The Makings of a Slut Chapter 1

The Makings of a Slut Chapter 1

It was a hot summer day, I was walking towards the mall where my best friend Rosie was. Ive been looking forward to it all week. I havent seen her for a few months. After a few minutes of walking under the hot sun I finally reached the mall.
There she was standing as beautiful as always. She was standing there in her favorite jeans a black t shirt and a leather jacket that made her look like a biker. Her hair was curly and brownish red. I was in love with this girl and I wanted to tell her but I just didn't know how. She saw me and a grin spread across her face. I grinned too. I ran towards her and gave her a big hug and she hugged me back.
“Hey I missed you so much Rosie!” I said.
“I missed you too Dalton! I was going through some stuff.” she said with her face turning from a grin to a look of sadness.
“What happened?” I asked concerned something bad had happened.
“Alex and I broke up. He was cheating on me” she said almost tearfully.
I gave her a big hug. “Im so sorry, Just know Im here for you if you need to talk” I said.
“Yeah I know, but that's why I came here today. So I could forget all about that with my best friend.” she said as the grin returned to her face.
We walked to the ticket booth and bought tickets for a new movie that we both wanted to see badly.
As we bought our tickets the clerk said “You guys look like such a cute couple”
I felt my face get hot and I said “Oh no were not dating.”
“Oh Okay, Sorry” she apologized
We walked inside the theater got some popcorn and found our seats. While we were watching the movie we fed each other popcorn and there was that moment when my hand touched hers when we reached for the popcorn at the same time. We looked at each other and laughed and went back to watching the movie. Once she turned away I felt myself blushing. I stayed that way for the rest of the movie.
When the movie finally ended I offered to take her home. We started walking and suddenly she grabbed my hand and started running towards her house.
“Come on I want to show you something” she said.
“Alright” I said. Of course I was grinning realizing that the girl I have wanted to date for 2 years is holding my hand.
When we finally reached her house I asked her where her mother was.
“She won't be back until tomorrow night” she answered. She fished out her keys from her pocket and opened the door. She then dragged me to her bedroom still holding my hand. She told me to sit on the bed. Then she went into her closet and took out a notebook. She opened it and showed it to me. Inside was a couple of sketches of me.
“These are great. My question is why are you making sketches of me?” I asked
She came closer, sat next to me and said something that would change my life “Because I really like you.”
Then she kissed me with a deep passion and I kissed her back but I forced myself to stop.
“When did you start?” I asked.
“Two years ago but then I was dating someone and when we broke up you were dating Kate then when you broke up with her I found myself liking you again and then I found out that Jimmy was cheating on me was another reason for me to break up with him.” she explained.
“I want to be with you but if you don't feel the same way I understand.” she said.
“I really really like you too.” I said
“Wait its my turn to ask now. When?” she asked me.
“Well the same time I met you. You were just so beautiful but you were dating someone every time I wasn’t and I just didn't have the courage to ask you out. Until about a week ago.”
“So you like me too huh?” she asked
“You sound like you don't believe me. Why don't I show you.” I said as I gave her a big passionate kiss. Then she said something that I wasn't expecting.
“I want you to be my first.” she whispered.
I wasn't about to say no to the offer of sex by the girl I was on the verge of being in love with. Its not like my hormones gave me any choice.
I took her hand got her up and started undressing her. I took off her shirt and I saw that she took off her bra. and I removed her jeans and I saw her panties were soaking wet. I took that off too. For a second I just looked at the beauty in front of me, her c cup boobs with her perky nipples standing straight and her shaved pussy and her swollen pussy lips. Then I started kissing her again and held her right boob in my hand massaging it. WHile my other hand went dont towards her pussy and started fingering it in a slow rhythmic pace. My finger didn't have a hard time sliding in and out of her velvety folds seeing as how she was dripping wet.
“Why am I naked and you’re still fully dressed?” she asked me as she took off my shirt and pants and my boxers
“Damn you’re big Dalton!!” she exclaimed
“Thank you.” I replied.
She then got on her knees and put my head in her mouth and started swirling her little tongue on my head. Then she started putting more and more of my length into her mouth while using her tongue to please my member which was rock hard at this point. She bobbed her head back and forth on my dick and she used her hand moving it back and forth.
She was really good at this and because she was so good it took almost no time for me to blow my load.
“I’m about to cum” I told her
“I know, blow your load in my mouth, I want to taste your cum” she said in a seductive tone
I did as she asked, I came in her mouth load after load. She swallowed every drop.
“Mmm salty” she said with a lusty tone and a hungry look in her eyes
“I think its my turn to make you feel Amazing” I said.
I took her to the bed and I told her to lie down. When she did I spread open her legs so I had a perfect view of her glorious pussy. I buried my face in her beautiful folds and I stick my tongue inside and licked the outside of her mound. I licked her clit and started playing with it with my teeth. Then I inserted 3 fingers into her dripping cunt while I pleased her clit with my tongue. She started to moan loudly and she moved her pussy towards my face and fingers. Then she started spasming as she began to climax and I lapped all of the juices that dripped out of her steaming pussy.
“You taste so great I just wanna eat you out all day” I said to her as I got up and kissed her.
“You tasted great too” She replied.
We kept kissing for what felt like an eternity and I wouldn't have cared. All I cared about was that the girl that I want was here and she wanted me too.
“I think its time for you to take me” she said with a lusty look in her eyes.
I was all too happy to oblige.I got up and I spread her legs and I brought them up to rest on my shoulder. I rubbed the tip of my dick on her slit then I inserted my length inch by inch. A few inches in I felt a bit of resistance and I stopped.
“Are you sure about this?” I asked her.
“Yeah, I couldn't think of a person I want more to take my virginity.” She answered.
With that I pushed and buried myself to the hilt inside her beautiful and dripping pussy. She moaned in pain. I started moving back and forth putting one of her beautiful breasts in my mouth and my hand on the other. I sucked on her breasts and switched every now so often. I was thrusting in a slow pace, I started to pick up the pace and it brought us closer to climax.
“Yes Dalton! Yes!! Oh Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!!” she screamed
Her loud moans reverberated in my ears and urged me to pleasure her more. I started to thrust like a maniac in and out in the fastest pace I could go.
“Im about to blow!’ I told her
“Cum in me. I'm on the pill. Please cum in me, I need that so bad.” she answered a desperation in her voice.
Finally I exploded in her and spurt after spurt I unloaded in her. After I exploded in her she started cumming too and her walls contracted and tightened on my dick causing me to climax again. While we were both climaxing we made out with a desperation. After we were both finished we fell asleep in each others arms, but before I fell asleep I said “We should do that again sometime.”

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