A Summer threesome in the spring.

A Summer threesome in the spring.

This part of my story is about a young store clerk named Summer. She is a young woman that Jenn and I met in the Bikini Hut that she works at. She caught Jenn giving me a BJ in a change room of the store. For those that haven't read "Can you help me", "Can you take me Shopping" or "The trip" Jenn is a neighbor of mine that I'm having an on going sex only relationship with.

A little bit about Summer. She's 23 year old short haired brunette, tall and skinny. She's about 5' 10" tall and about 105 lbs. She is also some what of a shy woman. Even though she is skinny I think as a very nice body. More about her as the story goes on.

Months after the store visit Summer gave Jenn a call. They had exchanged phone numbers as we were checking out. Anyway Summer told Jenn that her boyfriend broke up with her a month & a half ago. She went on to say that she hadn't stopped thinking about what went on that night at the store. Summer also told her that she may be interested in a thing with me and maybe Jenn too. She said that she had dated a number of guys around her age and found them for the most part "Assholes". Summer asked Jenn if we all could get together and see where it goes. She didn't want to move to fast and was not to sure about the girl on girl thing or even doing it with a guy at the same time as another girl. But that she wasn't totally against it and that's why she would like to move along slowly.

Over a few weeks we (Jenn, Summer and myself) met for dinner and a movie, a few bars and so on. One evening we just went for a walk on a trail in a nature reserve. We stopped at a little waterfall to have a rest and a drink of water. We all started talking about things. Jenn asked Summer if she was feeling more comfortable with us. Summer told us that she was very comfortable and that the other night at the bar she had been feeling horny. She was going to start the move on me, but didn't know why she hadn't. Jenn and I looked that each other... Did we miss something the other night. Jenn said to Summer that she should have said something because we were too. She told Summer that John and I had sex on the way home in his truck. Both Jenn and I noticed that Summer responded to that in that her nipples got hard. Summer has the smallest breasts of any woman I've had sex with, but has very big nipples. Jenn asked her if her nipples had gotten hard because we said had sex in the truck on the same day we were horny or something else. Yes that too... But it could have been me if I had said something. What about now or a little later Jenn asked. As much as I wanted into this beautiful young lady I didn't want to push to hard or Jenn to ether. But I could tell that Jenn had become Bi to the point of having sex with a woman in a MFF threesome, but not just a girl on girl alone. Not sure why as she does eat pussy and likes it, also kissing, sucking tits etc. But Jenn kept pushing and got an answer that I liked.

Ok I've not had sex in 4 weeks and need something she replied.

Not to push you I asked, but when were you thinking?

How about a little later?

Ok ok she replied.

The thought of having sex with Summer... and maybe Jenn too? That caused a little bit of hardness to start. Not really a good place to get wood with all the people around on a bright evening. Jenn didn't help by coming over to me and grabbing my hardest. On top of that she said look Summer he is already to fuck you. Summer smiled and I think turned a little red. After more of a walk and ending back at the truck we got in and started the talk about where to go.

Not at my place as I've got 2 roommates.

Ok Summer's place is out and I've got the kids at home with a babysitter Jenn said so my place is out too.

Just a footnote that Jenn kicked her husband out as it turned out that he was having an affair with a co-worker for over a year. She started with me because she was pretty sure at the time he was.

We can go to my place if Summer's ok with that or we could get a room at a hotel I said.

Both Jenn and Summer agreed that my place would be good. I didn't have a pool yet but I did have a 8 person hot tub. We stopped at the store to pickup a couple of bottles of wine. When we got to my place Jenn ran home to check the kids and let the sitter know where she was going. Jenn can now be open about coming to my place with her husband out of the picture. I showed Summer where everything is... The washrooms, bedrooms (very important), kitchen and so on. I went outside and got the hot tub setup then headed back inside just as Jenn came in the front door. I got some glasses out and pour us some wine each. As we're standing in the living room which is in the back of the place and has the patio doors by the hot tub. By this time it's gotten dark out which for me is perfect hot tub time.

I don't have a suit to wear. Do you have anything I can use Jenn? Summer asked.

I'm looking at Jenn because I know what's about to come out of her mouth.

Then Jenn barks out... We don't wear anything in the tub. Your naked or you don't get in. John's rule no clothing in the hot tub.

Then Jenn proceeded to strip off her clothes. Then grabbing her wine and out the door into the hot tub. Summer then looked at me and I'm already removing my clothes too. I got them all off, grabbed my glass of wine and start heading for the door. As summer was closer to the door then me I had to walk towards her to go out. With the thoughts of what's was to come I starting to get a full but not hard cock. As I got closer to her she was looking right at my stiffening cock. I noticed that she was biting her lip and didn't take her eyes off of my crotch the whole way. I stopped to ask her if she was ok and if she was coming in.

Yes I thing so... mmm yes yes, but can you wait for me?

No problem I replied.

I took her wine from her so she could start getting undressed. She is shy and I was pretty sure that Jenn and I caught her off guard with our clothes coming off. She was a little slow getting her's off. First the shoes, then her shirt leaving her light blue bra on for now. Then she started undoing her jeans. First the button, then the zipper and then she started to wiggle out of them. Watching her move like that was making me harder with every move. She's watching my cock getting hard and hard. This young lady is hot! Is she doing this on purpose? I don't think so, but who cares. Now her jeans are down to the floor and she then bent over to pick them up showing me her nice ass. She had on a matching light blue pair of thong panties. OMG I'm getting harder if that was possible at that point. She stood up and turned to place her jeans on the back of the chair with her shirt. Now I have a frontal view of her in her bra and panties. Wow so very sexy I blurted out. The front of her panties were lace of some kind and I could see her pussy hair. She had it shaved into a landing strip. Her nipples were so hard that they were almost cutting their way through her bra.

Jenn called out what are you 2 doing in there? Starting without me?

We're coming I said.

Not without me I hope?

Summer licked her lips a couple of times. Then she unhooked her bra... Placing it on the chair too turning back to face me again. I had to touch those nipples. So hard and so big. Mmmmmm. Quickly I put my glass down on the stereo cabinet freeing up my hand. Now with my hand free I took her left nipple between my thumb and finger. Rolling it around and pulling on it. Then the same to the right one with no abjection from her about it. That was a good Ithing I thought to myself. So I didn't stop doing that and got a little moan out of her. I ask her if she want to get it the tub or go upstairs. I want to go upstairs sometime, but we should get into the hot tub first. Then she started pushing down her panties and bent over as she pushes them to the floor. Doing that brought her face within inches of my cock and now standing at full attention. She didn't take her eyes off of it as she went down. She looked down for a split second to step out of her panties and she lost her balance falling forward into me. I'm try to help her, but with a glass of wine in my left hand I had to catch her with my right hand. She threw her hands out looking to stop from going down. With her right hand going down to the floor her left one grabbed onto my leg. Her face plated into my left leg causing me to swing a bit hitting her in the side of her face with my cock. As she came up she saying that she was sorry the tip of my cock brushed against her cheek leaving a line of my pre-cum across it. She stood there in front of me now naked with my cum on her face. I was getting a good look at her. The final bit to see was her pussy lips. I have to confess that I love to eat pussy to the point of being an obsession. This young woman had the longest inner lips I'd ever seen. OMG I'm in love! I've got to suck those lips soon. Then Jenn walks through the door asking what the hell was taking so long. I told Jenn that Summer was a bit shy and was slow getting her clothes off. Jenn looked Summer in the face and said shy? Why is your cum on her cheek then? Jenn swiped it off her face with her finger then licked it off the finger. I told her about the stumble and that's why. Let's get in the tub then ok, she said. We grab our things and headed outside. Summer didn't seem to be turned off by having my cum on her face or having my cock against her face. That was a good thing I thought to myself. Jenn hopped right in and then summer swung first one leg over showing off her amazing set of pussy lips then the other leg as she hopped in. Jenn noticed her pussy too remarking about how John (me) is going to love to eat your pussy Summer. I hopped into the tub taking my place between the two of them. I no sooner got sat down and Jenn had hold of my cock and started stroking me. My time to make a move so I put my hand on Summer's leg. I start running my hand hand up and down her inter thigh. At first her legs were together but as I continued to rub her... She parted them giving access to that sweet pussy. I wasted no time moving my hand between her legs finding her clit. I ran my finger down from her clit to her vagina slipping it into her. She gave out a little gasb. I was now finger fucking her and using my thumb to rub her clit at the same time. While I was doing that to Summer... Jenn was busy with her hand wrapped around my cock. I turn to Jenn and I looked her in the eyes and saw the look of pure lust in them. She leans forward towards me and plants a tongue filled kiss on me. She was getting so hot that she just about had her tongue so far inside my mouth that she could tickle my tonsils. I move my other hand between Jenn's legs. I gave her the same thing I was giving Summer. Jenn is a very caring and nurturing person. It must be the mother in her. So after removing her tongue from my mouth she tells me not to forget about Summer as this night is about her needs. I turn back to summer to see her breathing was very erratic, her eyes were closed and a lot of soft moaning was coming from her. Also she was slowly humping my hand as I continued to finger her. She was getting close to an orgasm I thought. I ask her if she was horny.

Oh god yes!

Would you like me to lick your amazing pussy?

Yes please yes.

Now or after this orgasm that's coming?


Would you like me to fuck you too?

I need to get laid but you're bigger that I've ever had before. I think your penis will be to thick for me. I do want to try and try and try until I can. Even though you are older then me I like the way you and Jenn have been with me... I mean you've not just tried to get into my pants to fuck me. You two are caring and loving to each other and to me too. Since Jenn's splitting up with her husband she has been with me more. When he has the kids she is at my place all time. Lots of sex and spending the nights too. I don't mind because she is one very sexy and horny lady. I think I could have fallen in love with her if she hadn't moved away.

Then Summer's talking stopped and it hit. I felt her pussy tighten around my finger and start to twitch with spasms of orgasm. She also had a couple of very load moans and then she screamed out, but quickly put a hand over her mouth. I heard Jenn say that sounded like a good one. It must have been because her pussy continued to have contractions for quite some time.

God I needed that she told us. I've not had a good orgasm in months. I've not even had sex in 4 weeks and the couple of guys before that just wanted to get off and nothing about my needs.

Jenn ask if she had masturbated at all to have an orgasm. Summer told us that she had never masturbated before the night she caught us at the store. After her and the boyfriend started going down hill, she had been so horny one night and had been thinking about us that night at the store. Then she found herself starting to rub her pussy though her PJ's and before she knew it her hand was inside. She went on to say that she had fingering herself and rubbing her clit hard. All that time thinking of how hot it was watching us and that had made her more and more horny. She said that she used both hands on herself and that she had brought herself to orgasm for the first time. Summer said that she has masturbated every day or two since that, but this orgasm was much better then those. Maybe because it wasn't me doing it or maybe because this isn't all I'm going to get tonight she said. Wow that was all both Jenn and I need too. I did something I try to avoid in that I blew a load into the hot tub. Jenn had a strong orgasm too.

Summer smile at both of us and asked if her telling us all that had caused us to cum. We both answered yes. That's hot she replied. So I thought one day when I was rubbing myself that I should call you and see. I did think about are age difference, but I then thought what the hell I need some change in my life.

At that point I was 55, Jenn was almost 38 and Summer just turn 24. Jenn asked her what she was looking for with us. I'm not completely sure she replied. I'm sure that I'm not ready to have sex with you just yet Jenn, but I'm not turned off by the thought of sex with you. But just not yet. I don't think that I have a problem with having sex with John in front of you for now. I've tasted my own pussy and I don't think that the taste of pussy is bad. You do have a very hot body and I think that you would be the one I would like to do it with for the first time. Jenn thanked he for that. Summer went on to say that the thought of my thick penis inside her would be great. Your penis John is bigger than anything I've had and most definitely the thickest, other then ones I've seen in pictures. At a party once, when I was dating someone I saw a naked guy and this penis I was told was 10 1/2 inches long. That's to long for me. When I saw how thick your penis was that made me wet and I thought I'd like to try something like that sometime.

I'm not really big in the cock department. I'm normally 7 1/2 inches long but can get to 8 with some help. A little longer that normal. I'm now almost 6 3/4 inches around mid shaft and just over 7" at the head. I've been told that is thicker than normal by the ladies. Jenn picked up a penis pump that she uses on me. She got me up to 6 3/4 from 6 1/2 now even without using the pump. With the pump she has had me up to just over 8 1/2 inches long, but I didn't stay that way for long. Usually long enough to fuck her once before going back to normal.

So I definitely want your penis inside me, I don't want to get pregnant so we need to use a condom. I have some with me inside the house. Jenn laugh a little then told Summer that I could get her pregnant because he's had his nuts snipped. He's had what they call a vasectomy. His sperm can get into his system because the tubes from his balls have been cut. He as cum inside me so many times now that I can't count them all. Plus he has fucked a friend of mine many times too. No problem. Summer said that's cool and she had wondered why we hadn't use a condom. I thought maybe you were on the pill or something. I am on the pill too Jenn told her. But John and I don't like the feel of a condom also. I love to feel just him rubbing up and down inside me.

All this talk had me hard again and even in this hot water both of the ladies had hard nipples. My hot tub is in my backyard and the neighbors behind can see into the yard from their 2nd floor windows. So I built a little deck with a privacy wall on 3 sides. The deck part is only 2 1/2 feet deep just enough to stand or sit on. It's a nice place to sit with your feet in the water. So I stood up bring my hard cock in to view of Jenn and Summer. Jenn went Mmmmmm I'd like some of that... How about you Summer?

Oh yes I could really enjoy that.

Summer is relaxing great around us. The wine is big time helping all of us to relax. So Summer reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock.

Mmmmmm this is nice. I do need it. Summer looks up at me and said fuck me please.

I told her that there was something I wanted first. Jenn blurted out oh boy your going to get a lickin. I stood Summer up and move her to the deck. I had her lean against the wall. After she did that I parted her legs to see that perfect pussy of her's. She was sitting there with her mouth open knowing what I was going to do.

Jenn said you did tell us that you've had your pussy eaten before didn't you?

Yes I did. Not to many times and it felt good. But wasn't what I expected.

You're going to like this. I think he's really good at it, but he's the only guy to eat my pussy Jenn told her.

The only guy! Who else did? I thought he's getting ready to fuck me.

No he's going to eat you first. He's been waiting to get at you. My best friend has licked my pussy a number of times. I'll tell you about that soon.

She licked you?

Yes. Sometimes we've lick each other at the same time.

Wow! Do you want to lick me too.

Yes I do, Jenn replied with an eager tone. I was always interested to try, but didn't until doing it with my best friend on vacation. A vacation with John, her and I.

So you hadn't yet lick a woman when you were in the store working on me? I could have been your first one?

You got it, Jenn replied.

This whole thing had me so horny. Summer is sitting there with her legs spread also horny from the conversation and was rubbing her pussy. As I moved in to eat her she got a devilish grin on her face. I got my first taste of her pussy. Oh my god it tasted so sweet. As I lick her long inner lips she lets out a "Oh my god that feels good". I probe her love hole with my tongue. I got some moans as I push my tongue deep into her. I sucked on those already long lip pulling on them. I continue to pull on them with my lips and sucking them over and over again. Those beautiful lips were getting engorged and sensitive too. I keept licking her vagina, pussy lips and every now & then her anus too. For the time being I left her clit alone. I want her to get very worked up before licking that love button of her's. As I buried my face between Summer's legs I felt Jenn come up behind me. Jenn starts rubbing her mons against my ass as she's watched Summer's face. Telling me when her face said that I did something she liked. Then I felt Jenn reach between my legs and start fondling my balls. That lady loves my balls... My cock and tongue too, but really loves my balls. Just as Jenn had grabbed my cock Summer really started moaning. Time to start on her clit I thought. Before hitting that sensitive clit I start kissing her mons. All around then kissing down between her legs. I plant my tongue on her anus and move it up across her vagina quickly sucking on those lips again. That got a lot of moaning out of her. I continued licking up to her sensitive love button. That made her jump with a few big moans out of her. Jenn was working my cock all this time. I was running my tongue around her clit causing her breathing to get very erratic. Her orgasm was building quickly. I lock my lips around her clit and as I was sucking on it... I use my tongue to stroke back & forth across the end of it. Summer started screaming out fuck, fuck, fuck me. Jenn quickly let go of my cock and moved up to Summer to get her quite. She did that by planting a big kiss on her, which didn't stop right away. Then her orgasm hit full on. Summer was squirming away with her hands grabbing onto my hair and pulling it. She would be still screaming if Jenn wasn't still kissing her. Summer's pussy was pulsing with her explosive orgasm. As it subsided she released my hair and I came up from between her legs. Jenn and Summer were still locked in a kiss. I think that beem the most intense orgasm that I'd ever been part of up to that point. The two of them stopped kissing and Summer was speechless... Not to say breathless too.

Jenn gave me a big kiss then said I want one of those too.

A kiss I said jokingly.

Yes but I was talking about an orgasm like the one Summer just had.

Anytime gorgeous anytime.

Summer got enough of a breath back to say thank you for that. That was the most powerful orgasm I've ever had. Wow! When Jenn started kissing me I didn't know what was going on but I continued to kiss her back. I was so turned on that I didn't care.

Would you like me to fuck you now I said half laughing.

Oh god not right now... I can't for a few minutes anyways she replied. Fuck Jenn And I'll watch.

Jenn said I want your cock in my mouth first. Are you up for it.

I hop up on the deck next to Summer with a rock hard cock. Summer looked at it and gave the sensitive head a rub. I got a wave of pleasure that ran down though my cock and balls up my back hitting me in the head, which took my breath away. Then she grabbed onto my cock and started rubbing her hand up & down my shaft. Jenn not to miss out on anything moved in between my legs to fondle my balls again. Summer stroking me and Jenn playing with my balls. Mmmmmm I'll take that anytime. Summer started getting a good stroking rhythm going on me. Meanwhile Jenn is pulling on my sack which I don't mind as long as she doesn't crush the eggs. Enough of this Jenn told us and dropped to her knees, which had her at the right height to suck my balls. She sucked one then pulled away letting it pop out of her mouth and the same with the other one. Back and forth from one ball to the other she went. Jenn stopped for a second to ask Summer if maybe she was going to suck me and if not she would like to. I could see that Summer wasn't sure whether to or not.

He needs some head Summer. Do you want to do it or should I?

I think... I think maybe you can Jenn.

Summer then let go of my cock. Jenn was straight in and sucking me without missing a beat. She used her mouth and tongue on me with great skill. She had me cumming in 10 minutes there about. Summer just watched the whole thing. She asked if she could try that next time. Anytime beautiful, I told her.

With all the wine drinking, talking, blowjob, pussy licking etc. We managed to blow off 4 hours and Jenn said that she would have to go soon. The girl babysitting had to get home.

Summer what are you going to do she asked. Are you going home? Do you want to come and say at my place for the night?

Summer looked right at me and asked if it would be OK to stay over here. I told her that wouldn't be a problem. I had guessed that she wasn't finished. We all have had enough of the tub so we got out, dried off and went inside to the den. I got some more wine for us then flipped on the tv and started some porn. It was one of Jenn's favourite ones.

That not fair I've got to go home. You know that this will get me going.

Sorry I'll turn it off till you go.

No I'll drink up my wine, get dressed and head out Jenn said.

The movie was at the part where the woman was getting fucked doggie. Jenn loves to get fucked doggie position. I love that position too and watching the movie had gotten life back into the member. Jenn finished her wine got up and came over to me. She sat sideways down on my lap making sure that my cock slipped up between her legs against her pussy. Mmmmmm she's wet and not from the tub. While on my lap she was grinding herself against me. With her one arm around my neck she said we didn't get to do everything she was hoping we would do. I know one thing was for me to fuck her.

Summer I hope you're going to sleep with him and enjoy yourselves.

She nodded yes.

Jenn reached down between her legs and gave the head of my cock a couple of rubs. Then she got up and dressed. I walked her to the door making sure to stay out of sight to anyone outside. Jenn turned to me grabbing my cock and with a couple of strokes she told me to fuck her brains out. I'll be back in the morning after the kids father has picked them up. You can then fuck my brains out. She gave me a kiss good night, let go of my cock and left.

I returned to the den were Summer was watching the movie. I guess she was enjoying it because she had her hand on her pussy rubbing it. She also hadn't heard me come back in. So I moved up behind the couch she was on. Then I started to stroke my cock while watching her and the tv too. It was at the part where the two on the screen were locked into the 69 position. She jump when she turned to see if I was coming back. She was watching me masturbate and was licking her lips while watching me. She turned on the couch to face me. Reaching out over the back of the couch to grab me by the cock pulling me towards her. Then taking me into her mouth to lick and suck me. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she got a look of confusion on her face. Then I walked around the couch to the front of it. I stood her up, then I laid myself down on the couch. I gave her a licking motion while holding my shaft. She looked at me then at the tv. No more hints needed. I've really wanted to try sucking you from the first time I saw that fat penis. With a big smile she climbed onto my face and down on my cock. We sucked and licked each other into an orgasmic frenzy. Summer had a natural talent for sucking even though she said that she hadn't sucked many guys. She knew just what to do to me. Sucking and licking it along with running her tongue around the head. Fondling my balls and pulling on my sack helped a lot. Summer told me after that the bit with my balls and sack she had gotten from Jenn. Meanwhile I'm licking her just like I had in the hot tub and she was getting very wet. Her lips and clit were still swollen from the last time. The moaning from her as I ate her amazing pussy was resonating down my shaft to my balls. She was going to make me cum first I thought. Then she must have felt my balls tighten because she took my cock as far into mouth as possible. I blew multiple jets of cum into her mouth. She tried to take all my cum but couldn't as I felt some running down my shaft to my balls. Just seconds after that she pulled her mouth off my cock and half sat up on my face. She pushed her pussy hard down onto my face and start to scream out again as her orgasm hit. As I continue to find out Summer is a screamer when having an orgasm. There are a lot of things Summer will cry out just before and while her orgasm is hitting her. Things like Fuck, Fuck me, Yes, Oh yes Eat me and so on. My face was soaking wet from her. Summer isn't a squirter but does flow an incredible amount of juices. Summer quickly spun around on me and started kissed me. She had my cum still on her mouth and I had her juices all over me. It was quite the brew of our sex as we kissed. Not the first time that I've tasted my own cum. She told me that even though I wasn't the first penis that she had sucked. I was the first guy that she had let cum into her mouth. She positioned herself so my deflating cock was pushing against her crotch. Summer sat up on me with my cock pinned underneath her as she rotated her hips so her mons was rubbing on my shaft. I think it's time for you to fuck me and fuck me hard. She continued to rub life back into my cock with her mons and as she did she told me something. It was that both Jenn and especially myself have been very nice to her. We hadn't just used her or anything. The sex had been great and that I had given to her first. I also had not just fucked her to get what I wanted then left her still needing. She said that I'm the type of guy she'd like to marry one day. She went on saying that the sex so far had been great and hopes that it wouldn't end after tonight. That she would love to explore more sex with me and Jenn too, but didn't know if she would have the nerve to do it in places like Jenn and I haves one it. I sat up and gave a long passionate kiss to this sexy young woman.

Let's go upstairs to bed.

Ok she replied.

I don't just want to fuck you... I want to make love to you Summer. I want to spend the whole night exploring your body.

I'd love that she replied.

After we got upstairs we had a quick shower together. We did a lot of kissing and stroking of each other's body. We also washed each other making sure not to miss any spots. Then we moved back into the bedroom. I've just cum 3 times in the last few hours and didn't know if I'd have anything to give her, but even a blank is better than nothing. I won't go into detail about the whole night, but it started with Summer laying down on my king size bed on her stomach. I stood at the foot of the bed looking at Summer's long legs leading up to her small but very nice ass. Also her thin waist. God she looks so hot laying there. I did a lot of kissing of that whole area I have just described. After about an hour of exploring each other's body's Summer said that she wanted me inside her. With all the exploring and kissing Summer was already fairly wet and I was as hard as rock also.

I'd like to get on top if I can?

What ever you want beautiful I replied. Then I rolled over on my back for her.

I want to take my time getting you inside me because it may be difficult to do.

Ok ok take your time I don't want the hurt you.

It's going to hurt me some. You are thicker than anything I've had before.

I think Summer was more than a little nervous about it. Jenn also was tight for me the first few times. With Summer straddling my waist she took my cock and put the head of it to vagina. Then as she lowered herself down on my cock. I wasn't going in.. My shaft was bending.

Oh god I'm sorry I'm hurting you aren't I?

No no you're not. Not yet. If it does I'll let you know. Ok?


She tried several times with no luck. I was out of lubricant as Jenn and I used the last on her first anal with me. I hadn't picked any more yet. Shit!

I had an idea. Some 10-12 years ago I came home to get into the old hot tub. I got naked and walked out to get in. There in the tub was an old neighbours 20 year old daughter in a bikini. Long story short after a number of visit to the tub we had sex. She wasn't a virgin but still very tight and I wouldn't fit at first. I would lay on my back and she would rub her pussy up and down the under side of my shaft from my balls to the head of my shaft. That always made her very very wet and one time as she let my head move all the way up between her lips to her vagina... Then my head slipped in.

I told Summer to try doing that. Not telling her about the neighbor or how I came up with that idea. Summer with a smile on her face started riding me. Back and forth she rubbed. She grew wetter, but looked like she was really enjoying it, so was I. She moved up to my head rubbing it using those long pussy lips of her's. Looking into my eyes she said I think I'm ready to try again. She grabbed my shaft placing the head to her hole. Sure enough I started in. God she was tight still. But bit by bit my cock disappeared into that beautiful pussy. Taking her time she finally got all of me up inside her.

OMG your cock is so thick for me, but just the right length. God my pussy is so full.

Summer just sat up there on my cock with her eyes closed and head back. Then just like on my face earlier she started to rotate her hips.

Oh god I'm going to be sore tomorrow after this she said.

Then the rotation turned to up and down. First small movement and then longer and faster. It didn't take long before Summer was moaning. She was moving up and down on me, then all of a sudden she stopped with my cock fully inside her. She leaned forward a little to grind her clit against me. Then she let a scream out, saying O God, O God I'm cumming. I could feel her pussy muscles clamp down on my cock from the great orgasm she was having. She must have gotten worked up with the pussy rub on my cock, finishing with her riding my shaft. The contractions of her pussy didn't seen to want to stop. She fell forward onto me with my member still deep inside her. She was breathless and every time Summer or I moved with my cock still inside her it would cause her pussy to twitch a little one. I gave Summer some time recover Then I slowly started to pump her from underneath. We made love for a few hours with a couple of stops to catch our breathe. We tried 6 different positions. Her on top, me on top, spooning her, me standing with her legs and arms wrapped around me and what turned to be her favourite doggie. Although the reverse cowgirl was a very very close second. Summer like Jenn love me entering them from behind. I'm not sure if the two of them had talked about it, but Summer fuck me just like Jenn does that way. As I fucked Summer from behind she reached back between our legs to play with my balls. Jenn knows that drives me over the edge. As my pace picked up she stopped playing with me... Again just like Jenn. Because my balls hang pretty low when I pound a woman from behind they will slap her on the mons. I was going for broke pounding Summer. She was coaxing me along by saying cum inside me... I want to feel your cum deep inside my pussy. I didn't think I had anything to give her but I was going orgasm. Then I buried my cock deep in her as it start pulsing with my orgasm. To my surprise I did have enough left to able to see a little bit of my cum oozing of her after pulling out.

Summer quickly turned around to me, threw her arms around my neck and kissed saying thank you. I told her that I'm the one to be doing the thanks to you. Why is a beautiful young woman having sex with an old fart like me. You're so hot! Then Summer told me that I wouldn't have been someone she would have even looked at in a bar. But catching me and Jenn in the store, also seeing me penis she said. I got very curious and at the time I was lusting for you penis. I've seen pictures of guys with a bigger penis that yours, but you can't get fucked by a picture. You've got the biggest one I've ever seen and after seeing it I starting thinking about what it would be like to get fucked by you. Truthfully I was maybe only going to let you fuck me once or twice. You and Jenn too have been so good to me that I guess you could say that I've kinda... Sort of fallen in love with you and her. Not that I could marry you or anything... Well I guess we could if we really wanted too. What... She's kinda in love I'm thinking. You two have wild sex compared to me. That also made me very interested. I've always been kind of shy and never thought I would have done what I have with you two. I want to do more. I want more sex with you. I too would love to have more with you Summer I told her. You're welcome here anytime. Again a big kiss. Afterwards I said we should get some sleep. We curled up on the bed together. I spooned her to nod off. Just as we start dozing off summer told me that she's interested in try sex with Jenn and I. Not just Jenn but the three of us together. Also she loved the feeling of me against her holding her tight... That she felt safe with me. She also liked the feeling of my penis against her ass as we cuddled. Summer explained to me who she was. That she had a family, but didn't have a family. She came from a family that the church came first and you never went against the church or else. Well Summer had been thrown out of the family because she was caught doing things with a guy. I guy not of their religion. Being from a very strict family she had been very curious about boys and was kissing him with him feeling her up when they got caught. The preacher from the church talked to her about her sins, but she got caught a second time doing something against the church. So she was thrown out of the church, the family and the house. She told me that she hadn't talked to her family in over 5 years. That was the most sickening thing I had ever heard. Summer cried herself to sleep in my arms. This woman needed someone to love her.

I woke up to Jenn sitting down on the foot of the bed. Shit! I forgot to lock the door. Jenn said good morning and looking at the two of you I'm guess it was a great night. We were so tired that we didn't even move in our sleep. We were in the same position that we had fallen asleep in. Summer woke up to Jenn's talking and hugged my arms that were around her. I love this. To wake up in a man's arm after making love to him the night before. Thank you for listening to me last night. Summer did tell Jenn too about her family later, which she doesn't they just anyone. She had became so comfortable with us that she did. Jenn and Summer cried after Jenn found out. But before that happened. Jenn looking puzzled about that comment said Good morning Summer.

Good morning Jenn.

Good morning John.

I said good morning to Jenn and Summer too.

Summer do you know how long it was before John and I slept together? That not fair, but I still kinda had a husband before spending the night with him.

Did you have a good night after I left Summer?

I don't want to sound like I'm rubbing it in that you weren't here, but it was fantastic. I'm sore but ready for more.

Jenn stood up and took her clothes off.

Sounds good to me Jenn told us eagerly.

I had rolled onto my back and Summer sat up and crossed her legs.

Jenn we need a shower first I told her.

Jenn crawled up between my legs to sniff my cock. Then she gave the head a lick causing it to jump.

You smell and taste good to me.

We all laugh and I told Jenn that she was sex crazed. Yes I am she replied. You let that part of me out of the bottle that day I saw your cock hanging out of your shorts. By the way why were you hard when you answered the door that day. I did notice that before seeing your cock. I told her that I had been online with a woman watching her masturbate before loosing the connection with her.

Were you going to join in?

I had already started too, but didn't get far.

Lucky for me Jenn said. Were you going to finish off before I came over?

Yes I told her.

Did you maturbate when you found my wet panties and did you smell them?

Yes of course I did.

Jenn said that she didn't know what had come over her. She had a pee and used some TP to wipe herself. That her pussy got a tingling and so she rubbed again. She had started thinking of what if I had walked in on her. She continued to rub herself also thinking of seeing my cock. Then she had a little orgasm. Then she found something to write the note standing at the counter with her thong and pants still on the floor. She told us that I you had walked in that I would have seen her ass and pussy right then. When she bent over and picked up the panties she got the idea to leave them for me. She told us that the next day she was still horny from doing that. Being almost 100% sure her husband was fucking someone else she built up the nerve to come over with no panties on and show me her pussy. Lucky me!

I asked Summer if she'd like to go first.

No you can go first.

The master bath doesn't have a tub. It's a walk in shower and a nice size too great for having sex in. A nice bench seat at one end under the rain heads to sit and soak. I can hear them talking, but can't make out what they're saying. I'm having a good wash getting all the sex from last night off me. I made sure to get the equipment good and clean. When I finished I left the water running for Summer. I thought that Summer and/or Jenn would have joined me in it. Jenn loves my shower. I call out to Summer that the shower is free. Nothing and then ok I'm coming. As I'm drying off Summer comes in and grabs onto my cock giving it a couple of tugs. So you're almost ready to go I see. I give her kiss and pat her on the ass as she heads into the shower.

Wow I like your shower John. I didn't really pay attention to it last night.

Thanks I replied.

As I walk in to the bedroom I find Jenn on the bed with legs spread and fingering herself.

Starting without us I see.

No just continuing on she said.


Well Summer and I were talking about you two last night. Summer told me everything.


Yes everything. Also about being interested in doing it with me. Her pussy looks so good I had to touch it. So she did the same. Then we just found ourselves fingering each other when you called. Summer got up to go shower and I took over. I laid down on the bed next to her put my hand between her legs to rub her pussy. Jenn stopped me, then pushed me over on my back. She quickly hopped up straddle up head giving me her pussy to lick.

Mmmmmm you're wet Jenn.

I've been wet all night thinking of what was going on over here.

I was licking Jenn's sweet pussy and looking up at her playing with her nipples. I couldn't hear anything but then I felt the warmth of a mouth on my cock. Summer had finished in the shower and joined us. She worked my cock over with her mouth and my balls with one of her hands. All the pleasure Summer had been giving to me I in turn gave to Jenn's pussy. Then Summer's mouth moved to my balls getting a handjob in place of being sucked. I was lost in time and what seemed like no time Jenn was moaning with her orgasm coming. Summer switched back to sucking my cock and that was getting me close too. Jenn started grinding her pussy on my face then her orgasm took over causing her to freeze on my face. After her orgasm subsided she got off my face and turned around... I'm guessing to suck me.

Oh Summer I didn't know you were there. Then Jenn moved to the floor next to Summer who had me just about to blow my load. I think Jenn knew by my body language. She started coaxing Summer on.

Suck that cock!

Squeeze his balls!

Run your tongue around the head then suck him hard!

Listening to Jenn and feeling Summer I let loose. It was powerful. Summer took probably 90% of it in her mouth and swallowed it too. She sat up with my cock still in her hand. Some of my cum was running down her chin. Just as Summer was going to wipe it off her chin Jenn stopped her. Then Jenn leaned in and licked it off her chin and continuing to lick all the way up to her mouth. The next thing the two ladies are locked in a cum filled kiss. Even though Summer told me she was willing to try things with Jenn I didn't think it would happen so soon. Jenn on the other hand had shown that she would have a sexual interaction with another woman. These two are really going at it. Then the two of them turn to me and start licking my cock clean together followed by another long kiss. With me still on the bed they both stopped kiss then stood up.

He's still hard so what should we do Jenn asked Summer.

I think one of us should fuck him.

Mmmmmm that sounds good, but who?

Well Summer he fucked you multiple times last night didn't he?


And he's already licked my pussy.


What about I ride is cock and you is face?

Mmmmmm that sound really good to me Summer replied.

I moved right up to the middle of the bed and Summer followed me. As she got positioned over my face Jenn said no no face me. I want to watch your face as he licks you.


Again I got to eat that sweet pussy for the third time in 12 hours. Summer said I've never had my pussy eaten so many times by one guy. God I love it. Jenn asked Summer how many times is this. She replied with the third time. Wow I knew he loves those pussy lips of yours. I love it when he sucks and licks them summer told Jenn. John was the first one to eat mine down in the garage when I flashed him my pussy

Summer had starting to enjoy my tongue work and Jenn noticed that. So Jenn quickly got on top of me and Summer leaned forward grabbing my cock to guide it into Jenn's pussy. As Jenn lowered herself onto my cock Summer said watching it disappear up into your pussy Jenn is so hot. That looked a lot easier than when he entered me last night. It felt great have my cock slide into her warm wet pussy. I was told later that when they were riding me... The two of were kissing each other. Jenn likes it and Summer was getting so turned on by my licking and watching my cock in & out of Jenn's pussy that she just responded to Jenn. I felt Jenn slow down which told me that she was getting close to cumming. She likes us to cum together. She told me before that my twitching cock inside as she orgasms makes her cum harder. I put all my energy into licking Summer's clit which brought her to another screaming orgasm. That girl talks dirty when she cums. I love it. Summer rolls off me letting Jenn fall forward onto me. Then she lifted her ass into the air just a bit giving me room to pump her. Jenn started kissing me too. I stop the kissing for a second to say in her ear.

Are you ready?

Oh yes!

With Summer watching us I pickup the pumping of Jenn's pussy. Within a fraction of a second we both came together. It was very powerful for both of us. I don't know how with the amount of times I had cum in the last 24 hours... I pumped so much cum into Jenn's pussy that it was running out of her with my cock still in her. It was all over my balls and running down between my legs to the bed. Jenn and I were spent. OMG you guys that was incredibly hot. I need a shower ladies I said. Jenn just started laughing. Summer asked what's so funny. Jenn told Summer to go have a look between our legs. She jumped up to move around and get a look. By that time my cock had gone soft quickly and came out of Jenn. That let more of the cum pour out of Jenn. I couldn't see it yet but I knew it was a mess. Summer got around to see it. Wow she said that's a lot of cum. Wow it's all over your pussy Jenn and John's balls, his legs, the bed... It's everywhere. It wasn't just me that added to the mess. Jenn said that she thinks that she squirted too. She told us that I was rubbing her g-spot and that's why she had a big orgasm. I got Summer to get us a couple of towels out of the bathroom. Summer asked about the g-spot. I've heard about it Summer said. Is it that much better she asked. Oh god yes Jenn told her. Then Jenn gave me a big kiss and told me that she thought that was the best orgasm we've had together. I think she was right. I don't know if we were that messy in the field that one time. Summer started to wipe both Jenn and I down get most of the cum from between out legs. We all scoot into the shower. The three of us were washing each other clean. The girls took care to make sure my equipment was very clean. Summer helped Jenn clean her pussy and legs. Jenn looked at me when Summer rubbed her pussy with soapy hands. She looked to be enjoying it. I asked the girls if they were hungry because I was. With a chuckle Jenn said don't you think you've had enough to eat as she rubbed both her over Summer's pussys. I told them that I never get enough of that to eat, but do need some food. After get some sandwiches made up we park ourselves on the couch. Summer said that she liked being nude all the time. I can't do that with two roommates. Jenn and I are like this all the time were inside here or in the hot tub. Summer you're welcome here anytime ok.

Thanks. Do you think I could maybe bring my best friend over sometime to go in the hot tub.

I don't think that would be a problem, but you know that no clothes in the tub.

Ok cool.

We had been finished eating the sandwiches for a while now and we're just sitting on the couch. Jenn was sitting between Summer and I. So she grabbed my cock and put a finger between Summer's pussy lips causing her to jump.

So went am I going to see this cock fucking this beautiful pussy eh?

God Jenn between you and Summer sucking and fucking me I think I'm pretty dry.

Can you get hard?

It's probably been long enough yes.

I would like to see you fuck Summer. Summer are you game?


Jenn still had her hands between our legs, so she got us going. Stroking me and fingering Summer.

Summer told Jenn that she could only take me if she was really wet first. Jenn told her that she had just the thing. Then Jenn very quickly dropped to the floor and turned around to Summer catching her off guard. She got her face between Summer's legs and gave her pussy a couple of licks. Summer looked me with amazement that Jenn did that and so fast. I smiled and Summer saw that I was now stroking my cock. Then Summer opened her legs wide to let Jenn in. Jenn told me after that she understands why I liked to eat Summer's pussy so much. That it was so sweet tasting and also Summer's screaming when she orgasms makes Jenn more horny. Jenn continued to lick Summer getting her wetter. At the same time I moved over on the couch next to her. Summer was watching both Jenn licking her and me stroking myself. I did let go of my cock to play with and suck Summer's beautiful little tits and those big very hard nipples. I'm working her tits and Jenn is working her pussy. Summer keeps throwing her head back on the couch saying this is so intense. At some point in there Summer grabbed onto my cock and started to stroke me keeping me nice and hard. Then I hear Summer start moaning and a few O Gods, also quite a number of fuck's/fuck me's. We're pushing her to far... She was going to have another orgasm. I tell Jenn but she just keeps going. Then Summer started humping Jenn's face, then came the screaming. Boom another orgasm. After she came down from another explosive orgasm Summer told us that she was doing good controlling herself and enjoying Jenn's licking. But when I start to suck and pinch her nipples that she lost control.

As it turns out Summer's nipples get very sensitive when she's horny. When she's horny feeling and is going out she said she has to wear a bra. If she doesn't the shirt that she's wearing will rub her nipples making them very big hard and so sensitive to touch. All that would make her pussy very wet. I don't mind not wearing a bra... I do it most of the time. I also don't mind when my nipples get hard under my shirt. I like the looks I get because of them. One time I went out dressed as I normally do with no bra, but I was horny too. I was shopping for clothes and my nipples were making me very horny. I even thought about going somewhere to masturbate and release all my hornyness. As I tried on a couple of tops and stood in front of the mirror in the store to see how one looked on me. I happened to look down at my shorts I was wearing to see how they matched. OMG the crotch of my shorts were wet. I had to buy some panties and shorts quickly, which I did. Then I got into a washroom to change. Now I know if Summer is wearing a bra she's horny. That's nice to know... It could work in my favour. Even though I'm a shy person until I get to know someone I do like to show off. I know the guys look at me. They look at my nipples and when I wear my white shorts with a thong on, at my ass and crotch too. Because of the size of my pussy lips I know that in those shorts that it shows a nice shape of my pussy.

Summer stopped talking and got a look on her face, then a smile. I just had my first threesome didn't I?

Jenn said sort of but you haven't licked me yet. You need to fuck John and eat my pussy at the same time. John fucked me and ate you, I ate you and John sucked your tits. That leaves you eating me and John eating or fucking you.

Ok let's do it then. I think I'm ready to taste pussy juices other than my own.

I want to watch John fuck your pussy, so I think we should go back upstairs to the bed. I want to sit on your face so I can still see what John is doing. If you lay on the edge of the bed he can fuck you standing up and at the same time I can ride your face. Oh and play with your nipples too.

Summer's nipples told me that she liked that idea. They got bigger and harder. Summer still had a hold of my cock. She started getting up and turned to me.

Let's go fuck then.

Summer pulled me along by my cock to the bedroom. As we're going up the stairs Jenn was behind me slapping my ass and rubbing my balls between my legs when she could. We got to the bedroom with Summer hand still wrapped around my cock. She turned and sat down on the edge of the bed. Then she bent over a bit and took my cock into her mouth and started suck me.

I see she likes to suck your cock now Jenn commented.

Yes. Her shyness seem to have disappeared I replied.

I didn't want Summer to make me cum now, so I did something I wouldn't normally do and pulled my cock out of her mouth. I gave her a kiss and told her to enjoy herself. She laid back on the bed with a big smile on her face. Jenn was already standing up on the bed rubbing her pussy waiting for Summer. Summer opened her legs wide for me. I could see that those beautiful pussy lips were very big and red from Jenn sucking them. I had to have a lick too. I love to eat a woman's pussy so much. Jenn was at that point getting onto her knees over Summer's face. Jenn has a nice pussy with great lips too, but not as long as Summer's lips. Jenn's lips were about 6" above Summer's mouth. Before I put my cock to Summer's pussy I'm watching what she was doing to Jenn. Summer grabs Jenn's ass pulling her down closer to her face. Then I saw Summer's tongue flicking at Jenn's dangling meaty inner lips. I know that Jenn love it when I lick her lips like that. It turns her on so. Jenn was looking at me with a big smile giving me a nod to stick my hardness into Summer. So I took my cock in hand and guide the head of it to Summer's pussy. I rub the head up and down her slit from her vagina to her clit. I do this repeatedly causing Summer to moan a little. She also asked me from between Jenn's legs to please just fuck her now. Then I let the underside of my shaft starting with the head slide up against her clit and mons... Also bring my balls in contact with her crotch. I did that several times before placing the head at her vaginal opening. Before pushing it in I looked at Jenn... Besides enjoying Summer's tongue she's watching intently at what I was doing with my cock to Summer. So to keep them both happy I push the head into Summer. She stopped licking Jenn for a second to let out a gasb. So I keep pushing slowly watching my cock disappear inch by inch into Summer's tight pussy. She was wet and tight but not as tight as the first time. That was actually the 6th time in the past 24 hours I pushed into her. I found that Summer likes me to push all the way into her up to my balls and stop to hold it there for a minute or so. It gave her a moment to get use to me. Jenn told me that she like watching her pussy open up and my cock slide in. I started to give Summer long slow strokes. Pulling out to the point that my head would almost pop out, then pushing it back in balls deep again. I kept doing that but picked up the speed a little each time. By time I'm pounding her pussy my balls are slapping against Summer... somewhat sounding like someone was slapping her on the ass. Summer was giving Jenn all the pleasure she's receiving from me. I looked at Jenn to see that she's so into it that she was rolling and pulling hard on her own nipples. She had been pulling and rubbing Summer's nipples before. Then Jenn let out a big gasb having an orgasm and flooding Summer's face with her juices. I got so turned on by it all. Jenn rubded her pussy on Summer's face a few time before pulling off. Jenn backed away to be able to bend over and gave her a long kiss also thanking her. Then moving slightly forward towards me Jenn takes Summer's nipples one at a time into her mouth. As she worked on Summer's nipples... Summer returned the favour to Jenn's nipples. As I was fucking Summer hard and I was watching Jenn running her tongue around and flicking Summer's nipple. They are so hard that they look like they'd cut glass. I could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second. She also started humping me back as I am pounding her. Then the signs of her approaching orgasm. Jenn picked up her assault on those very sensitive nipples. First the breathing, then the moaning and lastly the screaming. Lots of screaming. Her vagina was squeezing my cock as her orgasm hit and all the way though it. As I continued to pump her feeling the contractions of her pussy did it for me. I started to cum and cum. I don't how I had that still in me. I filled her but not like I did Jenn just before. I did give her a few of those messy ones in times to come. We all collapsed onto the bed and talked for awhile.

The afternoon had gone. I suggested we go out to get a bite at a restaurant... My treat. Summer said that means we have to get dress. I do like being naked. Jenn said I've got an idea. You told us about your pussy in your white shorts and showing off those big nipples of yours. Why don't we get dressed up in some clothes to show off in. I've got a pair of white denim jeans that I don't wear much because they pull right up into my pussy. I like the way that they fit my ass, but the pussy bit gets uncomfortable after a while. That's why I wear yoga shorts all the time. I blurted out that the yoga shorts really make Jenn's ass and pussy lips look incredible. That sounds cool Jenn but my shorts are at home. She told Summer that she had a lot of shorts that don't really fit her anymore. We could go and have a look if you'd like. Summer told her ok. We need another shower first I told them. That shower for the most part was just a shower with a little playing around. I finished first and got out to dry off. Jenn told me to wear the shorts we picked up for the trip and that other thing from the you know what store. Summer will really like it. What Jenn was on about was a cock sock she got me at an adult store. I got her two vibrators and a couple of outfits. I got dressed quickly then sat on the bed to want for the girls. Jenn started dressing.

Summer said shit my clothes are still downstairs. I need to get them. I can't really go to your place naked can I?

You could but what would the neighbors say Jenn replied.

I threw my two cents worth in by saying. You'll burn out old man Johnston's pace-maker across the road if he sees you doing that.

Jenn laughed. Summer came back up with her clothes to get dressed. After getting her bra and thong on I stopped her from dressing. She is sooo sexy in that doesn't she? Jenn took the words right out of my mouth. Wow! One thing was that as soon as Summer moves with that thong it couldn't contain her big pussy lips and they'd pop out of her panties. After dressing the girls headed over to Jenn's place. When they came I was having a beer in the kitchen.

First Jenn walked in wearing a pair of white shorts that had a very low waist line to them and the leg parts came down about mid thigh. If Jenn hadn't shave her pussy the pubic hair would show out the top of the shorts. That's how low there were. The material was almost translucent and I could make out the red panties she had on. The material was clingy enough to show off the lines of mons and especially the pussy lips. The shorts were tight enough to just be pulled up into her slit, but not to be slutty looking and trying to cut her in two. Her ass was perfect and with her wearing a thong no lines. The top was a pink t-shirt with an arrow pointing to one side with the words "I'm with him" on it. She had no bra on and the shirt was just tight enough to her body to let her nipples be seen. Jenn was wearing a pair of sandals on her feet.

Then Jenn called Summer in. My chin hit the floor. Wow! Summer looked incredible. Words wouldn't do her justice but here goes. First off Jenn did her hair and a little makeup. Very nice I really like women with short hair and I don't like a lot of makeup on a woman. I like her natural beauty to show and not covered with tons of makeup. Second the outfit. The top she was wearing was white in colour and again it was all most translucent like Jenn's shorts. They were just see through enough to see Summer's areoles. It was like a guys tank-top, but it had a collar. The collar was flat and about an 1" or so wide with the front part as one piece off the collar with it meeting lower in the back. The back was fully open from the collar to the top edge about 4-5 inches above the bottom edge. The top stopped about 3" above her navel. It was a fine knitted material that like Jenn's shorts was clingy showing off her small breasts and those amazing nipples. Also no bra. The shorts she had on we're a pair of Jenn's running shorts. The baggy type that have a liner in them. They were pink with black trim and open up the sides about half way. Jenn had Summer sit down on a chair. She said look at her. Wow I could see up inside the shorts. At the right angle I could see her light blue panties and her pussy lips hanging out each side of them. As Summer would say that's hot. Somehow Jenn took the liner out to allow someone to see up inside. Then she had Summer stand up and bend over. The shorts rode up the crack of her ass to show off her cheeks. Summer also as wearing sandals.

Compared to them I was all most dressed normally and Summer notice that. But Jenn had me sit down. Summer looked then said that she could see my cock and balls but they were in something. Jenn stood me up, then pulled my shorts down to show Summer my cock sock. That's cool she said, but how does he go pee. Like this and Jenn grabbed my semi hard cock and lifted it up. See this little zipper... Watch what I do. Jenn unzipped it letting the head out. Ok and you could do that to give his penis a lick too. Jenn looked at the head of my cock and said yes you can. Then she took the head into her mouth swirling her tongue around it. Would you like to try? Summer got down beside Jenn and did the same thing to my quickly hardening cock. I said hey we're supposed to be going out for something to eat. The two of them laughed... Then Summer said we're having desserts first.

As we were set to go Summer said that she wasn't sure about this. Jenn asked her if she felt sexy. Yes. Are you a good looking woman? Yes. Does the thought of your body in that outfit and making guys hard exciting to you. Oh yes! Well then lets go. We got into my truck and headed to a restaurant in the next city over, so we wouldn't run into anyone we knew. When we walked into the restaurant first a few people looked and then more... Mainly guys. It was like being on vacation again with Jenn and her friend Cindy. The guys in the bar were just short of hitting on them. Only because I was with them. After sitting down at a table a couple of guys were looking and could see Summer crotch. After getting over th

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If you win? - part 2

I sat on the edge of a sagging mattress, in a dingy motel room, and let my gaze play over the enticing cocks of the four naked high school seniors standing in front of me. Brandon was the only one yet to turn eighteen, but with his birthday coming next month he was close enough that I didn’t give his age any thought. Each of the boys was sporting a potent hard-on, despite all having just jacked off into my hand only minutes before. With the ice broken, they were no longer taking furtive peeks at my middle-aged, but respectably trim...


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Gretta was exited. It was the morning of her 18th birthday. She had woken up early, done some yoga and had a healthy breakfast. Now she was at the mall, shopping for clothes for the party. I wonder what its gonna be that Daddy bought me? Better be a fucking car! She thought, while checking a purple bra in a store. Excuse me! Excuse me! She yelled to the clerk and the clerk quickly ran to her. Until what size these go up to? She asked. Just a minute mam, I will go and check… and what would it be your...


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My Wife Fucks her Brother

When Sue Fucked Her Brother --------------------------------- The beginning of this incident was when my wife's younger brother visited us back in the days before digital cameras were so popular. I had a darkroom set up where I developed and printed my own photographs and he had brought a roll of film from her older brother for me to develop and print. The photos were nude shots of James's wife Mary. Not the arty type nudes but true XXX type, her legs spread, holding the lips of her cunt open, etc. All 36 were with just her except two with James naked...


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”Who’s your friend,” Jake asked while discarding two of his cards and asking the dealer for two more!?! “Uh, this is Bobby Reynolds, my best friend from high school” Peter replied, “he’s just here for the weekend!!!” The five boys playing poker in Jake’s dorm room all nodded their hellos to the slightly built young man before returning to their game! Peter and Bobby sat down in the corner to watch, but before they were even settled in their seats Jake piped up, “You know the rules, Pete, anyone watching has to strip just like the rest of us, so either...


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Witch Mountain - A Halloween Story

WARNING! This warning is possibly not needed for this particular story, but I am including it because it is needed for most of my stories. If you decide to read other of my stories make sure that you read the disclosures and warnings at the beginning of each story. All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be...


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