to know them. He was trying to make headway with the remaining 3. Since Hari was winning the 3 women also reached out to him. Everyone wanted to be a part of his winning team.

Training over they headed home in an auto. Hari was sandwiched between Myra and Sheila. He was getting turned on by the soft touch of female bodies. As he tried adjust between them he felt their breasts, they were soft and spongy. They asked him his evening plans and he told them he was planning to exercise , have a drink and then have dinner.

Hari finished his bath and was in a towel and the doorbell rang. It was Myra.

Myra : I need a drink

Hari : Hang on, I need to get dressed

Myra: You look hot don’t change

Hari was shocked and poured her a drink. Myra sat next to him and started caressing his legs. Hari was stunned and he was soon becoming hard. He was making a tent in his towel. Myra laughed and caught hold of his rod. She started stroking him. Hari told her to stop. Myra laughed and put her hand inside the towel and started stroking him. Hari put her hands around her and have her a deep long wet kiss. He kissed her lips, forehead, cheeks and neck. He caressed her breasts and her back. He felt her belly and moved his fingers over the pussy.

Myra pulled his towel and climbed on top of him. She told him she was feeling horny and could not go without sex for 2 weeks. She wanted him every night and for the full day on weekends. Hari told her that she was asking for too much and he would try his best to meet her carnal desires.

Hari hugged Myra and felt her young fresh body against his. He couldn’t believe that he had Myrna in his bed without even trying and she was the one who was seducing him and not the other way around.

Hari kissed her breasts over her T shirt and began another round of kissing her from head to toe. He was stiff and Myra was manhandling his dick. Hari stripped her completely and eyed her from head to toe. Myra was more hot than he imagined She reminded him of Samantha Fox. He climbed on top of her and kissed her breasts, sucked her nipples till they became stiff. He started fingering her pussy and got into a 69 position. Myra started sucking his dick like a lollipop. She was good and the feeling of being sucked was exquisite. After ten minutes of licking her pussy she had a massive orgasm and she came in waves. She pushed him on the bed , caught hold his hard dick and shoved it in her pussy. She took the cow girl position and kissed him. She thrust her breasts into his mouth and asked him to suck them hard. She leaned over him and dug her nails on his neck and scratched him. She bit his lips, ears and cheeks. She was squeezing her pussy and putting pressure on his dick.

She stopped her movements and asked hari to climb on top of her. He took her legs and placed them over his shoulders and entered her. He gave rapid thrusts ,in spite of the AC both were sweating profusely. She was breathing heavily and moaning a lot. Her upper body had turned red and her breasts jumping up and down and her nipples were as hard as stone. Hari shifted his weight and wrapped her legs around his waist. This change in positions was giving them different sensations and pleasure. He bent down and squeezed her breasts and sucked her nipples. He bit her nipples and she screamed a bit. She reached out and grabbed his balls and squeezed his balls. She dug her nails into his skin and drew blood.

Myra screamed as she came , Hari felt the pressure rising in his balls and the waves moving from his balls to his dick. He came in never ending spurts and in large quantities. He collapsed on top of her. He brushed her hair aside and kissed her.

The doorbell rang, Myra hid in the bathroom and Hari was surprised to find Sheila at the door…..To be continued….

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