Mackenzie's Adventures Ch.1: The Experiment

Mackenzie's Adventures Ch.1: The Experiment

The year is 2020 and the US is controlled by many different large scale companies, these companies are allowed to do things many would not consider legal, however, they cannot be stopped. These companies buy out government officials to ignore their illegal business practices. Extremely large pharmaceutical companies are by far the worst, they capture people, test their drugs on them, and dispose of them. This is the story of the unfortunate testing of a high school girl.
Mackenzie is one of the cuter freshman in her school, she is 14, has stunningly gorgeous brown eyes that could capture you very quickly, her hair is long and dark brown while it came down to her mid back. Her face is very soft on the eyes, and her figure is absolutely adorable, she stood about 5'6" with tiny 32A perky breasts, and a great firm butt that was held up by muscular legs. She probably weighs around 120 and does not look too skinny nor too heavy. She dates a football player at her school named Josh, they have a great relationship and it has never revolved around sex, since she is a virgin.
Josh is a Senior who is 18, he plays lots of sports, and hangs out with who you could consider the jocks. His girlfriend thinks he's a really nice guy, but, he has his own wild sexual agenda. He is 6'1" an a very cute guy, he is tanned, and has a great muscular body. He has short brown hair and blue eyes. He probably weighs about 200 pounds. Josh isn't a virgin but tells his girlfriend otherwise because he would never want that to come between them.
Mackenzie was sitting in class talking to her friends waiting on the last few minutes to pass by so she could finally be free of school for their spring break. As if on cue, the bell rung spilling hundreds of impatient students in the hallway. As Mackenzie was walking towards her locker, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around to face her boyfriend, who she casually kissed and said, "We're finally free."
Josh hugged her and replied, "I know babe, one more day in here and I'm gonna lose it. If I'm  taking you home, there's something I want to ask you."
"Sure!" she quickly responded grabbing the rest of her things in her locker and throwing them into her bag. "Ok, let's go." They walked out to Josh's truck talking about what happened at school today and what their plans were for the upcoming break. Once they reached the truck and got in, Josh started the car and peeled out of the student parking long headed towards Mackenzie's house. Once there he started to tell he what was going on over the next few days.
"Mackenzie, my parents are leaving to go to Alabama to visit my sister at college for the night, they will be getting back Sunday afternoon and until then I or we have the house all to ourselves until then. Don't tell anybody because I honestly don't want to have a party, but why don't you come stay with me for the night?" Josh asked, hoping that she would say yes.
"Sure, that sounds like a lot of fun, I'm gonna have a make a lie or two to get it past my parents, I'll see what I can do." Mackenzie said as she clicked her seatbelt to get out of the car. She kissed Josh and got out of the car to head inside her house. It wasn't that Mackenzie's parents didn't trust her, but nobody in their right mind is going to let their daughter stay at her boyfriends house with no parents for a night. Mackenzie walked in the front door and headed straight to the kitchen to see her mom. "Hey mom." Mackenzie said cheerfully.
"Hey honey, your boyfriend is so sweet to take you home like that." Kelly said to her daughter.
"Yea mom, he really is great isn't he?" Mackenzie said to her mother. "Also, is it ok if I go spend the night at Ashley's house?"
"Sure honey, but we need to have a bit of girl talk." Kelly said seriously. She watched as Mackenzie ran off to her room texting on her phone. Mackenzie texted Josh and told him the news as fast as humanly possible with so much excitement that she could barely contain herself.
Kelly was a 30 year old single mother who was knocked up at 16. She married a man who was loaded and 16 years older than her, he died of an early heart attack leaving Kelly and her daughter with several million dollars. Kelly was heartbroken, she never dated nor hooked up with anyone anymore. She was very good looking and her daughter looked just like a younger version of her.
Kelly's friends sometimes called Mackenzie "Little Kelly". Kelly was very close to her daughter, Mackenzie was very open to her mother. Mackenzie felt her mom had a right to know about her sexuality, her mom knew she was a virgin, her likes and dislikes, and even when and how she sometimes played with herself.
 Mackenzie was getting ready to go out with her mom in her room when she called up to her to talk to her about what Mackenzie was about to do. Kelly knew all along that Mackenzie was going to Josh's, she knew more than Mackenzie did about the matter. Josh had come to her asking her to sign off on a consent form for Mackenzie's aid in his senior project. "Listen honey, I know Josh's parents are gone and you are going over there." Kelly told her daughter, there's really no need to lie about it.
 "Oh, sorry mom." Mackenzie told her mom expecting some form of punishment. She felt it was strange her mother let her off the hook.
 "Its ok baby, I forgive you." Kelly told her daughter feeling sorry for her.
 Mackenzie, kind of tired, kissed her mother goodbye and goodnight and went to bed. Her mom would be at work the next morning when she left. Mackenzie was laying in her bed contemplating how excited she was when she drifted off to sleep...
Mackenzie woke up the next day and looked at her clock, 11:00 AM. Crap! She thought, I overslept, Josh is going to be here in an hour. She got up, stripped,and jumped into the shower. Afterwards, she through plenty of clothes and toiletries into a bag. She then put on some black lace panties, sweatpants, a bra, and t-shirt. She figured she might as well be comfortable while she was at his house. She watched as Josh pulled into her driveway as she walked out to get in the car with him. Mackenzie then opened the door and kissed him hello.
Josh drove them back to his house while talking to her about what she wanted to do. As they got to Josh's house, they got out of the car and headed in, he walked to a fridge and grabbed two beers, he handed one to Mackenzie who took a sip and made a disgusted face. "This stuff is gross, I don't know how guys drink it." Mackenzie said to him.
Josh looked at her about to crack up and said, "You don't drink it for the taste, but trust me, after a few you start to like it.". He took another swig and asked Mackenzie what she wanted to do.
Mackenzie tilted her head to the side and cutely asked "I don't know what do you wanna do?"
Josh stood up and walked to the fridge to get a few more beers. "Let's watch tv until we think of something." He suggested and cut the TV on. 45 minutes later, Mackenzie was obviously partly smashed. What she didn't know is that this was exactly Josh's plan.
"Hey Mackenzie, let's go down to the basement, there's something I wanna show you." Josh told her. He stood up and helped her off the couch and helped her down the basement stairs into a large tile floor bathroom that he had obviously outfitted for another reason. Upon entering the room Mackenzie noticed on one side was a bath, toilet, and sink. On the other side of the room there was a couple tables set up, one looked to be for restraining someone for medical purposes and the other had assorted items on it: tubes, plastic injectors, bags, cups, containers, KY Jelly, rubber gloves, baby wipes, and other assorted items that were provided by a pharmaceuticals company that was looking for a freelance researcher.
"What's all this stuff?" Mackenzie pointed at a table with lots of assorted items on it.
"We're going to play a little game when you sober up, why don't you lay down right now babe?" Josh said helping her get up onto the table and lay her down. "We need to get some of this clothing off of you first." He said, as he pulled off her shirt and pants leaving her in her underwear. "Why don't you take a little nap?" he suggested.
"That's a good idea, I'll do that." she drunkenly said as she turned onto her side and fell into an alchohol induced sleep. Mackenzie woke up a couple hours later strapped down on the medical table naked with a blanket over her body and a pillow under her head, there were mirrors placed in areas around the table so she could see all parts of her body. something around her crotch didn't feel right, like she couldn't control her bladder and she was peeing everywhere. "Josh! Come here!" she shouted angrily and waited until he entered the room.
"Good! You're awake, it's only 3:00 PM so we still have plenty of time to experiment with your gorgeous little body." He said cunningly.
"LET ME OUT OF THESE THING!" Mackenzie angrily screamed at him. She tried to wriggle herself loose but it was no use.
"There's really no need to scream babe, no one can hear." He said with a grin on his face. "Besides, if you will relax you might actually enjoy this, you better try, because we have a whole day together." he said and pulled the blanket off. "You can now see my current handiwork."
Mackenzie looked at the mirror angled to her vagina to see she had a small piece of plastic tubing inserted into her slit connected to a large bag containing her urine sitting on a heated surface. "What the hell did you do to me?" she asked, infuriated.
 "Collecting your urine is necessary for the tests. You are going to be my test subject for the next few hours on sexual testing and experimentation with different bodily fluids, I'm being payed well by a pharmaceuticals company and provided with whatever I need." He told her, putting his hand over her mouth when she tried to protest. "You must earn the right to speak by cooperating." he said as he gagged her. She tried to speak but all attempts were muffled by the gag, as tears started to flow down her cheeks he tried to comfort her a little more. "Don't worry, you will be made quite comfortable and will have fun as well." he said, not exactly expecting a happy response from the fearful girl. He took a hand towel and wiped away her tears.
Mackenzie was extremely scared, if she had any control of her bladder, she would have sprayed everywhere. She turned and looked as Josh turned towards the table and put on a pair of rubber gloves. He picked up more tubing and a bag and connected it to an IV stand, the bag had what seemed to be a clear solution in it. "I'm going to temporarily remove your restraints to flip you over, please do not try anything you cannot escape this room." he told her calmly as he removed the restraints, Mackenzie tried to flail but he successfully held her down an rolled her over. She found herself contained again by the straps.
Josh slapped her ass hard enough to leave a red hand print. Mackenzie squealed into her gag in agony. "I told you not to, but I expected that first attempt, any others will be met with a more cruel punishment." he told her and watched as she nodded. "Now, for some of the tests you will be recieving you will be required to have made your bowel movement within the last few hours, or it will be quite uncomfortable for you, have you had one recently?" He asked her, documenting all of this on a clipboard. She nodded again to tell him yes. "Excellent, then we shall procceed as planned, you will not eat while we are testing, all nutrition will be provided in water form. You first will need a thorough cleansing." He said picking up the KY Jelly from the table and popping the cap.
"We will first do that by an enema, feel free to watch in the mirror in front of you." he said as he watched her look up into the mirror. She had heard the word enema before but wasn't completely sure what it was. While Mackenzie was watching him prepare her for it, she hadn't expected that it have to do with her butt. She watched as he put lubrication on the tip of the tube. Her eyes widened in fear and she yelped into the gag when he spread her butt and squeezed lube onto the finger of the glove.
 Mackenzie continued to watch in disbelief as he lubed her butt crack and then squeezed some into her tight virgin butt straight from the tube. She clenched her sphincter hoping to slow him down. "That's just going to make it harder on you sweetheart." Josh told her as he turned the valve on the tube to check the flow real quick then turned it back off. "Ok, here we go, let's give a little test first." He pushed past her clinched sphincter with his finger as she tried to clamp her butt harder on the rubber glove. "Haha, a nice tight grip, I like that." He said as he withdrew his finger.
 Mackenzie watched in horror as he took the tube and inserted it, at first not too far, the. He pushed it deeper and deeper into her belly, he taped it in place and put his hand up to the small valve. As he turned it she watched the liquid flowed from the tube into her rectum, it just felt cool at first, but as it continued she started to feel full, bloated almost as her belly filled up with the cool liquid, Mackenzie reached a point where she did not think any more could flow into her, she felt like her belly was going to explode. Finally, she watched as the bag became depleted, Josh withdrew the tube where a little water squirted out and quickly plugged her up with his finger.
 "I'm going to let you help me a little here, I'm going to take off your restraints so that you can make it to the toilet, you will stay within my reach or risk punishment." He told her, and took off the restraints and keeping his finger plugged into her rectum, walked her over to the toilet with the catheter bag in the other hand. Josh helped her onto the toilet and began to walk her through it, "I'm going to remove my finger now, I want you to push it all out for me.". Mackenzie nodded at him in response, she then tried to push out the liquid. Finally, it started to rapidly squirt out of her into the toilet, she felt the size of her belly decrease as she squirted the liquid out.
 Josh pulled down the gag and asked her if it felt like it was all gone. "I think there's still some left." Mackenzie choked through her tears. "I can't push it out." She whined. Josh put his hands on her belly and back and squeezed together as the last bit forcefully exited Mackenzie's butt making her squeal.
 "Now, are you thirsty?" he asked her. Mackenzie nodded at him vigorously. "Ok, you're going to drink one of these big water bottles." He said as he handed her the bottle and pulled the gag down. Mackenzie quickly chugged the bottle and awaited further instruction. "First things first." he said as he slowly pulled the catheter out of her urethra causing a bloodcurdling scream into the gag as it was drawn from her bladder. He turned away and set the bag of her pee away for later use.
 "Second, you do not pee unless I tell you to pee, if I even see a dribble you will be punished." Josh told her, "You need to let me know as soon as you think you need to pee, but first we have to deal with a more painful subject." Josh helped her back onto the table and back into the restraints. "I believe your cherry may cause problems for us later on, it needs to be removed." Josh told her, causing her to start thrashing violently and breathe heavily. Josh turned around and picked up a small optical camera cable device and hooked it up to a television he brought into the room to give a close up of her defloration.
 Mackenzie watched eyes wide with horror as Josh turned to pick up more instruments from the table, all she could see on the the screen now was her clitoris, labia, and a small tight vaginal opening. She watched as Josh worked a speculum into her while she groaned in agony. He moved the camera into a position where it had a clear view of her cherry. Then he picked up an instrument to break it and held it in his right hand.
 Mackenzie was losing it, she could not watch herself be deflowered like this, she wriggled and shook violently but it was no use. She stared at the screen as Josh moved the instrument and poked the thin membrane to see her reaction. "Ok Mackenzie, I want you to count to 3 with me then take a deep breath." He told her trying to help her. "One... Two... Thrrrrr..." He counted but stopped, "I'm sorry my phones ringing, important call." Josh said as he stepped out of the room.
 Mackenzie was alone for the time being and she was losing her sanity, she squirmed, wiggled, and tried to scream but it was muffled. She broke down into tears and started crying again. She wailed for about 10 minutes when Josh walked back in and said, "You have a visitor, I think you will calm down now.". Josh pulled the gag down around her neck. As she heard someone come down the basement stairs a familiar woman entered the room in a lab coat similar to Josh's.
 "Mom!" Mackenzie exclaimed, "You knew about this?"
 "I'm sorry honey, I signed off on it, if I hadn't the pharmaceutical company would have kidnapped you and killed you when they were done." Kelly sadly explained to her daughter. "I'm allowed to be present and help during the tests and experiments though, I can leave if you'd prefer though."
 "Please don't leave me mom!" Mackenzie said desperately, "I hate this it's awful!" She said, tears welling up in her eyes.
 "I know baby." Kelly said stroking her daughters hair trying to comfort her, "The worst parts almost over though, I'll be here to help you through everything else." Kelly looked up at Josh, "What phase are we at now?"
 Mackenzie heard the dreaded word come out of his mouth "Defloration". Mackenzie looked at her mom, "Mom please, there's got to be some other way."
 Kelly looked at her daughter with pity, "I'm sorry baby, the company is watching this as a live video feed to see the results, everything must procceed as planned or they won't leave you alone after this is over.". Kelly continued to stroke her daughters hair, she kissed her on the forehead then pulled the gag back up. Mackenzie started to whine into the gag again when Josh picked the tool back up. "Shhhhhhh baby, it's ok, I'm right here." Kelly cooed to her daughter as they watched the instrument go to the tip of her cherry.
 "Ok One... Two... THREE!!!" Josh said as he punched through destroying her hymen. Tears welled up in Mackenzies eyes as an agonizing pain tore through her body and she screamed bloody murder into the gag. Josh quickly dabbed up the miniscule amounts of blood caused by the defloration process.
 Kelly wiped her daughters tears away and kisses her on the forehead again. "Mackenzie, you did good baby, that was probably the most painful part." Kelly told her daughter as she pulled the gag off.
 "Mom, I really need to pee." Mackenzie told her mother.
 "Ok baby." Kelly turned towards Josh, "Get her ready for the next part." Josh picked up some different sized tubing and a rack or test tubes and handed them to Kelly. Josh recieved another phone call and stepped out. Kelly continued where Josh left off by removing the speculum, however leaving the optical cam device so a close up of her whole crotch was clearly visible.
 Josh stuck his head back in the door and said he had to go run a few errands, and that he would be back shortly. Kelly went to work on her daughter by pulling her labia apart and inserting tubes into her urethra, vagina, and Skene's Gland (female ejaculation outlet). Mackenzie watching her mom insert the tubes and tape them down decided to ask, "Why is there 3, and what is this test for?"
  "This is to see what fluids you give off when you cum, the 3rd hole is your Skene's Gland, some girls are able to shoot fluid out of it when they cum, I can, I believe you inherited it." Kelly told her daughter as she reached over for the KY Jelly, "We can't stimulate you vaginally or the tubes might become unconnected."
  Mackenzie looked at her mom curiously who put two gynecology stirrups up and sat her up on the exam table. "Then how do I cum?" Mackenzie asked her mother.
  "Your going to have to cum from anal stimulation. Can you cum for me baby?" Kelly asked her daughter, trying to encourage her while putting her feet in the stirrups and putting some KY Jelly on her finger.
  "I don't know I'll try, I still have to pee so bad it stings." Mackenzie told her mom, getting a little excited.
  "Ok, it's gonna feel like your gonna have to hold your bladder in, just let it flow." Kelly said as she squeezed more jelly into Mackenzies sphincter. "Ok, here we go." Kelly said as she inserted her middle finger into her daughters tight anus. "Mackenzie, baby, your too tight, you have to relax." she told her daughter, who calmed herself, as her mothers finger slipped into her anus and found the connecting wall to the g-spot and started massaging it. Mackenzie was forced to let out a long moan. "Thats my girl, now just cum for mommy." Kelly told her daughter.
  "Ohhhhhh, mom I'm trying to cum for you." Mackenzie moaned with a strong sense of stinging pleasure as her mom started to rub her clit at the same time. Mackenzie moaned louder until all she could get out was "nnnnngggggggg" as she shook and ceased uncontrollably while shooting her clear girl cum into a collection tube, she lost full control of her bladder during the orgasm and filled up another bag. She also had her milky white sap collected that leaked from her vagina.
  "That's right babygirl, cum for your mommy." Kelly told her daughter as she continued to shake even after it was over. "That was good honey, Josh should be back any time and ready for the next part, which you may enjoy also." She said.
  Several minutes later, Josh walked into the room. "Ms. Kelly is she ready for the next part?" he asked.
  "Yup, she gave us our samples now we have to make her take these pills the pharmacy is testing as a aphrodysiac, then please her as we see fit." Kelly said handing her daughter the pills and large water bottle. "Drink all the water, and take the pills." Kelly told Mackenzie, "We have to keep collecting your urine for analysis.". Kelly spent the next 45 minutes talking about the kinds of things she was gonna do with Mackenzie when they got home.
  Mackenzie was sitting naked when the pills kicked in and her asshole, nipples, and vagina all started to tingle and itch,Ike they needed to be used. She started rubbing herself so violently that they had to tie her hands behind her back to document the strongest effect of the pills. "Mom! Please I need to cum now, it itches so bad!" Mackenzie yelled trying to pleasure herself.
  "You have to sit for a few more minutes baby, then you can cum." Kelly told her daughter. As the time ran out, Josh took her over to the medical bath expecting a mess, they were soon joined by Kelly, who found a new love in pleasuring her little girl. Josh was first to act by sticking his dick in her butt and rubbing her nipples. Kelly who started lapping away at her baby girl's pink moist slit. Mackenzie building up to another wet earthshattering fountain of cum finally went over the edge shaking and squirted her sweet nectar into Kelly's mouth.
  They kept fucking her, Mackenzie didn't stop cumming there, she kept squealing and shooting jets of her girlcum into her mother's mouth, who kept swallowing it down. Josh finally couldn't take any more of her ass contracting on his dick and dumped a big cumshot deep into her butt, but didn't pull out as Mackenzie is sitting reverse cowgirl on him still being eaten out by her Kelly. "Oh my god mom that feels soooooooo good." she stuttered out.
  As she was nearing a final orgasm, Josh decided to pee in her butt for shock effect, suddenly, Mackenzie felt a warmth being shot up into her belly, distorting it and making her feel warm and full while her mom continued to munch on her moving up and sucking on her clit like a little penis.
  This sent Mackenzie over the edge, she gave one last final squirt into her moms mouth before collapsing onto the tub floor exhausted. She did not have the strength to stand and lost control of her bladder. There was a stream of pee running from her slit and a stream of pee and cum dribbling down from her butt both running down the drain.
  Kelly sat next to her daughter stroking and comforting her. "I love my babygirl's cum." Kelly told her daughter while running a finger up Mackenzies slit then bringing it to her mouth to suck on. Savoring the sweet cum with a slight bitter acidity and saltiness from Mackenzie's pee.
  Josh walked back into the room to tell them the company has received all samples and such and Mackenzie is free to go. When he turned around to leave Kelly stopped him and said, "I appreciate what you did but stay away from my daughter."
  "I understand." Josh said, leaving the room. Kelly washed her daughter and dried her off, she than gathered Mackenzie's things. Kelly wrapped her daughter in a blanket and walked her out to the car. They got home and Kelly got her daughter to her bedroom and they fell asleep together.

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