Denise 2

Denise 2

I text and called Denise several times in the next couple of weeks but it was sometime before I heard back from her. Then I got a text informing me that she had moved and if I could come to her new flat in a couple of days time. I agreed and a few days later I arrived at a secluded flat a couple of miles from her old property. I had thought about the last time I had met Denise and although I had totally enjoyed every moment, I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that she had taken control. After all, in twenty years I couldn’t remember another occasion. It was so unlike me that it started to play on my mind and made me determined that if anything was to happen, this time it was going to be on my terms!

I parked, approached the door and rang the bell. The door was opened just enough for me to enter and as soon as I had entered the hallway it was abruptly closed. It was only then that I realised why. There in front of me was Denise with a black leather bra that more resembled a few leather straps that encased her massive breasts, black pull up stockings and black leather boots that reached above her knee. ‘Your late’! I didn’t think I was but I wasn’t going to answer, besides I was still trying to get over my shock, surprise and the fact my cock was already stirring in my trousers. ‘We have been waiting for you’. It was only as I took off my jacket that I caught the fact that she had said ‘we’! Before I could say anything she told me to strip. We hadn’t even gone further than the front door and yet she had already taken control and was stood waiting impatiently.

For a second, I held my ground but she just smiled demurely, ran her hands over her body, placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head looking at me. ‘If you want this’ she said once again gesturing to her body with her hands, ‘you need to be quiet and do as I tell you’! Damn! My cock was already hard and the arguments for standing strong, taking control and being assertive evaporated at the sight of her cupping her breasts and stroking herself provocatively. I’d lost! She knew it and I definitely knew it as I instantly started to strip dropping my clothes to the floor. As I removed my boxers I gasped as she took hold of my cock, squeezed it hard and held it until it stood fully erect in her hand. She seemed to appraise me and then seemingly satisfied, she took a leather collar from the side and told me to turn round. As I did so she secured the collar round my neck and put a leash onto the collar. Holding the other end, she then led me naked to the lounge by the collar. Entering she sat down on the sofa and pulled me down and told me to kneel beside the side of the sofa. She then placed a hood over my head. I made an effort to resist but really, it was pathetic. I wanted this, whatever ‘this’ was and she could have done or said anything and I would have gone along with it.

Unable to see I sensed her stand and then the collar tightened as she pulled me up onto my feet. Then gently pulling the leash I was led half stumbling across the room and knew that we were entering her bedroom. She turned me round and fastened some straps around my wrists, tying them securely behind me and then gently pushed me so that my back was against the wall. Then the leash was unclipped and I stood, naked, tied, hooded and very, very hard, my cock literally pulsing and throbbing in anticipation. ‘Do not move or speak’. I’m sure I wouldn’t have even if I could. I heard movement, rustling sounds and then unable to see, I sensed someone close to me. Then I felt something warm and wet on my cock head and quietly groaned as I felt a tongue licking my cock head before it was slowly encased in a warm mouth. I groaned, louder this time as my cock was gently sucked, licked and sucked again before finally being taken deep into the depths of a very warm, wet throat. I was in heaven, being blindfolded and tied just increased the pleasure as I was sucked and licked repeatedly. My cock was now throbbing hard and I could feel my balls tightening and knew that I was going to cum. Expecting Denise to pull away knowing I was about to cum I was pleasantly surprised when the intensity increased. After the rules of the last meeting I thought I had better warn her. ‘I’m cumming’! Nothing. My cock was buried deep down the throat and I groaned ever louder. ‘I cant hold out’! I was now trying to pull back but it hopeless. ‘Please’…. I begged as I felt my balls tighten. ‘Cum’! I was shocked. If Denise spoke, who was sucking me? However, it was too late anyway, as instinctively I shot my load. Whoever it was expertly took my cum and continued to suck me until I was literally drained of every drop.

My legs were shaking and I leant back against the wall trying to recover from the most fantastic blow jobs I had had in a long time. As I did so, I felt the top of the hood being gripped and suddenly it was ripped off my head. The light in the room made me blink as I struggled to readjust my eyesight but nothing could disguise the situation or what had happened. To my side was Denise, the hood in her hand with a devious, lecherous look in her eyes and kneeling at my feet was a man! I was shocked!’ What the fuck’! was all I could say before Denise put a finger her to her mouth and intimated for me to stay quiet. I fell silent, looked down and saw the last remnants of cum drip onto the carpet between my feet. It wasn’t so much the fact it was a man as I had played with a few guys in the past but it was the first time I had ever been sucked off by a man and the fact that the blow job had been one of the best I had ever had.

I must have looked totally shocked and surprised but it definitely amused Denise. She reached down and stroked my now flaccid cock and massaged the last of my cum along my cock making it wet and glisten in the light. As she did so I looked down at the man. Younger than me, he had a young looking, tight, lean and muscular physique. As I starred down at him I was struck by how motionless he was as he remained sat back on his haunches, his hands and wrists behind him and I guessed, probably tied. On his head he had a hood and a collar and lead hung from his neck. The hood was leather with air holes by his nostrils and an opening for his mouth. I could tell from the way his chest was rising that he was excited and I was left in no doubt when I looked down at his cock which was long, hard and erect.

Then Denise told me to stand still and taking the leash, dragged him to his feet, led the man to the end of the bed and pushed him back. He landed on the bed with his hands secured behind him and she helped him to sit back until he was lying prone with his legs over the bed, feet on the floor. She parted his legs and then walked over to me, took my leash and led me to the bed. There was no misunderstanding what she had planned as she told me to kneel on the floor between his legs. I was then struck by how much I wanted this. I hadn’t sucked a cock or even thought about it for over twenty years and yet the sight of his hard and erect cock made me desperate to take him in my mouth and once again experience sucking a cock.

What really surprised me is that the more she took control, the more I was willing to surrender it and the more I did, the more intense the excitement. Never before had I experienced this level of control, nor thought I was so capable of surrendering my own normal need for control and yet here I was literally totally submissive and awaiting her command.

It was obvious Denise had read my mind. ‘You want to suck him don’t you’. I hesitated, not wanting to give her the satisfaction. ‘I asked you a question’! she snapped. ‘Yes, yes I do’ I replied almost choking on my words. ‘What do you say’? I knew what she wanted. ‘Please’. ‘Pardon, I didn’t hear you’? I took a deep breath, ‘please’ I said almost begging. She didn’t answer but pushed me forward by my hair, gripping it tightly she thrust my head down and told me to lick it. To be honest I was shocked. Shocked that once again, her confident, assertivene and dominating and aggressive manner had reduced me to a totally submissive, quivering jelly. I had never experienced anything like it, the gear, the collar, the whole thing was so totally different it unnerved me and excited me in equal measure. Now I was about to fully take the plunge. I opened my mouth, his cock head just inside my open lips and started to tentatively lick it. Immediately I tasted the saltiness of his precum. It wasn’t unpleasant, far from it, I savoured it and slowly ran my tongue over and around his cock head.

The response from the sub was instant. I watched his abs tighten as he tried to drive his cock fully into my mouth, clearly as desperate as I was. ‘Now suck it Bitch’ and leaning forward I encased his cock in my mouth and savoured the sensation as I ran my lips over his cock head and sucked him slowly. He groaned in pleasure and did I. I didn’t expect this, but I actually loved the feel of it in my mouth, the harness, the feel of his cock straining and throbbing in my mouth, reacting to every suck and lick instantly.

For some minutes I was forced to suck and lick his cock, all the while encouraged and directed by Denise who was still gripping my hair and forcing my head deeper down my throat or pulling my hair back, orchestrating what I should do. Then abruptly, she pulled me back onto haunches, straddles the man and facing me, grips his cock and very slowly lowers herself, impaling her pussy on to his very hard cock. Slowly she started rocking back and forth on his erection before riding him, her movements constantly keeping his long, hard cock buried fully in her pussy. Knowing how wet her pussy must be and the how this must feel for the sub, I suddenly felt resentful that he was getting the pleasure. She must have guessed my thoughts. ‘What’s wrong Bitch, jealous! You should have fucked me last time when you had the chance but you didn’t want to’! Embarrassed, my humiliation complete as I could only watch as she pleasure her self driving down onto his hardness, her huge breasts swinging like pendulums, the leather straps unable to contain their weight.

For what seemed like a lifetime I had to watch, my cock now straining as I watched her riding him with total abandonment. I couldn’t believe the young sub’s stamina. He was now breathing deeply, grunting loudly and thrusting his hip up into her as she drove down on to him. However, it was obvious he wasn’t going to last. ‘Suck me Bitch’! I looked up at Denise. Her eyes were blazing, she was biting her lip, sweat covered her brow, her skin glistening in sweat. I didn’t need to be asked twice, edged forward and leaning down clamped my mouth against her pussy. I could feel his cock on my bottom lip as he drove into her and just as I encased my mouth around her clit and sucked it hard, I felt her scream, arch her back and orgasm violently. I didn’t stop but kept licking and sucking feverishly as she bucked and writhed down on his cock. Unable to take more she pulled back on him, her pussy inches from my mouth and remained motionless as she recovered.

As she did so I watched as his cock, gleaming with juice shrank. She leant forward, grabbed my hair and I knew! Thrusting me down onto him cock, I took it in my mouth, savouring every drop of her juice mixed with the saltiness of his cum. When completed, she edged forward and thrust my face against her pussy and without a word I licked clean her labia before she pulled open her lips as a large amount of his cum dribbled into my willing mouth. Spent, she got up, took my leash and led me out into the lounge. Without a word she stood me in the middle of the room, untied my hands, handed me my clothes and it was clear she wanted me dressed. She sat back on the sofa, lit a cigarette and watched. Once dressed she walked me to the door, kissed me on the cheek, smiled and let me out.

I couldn’t actually believe it. One minute I’m involved in this bondage session with her and a stranger and then without a word, I’m standing outside trying to comprehend what had just occurred. Driving back I got a text. It said simply, ‘I own you Bitch’!

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