Fucking Julie

Fucking Julie

My girlfriend’s sister came to visit, escaping the East Coast and an overbearing, domineering boyfriend by putting 3,000 miles between them. Lynn’s sister was younger by a couple of years and she would tell me stories about their adventures together when in high school and Julie's wildness. The family called her “nudie Julie” because she would strip her clothing to sunbathe or go skinny dipping at the drop of a hat. I was looking forward to her visit, to say the least.

Lynn and I had met in college when I was going out with one of her roomies. She lived in a sprawling house with a variety of people – girlfriends had boyfriends living there, girlfriends had girlfriends living there and I was having a nice fuck buddy relationship with the roomie when I met her. Lynn would see me at breakfast and noted my big feet, large hands and big nose and assumed big cock…my fuck buddy told her I was a great fuck so Lynn asked to “borrow” me for a date. We went to my place and made hash brownies…they burned when we got distracted fucking our brains out while waiting for them to cook.

The upshot was I got to stay with both girls, fucking one of them one night then the other the next. We soon started to hang out in Lynn’s bedroom watching TV, smoking joints and fucking. The girls didn’t do each other but would both do me. I was the envy of every guy in the place when we’d go out drinking and have both of these girls on me. Their building super had been hitting on Lynn for a long time and was jealous. It came apart when I wanted to go to the West coast for summer break and only one of them was able to come. Lynn and I packed up and headed West in a VW van.

We ended up getting jobs in our new city and settling in together. I got work with a large commercial photo agency and Lynn with a mall department store. Summers were glorious where we were and getting to the shore, the mountains or the desert were no more than an hour or two away. Her sister Julie graduated from secretarial school and made her escape shortly after.

We made a bed for her in what would have been the dining room in the apartment we rented. She got a job with a temp agency working for a downtown law firm and I was back to living with two women.

We’d sit together after work in the kitchen, roll a few joints and relax before dinner. It was so hot that July we’d quickly get out of our work clothes and into minimal covering to cool off. Weekends we’d get out and explore the region; checked out a nude beach we heard about and climbed the nearby buttes and hills surrounding the mountains here. One time, atop a hill where the vista was so magnificent Julie stripped off her clothes to sunbathe atop an outcropping of rock while we had a puff.

Now, Lynn and Julie had very different body types for being sisters. Lynn was a little on the meaty side while Julie was tall and lithe. Both girls were blondies. Once, sitting in that hot kitchen one afternoon, Julie sat there naked as usual, Lynn and I sweating our asses off so I pulled my shorts down and stepped out just as if skinny dipping and sat back down again. Lynn didn’t say anything but Julie started to poke at my erection with her toe and both girls laughed at me. I laughed along too and didn’t mind at all.

No big deal.

So, it was kind of our routine that summer…come home from work, get naked and smoke dope. My girlfriend’s routine would vary, working mall retail hours and sometimes Julie and I would sit alone after work and smoke. Not always getting naked though.

A breakthrough moment came one day she got home from work and we had our customary smoke before having a chance to change out of work clothes. Her work outfit consisted of a skirt and blouse, heels and hose; professionally attire for a law office. She kicked off her heels and put her feet on my leg, and I put my hands on them and began to knead and massage them. Taking each toe one by one, squeezing and rubbing her feet I drew moans of delight from her. Julies eyes were closed as we passed that joint back and forth and I rubbed her feet up to her calves. I complained the panty hose was making it difficult to rub her legs and would she please take them off?

After a moment’s pause, Julie removed her feet from my lap and stood up, allowing me to hook my fingers around the waistband under her skirt and pull down her pantyhose. She sat back down and I rolled them down her legs and off her feet, resuming my massage of her legs. Julie would hum with pleasure, her head tilted back and eyes closed. My hands kneaded her thighs and the closer I got to the juncture of her legs, the warmer and softer she felt until the back of my hand was grazing the thin strip of nylon covering her pussy.

“Something feels pretty hot right here,” I said, circling around and putting soft pressure there.

“Oh you are such a bad boy,” Julie moaned. “What about my sister?”

“We’re not married or anything,” I came back, “I don’t need her permission, do I?”

Julie stood up and took hold of my hand, taking me into her room where she stretched out on her belly and waved her feet in the air for me to continue massaging.

I got down between her legs and went to work, kneading and rubbing the length of her long legs again. Back up by her pussy, I began to knead her ass cheeks and slipped a thumb under the elastic on her panties and felt along her hot crease, bringing my two hands together to fondle her ass and run both thumbs along her pussy now. I could feel the wetness seeping along her labia and the bristly tickling of her hair. Grasping her panties, I pulled them down to her ankles without resistance. In fact, she lifted her hips slightly to help me and moaned quietly.

“You are so bad,” she said. I had to agree.

Now I openly started to play with her pussy, slipping my fingers up and down her pinkness and feeling for her magic button. Her hips started moving side to side and I brought my face down closer and started placing kisses along the hot flesh of her bottom. Sticking out my tongue, I licked along the length of her and found my face buried between her ass cheeks, savoring her taste and the musky scent I found there. She squirmed and wiggled and with a sigh rolled over and spread her legs to give me better access to her delicious honey pot.

The day was hot and humid, I can remember hearing the buzzing of cicadas outside while inside the only sound was Julie’s heavy breathing and the wet noises of me eating her sweet pussy. At one point, I pursed my lips and engulfed her clitoris in a soft kiss and, with a gentle suction began licking. Julie let out a big groan and her knees shot up to her chest, opening herself totally for me to suck her better and her hands came to rest on either side of my face. Directing me with subtle pressures to my head, I ate and sucked Julie’s wet snatch and felt her quiver several times beneath me in her quiet orgasmic way.

While I was busy taking care of Julie, I had worked my own pants off and kicked them free from my ankles. My erection was waving in the air; it was waiting to slide into her wet warmth and relieve this pressure building in my balls. Now Julie pulled my face away from her and, as I was crawling up on top of her, she rolled to the side and took my cock in her hand, explaining she was not on any birth control and I couldn’t fuck her. So instead, Julie dipped her pretty face down and, opening her mouth, sucked my hardness between her red lips.

Her sister would not suck my cock, I sat back and enjoyed the sight of my rod being inhaled by this beautiful girl who really knew what she was doing. My penis felt like it was getting huge while she sucked me to the brink of coming several times and then would stop just as the throbbing of my cock would get to the bursting point, I’d have to bear down to keep any more of my fluids from leaking out and she’d lick up and down, gathering the sticky juice dripping along my purpling cockhead and down the shaft. I wasn’t allowed to hold her head in any way, which gave her even more control and when she finally allowed me to cum, stroking furiously and squeezing me, milking my cock into her mouth, she didn’t swallow but kept it there to show me before spitting it out, letting the gobs drip from her lips and tongue, into the toilet.

I was worried later when Lynn came home that she would know something was up, but Julie was cool and we got away with it. For days afterward, whenever I got a chance after work, we repeated this routine where I would massage Julie, eat her to orgasm a couple times, then she’s suck me off. That was the routine until I bought some condoms, that is. Then we added a good fuck to the repertoire and ended our sessions with me grunting my load into a rubber buried balls-deep inside her blond snatch. She was thin enough our pelvic bones would mesh and she’d cum loudly when I ground against her, another something I never got from her sister who was not built as thin. Eventually Julie got some birth control and we discarded the condoms while fucking. Sometimes instead of coming inside her she’d let me pull out just before it erupted and I’d scoot up between her tits and spray her chin and face as she likes to watch my cream shoot out from the tip.

My boss took a liking to Julie and started taking her out, keeping her overnight and returning her well fucked the next day. She’d still suck me off when I waved my cock in her direction and told me my boss had a huge cock and how he’d fuck her three or four times a night. Got me great brownie points with the boss.

Once, Julie met some guy in the park where she goes at lunch time to smoke a joint. They got high together and he asked her out on a date. She got herself all dolled up and spent the night with the guy and came home early the next morning. My girlfriend and I were still in bed when Julie took off her clothes and climbed in next to her sister, who was now in the middle. Julie told us about her date, the dinner, the movie and all. Lynn had to get up to go to work and got out of the bed to take her shower and get going. I moved over closer to Julie and started to rub against her. She lay on her stomach and I felt along her beautiful ass and pussy, which was wet and slimy. She pulled away a little to stop me.

“He fucked me just before bringing me home,” Julie informed me. No wonder she was wet and it somehow made me want her even more. I got behind and rubbed my stiffness up and down her slit, resting the slimy head of it against her tight brown asshole. Rubbing side to side it began to go in and with a push the head popped past her sphincter, which gripped and squeezed me unmercifully. I got on my hands and knees and rested a little, flexing myself within her tight confines and working it back and forth slowly, rocking into her bit by bit until my thighs and belly were embraced by the twin pillows of her ass. Julie groaned and moaned while accommodating me and as I heard the shower water turning off in the bathroom, my balls exploded with my orgasm and I pumped heartily deep within Julie, feeling the hot liquid pool in there and the suction from the head of my cock pushing against it. I didn’t have a lot of time before my girlfriend would emerge from the bathroom and find me impaled in her sister’s ass so I withdrew to her soft moans and with a wet little pop my deflating prick came free of her clenching orifice and sat back, enjoying the sight of my cum glistening in her crack, seeping down to join that of her other lover.

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